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George BERRY, Jr. 1826-1916, a90y
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Third Generation!
b. 17 Feb 1826, Alford, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
d. 03 Feb, 1916 age 90y, 8m 0d at Clarinda, IA.
Buried: Maple Hill Cemetery, near College Springs, Iowa.
Where a headstone marks his grave. (See Section III, Row 5  Lot 8), 
At the age of 32 years GEORGE BERRY, JR. was united in marriage 
on the 20th Sep 1858, in Ashland Co., OH to his 1st Cousin the 
25 year old Miss AGNES BERRY;
born about 1833, in Scotland, 
died about 1913, at the age of 80 years, in Amity Twp., Page County, Iowa, 
Buried: in the Maple Hill Cemetery, near College Springs, Iowa.
Where a headstone marks her grave. (See Section III, Row 5, Lot 8, 
They had three children born from this union, all in Urbana, Ohio.  [REF:#001, Pg752] 1st Son: Andrew,3 A.,    1860-1939 a79y m. 1893 Clara J. ELDER, 4Ch 1st Dau: Anna Robertson, 1862-1947 a87y m. 1882 John W. DUNCAN, 5Ch. 2nd Son: John W.,        1865-1955 a90y m. 1889 Lillie A. McKIE, 7Ch.

GEORGE, Jr. & AGNES (BERRY) BERRY Can be found in the PAGE CO., 
1870 Census, NARA-#M-593, Reel-#414, Page Co., IA.
Amity Twp., Page 387, F.Visit: 1583/1583, P.O. College Springs, IA.
  H/H George BERRY,    a44y b. 1826 Sct. "Farmer" $2,500/$2,000
  Wife: Agnes,         a37y b. 1833 Sct. "Keeping House"
  1. 1st Son: Andrew,  a10y b. 1860 OH.
  2. 1st Dau: Anna,    a 8y b. 1862 OH.
  3. 2nd Son: Johnny,  a 2y b. 1868 OH.
  Maggie McDONALD,     a15y b. 1855 OH. "Domestic Servant"

GEORGE, Jr. & AGNES (BERRY) BERRY Can be found in the PAGE CO., 
IOWA 1880 CENSUS, AMITY TOWNSHIP with the following Children:
    H/H George BERRY,    a54y b. 1825 Sct. "Farmer"
    Wife: AGNES,         a47y b. 1833 Sct. "Keeping House"
    1st Son: ANDREW,     a19y b. 1860 OH.  "Farm Hand"
    1st Dau: ANNA        a17y b. 1862 OH.
    2nd Son: JOHN,       a15y b. 1868 OH.

   GEORGE BERRY, Jr. Plat of Page County Iowa, from 
   1900 Plat Book, page 5.
   GEORGE BERRY of Urbana, Ohio...Survey of land laying N 1/2, 
   NW 1/4 78.36 acres, and N 1/2, NE 1/4, 78.50 acres of Section 4, of 
   the Township (Amity) 67 North. Range 37 West. of the 5th Principal 

Our subject GEORGE BERRY, was born on 17 Feb. 1826, in Scotland, died about 1916, at the age of 90 years, he is buried along side his wife in the Maple Hill Cemetery, (Section III, Row 5, Lot 8), near College Springs, Iowa. He was educated in the common schools of Scotland and learned the carpenter's trade; He worked at this business until he was 27 years of age, when he migrated to America in the year 1853, along with his Uncle's family. He located in Urbana, the County Seat of Champaign County, Ohio. Champaign County was formed in 1805, from Greene & Franklin Counties. It's located Southwest in the state of Ohio. When GEORGE BERRY, JR. arrived in Urbana, Ohio his means had dwindled to just $3.00. However, he immediately found employment at his trade and remained in their for some 14 years. [REF:#001, Pg752]
They remained in Ohio until 1867, when the removed to Page County, Iowa and purchased 80 acres of land lying in Section 4, of Amity Township, which became known as the "BERRY HILL FARM". As his means increased he added to this until he owned 240 acres of land, as fine as any in Page County. He made many valuable improvements and built a desirable home for his family. He and his wife were worthy members of the United Presbyterian Church of College Springs. All the BERRY Children went to the School House in District No. 2 located about 1/2 mile south of their farm on JOHN RICE property. GEORGE BERRY, JR. always had a high sense of honor, and when he first arrived in America he refused to become a citizen of a government that legalized the slavery of human beings; he therefore became a stanch Abolitionist. He also was a stanch Prohibitionist. The drinking habits of Scotland was the greatest reason for his leaving his native place of Scotland. The old Presbyterians of Scotland were a sterling, liberty-loving race of people, and their descendants may look with pride upon the ancestry from which they are sprung. [REF:#001, Pg752]
THE FOLLOWING ARE THE CHILDREN OF: GEORGE AND AGNES (BERRY) BERRY, Jr. 1 1st. Son: ANDREW A. BERRY (III); (Son of George Jr. & Agnes (Berry) Berry) b. 06 Jul 1860, in Urbana, Ohio; removed to Amity Twp., Page Co., IA. with his parents at the age of 7 years, in 1867; d. 08 Nov 1939, age 79, at Clarinda, IA. [CHJ 13 Dec 1948] Obit does NOT state where he was Buried! At the age of 33, he married on 04 Oct. 1893, at Tingley, IA. [REF:#004] to the 26 year old Miss CLARA JANE ELDER; [CHJ 13 Dec 1948] b. 09 Aug. 1867, nr Allerton, Wayne Co., IA. [CHJ 13 Dec 1948] [REF:#004] d. 09 Dec. 1948, age 81, at Clarinda, IA. Lived on the "Berry Hill" farm. He was the agricultural editor for the Clarinda HERALD, the leading paper of the County. He also was a special contributor to a number of the foremost agricultural journals in the United States. They had four children born from this union: 1.1 1st. Dau: Etheleta Margaretta; b. c1894-1958 m. Ralph E. DUFF 1.2 2nd. Dau: Anna Agnes; b. c1896-1985 m. Clarence S. "Bob" HAUSEN 1.3 1st. Son: Ernest Andrey; b. c1898-1990 m. Ann HARRISON, 1.4 2nd. Son: George Thomas; b. *1902-1980 a78y m. 1927 Margorie BOWMAN About 1895, ANDREW A. BERRY left the farm in College Springs and bought the Van Arsdol farm located at the West end of Willow street in Clarinda, Iowa. This was the start of the worlds largest mail order house selling farm seeds direct to the farm. BERRY SEED COMPANY", he built his first warehouse in 1899, and incorporated in 1905. The company was housed in the building three doors West of the old Linderman Hotel, Northwest corner of the Clarinda Square. In 1914 a large building was built at the Southeast edge of Clarinda. Among the many branches established of the company were in Chicago, IL., Des Moines, IA., and Lincoln, NB. Retail stores were established mostly east of the Mississippi. KSO radio station originated in the BERRY SEED CO. building in 1925 and sold to a Des Moines Company. CLARA (ELDER) BERRY started a poultry business as a sideline on the farm which also grew to a big business, called the BERRY POULTRY FARM and HATCHERY. Many buildings behind the big house on West Willow Street, in Clarinda, was where they bought eggs and hatched chicks which were shipped out all over the United States. [REF:#003] 2 ANNA ROBERTSON BERRY; (1st Dau. of George Jr. & Agnes (Berry) Berry) b. 28 Aug 1862, in Urbana, Ohio; removed to Amity Twp., Page Co., Iowa with her parents at the age of 5 years, in 1867; d. 12 Nov 1947, age 85, Clarinda City Hospt. [CHJ 13 Nov 1947] Buried along side her husband in the Maple Hill Cem., Collge Springs, IA. At the age of 20, she married on 23 Feb. 1882, in Amity Twp. Page Co., Iowa to the 22 year old JOHN WYLIE DUNCAN; oldest son of ROBERT M. DUNCAN & MARY ANN (ALEXANDER) DUNCAN; b. 06 Aug. 1860, in Tarkio Twp. [Obit says Harlan], Page Co., Iowa; d. 18 Dec. 1947, age 87, at Clarinda City, Hospt.; Buried along side his wife in the Maple Hill Cem., Collge Springs, IA. They had five children born from this union: 2.1 1st Son: GEORGE W.; b. *1883 m. *1908 Nellie Roselle BROWN 2.2 2nd Son: R. L. "ROY" b. *1885 m. c19?? Pearl W. KELLER 2.3 1st Dau: AGNES JANE; b. *1890 m. *1914 Charles H. BECKWITH; 2.4 3rd Son: CHARLES S.; b. *1892 m. *1917 1) Clara E. PINKERTON *1970 2) Lois (McCUNN) WAGONER 2.5 4th Son: VERNON A.; b. *1895 m. *1923 1) Miss EDMONDS m. *1942 2) Nellie M. SHAW See Biographical Profile on JOHN WYLIE DUNCAN for continuation. 3 2nd. Son: JOHN W. BERRY; (Son of George Jr. & Agnes (Berry) Berry) b. 1865, in Urbana, Ohio; d. 1955, age 90y, at Winterset, IA. buried in the Blanchard Cemetery Row 11, Lot 29; [CHJ 02 Jun 1955] He moved to Amity Twp., Page Co. Iowa with his parents at the age of 2 years, in 1867; At the age of 24, he married on 13 March 1889, in Page Co., Iowa to Miss LILLIE A. McKIE; b. about 1866; at Blanchard, (Colfax Twp.) Page Co., IA. d. about 1924, age 58y; buried in the Blanchard Cemetery (Row 9A, Lot 7); whose parents were Scotch; JOHN W. & LILLIE (McKIE) BERRY had a fine 80 acre farm two miles from the "BERRY HILL" farm; Later the removed to 218 West Willow, Clarinda, Iowa; JOHN W. BERRY, started the CLARINDA GRAIN & COAL COMPANY", Clarinda, Iowa; also owned and operated the Clarinda Grain Elevator; they had six children born from this union: (NOTE: Children NOT listed in order of Birth) 3.1 1st Son: ROBERT McKIE; b. 1894-1894, a2m, 1d, Br Blanch. 3.2 1st Dau: AGNES; b. 1896 3.3 2nd Son: GEORGE "EARL" b. Unk. 3.4 2nd Dau: MARY; b. Unk. 3.5 3rd Dau: ANNIE b. Unk. 3.6 4th Dau: JEANETTE; b. Unk. 3.7 5th Dau: CLARA; b. Unk. THE FOLLOWING ARE THE CHILDREN OF: JOHN W. AND LILLIE (McKIE) BERRY: 3.1 1st Son: ROBERT McKIE BERRY; (Son of John W. & Lillie (McKie) Berry) b. 30 Oct. 1894, Blanchard, Colfax Twp., Page Co., Iowa; died infant on 29 Jan. 1895, at the age of 2 months and 1 day, buried in the Blanchard Cemetery, next to his mother Row 9A, Lot 6. 3.2 1st Dau: AGNES BERRY; (Dau of John W. & Lillie (McKie) Berry) b. 1896; d. 9 Oct. 1984, at the age of 88 years, at Des Moines, Iowa; Buried at Winterest, Iowa, her home area; Married Unknown; had three children: 3.2.1 Son: ROBERT Unknown; b.Unk. 3.2.2 Dau: VIRGINIA (Mar.) WEDEMEYER 3.2.3 Dau: MARCIA (Mar.) BIGGS 3.3 2nd Son: GEORGE "EARL" BERRY; (Son of John W. & Lillie (McKie) Berry) m. Anna Naomi FINNEY/FINLEY; d. Greely CO; 1932, [CJ Mar 1932] Dau: Mary, m. Mr. HANCOCK Need More information. 3.4 2nd Dau: MARY BERRY; (Dau of John W. & Lillie (McKie) Berry) Need More information. 3.5 3rd Dau: ANNIE BERRY; (Dau of John W. & Lillie (McKie) Berry) Need More information. 3.6 4th Dau: JEANETTE BERRY; (Dau of John W. & Lillie (McKie) Berry) Married Unknown SCHAAL; Need More information. 3.7 5th Dau: CLARA BERRY; (Dau of John W. & Lillie (McKie) Berry) Married Unknown BRANDT; No more information. Need More information. End of 1.2.6 GEORGE BERRY, Jr. Chapter.

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