Irish in 1875 Historical Atlas-Jasper Co, IA


Patrons of the Iowa State Historical Atlas 1875 Who Were Born in Ireland 

Jasper County


Residence Business Nativity Came
To Iowa
Fairview Twp
Atchison, Stewart Section 33 Farmer Ireland 1853
Atchison, David Section 28 Farmer Ireland 1857
Davidson, Wm. J. Section 27 Farmer & Stock Raiser Ireland 1867
McKee, R.A. Monroe Lawyer Ireland 1861
Wilson, Edward Section 27 Farmer Ireland 1844
Palo Alto Twp
Davidson, Robert Section 16 Farmer & Miner Ireland 1865
Kirpatrick, M. Section 23 Farmer Ireland 1867
O'Roark, James Section 9 Farmer Ireland 1858
Rock Creek Twp
Kennedy, Michael Section 17 Farmer Tipperary 1854
Poweshiek Twp
Gannon, William Section 16 Farmer Kilkenny 1856
Elk Creek Twp
Moran, P.R. Section 2 Farmer & Stock Raiser Mayo 1871

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