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Methodist Church, Coin, IA.
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The first Methodist Church was organized at Snow Hill School just north of Coin in the year 1870. Soon after the present town of Coin was founded, a Methodist Church was built in 1880 at a cost of $2,000. It was dedicated September 5 that year. Shortly afterward, the parsonage was built at a cost of $1,500.

As the Church grew in membership, more classrooms were needed for the expanding Sunday School, and plans were made for the addition of an educational unit. Funds were being raised for that purpose when Wayne Whitmore offered a gift of a new parsonage, if the congregation voted to build an entirely new church. The generous offer was accepted. The old parsonage was torn down, and the new one built. It was dedicated September 23, 1962.

Mingled feelings of joy and regret followed as the old church was dismantled and razed. Through the tirless less efforts of the pastor, Rev. I. G. Wilkins, and the wonderful cooperation of our members and friends of our church, the new Coin Methodist Church was built and made ready for dedication services on August 1963.

Pastors of our Church over the years have been:

	J. M. Conrad	--1880-82; 
	E. E. Lymer	--1882-83; 
	L. B. Wicersham --1883-86; 
	W. H. Shipman	--1886-88; 
	M. Stahl	--1888-89; 
	J. R. Welborn	--1889-92; 
	W. M. Todd	--1892-94;
	W. H. Shipman	--1894-96; 
	David Shenton	--1896-99; 
	A. A. Walburn	--1899-1902; 
	C. M. Ward	--1902-06; 
	Mott Mitchell	--1906-08; 
	Edw. Pruitt	--1908-11; 
	A. R. Miller	--1911-14; 
	John Arnold	--1914-15; 
	W. R. Rink	--1915-17;
	R. E. Harvey	--1918-21; 
	George Lawton	--1921-25; 
	L. J. Boyd	--1925-26; 
	Claude R. Cook	--1926-28; 
	R. R. Moser	--1928-29; 
	V. W. Henderson --1929-34; 
	W. M. Doughty	--1934-39; 
	K. E. Nesbitt	--1939-47; 
	John Rex	--1947-49;
	Herbert Gould	--1949-52; 
	Herbert Thomas	--1952-61; 
	Irvin G. Wilkins--1961-65; 
	James Robinson	--1965-

Source: Atlas Fremont & Page Counties Iowa - 1966
Compiled by Midwest Atlas Co., Box 771, Fremont, Nebraska

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