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Notes, Reference & Queries for Christensen Family,

REF:# Submitter Subject
REF:#1.a Paul R. Sarrett, Jr.
FOPC Christensen Profile!  Nels Burdett CHRISTENSEN & Anna Kristina MADISEN
 of Copenhagen, Denmark; to Page County, Iowa, 43 Pages
 Compiled and self Published in Oct. 14, 1993 Co-Author by Paul R. Sarrett, Jr. and
 Maxine (Christensen) BIERMAN (dec'd 1917-2010 93yrs) [See: REF:#6]
 Kennard E. CHRISTENSEN, (dec'd 1929-1996, age 67yrs) [See: REF:#7]

Undergraduate Student of Bibliography, Page County Histories
 1876 History of Page Co., IA. by Elijah MILLER
     (No CHRISTENSEN Family Listed!)
 1880 History of Page Co., IA. by W.L. KERSHAW.
     (No CHRISTENSEN Family Listed!)
 1890 Biographical History of Page Co., IA. by IA. Historical Company.
     (No CHRISTENSEN Family Listed!)
REF:#1.b Paul R. Sarrett, Jr.
Jan 22, 1989
Brownlee Heritage Book, 1985 - Click on Thumbnail for Larger Photo! BROWNLEE HERITAGE - 1985
Compiled and self Published by Mrs. Virgina M. (Culver) BROWNLEE, Wife of James R. BROWNLEE, 5" x 8 1/2" Spiral Bound, 287pp;
Family Genealogy, Pages 1 to 138; Grandma County Cooking Resipies Pages 139 to 286
REF:#2. Paul R. Sarrett, Jr.
Jan 22, 1989
U.S. Population Census U.S. Population Census
Washington Twp., Page Co., Iowa; 1880 State Reel T748 #15; Vol. 25 ED. 157 Sht. 18 Line 26
Washington Twp., Page Co., Iowa; 1900 State Reel 451 & 452; Vol. 58 ED. 99 Sht. 4 Line 64
REF:#3. Paul R. Sarrett, Jr.
Jan 22, 1989
History of Page Co., Iowa - 1909 Vol. I & II
By W.L. Kershaw, The S. J. Clarke Publishing Co., of Chicago, IL. With Biographical Sketches of some Prominent Citizens of the County
REF:#4. Paul R. Sarrett, Jr.
Jan 22, 1989
U.S. Population Census U.S. Population Census
Lincoln Twp., Page County, Iowa
1910 State Iowa T-624, Roll 417 Broadway St., Coin, Iowa
REF:#5. Paul R. Sarrett, Jr.
Jan 22, 1989
Clarinda Herald-Journal Mrs. Anna KRISTINA (MADISEN) CHRISTENSEN
Obituary, July 1930
REF:#6. Maxine (Christensen)
BIERMAN (dec'd)
1989 Oct 7th, Maxine B. (Christensen) BIERMAN at the Calif. Page Co., IA. Picnic, Euclid Park, Garden Grove, Calif. - Click on Thumbnail for Larger Photo!Click on RedBall for More Info. on this Source<--- Maxine (Christensen) BIERMAN, [dec'd 1917-2010 93yrs]
Click on RedBall for More Info. on this Source<--- 1st Dau of EDWIN CHRISTENSEN
Click on RedBall for More Info. on this Source<--- GrandDau of Nels B. & Anna K. (Madisen) CHRISTENSEN
 Various letters & commucation from 1989-1992
 While she was living at 13252 Galway St., Garden Grove, Ca. 92644, Phone 714/636-9631  Was a good friend, who I will miss a lot!..prsjr
Kenny E. CHRISTENSEN, 63yrs - Click on Thumbnail for Larger Photo! Click on RedBall for More Info. on this Source<--- Kennard E. CHRISTENSEN, [dec'd 1929-1996, 67yrs]
Click on RedBall for More Info. on this Source<--- 2nd Son of: Rollo "Ray" CHRISTENSEN
Click on RedBall for More Info. on this Source<--- Grandson of: M. Peter & Sarah/Sallie (Wilson) CHRISTENSEN
Click on RedBall for More Info. on this Source<--- Great-Grandson of: Nels B. & Anna K. (Madisen) CHRISTENSEN
 My late Cousin & good frend.  He has supplied me with various information on his "Branch" I will miss his ornery character & good disposition!...prsjr
REF:#8. Janice Garcia.
Dec 08, 2000
Grandfather: Orville Christensen Family

  1st. E-Mail: Dec. 08, 2000
I searched the Internet and found this website. My grandfather was Orville Floyd Christensen, son of Pete Christensen. My father is Wesley Christensen and lives in rural Northboro. I am wondering if there will be any information added to this website about my grandfather and his family? I have been informed by my brother Jan Christensen, that someone in the College Springs area (I believe) has been researching the family history but I have never seen any documentation as I live in California and do not get back to Iowa very often. I would love to have a printed copy of my paternal family history and would appreciate any information you could provide.
Thank you very much.
Janice Garcia
OOPS! As I was printing out the family history I saw that we are in fact listed. I have information about myself. If you would like to add it to the information already provided, I will be very happy to provide it for you. Please advise.
Janice (Christensen) Garcia
Janice, Thanks for the E-Mail
I was going to say, before I got your 2nd E-Mail that your family starts at: URL Orville Christensen
Sarah/Sadie (WILSON) CHRISTENSEN is my Gt-Gt-Grand Aunt, her brother George R. my Gt-Grandfather.
Do you still live in Diamond Bar, Orange Co. CA.? I am 'Retired' now and live in Auburn, CA.
I would love for you to make any additions/corrections as required! Do you have any early Peter & Sadie Photos? would lie to add to site.
Attached is Family Group Sheet (FGS) on Orville's family. Use a "Text Editor" (ASCII Format) to edit, and return to me for review, and I will up-load to the Christensen Family Profile!
I, also would be interested in the pearson/pearsons in College Springs, IA. that is researching this family. ..prs

  2nd. E-Mail: Dec. 11, 2000
I made changes directly on this text (in purple) and hopefully, they came through to you. I will print it off in case they didn't and will try to send it another way.
Also, where is Auburn, CA? I haven't heard of it. This is so interesting, and I thank you for sharing it. There may be some things I have not gotten right about my sister and brother but will work on that.
Thanks again. Janice (Christensen) Garcia
Thanks, I have up-loaded your corrections/additions to the Orville Christensen
Auburn, is north of Sacramento, 35 miles, on I80 at the foothills of Tahoe National Forrest.
You are Welcome!, my mother told me part of Genealogy was "Sharing" that's what I have been trying to do. ..prs

  3rd. E-Mail: Dec. 18, 2000
Happy Holidays! I was re-reading the family history and saw that M "Peter" Christensen "lived" from 1969-1944 . I know those dates should be 1869 but when you have a chance, you may want to change that. Also, my mother, Beth Christensen, is buried in the Locust Grove Cemetery in Locust Grove Township, Fremont County, Iowa.
I have also asked my brother and sister to read this history and make additions/changes/deletions to what I provided. I know I didn't include all of their information. I also forwarded the page to one of my dad's sisters, Marjorie (Christensen) Scharp, so who knows, maybe she will send you an update on her own family.
Thanks for sharing with me. I have never seen pictures of Peter or Sadie but I am sure my dad or my aunts have some pictures. Also, has anyone provided information on my grandmother's family, John Harve Hensleigh? I have seen a little information on them but not much.
I know this is a big undertaking for you but certainly very interesting. I think the lady in College Springs who has done a lot of research on the Christensen family is named Elaine Christensen. I think her husband's name may be John. My brother, Jan Christensen, knows this information and has actually read her research documents. Janice (Christensen) Garcia

Ans: #1 OOPS!, thanks I corrected 1969 to 1869 Do you know someone who can go to the gravesite and take photos? If so, I can scan and place in the Cemetery page.
Ans: #2 Great!, the more correct info, the better.
Ans: #3 If you find any of the old pictures, scan them to a .JPG file (resize to max 500x500 pixels) I can up-load along side Bio.
Ans: #4 I to, find Genealogy/Family History interesting. I am retired and this keeps me buzy.
I have NOT been in contact or seen the research of Mrs. Elaine CHRISTENSEN
Wife of John J. CHRISTENSEN, last info. I have (1985) They lived Blanchard, IA. 51637, Phone 712-582-3228
John J. CHRISTENSEN is 1st s/o Newell J. & Charolotte (Arendsee)
Grandson of John J. & Clemmie (Jeffery) Christensen
Great-Grandson of Nels B. & Anna K. (Madisen) Christensen
Happy Holodays!
Cousin, Paul

  4th. E-Mail: Sep. 27, 2001
Subj: Changes to Ralph Wesley Christensen Information
Dear Paul:
It's been a while since I looked at the family history, but wanted you to have the following updates.
1. Ralph Wesley Christensen died on September 2, 2001 at Northboro, Iowa and is buried at Locust Grove Cemetery in Fremont County Iowa. In the year 2000, dad did not live in Spring Valley, but on the family farm near Northboro in Washington Township.
2. Beth McQueen Christensen is buried at Locust Grove Cemetery in Fremont County Iowa, not Fremont Township, Page County, Iowa.
3. Also, please remove David Updegraff and any associated information from Jane Christensen Alcumbrac's information.
Just wanted you to have the latest info on our family. Thanks for updating this site.
Janice (Christensen) Garcia
Sorry to hear about your fathers death, Thanks, for the corrections/additions. ...prs
Cameron Christensen

Mar 05, 2001
Jan & Ellen Christensen family information
Hello my name is Cameron Christensen. I am the daughter of Jan Christensen. I would like to change my place of birth from Omaha, Nebraska to Red Oak, Iowa on October 6, 1987. I am finding this information to be very helpful with my reasearch paper for school. Thank you for your help and I look forward to hearing from you. Sincerely, Cameron Christensen From: "Jan and Ellen Christensen Family"
Thanks for the E-Mail, I changed your place of birth on the R. Wesley Christen Family.
I could use some help in researching infomation on your "Branch" of Christensens.
Do you have the names, birth, marriage, siblings on your Grandmother Beth Elane McQUEEN parents?
We are 3rd Cousins, Once Removed, your Great-Great-Grandmother Sarah Sadie (Wilson) Christensen is my 3rd Cousin.
Sixth Generation: Cameron Christensen 1st d/o Jan W. & Ellen Jane (Athing) Christensen
Grand d/o Wesley & Beth (McQueen) Christensen
Gr-Grand d/o Orville & Elizabeth (Hensleagh) Christensen
Gr-Gr-Grand d/o Madison P. & Sarah "Sadie" (Wilson) Christensen
Gr-Gr-Gr-Grand d/o Nels B. & Anna K. (Madison) Christensen

Fifth Generation: Paul R. Sarrett, Jr.
1st s/o Paul R. Sr. & M. Lucille (Wilson) Sarrett
Grand s/o Ermal L. & Vera B. (Duncan) Wilson
Gr-Grand s/o George R. & Cora B. (Mannasmith) Wilson
Gr-Gr-Grand s/o Abraham & Louisa C. (Drace) Wilson
Keep in touch!
Paul R. Sarrett, Jr.
REF:#10. Doris Tritsch
Apr 23, 2001
Grt-Grandfather: Nels & A.K. CHRISTENSEN
Dear Paul,
You have some errors in the Christensen info on your website: Nels and A.K. Christensen had nine children, not 10. You list an Alfred T. who married Lorraine as # 10. This Alfred does not belong to this family.
#1. name is Madison Peter--not M. "Peter"
#2. name is Augusta not A. Gusta
#7 John Christensen has no middle name, so just John not John J. (my Grandfather)
Sincerely, Doris Christensen Tritsch E-Mail:
Thanks for the E-Mail and your comments.
On Nels B. Family Profile, I list the 9 Children, and I know he died in 1888, but Alfred T. CHRISTENSEN (b. 1897, some 9 years after Nels's death) Obit. 08 Dec. 1975, (Clarinda Herald Journal) it states he was a son of Nels B. & Anna K. CHRISTENSEN. Was he Adopted by the Widow Anna K. (Madison) CHRISTENSEN?
#1. I known that Madison Peter is his name, but he went by M. Peter in Census, Deed records etc.
#2. Augusta went by "Gusta"
#3. John (1883-1954) headstone list John only also, but Obit on 28 Jan 1954, list John J. CHRISTENSEN.
As you can see on your FGS Newell J. & Charlotte (Arendsee) CHRISTENSEN family we have a lot of "Unknown's & Not Traced"
We would appreciate it, if you could supply us with the correct information. ..prs
Apr 24, 2001
The Alfred T. Christensen, married to Lorraine, listed as the #10 child of Nels and A.K. lived north of Clarinda and had Need More connection with our family.
There was an Alfred Christensen, son of William who was raised by his grandmother A.K. This Alfred married Leone Hensleigh-- he was born in 1903 and died in 1966..
I have worked quite a bit on the Christensen family, but still need to do more work on it. I have my grandfather John's obit and it doesn't list a middle initial for him. I have a brother who is John J. Christensen.
Doris Christensen Tritsch E-Mail:
Thanks, I have corrected A.T. as a s/o Nel B. and family. (In checking my notes his Obit says s/o Nels & Marie Christensen)
I have corrected John J. to John. (In checking my notes it was Newell J.'s Obit that listed s/o John J. Christen & Tamar Clementine Jeffery) ..prs
Apr. 25, 2001
Dear Paul,
My grandmother who was married to John Christensen was not named Anna: Her name was Tamar Clementine-she was called Clemie- Jeffrey, daughter of William Christian Jeffrey and Nancy Anne Hensleigh.
Doris Christensen Tritsch E-Mail:
Thank you, I have made corrections!. ..prs
 REF:#11.  Amy Howarth
  Re: R. Ray Christensen Family
E-Mail: Dated: Tue, 5 May 2009 2:30 pm.
I stumbled on your website while working on my husband's genealogy. My husband is the son of Janet Pearson (4th Dau. of Mary Christensen and Donald Pearson) and Roger Howarth.
Matthew Todd Howarth, birthdate 02/15/1983.
I am his wife Amy, birthdate 10/11/1985.
We have one daughter and live in Boise, ID.
3rd. Dau: JANET FAE PERSON: She and her husband Roger Howarth reside in Twin Fall, ID.
4th. Dau: JANIS RAE PEARSON: She and her husband Steve McMillon were married 04/04/1969.
5th. Dau: SUSAN MARIE PEARSON: She is married to Jim Tyner (married since 2/26/1983) and they live in Garden City, ID and have no children together.
I don't know if any of this information will be helpful to you, but thought I would offer it so you can complete your genealogy.
If you have any photos of the Christensen Family that you wouldn't mind sharing (R. Ray, his wife, or Mary Louis) I would be very interested in these.
Thanks, Amy Howarth, E-Mail:
Thanks for the E-Mail, Amy
Your Mother-In-Law Mrs. Janet (Pearson) HOWARTH is my 3rd Cousin!
Thanks for the Corrections/Additions
You can have Down-Load any of these photos, as you please. Click on the "Thumbnail", and a larger photo appears, Simpley use your File/Save Command and save it on your Computer. These are only 5"x7" print-size or smaller, If you want larger print-size (8'x10") I can E-Mail a larger pixel size (1.5MB) but they are considerably larger. ...prsjr

 REF:#12.  Nathan Smith

  #12.a Dated: Mon, Jun 14, 2010 At:7:17am PSTime
 Subject: Christensen Family
Hi! We found the following page when we googled my wife's name
and were curious if you wanted some info to update it?
My wife Kristen Marie Murrell married me, Nathaniel Jacob Smith, on October 24, 2009 in Richardson, Texas. I was born April 3, 1985 in Denton, Texas. We currently reside in Anna, Texas. George and JoAnn are currently divorced.
If you wanted to update the page then here is some more information! Thanks!
We thought this was an awesome find! Nathan Smith,
Thanks for the E-Mail, & kind words.
Would love any corrections/additions on your CHRISTENSEN family, just send me a E-mail with same & I will make the changes & Up-load same.
<--- See: Kristen Marie (Murrell) SMITH Family Profile©
We would like any more Correction/Additions on this Family!..prs
Mrs. Kristen Marie (Murrell) SMITH is a 6th Generation CHRISTENSEN from Denmark
(1st Dau of:               George Ray MURRELL & Mother: JoAnn Marie CHRISTENSEN,
(GrandDau of:          Kennard CHRISTENSEN & Mother: "Theresa" LAUGHLIN, of Coin, Iowa.
(Gr-GrandDau of:    Ray & Mary Margaret (Richmond) Christensen) of Coin, IA.
(2Gr-GrandDau of:   Sarah "Saide" (WILSON) & MADISON PETER CHRISTENSEN; of Coin, IA.
(3Gr-GrandDau of: Nels B. & Anna Kristina (MADISON) CHRISTENSEN) of Norway to IL. to Iowa

  #12.b Dated: Monday, June 13, 2011 At: 12:29PM PSTime
 Subject: Christensen Family Geneology Page
Hello! My name is "Kristy Murrell Smith" and I came across this page (link above). Kennard Christensen was my grandfather and I have some updates for you to add to the page. Theresa Christensen is still alive and lives with her daughter JoAnn Murrell (my mother) in Richardson, Texas Brendan Murrell (my brother) is unmarried and lives at home in Richardson, Texas Steve Christensen and Janet divorced many years ago. Their daughter is Lindsey not Lindsel as listed on the page. Michael Christensen married a woman named Susan who has two boys from a previous marriage (Greg and Eric). They all live in Plano, Texas Doris and John have two children, Jennifer and Matthew My husband Nathan (Nathaniel) and I have a daughter, Kinley Marie Smith born March 14, 2011 in McKinney, Texas. I graduate from TWU this summer 2011. Nathaniel graduated from The University of Oklahoma in 2008 and is currently a teacher in Prosper, Texas George and JoAnn were married in Iowa and George currently resides in Garland, Texas and JoAnn in Richardson, Texas
     Just curious, where did you find the pictures of my grandfather's Toy Shed?? I have many memories there! Do you have any other pictures of this, the farm house, or something you would like to share?? Thank you so much!!
     Kristy, E-Mail:
Thanks for the E-Mail and Additions, Kristy
 REF:#13.  Michelle J. Stevens
 Subject: Nels B Christensen Family Tree Update
Only Dau of: Richard E. STEVENS Jr. & Mother: Sharon Lynne ROULSTONE
GrandDau of: "Dick" E. STEVENS & Joyce CHRISTENSEN, of Florence, Alabama
Gr-GrandDau of: Edwin CHRISTENSEN & Leona B. FLOWERS, of "Christensen Daires" Coin, Iowa
2Gr-GrandDau of: Nels B. CHRISTENSEN & Anna K. MADISEN, of Denmark to Page Co.,

     1st E-Mail: Wed, Dec 08, 2010 At: 05:00pm PSTime
     2nd E-Mail: Sun, Dec 12, 2010 At: 11:24am PSTIME
     3rd E-Mail: Sat, Dec 18, 2010 At: 05:36pm PSTime
 REF:#14.  JoAnn (Christensen) Murrell   E-Mail: (
JoAnn (Christensen) Murrell is a 5th Generation CHRISTENSEN from Denmark
(1stDau of:          Kennard CHRISTENSEN & Mother: "Theresa" LAUGHLIN, of Coin, Iowa.
(GrandDau of:    Ray & Mary Margaret (Richmond) Christensen) of Coin, IA.
(Gr-GrandDau of:   Sarah "Saide" (WILSON) & MADISON PETER CHRISTENSEN; of Coin, IA.
(2Gr-GrandDau of: Nels B. & Anna Kristina (MADISON) CHRISTENSEN) of Norway to IL. to Iowa

       1st E-Mail: Wed, Jun 15, 2011 At: 4:59 pm PSTime
     2nd E-Mail: Sat, Jul 02, 2011 At: 6:22 AM PSTime
     3rd E-Mail: Sun, Jul 03, 2011 At: 7:10 AM PSTime
     4th E-Mail: Mon, Jul 04, 2011 At: 5:56 AM PSTime
     5th E-Mail: Thu, Jul 07, 2011 At: 4:05 PM PSTime
     6th E-Mail: PSTime


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