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402 Iowa Ave.
Iowa City, IA 52240
Phone 319/338-5471 New" (319-338-5471) receive 4-issues of the Publication
"The Palimpsest". For additional $10.00
receive 4-issues of
"Annals of Iowa", for additional $5.00
receive 4-issues of "Goldfinch".
Also have "Book Catalog" for sale.)
Iowa State Historical Society - On-line

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State Historical Society INDEX TO THE "PALIMPSEST" (SHSI)

Volume 1 (1920-29)
Volume 2 (1930-39)
Volume 3 (1940-76)
($2.00 for each Volume)

Revised Apr. 01, 2000

State Genealogical Society IOWA GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY (IGS)

6000 Douglas Ave. Suite 145
Post Office Box 7735
Des Moines, Ia. 50322
(Membership 1988, $12.50 Individual and $15.00
Family Membership, you receive "Hawkeye Heritage",
they mail a monthly "Newsletter".
They have library at 6000 Douglas Ave. Have "Early Pioneer Certificate" program, send $5.00 and record of proof of person in Iowa prior 1856. Have publications for sale)
Revised Apr. 01, 2000

Nodaway Valley Historical Museum (NVHM)

Betty Ankey, Curator (dec'd) Click on thumbnail for Larger Photo! Nodaway Valley Historical Society (NVHS)
Has a Museum located at: 1600 S. 16th Street, Clarinda, Iowa 51632
(a.k.a. P.O. Box 393, Clarinda, IA. 51632)
Phone: 712-542-3073
Dorothy Whitehill, President (Jul. 2000)
Marilyn Ives, Treasurer (Jul. 2000)

Most of my "Copyrighted" Free records are for "Sell" at the Nodaway Valley Historical Society. I hope the monies are going to a good cause, nobody has contacted me for my permission. The only officer, that I found that has a E-Mail address is Betty Ankey [email protected] [Rev. Nov. 13, 2001] (Now dec'd)

The Nodaway Valley Historical Society (NVHS) recognizes the need to provide access to materials for research purposes must be balanced with the need to preserve material for future generations to enjoy. Therefore, the following procedures and fees will be followed:
     1. The public may have access without charge to the Newspapers or Film, Card files, Laminated Obituaries, Cemetery Records, Library Books, Page County Histories, Page County Families, and other non-artifact material.
     2. Research into other materials that are original artifacts must be handled by the Museum personnel designated to do so and a Fee will be charged of $10.00 per hour.
     3. All written requests that are done entirely by museum personnel will be assessed a Fee. We do NOT do research from telephone calls. (712-542-3073) We would like to have you state what you want and we will try to find it for you.
     4. Additional FEES of 25 centsl be charged for copies.
     5. Exceptions should be kept to a minimum as the Museum is NOT primarily funded with public monies and the Cost of maintaining this research is an on-going expense. We will try to do the research as soon as possible after receipt of your letter and hopefully in a two week time period.
     6. This Policy will be effective January, 1993.
     7. You must enclose a self stamped address envelope.

     See Map of Clarinda, 1985, Item number 15 for location of the NVHS.
Revised Sep. 04, 2001

Nov. 13, 2001
I see the NVHS has just put up two Pages on the Net! (No Revision date that I could see ..prs) They haven't ask me, but I would like to "Hot Link" our IAPAGE Site to NVHS
Our Corner northwest Missouri and southwest Iowa Bettys Page

Nodaway Valley Historical Museum, Clarinda, Page County, Iowa ([email protected]
"dedicated to preserving our history, heritage and genealogy" NVHS Index Page

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