George KENNETH ANNAN, 1915-1996
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George K. ANNAN, 1915-1996, age 81yrs
Tenth Generation!
George Kenneth ANNAN;
(First born, first Son of Earl Henry ANNAN & Mother: Nina LOY) of Yorktown, Page Co., IA.
(1Gs/o George Herman ANNAN & Lusette SNYDER) of Page Co., IA.
(2Gs/o Henry A. Friedrich & Louisa (McNUTT) ANNAN 1834-1912 Haggerstown, MD.
(3Gs/o Johann H. Friedrich & Anna C. (Rentker) ANNEN 1810-1893 Hanover, Germany
(4Gs/o Johann Fredrick & A.M. (Hundling) zu HANDRUP 1777-1830 Osnabruck, Germany
(5Gs/o Johann Gerd & Elizabeth (Broke) zu HANDRUP 1726-1801 Osnabruck, Germany
(6Gs/o Johann Arend & Anna (Lureken) zu HANDRUP 1694-1764 Osnabruck, Germany
(7Gs/o Henrich & Luria (Drehs) zu HANDRUP 1663-17?? Handorf, Germany
(8Gs/o Johann(I) & Adelheit "Aleke" (Suding) zu HANDRUP 1639-1725 Handorf, Germany
George K. ANNAN, 1915-1996, age 81yrs, Click on Thumbnail for Larger Photo! b. 28 Oct. 1915, near Yorktown, Nodaway Twp., Page Co., IA.
d. 10 Mar. 1996, age 80yrs, 4mths, & 12 days, Hospt., Omaha, Nebraska
Buried in the Polsley Cemetery, where a headstone marks his grave. [Row 5, Lot 4]
He was raised and farmed in Page Co., IA. all his life; Attended the Snake Creek School; Grad. from Clarinda High School; At a25y he married on a Sunday afternoon, 14 Jan. 1940, at the First Presbyterian Church in Des Moines, Iowa to:
22 year old Miss Elsie BERNICE WILSON
(3rd d/o Ermal LeRoy and Vera B. (DUNCAN) WILSON; of Amity Twp., Page Co., IA.
(2Gd/o...George R. & Cora B. (Mannasmith) Wilson), (1869-1941, age 72yrs, of Page Co., IA.
(3Gd/o...Abraham & Louisa C. (DRACE) WILSON, (1842, 1927, age 84yrs, of Fountain Co., IN.
(4Gd/o...Robert M. & Sarah (PUGE) WILSON, (1821-1900, age 79yrs) of Unknown Co., OH.
(5Gd/o...Ishmael & Amie (MOOR) WILSOM of Rowan, NC. to Defiance Co., OH.
Eslie B. (Wilson) ANNAN, 1918-2004, age 84yrs, Click on Thumbnail for Larger Photo! b. 24 Mar 1918, Harlan Twp., Clarinda, Iowa;
d. 22 Feb 2004, age 85yrs, 10mths, & 28 days, Clarinda, Page Co., IA.
Buried along side of her husband in the Polsley Cemetery, Lincoln Twp., Page Co., Iowa
Where a headstone marks her grave. [See: Row 5, Lot 4]
They lived at: Route 3, Box 141, Clarinda, Iowa 51632 (712/542-2451)
Typical Marriage Ceremony - Click on Thumbnail for larger Photo  They had 4 Children born to this Union, (2 Sons & 2 Dau's, 1 Son died at birth!)
 Son/Dau  Click on Name for More Inf.  b.-d.  Married/Info.  Ch.
 1. 1st Dau:  Karen Kay ANNAN,  *1841-Living  m. *1960 John F. EITZEN,   5Ch.
 2. 1st Son:  Jack Allen ANNAN,  *1844-1944 a 1day  Still-born, bd Polsley Cemetery,  
 3. 2nd Dau:  Cynthia Ann ANNAN,  *1845-Living  m. *1967 Dennis W. BRYANT,   3Ch.
 4. 2nd Son:  Rodney Earl ANNAN,  *1849-Living  m. *1972 1st Miss Paula McCRARY,   2Ch.
 "2nd"  "2nd"  "2nd"  m. *1994 2nd Mrs. Colleen R. (HUGHES)   0Ch.
  10    Known Grandchildren/1st Cousins 

 The Clarinda Herald-Journal     Issue: Monday, Nov. 15, 1974
 George ANNAN receives ZOLLERS Award!
  Outstanding Agriculture accomplishments cited...for George ANNAN, presently county soil commissioner chairman and who served as state chairman, this season (1974). George ANNAN was speechless when he was called up to receive the "Emmett ZOLLARS" award. ANNAN this year was named by Gov. Robert RAY on the state soil conservation committee for 6-year term. George ANNAN received the (Zollars) plaque from Norris GATES, recipient a year ago. Joe O'HARA. veteran who was first commissioner chairman, was Iowa and national board member. briefed his enthusiasm with special commendation to Chairman George ANNAN...
Youth Conservationists....Sandy LILJEDAHL, Lori TACKETT, and Perer SUNDERMAN received pins from George ANNAN...

 The Clarinda Herald-Journal      Issue: Thursday, Jan. 30, 1975
 George ANNAN receives Award!
   George K. ANNAN was reared under the parental roof and in his youthful days acquired his education in the public schools. His business training was received under the direction of his father, who gave to all his children the benefit of his experience and sound judgment. George has devoted his attention to farming, he has farmed with horses; tillage and planting; blinders and threshing machines; hand picked corn; then later to tractors and combines. He has been farming the last twelve or so years with "No-Till" and "Minimum Tillage".
 George is interested in Public affairs and has given his active aid and cooperation to many measures and movements which are matters of civic virtue and civic pride. To name a few George, was commissioner on the Page County Soil Conservation District for over 30 years; Director of the Iowa Association of Soil Conservation District Commissioners for 4 years; Served on the State Soil Conservation Committee for 12 years; Belongs to the Lions Club of Clarinda, Iowa; Was a 4-H leader for many years; Has helped organize the Lincoln Leaders Boys 4-H Club.

 The Clarinda Herald-Journal     Issue: Tuesday, Nov. 20, 1975
 Mrs. Elsie B. (Wilson) ANNAN,
   was born near Shambaugh, Iowa relocated to Clarinda, Iowa, where her father sold cars at the Lisle Motor Co. of Clarinda. Her early schooling was in the Clarinda area, then later about 1928 her family relocated to Marysville, Mo. then removed with her parents to the "DUNCAN" family home-place in Amity Twp. when her grandfather Robert "Alex" DUNCAN took ill in 1935, where she attended her last two years at Clarinda High School where she graduated in 1937. On the farm in Amity Twp. she learned to cook for threshing crews of twenty-five.
Raising their three children and her Civic activities, must have kept her exhausted, but she still found time as a 4-H leader with the girls club the "Lincoln Luckies" for over ten years. She is a Honorary member of the 4-H Page County Chapter; Has various activities with the Clarinda Municipal Hospital Auxiliary.
George K. and Elsie B. (Wilson) ANNAN were active members of the Yorktown United Methodist Church, till it closed its doors in 1982. Now they go to the United Presbyterian Church in Clarinda, which was Elsie's former church.

 The Clarinda Herald-Journal     Issue: Tuesday, Oct. 28, 1976
 Mrs. Elsie B. (Wilson) ANNAN,
  ...Old Fashioned Costumes...will be worn by Hospital Auxiliary members who work at the "Bicentennial Bakery"...Elsie (Wilson) ANNAN, chairman of the event...Proceeds of the fall bazaar will be used to buy new furniture for the Municipal Hospital lounge....

 The Clarinda Herald-Journal     Issue: Monday, May 04, 1981
 Sorority selects Elsie ANNAN for award.
  Elsie (Wilson) ANNAN was honored with the "People Helping People" Award when all four Clarinda chapters of "Beta Sigma Phi" met at the Country Club for their annual Founder's Day Diner the evening of April 27, 1981...

 The Clarinda Herald-Journal     Issue: Monday, Feb. 22, 1982
 Elsie ANNAN completing time as Hospital Auxiliary president
  Elsie (Wilson) ANNAN is completing her fourth year as Municipal Hospital Auxiliary president, and with the approaching annual meeting, will be giving up that position....A number of projects have been held during that time to benefit the local medical hospital....The purpose of the organization, as stated in its constitution bylaws, is to promote and to advance the welfare of the Municipal Hospital of Clarinda, through ways approved by the governing board and administrator of the hospital...They have accomplished fund raising, by holding two big events each year, for the last three years under Elsie (Wilson) ANNAN's direction....

 The Clarinda Herald-Journal     Issue: Monday, Mar. 01, 1984
 Happy Birthday Glenn Miller
  HAVING BIRTHDAY CAKE...this Thursday commemorating the 80th. birthday of Clarinda native, GLENN MILLER, several residents stopped at the open house held in Page Bank community room by the GLENN MILLER birthplace Society. RSVP volunteers took care of the serving and members of the society had prepared displays of MILLER memorabilia, were taking memberships and encouraging those who came to sign up for give aways of MILLER collectibles. From left to right are RSVP workers, HYLDRED HAARSTICK and CHARLENE GILMORE, Elsie (Wilson) ANNAN, her sister, Lucille (Wilson) SARRETT of Kansas City, and ARLENE IRVIN, with EDRIS FANN partially hidden behind her....

 The Clarinda Herald-Journal     Issue: Monday, Nov. 13, 1984
 SCD honors George ANNAN for years of service
  Page County Soil Conservation District officials Nov. 13, 1984 brought together representatives from a variety of County and State governmental bodies for their annual interagency dinner meeting and awards ceremony at Shenandoah's American Legion Country Club... The event marked the last meeting for George K. ANNAN of Clarinda as a commissioner on the SCD board. ANNAN, a commissioner since 1953, chose not to run this year for election to another term... George ANNAN was elected chairman of the SCD board in 1962, and has served in that capacity since. (22 years 1962-1984) He was appointed by Iowa Governor Harold HUGHES in 1967 to a six- year term on the State Soil Conservation Committee, and again by Robert RAY in 1973. He served as Chairman and Vice-Chairman on that body. George ANNAN also served on the State Watershed Committee, which reviews watershed applications for the Soil Conservation Committee. George ANNAN has received many awards during his tenure as a commissioner, including recognition as:
 Outstanding Commissioner for Region VII in 1960;
 Watershed Achievement Award sponsored by the Iowa Association of Soil Conservation District Commissioners in 1979;
 Emmett ZOLLARS Award sponsored by Page County Soil Conservation District in 1974;
 Page County Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co. Award in 1976;
and several Commissioner Service Awards.
George ANNAN and his wife Elsie (Wilson) ANNAN farm 900 acres near Yorktown. He plans to devote more of his spare time to his hobbies, which include furniture refinishing and travel...

 The Clarinda Herald-Journal     Issue: Tuesday, Nov. 20, 1984
 LYLE & ANNAN, honored at SCD Inter-Agency dinner
  Two veteran conservationist were honored by the Page County Soil Conservation district this week during the Annual Inter-Agency Dinner at Shenandoah... Don LYLE (left) won the Emmett ZOLLARS Award. George ANNAN was honored at his retirement after more than 30 years on the SCD Commission...

 The Clarinda Herald-Journal     Issue: Tuesday, Nov. 20, 1984
 Farmers present both sides of no-till farming method
  A NO-TILL PIONEER....George ANNAN of Yorktown has been practicing no-till farming on at least a portion of his land for nines years. In this field, George ANNAN slot-planted corn in alfalfa after applying herbicides...  George ANNAN was one of the pioneers of no-till farming in southwest Iowa. Nine years ago, when he began, he was the only farmer in Page County using no-till methods as a farming practice, according to Chuck LEBEDA, Page County soil conservationist....

 The Clarinda Herald-Journal     Issue: ___. __, 1987
 Trinity Presbyterian Church, Clarinda, Iowa
  The purpose: Forgiven and freed by God in Jesus Christ ourselves: to study scripture and pray, seeking Christian maturity and God's guidance for our ministry in the world, to support the mission of the church worldwide, to work for justice and peace, to become an inclusive caring community of women, to celebrate our gifts of ministry through our lives within the Presbyterian Church U. S. A.....
Elsie (Wilson) ANNAN.....Vice President Presbyterian Women...
Elsie (Wilson) ANNAN......Circle Member of the COIE CIRCLE
     SOURCE: Charles Bulger, Pastor, 1987

The Following are the Children of: George K. AND Elsie B. (Wilson) ANNAN:

Eleventh Generation!
1. KAREN KAY ANNAN; (1st. Dau. of George K. & Elsie (Wilson) Annan) born Mar 03, 1941; married Sep. 03, 1960 to JOHN FREDERICK EITZEN; (s/o M/M EITZEN) born Feb. 13, 1941, location Unknown; they had 5 children born from this union; Lived in Cheyenne, Wyoming; Now near Portland, Orgeon: E-Mail: (2000) They had 5 children born to this union: 1.1 1st. Son: KIRK KENNETH EITZEN; b. Jun. 01, 1961; Page Co., Iowa; d. Sep. 29, 1961, a3m, 28 days. 1.2 1st. Dau: LORI ANN EITZEN; b. Sep. 04, 1962 1.3 2nd. Son: PAUL F. EITZEN; b. Aug. 09, 1964 1.4 3rd. Son: MARK JAMES EITZEN; b. Jul. 17, 1966 1.5 4th. Son: JOHN EARL EITZEN; b. May 24, 1972 2. JACK ALLEN ANNAN; (1st Son of George K. & Elsie (Wilson) Annan) Was born Nov. 25, 1944; died at birth. Buried in the Polsley Cemetery, where a headstone marks his grave. [Row 4, Lot 11] 3. CYNTHIA ANN ANNAN; (2nd Dau. of George K. & Elsie (Wilson) Annan) born 09 Nov. 1945; Yorktown, IA. Married Dec 29, 1967 to DENNIS WAYNE BRYANT; born Jan. 27, 1944, location Unknown; Son of Unknown; they had 3 children born from this union; Lived in Florissant, Missouri; Live in San Franciso, Ca. E-Mail Address: (1999) Live at 2403 Welbeck, Ames, IA. 50010, Phone: 515-663-9684 (2000) E-Mail: (2000) 3.1 SHELLEY ANN BRYANT; born Jun. 25, 1972 3.2 DAVID DENNIS BRYANT; born Apr. 24, 1974 3.3 MICHAEL George BRYANT; born Feb. 05, 1975 4. RODNEY EARL ANNAN; (2nd Son of George K. & Elsie (Wilson) Annan) born 12 Apr. 1949; Yorktown, IA. At a23y he married on 21 Oct. 1972, Page Co., Iowa, to the 24 year old Miss PAULA McCRARY; born Apr. 13, 1948; in Los Cruces, New Mexico; (d/o M/M McCRARY) they have 2 children born from this 1st union; (Divorced) At a45y Rod married second on 12 Aug. 1994, a Lake Tahoe, CA. [REF:#21] to the year old Mrs. Colleen R. (HUGHES) (d/o Charles Wesley & Audrey Francis (Stevens) Hughes) born 02 Dec. 1950, Location Unknown (to me) Lived at 9004 W. 116th. Terr., Overland Park, Kansas 66210. Live at 12505 W. 129th. Street, Overland Park, KS 66213. (2000) E-Mail: (2000) FIRST MARRIAGE: for Rod ANNAN 4.1 BRANDON CHRISTOPHER ANNAN; (s/o Rodney E. & 1st Wife Paula (McCrary) Annan) born Dec 27, 1977, in Davenport, Iowa.
 Brandon,is the 12th. Generation of recorded births of ANNAN's. This covers 338 years (1639-1977) from JOHN zu HANDRUP (ANNAN), in Osnabruck, Germany, to his birth on December 27, 1977 in Davenport, Iowa. So carry on Brandon....prs
4.2 KRISTA RENEE ANNAN; (d/o Rodney E. & 1st Wife Paula (McCrary) Annan) born Jul. 05, 1980 , in Davenport, Iowa. FIRST MARRIAGE: for Colleen R. (HUGHES) 1. Rachelle, b. 20 Dec 1970, m. Mr. Gassen, 2Ch. (d/o Collene R. (HUGHES) & 1st Husband) 1.1 Vanessa GASSEN, b. 03 Jul 1990 1.2 Amber GASSEN, b. 03 Feb 1993. 2. Stefanie, b. 25 May 1973 m. Mr. Chaney, 2Ch. (d/o Collene R. (HUGHES) & 1st Husband) 2.1 Son: Tyler CHANEY, b. 24 Jul 1993 2.2 Son: Tristan CHANEY, b. 12 Sep 1998 End of George K. ANNAN Chapter. End of ANNAN Family Chapter.

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