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   File: BERRY1.BIO
   Created: 12 Jan., 1982
   Revised: 24 Sep., 1998
   By Paul R. Sarrett, Jr.(

   By W. L. KERSHAW; S. J. Clarke Publishing Co.; 
	BERRY, Clarissa, 	Page 541

	BERRY, B. F.,  	Page 624
	BERRY, N.T.,    	Page 624

	BERRY, John,  	Page 642
	BERRY, Lilly Alice (McKIE) Page 642

	BERRY, Hester 	Page 720

	BERRY, Agnes, 	Page 752
	BERRY, Andrew,	Page 752
	BERRY, Ann (ROBERTSON) Page 752
	BERRY, Annie, 	Page 752
	BERRY, Annie, 	Page 752
	BERRY, Annie (ADAMS) Page 752
	BERRY, Elizabeth, Page 752
	BERRY, George,  	Page 752
	BERRY, Isabel,	Page 752
	BERRY, Jane,   	Page 752
	BERRY, John,  	Page 752
	BERRY, Margaret,	Page 752
	BERRY, William, 	Page 752

	BERRY, Agnes, 	Page 753
	BERRY, Andrew,	Page 753
	BERRY, Andrew A., Page 753
	BERRY, Ann,      	Page 753
	BERRY, Anna R.,  	Page 753
	BERRY, Christena, Page 753
	BERRY, Elizabeth, Page 753
	BERRY, George,	Page 753
	BERRY, Helen, 	Page 753
	BERRY, Jessie,	Page 753
	BERRY, John W.,	Page 753
	BERRY, Lilly Alice (McKIE) Page 753
	BERRY, Mary, 	Page 753

   Information supplied to this writer in a letter 1985 
   by JEANNE ADAMS, a descendant of JANE (BERRY) HANCOCK.)
   BERRY'S SEED COMPANY, 722 E. Garfield, 
   Clarinda, Iowa; 712/542-2921)

   Date: 98-03-30 20:56:07 EST
   Sandi Hall, E-Mail

   History of Page Co., Iowa - 1909 Vol. I & II
    By W.L. Kershaw, The S. J. Clarke Publishing Co., of Chicago, IL. 
   Page 320-01.

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