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   Geneaology sheets-Gary Anderson 1980
   Letter to REF: #004 from Gary L. Anderson entitled The Kunkel Family 

   Biographical History of Page Co., IA 1890.
   By W.L. Kershaw, 1st Published by S.J. Clark Co. 1890
        HAM, Abigail Marthelia DAVIS, Pg 668

        HAMM, Belle,            Pg 559
        HAMM, Charles,          Pg 559

        HAMM, Charlotte B. (Woodruff) Pg 599

        HAMM, Jacob,            Pg 716

        HAMM, Catherine,        Pg 774 (2)
        HAMM, Charles,          Pg 774
        HAMM, Christian,        Pg 774
        HAMM, David,            Pg 774
        HAMM, Elizabeth,        Pg 774
        HAMM, Elizabeth (Heidelbaugh) Pg 774
        HAMM, Frederick,        Pg 774
        HAMM, Henry,            Pg 774
        HAMM, Ida B.,           Pg 774
        HAMM, Jacob,            Pg 774 (2)
        HAMM, Jesse,            Pg 774
        HAMM, Magdaline,        Pg 774
        HAMM, Mary M. (Miller)  Pg 774
        HAMM, Michael,          Pg 774
        HAMM, Sarah,            Pg 774
        HAMM, William E.,       Pg 774

        HAMM, Christian,        Pg 778
        HAMM, Elizabeth (Heidelbaugh) Pg 778
        HAMM, Jacob,            Pg 778
        HAMM, Mary E. (Beery)   Pg 778

        HAMM, Annie E.,         Pg 779
        HAMM, Clara E. (Markel) Pg 779
        HAMM, Elsie J.,         Pg 779
        HAMM, Nellie V.,        Pg 779

   1880 U.S. Census, Amity Township, Page Co., Iowa.

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   Jacob HAMM (a.k.a Joseph HAMM )

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