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The Osceola Democrat

Date: April 16 1908

Crushed by a Train.

From the Decatur Co. Journal: Ed DAVIS, of Van Wert, a railroad employee, was thrown under a freight train last Saturday near Norwich and as a consequence had one leg badly crushed. He was at once carried aboard the caboose of the train and hurried to the railroad hospital at Clarinda, where the surgeons in charge amputated the injured leg just above the knee. The operation was performed within two and one-half hours of the time of the accident occurred and the unfortunate man recovered frm the ordeal in a condition highly satisfactory to the surgeons. His wife was notified by telegraph of the accident and she departed at once for the bedside of her husband. She telephoned a sister of her husband in Des Moines to come to Van Wert and look after their children while she was away. Mr. and Mrs. DAVIS have made Van Wert their home for the past three years during which time Mr. DAVIS has been in the employ of the Keokuk & Western portion of the Burlington system.


A team belonging to Robert BAYSINGER, became frightened while standing near the freight depot thursday morning and started down Main street on a dead run. Many efforts were made to check the runaway but nothing could be done and they kept up their gait until past the opera house when they encountered a telegraph pole. They broke the pole into splinters and still refused to stop, but came suddenly against a big maple tree, coming to a standstill, panting and worn out from the run. Many people gathered around expecting to find injured driver or horses, but no one was in the wagon, and the horses appeared to be no worse for the chase.

Rat bite.

Something like a week ago our esteemed townsman, George PAUL, Esq. in carrying out a trap in which had been caught a live rat, was slightly bitten on one finger by the imprisonment rodent. He paid little attention to it, but after a few days his hand and arm began to swell, and became very painful. The arm to the shoulder is involved and George is under the doctor's care. Fear of dangerous blood poisoning was felt, but it is now believed he will overcome it.

Dog bite.

About a week ago while ex-sheriff C. C. SCOTT, now residing in Murray, was playing with his home dog, he received a slight scratch from the animals tooth on the back of his hand. Within 12 hours the hand began to swell and became very painful. Remedies were applied but the injured hand grew worse. Mr. SCOTT went to Creston to consult physicians and it was pronounced a bad case of blood poisoning and he was treated for it. His hand and arm are still very seriously affected and he is confined to his home from the injury.


Miss Maud FORNEY, who is well known to Osceola people has been having quite a strenuous time in Des Moines, caused by a suit for damages brought by her against the people she was rooming with, alleging that wearing apparel belonging to her was damage to the extent of $300 by soot, water, etc, resulting from improper care and precaution by the owners of the building. The Des Moines papers state she produced a handsome opera cloak and hat as evidence and a sealed verdict was brought in allowing her $30.00 damages.

Benefit Concert.

The many friends of Miss Minnie REEVES, Osceola's talented pianist and Miss Katherine DAVIS, a vocalist and musician of high order, have decided to tender them a benefit in acknowledgment of their many kindnesses and generous public spirit. The entertainment will be given at the Opera House on Friday evening, April 17. The entertainment will be of the highest and most pleasing character and no can afford to miss it. The ladies will be assisted by Mr. Marvin WICK, who as a flute soloist has already distinguished himself. The price of the tickets is 25 cents, and a full house is anticipated.

Around Iowa.

-Iowa City, April 7: Seven rounded mounds now occupy the John RYAN family lot in the Iowa City cemetery, where there were only six before. Death, through the ravages of the dreaded white plague, has claimed another member of the household, a bright, successful young woman and the seventh to succumb to the affliction of tuberculosis.

-Harry HEWITT, the vice president and treasurer of the wholesale grocery house of Chas. Hewitt & Sons of Des Moines, died at his home in that city Tuesday night from a peculiar accident. He was riding on his bicycle from his home on Saturday morning when a dog ran in front of his wheel throwing him off. He fell on the pavement but arose and got back home complaining that the back of his head pained him. Soon he became unconscious and never revived, dying on Tuesday night. He was 36 years old and very much esteemed by all who knew him.

-Davis City Lariat: Five cases of smallpox have developed in our town. Jake WILLIAMS had a well developed case of the disease but is under rigid quarantine and has been ever since his illness. The homes of Sherman WHEELER and family and J. T. ROGERS and wife are also quarantined.

-Mason City, Iowa, March 30: Miss Clara A. SPENCER dropped dead near her home in Nora Springs yesterday, of apoplexy and the end came without warning. Miss Clara SPENCER was said to have been the heaviest woman in Iowa, weighing 300 pounds. She was 55 years of age and always enjoyed good health.

-Creston: Sad news comes from the home of J. H. STONE, SE of Arispe, giving an account of a distressing accident which befell that gentleman and his seventeen year old son Thursday. They had placed a large jag of hay on a rack and both had mounted to the top of the load, when in driving with it, the rack became over-balanced and suddenly topped over, carrying Mr. STONE and his son underneath the entire load. Mr. STONE sustained a broken arm and very severe internal injured, while the boy escaped seemingly unhurt, and proceeded to remove his father from his distressing situation. A doctor was immediately summoned from Tingley and all possible attention given the suffering man. His condition for a time was very doubtful, and although he is still in a most critical condition, he is resting easier and it is believed he will recover.

Real Estate Transfers, for the week ending April 7th, 1908 reported by BANTA & BANTA abstracters.

-T. W. CURRY to W. H. LONGWORTHY, 160 acres, sec. 30, Washington, $7200.

-C. W. JUDKINS to T. J. CARRAHER, 40 acres, sec. 11, sec 14, 20 sec 15 Fremont, $5500.

-E. J. WEST to J .M. CLEVENGER, 110 acres, sec 34 & 20 acres sec 35, Osceola, $7800.

-May AURACHER to E .A. LOCKWOOD, 80 acres, sec 26, Greenbay, $2400.

-Wm. GRIMM to Augeline FOWLER, part lot 11, 12 Sigler add, Woodburn, $400.

-C. H. CROSS to J. F. CANNON, 280 acres, sec 16, Washington, $20,400.

-J. W. COAKLEY to J. E. CLARK, 155 acres, sec 10, 2,3, Franklin, $7500.

-S.R. CROSS to J. F. CANNON, 20 acres, sec 9, Washington, $1000.

-J. F. CANNON to F.H. QUEEN, 300 acres, sec 9, Washington, $3000.

-Melessa D. GARRETSON to C .J. LEWIS, part lot 9 & 6 blk 17, Osceola, $800.

-P. L. FOWLER to John T. CLAVER, blks 1 & 2, Mallorys West add, Murray, $1100.

School News.

-The School Board held a meeting Wednesday night which resulted in the re-election of Prof. W.R. ANDREWS as superintendent and Miss KEMP as teacher of music.

As janitors of the various buildings the following were retained:

Mr. PASCHALL of the south ward, Mr. CALLAHAN, of the west ward and Mr. VANDALL of the east ward.

The following teachers were elected at a previous meeting:

Misses Lula McMASTERS, Ethel WHITE, Marle SEARS, J. Ella BAKER, Rena CRISWELL, Bessie HART, Doris ERVIN, Mabel KLECKNER, Lizzie SQUIER, Nellie CASEY, Carrie KULL, Myrta ANDERSON, Norma CAMPBELL and Mary WING.

West Ward School (editors Merle WADE & Cora FORBES)

-The BARNETT children of the west ward have moved to South Dakota.

-Gracia McKAU visited fifth grade last week.

-Mrs. BODEN visited west ward last week.

East Ward School.

-All of the boys in Miss KLECKNER's room were perfect in attendance last week.

-Miss ERVIN's room had a perfect attendance last week.

-Vincent WALLER stopped school because of night work at the telephone office.

Woodburn School.

-Miss Martha FOWLER was elected teacher of the intermediate grade and will fill that position when the schools open next fall.


-Married by Rev. O.M. PENNOCK in Osceola on last Thursday, Mr. Nicholas FURRER and Mrs. Alta NUSSBAUM. Mrs. NUSSBAUM was the daughter of Oren WILLIAMS. She is well and favorably known having lived in Clarke county most of her life. Mr. FURRER is a farmer and owns a good farm. He is well worthy the bride he has won. They will be at home to their many friends on his farm six miles south west of Osceola.

-The following was clipped from the Creston Morning American:

Miss Nellie Grace DeLONG and Mr. P.J. JENKS, of Osceola, were united in marriage at this place Thursday afternoon, the ceremony being performed by Squire Harry C. SMITH, at his office at 2:45 o'clock. Both parties reside in Osceola where they are quite well and favorably known. The bride is the youngest daughter of Mrs. Frances DeLONG and is well and favorably known as she has spent the greater part of her life in and around Osceola. The groom is the oldest son of Mrs. Phil McCARTNEY and has lately with his partner, Roy DeLONG, bought out the RARICK livery barn. They will at once begin housekeeping in rented rooms over Jarl Bros. Store. We join their friends in wishing them a long and prosperous life.

Marriage licenses issued this week.

-Mr. Nicholas FURIER, aged 69 & Mrs. Alta NUSSBAUM, aged 58.

-Mr. Allen MUSSELMAN, aged 42 & Miss Mary CONWAY, aged 30.


-The last will of Mrs. Sophia DEITRICK was this week filed in the Clerk's office for Probate. The will is dated June 9, 1879, and is witnessed by Henry STIVERS and George W. HELLAND. The will [illegible word] I give, bequeath, grant and devise to my beloved husband, Baltser DEITRICK, all my estate, real and personal, goods, chattles, rights, credits, lands, tenements and hereditaments, wherever situated, either in possession or in expectancy to him and his heirs forever.

-Original Notice: Clarke county District court. Rebecca E. O'NEAL, plaintiff vs Lambert O'NEAL, Marion J. O'NEAL, Pearl S. O'NEAL et al, defendants. [real estate petition followed, but was not transcribed]

-Original Notice: Clarke county district court. Iowa State Bank, plaintiff vs E. M. ECKMAN, defendant. [petition for money due followed, but was not transcribed]

Standing At Stud.

-Aloes, #55899, Percheron Stallion, solid black, weight 1860 lbs., with excellent style and action. Imported in 1906 by HART Bros. Aloes will make the season of 1808 at the A.M. GRIFFIN farm 3 mi. west and 1/2 mi. north of Osceola. Terms: $14 to insure living colt, $12 to insure mare in foal. Care will be taken to prevent accidents but we will not be responsible should any occur. Parties parting with mares or removing from county forfeit insurance and fee becomes due at once. ROBINSON & GRIFFIN, owners.

-Robo. This horse will make the season at the sale pavilion, Osceola. BALDWIN, AYRES & REED Horse Co.

Local, Social & Personal items.

-Mr. and Mrs. Archie WADE entertained at a 7 o'clock dinner Tuesday.

-Mrs. Johnson RICHARDS was hostess to the query club Tuesday.

-It's a mighty pretty lineup of baby faces at the Lyric his week, and the baby contest is attracting large crowds. Clark MORRIS, the manager, is great on new ideas and deserves a good business.

-Mrs. M.S. KUHNS, the returned missionary from Japan, will speak at East chapel Sunday morning and at the Groveland church Sunday evening.

-Mrs. JEFFERY, mother of Mrs. Jack HOOD and dispatcher Thos. JEFFERY, was so far recovered from her recent injuries as to be able to return to her home at Osceola Tuesday afternoon (from the Creston Morning American).

-LOST. A pair of gold frame spectacles. Finder notify O. P. LOWE, Osceola.

-Mrs. Edwin JARL and son, Arthur, visited the first part of the week with friends in Creston.

-Mr. and Mrs. C.A. BECKER left Sunday afternoon for Beleville, Illinois for a few days visit.

-Mrs. Ed. KIERULFF and children visited last Sunday at Groveland at the home of Matt McCANN.

-Mesdames. Ray SMITH and Harry SMITH and children spent Saturday with friends in Murray.

-Mr. Will STOCK and daughter Miss Ollie of New Virginia spent Sunday at the Asa FLEMING home.

-Mrs. Cora HERIZ of Perry, Missouri, is in the city visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Warren BARNARD.

-Mrs. Maggie REEDER arrived from Wyoming Saturday for a visit at the Harvey HUTSINPILLER home.

-Mrs. H. K. EVANS was a guest of Mrs. Horton BAILEY Monday between trains enroute to her home in Corydon.

-Mrs. S. THRUSTON visited over Sunday with her daughter Mrs. R. V. McKEEVER and husband in Woodburn.

-Charles GROUCHY visited several days last week in Ottumwa at the home of his brother M.D. GROUCHY and family. He will leave Thursday for an extended visit with relatives in the west. He will visit at the McKENZIE home at Spokane, Washington and from there he will go on to Tacoma for a visit with his aunts.

-Misses Iola and Etta HARDINGER who have been in Osceola attending school left Wednesday for their home in Davis City.

-Mrs. Ora SANDERS has resigned her place as saleslady at D. GOLDSMITH's. Miss Laura BEASHORE has taken her place.

-Miss Vera DERBY who attends college in Des Moines spent Sunday in Osceola at the home of her uncle, Henry KLECKNER.

-Mrs. FREEMEN of Des Moines is in the city visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry ADKINS and other relatives and friends.

-Mr. and Mrs. ARGENBRIGHT of Fremont, Iowa are in the city visiting at the home of relatives, Mr. and Mrs. Theo. ARMSTRONG.

-Mrs. J.C. HEADLEE and Miss Lena REAM went to Des Moines Monday to spend the week, visiting Mrs. HEADLEE's son Bert and family.

-Mr. and Mrs. George TILLOTSON visited several days the first of the week at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Wib TILLOTSON west of Osceola.

-Mrs. Theodore ARMSTRONG, daughter Miss Lenora and cousin, Mrs. ARGENBRIGHT, spent Sunday with the former's brother Will HEATON and family at New Virginia.

-Mrs. Lon POLLOCK, Mr. and Mrs. Lew DEITRICK and Mr. and Mrs. John DEITRICK of Afton attended the funeral of Mrs. Balt DEITRICK held in Osceola last week.

-Mrs. HERSHMAN visited a few days this week at the home of her sister, Mrs. D.H. HOSHAW. She is enroute from Denver, Colorado to her home in Des Moines. -Everett and Ernest MOWERY who hold positions on the railroad were in the city last Saturday visiting old acquaintances. They went to Murray from here to visit their parents.

-Mrs. J. A. McINTOSH of Weldon visited in the city last Friday.

-Mr. Louie COHEN of Creston was in Osceola on business Tuesday.

-Miss Edna DOUTHETT was shopping in Des Moines several days this week.

-Will GIGRAY came down from Iowa City Wednesday for a visit at home.

-Dr. MITCHELL was in Weldon on professional business a couple of days last week.

-U.K. BLAKELY left Wednesday for a stay of several weeks at Excelsior Springs.

-Mrs. M. O. MITCHELL is suffering an infected sore on the back of her hand.

-Misses Ketty DAVIS and Linnie GRAVES of Weldon were shopping in the city last Friday.

-Little Ona DUNCAN is quite ill at the home of her grandmother, Mrs. Mary DUNCAN in north Osceola.

-Miss Gertrude LITTELL returned home from Cleveland Tuesday where she was called on professional business.

-Joe LONDON is expected home the latter part of this week from Chicago where he has been attending school.

-Mrs. T. SHILTON, who was so severely injured about five weeks ago, is now able to sit up for a few hours at a time.

-Mrs. Ona ROWLAND and baby spent the day Wednesday, with her friend Mrs. Lois WILSON and husband at Groveland.

-Mrs. Harriet SHAWVER who has been in Des Moines for some time is visiting her daughter Mrs. Carrie SWEARINGEN and friends in Osceola.

-Miss Nora NEFF went to Des Moines last Friday and spent a few days with friends. Her mother, Mrs. Alvin NEFF, who has been there visiting for the past 7 weeks, accompanied her home.

-Mrs. William SNIDER, from Ames, and her daughter, Mrs. W. E. TAYLOR, visited this week with the family of their relatives Rev. J. W. ROBERTSON, of Osceola. Mrs. TAYLOR is on her way to California.

-The work on the new house of ex-mayor CRIST is about completed and he with his family expect to occupy it about May 1st.

-The Altruistic club met this week with Miss Amanda LAMSON.

-Mrs. DOSS, who has been baking for her son James, at "Jimmie's Lunch Room", has been detained from her work since last Thursday when she met with a serious accident in a runaway. The team became frightened and she was thrown from the buggy and badly bruised. She is expected to be recovered soon.

-The Fluke store has nice new chairs, instead of the old benches, to sit on while trying on shoes.

-On last Friday Charles McWILLIAMS brought to the auditors office in Osceola thirteen young wolves, about as large as half grown cats, which he had found in two dens. One of these dens was south east of Osceola. The old wolves were not caught. The 13 puppies brought him $26.

-Ross TOBEY and mother Mrs. S. W. TOBEY have served their small-pox quarantine sentence and are again free citizens. The former left Saturday evening to again take up his duties as railway mail clerk (Murray News).

-Invitations have been received by friends of the SHREEVE family of Ft. Madison and who formerly lived in Weldon, to witness the marriage of Miss Pluma and Mr. Walter WAGNER, to take place on April 15.

For Sale.

-Out building for sale. Mrs. MINTONYE.

-Home grown Early Ohio seed potatoes, 90 cents a bushel. J. GOLDSMITH & Sons.


-Calumet Restaurant, now under new management of Mr. and Mrs. Clyde LINGLE. Mr. LINGLE has been in this line of business for about 15 years and is well known to the trade. Joe WOLVERTON, who formerly had charge will remove to New Virginia to make his home.

-Clarke County Mercantile Co.; Jonathan FOLTZ, prop.

-The Model Bakery, successor to Swisher Bros.; Milo ADAMS, prop.

-T.B. WEBSTER & SMITH, sellers of Stearns & Foster Mattresses.

-Rug and Carpet Factory, A. Q. GARRETT, proprietor.

-GOLDSMITH's Orchestra, under the efficient leadership of Fred GOLDSMITH, is rehearsing regularly and preparing a complete repertoire of Standard and Popular music.

-Dr. M.E. ILGENFRITZ, osteopathic physician.

-J. W. BODEN, harness-maker.



-Mrs. W.T. CARVER and son James of Fort Dodge visited their Murray friends from Sunday until Tuesday morning when they left for Des Moines to visit at the home of J .A. ALLISON and other relatives before returning to their home in Fort Dodge.

-Mrs. Jas ROBINSON of Ottumwa arrived Sunday for a visit with her parents D.A. CROPP and wife. She left for home Monday accompanied by Mrs. Minnie SYCHRIE.

-O. E. GARRETT Jr. and daughter were Murray visitors Thursday and Friday.

-Mrs. G .E. GARRETT and Mrs. A. B. MILLER entertained the M. L .C. last Tuesday.

-Mrs. Martha BOSSERMAN of Corydon came Friday and visited friends over Sunday.

-Miss Kitty DAVIS and Miss Linnie GRAVES were shopping in Osceola Friday.

-Mrs. J. A. McINTOSH went to Osceola Friday to visit her sister Mrs. PARRISH.

-Frank GARRIS returned to Kirksville, Mo. Thursday.

-The Weldon boys have engaged Bert TANSEY to instruct them again this season. They have increased his salary to $50 per month. Mr. TANSEY will move his family from Corydon here as soon as he can rent a house.

-Dr. JAMISON's wife is gradually improving in health. She was able to take a short drive Sunday.

-Mrs. Ed TABLER gave a dinner party Sunday. Those present were Mrs. Meda HENSLEY and Misses Florence MOREHEAD, Lilly CHAPMAN, Jessie LANDIS, Ona LUCE and Emma WARREN. The guest of honor was Miss Florence WEBSTER of Osceola, Mrs. TABLER's sister.

-Wm. LUCE of near Osceola visited his son C.A. LUCE and family in Weldon from Friday last week until Sunday.

-Dallas HICKS and family drove down to near LeRoy Sunday and spent the day at the home of his parents Wallace HICKS and wife.

-Miss BERRY of Des Moines is visiting her sister Mrs. Dr. AYRES and family.

-Dr. AYRES was afflicted with throat trouble last week and Dr. C. H. MITCHELL of Osceola was called to look after his patients professionally until he was able to be out again.

-Grace LOCKWOOD of Osceola made an over Sunday visit in Weldon at the home of her brother E. A. and family. Miss Grace is a prospective graduate from the high school of her town this spring.

-C. E. LANE and wife of Leon was visiting Weldon relatives over Sunday.

-Mr. and Mrs. Uriah CARRIS spent the greater share of last week in Woodburn visiting their children.

-Mrs. RAYL of Osceola came last week and visited several days in the home of her brother Geo LOWMAN and family.


-L. E. DUTTON of Des Moines and Mr. CAMERON of Ottumwa came Friday to do some work in the interest of the new lodge that has been organized. Rena DUTTON came with her father and she and Smith POLLOCK went to Des Moines Saturday evening.

-Arthur WILSON returned to Des Moines Saturday after having spent the winter with his father Dr. WILSON.

-Pearl YATES entertained the young folks Saturday evening at a social party.

-Miss TOWNSEND of Decatur City visited over Sunday with her sister Mrs. ANDERSON.

-Mr. Wm POUND has taken the egg business in his hand and has been able to pay more for eggs than the neighboring towns and will continue in the egg business till our egg merchants are able to pay as much as his neighbor for his eggs. He handled 583 cases of eggs last week, they were shipped to Leslie in two car loads.

North Star.

-Rev. REYNOLD filled his appointment at North Star Sunday.

-Van FUNCK who has been on the sick list the past 2 weeks is some better.

-Donia COYNER is visiting at Will JOBES this week.

-Mrs. W. P. MARQUIS visited her son Clarence MARQUIS and family Sunday.

-Fred BLAKELY is laying a new foundation for a kitchen.

-Manning, Beulah and Belva MARQUIS were guests at the home of Martin EWOLDSEN's Sunday.

-Will SMITH is erecting a new barn on his farm.

-CRIST and brothers is running their saw mill in John JACKSON's timber. They will have 3 or 4 weeks of sawing.

-Mrs. COMES returned from Osceola where she had been visiting relatives and friends.

-Joe and Mabel CHAMBERS spent Sunday at Elmer SMITH's.

-Mrs. Will BARNES and daughter of Afton have been visiting Harvey PORTERFIELD's and other relatives.

-Will SMITH and Mr. COTTON of Indianola took dinner with Fred BLAKELEY's Sunday.


-Mrs. PARK is improving.

-Mr. Carl STIFLE accompanied by Misses Nellie and Myrtle SIMMERMAN were Winterset callers Saturday.

-Mr. B. KIRK met with an accident Thursday by falling from a wagon, hurting one shoulder and side.

-Mr. and Mrs. Charley BUSICK are the proud parents of a baby boy. Mrs. BUSICK was formerly of this township.

-A surprise party was given in honor of Charlie CONARD on his 22nd birthday, Thursday. About 60 neighbors came with well filled baskets.

-Mrs. W.W. REEL is on the sick list.

-Mr. Will PHILLIPS and family Sundayed at the home of H.H. RIGGS.

-Mr. Roy V. MITCHELL of near Weldon began his spring term of school at No. 9, Monday.

-Mr. GUYTON and Frank KIRK were repairing the Center School Saturday.

-Misses Ottie and Stella DONNER are at present down with German measles.


-Mrs. Ed. KIERLUFF and children of Osceola were guests of Mr. Mat McCANN's last week.

-L.C. JOHNSON and wife of Osceola were calling on friends of this neighborhood Sunday.

-Miss Maud SWAIN returned from Colorado last week.

-Mr. Lewis HOLT of Pleasanton is visiting relatives of this neighborhood.


-Mrs. Emma BURCHETT who has been visiting here since Christmas started last Friday to her home in S.D. Mr. Charles BUTCHETT accompanied her.

-Mr. E. E. WILLIAMSON is still very sick. His children have all been here to see him.

-Mr. Henry GILBERT was able to walk out to his barn last week. Mrs. GILBERT is still on the sick list.

-Born the 12th to Mr. and Mrs. Olvin WOODS, a daughter.

-Mrs. John FULLERTON and her 2 children started last Monday for Huron, S.D. to join her husband who left here about 3 weeks ago to find a home for them.

-The ten year old son of Mr. Mell MUSSELMAN was thrown by a colt last Thursday. His right ankle was broken.

-Mr. Ashley JOHNSONs are moving to Grand River this week.

-The 11th being T. E. HIFF's birthday, more than 50 of his friends gave him a surprise by gathering at his home in the evening. Mr. and Mrs. HIFF entertained their friends so well they forgot to go home until long after midnight.

-Mr. Frank GRIGGS has moved to Hopeville.

-Mr. Clarence TAYLOR moved from Indianola last week to his farm here.

-Mrs. R. M CURL was a visitor here recently. Although she is now 83 years old, she seems not changed the least by time since she lived here some 20 years ago.

-Mr. S.S. SHAFFSTALL is now mayor of Hopeville.

-Misses Olive and Jessie Van VELSON and Mr. and Mrs. Fred MORGAN of Creston, Mr. and Mrs. Cloyd BOOTH, and Miss Adurey SMITH of Thayer visited here last week.

-Mr. T .F. YETTS resigned as clerk of Hopeville school board and Mr. Elmer COLWELL is the clerk now.

-Mr. DEETS has moved to the CARDIFF place west of Hopeville.

-Mr. Frank HARVARD started Monday on a trip through the east.

-We did not learn of the marriage of Mr. Ivory COX and Miss Bessie COON in time for last week's letter, we hope it is not too late to wish them joy.

-Mrs. Fred KATZENBERGER is helping Mr. WHITE care for the switch board while Mrs. WHITE is away to attend her daughter's funeral.

The Osceola Democrat

Date: August 6 1908

Senator ALLISON Dead. This Eminent Statesman and Great Iowan Passes Away at His Home in Dubuque.

Dubuque, Ia. Aug. 4: United States Senator William B. ALLISON died of heart failure at 1:45 this afternoon. William Boyd ALLISON, republican, of Dubuque, was born at Perry, Ohio, on March 2, 1829; was educated at the Western Reserve College, Ohio; studied law and practiced in Ohio until he removed to Iowa in 1857; served on the staff of the governor of Iowa and aided in organizing volunteers at the beginning of the war for the suppression of the rebellion; was elected a representative in the 38th, 39th, 40th and 41st congresses, and was elected to the United States senate, to succeed James HARIAN, republican, for the term beginning March 4, 1873, and was re-elected in 1878, 1884, 1890 and 1902. His term of services would have expired March 3, 1909.

Death of Major KELLOGG.

Des Moines, Aug., 3: Major R.D. KELLOGG, who offered in the Iowa legislature the famous resolution pledging Iowa's faith, credit and resources in men and money to the maintenance of the national honor in the civil war, died last night at his home in this city after a prolonged illness. His faithful wife was at his bedside, and a number of friends. One of his children, Mrs. William CARTER, is traveling in Italy. The other, Mrs. L.L. KERBS, is with her husband in the Philippines. On account of their unavoidable absence and inability to come home the funeral will be held on Tuesday and the body of Major KELLOGG will be taken for interment at once to the old home Garden Grove, in southern Iowa. Major KELLOGG came to Des Moines in 1891 and except for a few years spent in the south, has lived here ever since. The family home was at Twenty sixth street and University avenue, where last evening at 7:30 o'clock he passed away. A few years ago he suffered a partial stroke of paralysis and from this attack he never quite recovered. Racine D. KELLOGG was born in Fayetteville, Onondaga Co. N.Y. March 9, 1828, a son of Peary and Lucy M. (NORTHRUP) KELLOGG. His paternal grandparents were both KELLOGG's, being descendants of different branches of the family that settled in Massachusetts and Connecticut. He received a good education having attended the academy in his native village, Fayetteville, N.Y. When 21 years of age he went to Erie county, O., where he spent four years in farming and teaching. In 1854 he crossed the Mississippi river and located at Garden Grove, Decatur county, Ia. Nov. 2, 1864, he married Miss Elizabeth A. BURNS, a daughter of Hon. John D. BURNS of Garden Grove. Five children were born to them, two of whom are living -- Alice and Flossie. The former is the wife of Rev. William CARTER of New York City and is now abroad. The latter is the wife of Dr. L.L. KREBS, who is stationed with the United States troops at Camp Dlton, Mindanao, Philippine Islands. In 1895 Major KELLOGG and his wife joined the Presbyterian church and in it he remained a faithful and influential member to the very day of his death. He had been one of the elders for years. Coming to Des Moines he and Mrs. KELLOGG affiliated with the Westminster Presbyterian church and in it Major KELLOGG officiated as an elder continuously until his demise.

County Ticket Filled.

The Democratic central committee met at the office of Chairman TALLMAN last Saturday and proceeded to name candidates for the county offices:

-For clerk of courts, J .M. DUNCAN; he has lived his life time in Clarke county and is well known. He is capable, honest and faithful and if elected will make a splendid officer.

-For auditor, J. H. LEWIS, he is the son of Scott LEWIS and a grandson of the late Uncle John LEWIS whom everybody knew and who was one of the first settlers of the county.

-For county superintendent, W. J. LAWSON, he is principal of the schools at Woodburn.

-Board of Supervisors, Mordecia HILL, of Jackson twp.

-Board of Supervisors, Matthew McCANN, of Knox twp.

-For representative, F. J. EMARY

-For treasurer, Frank P. BARNHILL

-For sheriff, Frank McAULEY

-For County Attorney, W. B. TALLMAN

-For coroner, Dr. H. L. HOLLENBECK


To the voters of Clarke County. By request of my many friends I announce myself as an independent candidate for Sheriff of Clarke county.


Baby Rams Scissors in Eye.

Denison, Ia., July 30 -- The little three year old Mildren ROMANS, daughter of Rosco ROMANS and grandchild of Lewis ROMANS, met with a mishap. She was playing with scissors and ran the point into one of her eyes. The sufferer was brought to town and it is hoped the sight of the eye can be saved.

Local News.

-James L. TRENT last week bought through T. N. KEERAN the two residences of Mrs. Anna HULBERT in South Osceola lying immediately south of the residence of T. A. TRENT Esq., and at the corner of Main and Grant streets. The property is regarded as among the best in Osceola. The price is understood to be near $3000.

-Miss Mona KLECKNER the assistant organist at the Christian church will have charge of the music during Miss KEMPS vacation.

-Mr. Ray LOCKWOOD, who will be remembered as an Osceola boy, who attended our schools and has also been attending at Ames, has been promoted to the office of Chief Engineer on government work in Northwestern, Montana.

-Mr. George SIEGEL at his yards south of Osceola has just completed two kilns of brick which he is now burning.

Real Estate Transfers for week ending Aug. 5:

-Viola M. WHITE to Homer MONGAR, lot 4 blk 13, West Osceola, $250.

-William COON to Francina COON, lot 6 blk 8, West Osceola, $1.

-John S. SLEAD to Henry and Nora BIERCE, fr tr sec 13, Madison, $1000.

EVANS Obituary.

R. EVANS died at his home in west Osceola Tuesday August 4th, 1908 at a few minutes after 6 o'clock p.m. of paralysis. Mr. EVANS had been in fair health for sometime up to the Monday previous to his death when he was suddenly taken very sick and died the following day. Mr. EVANS was eighty years of age July first. He was born in Greenfield, Indiana and had made his home in Osceola for forty years. Mrs. M.C. CRISTY of Des Moines, a daughter of Mr. EVANS arrived in Osceola Tuesday on the afternoon train and was present at the time of his death. Mr. CRISTY was unable to come on account of serious illness, he having been a sufferer from paralysis for sometime. Burial will take place in Des Moines but the date has not been set at this time as the relatives are waiting for news from or the arival of Mr. EVANS son W.E. EVANS whose home is in Des Moines but is traveling at present in the Dakotas. Claude EVANS is in Smelter, Nevada and will probably be unable to be present.

Proof of Will. [abstracted from full text]

-You are hereby notified that on the 18th day of July, 1908 ... opened and publicly read, an instrument purporting to be the last will and testament of Louisa WILKINSON, deceased, late of Clarke Co. Iowa.

-You are hereby notified that on the 21st day of July, 1908 ... opened and publicly read, an instrument purporting to be the last will and testament of Jane OVERTON, deceased, late of Clarke Co. Iowa.

Original Notices. [abstracted from full text]

-Charles H. FARMER, plaintiff vs William K. WEAR, Ellen D. SMITH, Judson J. SMITH & Aleta SMITH his wife, Hattie GEARHART & S.D. GEARHART her husband, C.D. SMITH & Lucy SMITH his wife, John MILER and John W. MILER .... you are notified of a petition of the plaintiff ... alleging that the plaintiff is the owner of [legal description of land in Sec 11, twp 72N, Range 25W]... and has occupied said land for more than 20 years & paid taxes [etc] ... plaintiff alleges that William K. WEAR is the same person as W. K. WARE and that he conveyed all of his interest in said land to William CORBIT on Nov.18, 1864 ... and that John MILER is the same person as John MILLER and he conveyed all of his interest in said land to Elijah HART on Dec. 18, 1856 ... and that the deft. John W. MILER is the same person as J. W. MILER and he conveyed all of his interest in said land on March 7, 1864 to Daniel MILER ...that the deed of James W. BICKFORD to the deft. David M. SMITH of Jan. 2, 1882, Book 3 pg. 286, did not if fact convey any interest to SMITH ... Plaintiff alleges that the defendants have no right or interest in said lands...

-J. W. MILLER, plaintiff vs Volentine BOLY & Mrs. Volentine BOLY, his wife ...a petition claiming the plaintiff is the owner of [legal description of land in Sec 21, twp 72N, Range 26W] and plaintiff has occupied the same for more than 53 years ...that Volentine BOLY received patent from the US in 1852 and sold the same to Robert CROOKS on credit before Nov. 20, 1854, but said grantee failed to record the deed and [then] conveyed said land to Isaac FOUCH ... Petition asks the court to establish the title to the Plaintiff...

Notice of Final Report. [abstracted from full text]

To the creditors of I. N. WOODS, deceased, Clarke County ... H. OHLERT, assignee, has filed a final report and asks to be discharged from further duty ...


-Mr. George B. LEWIS and Miss Minnie CAMPBELL, were married at he home of the brides sister, Mrs. O. M. PENNOCK in Osceola, Tuesday, August the fourth at noon, Rev. O. M. PENNOCK, officiating. Both the bride and groom are residents of Des Moines and returned to that city Tuesday afternoon, where they will make their home.

Marriage Licenses:

-G.B. LEWIS, aged 26 & Minie F. CAMPBELL, aged 27

-Harman GRACY,aged 25 & Emma STEMEN, aged 21.

Personal & Social.

-Miss Etta CLINE is visiting friends at Grand River.

-Emmet OEHLERT visited his parents at Woodburn Saturday.

-Mr. John BURD transacted business in Murray Saturday.

-Lyle HICKS, left Friday for Omaha, for a visit with friends.

-Judge TOWNER was an Osceola visitor Monday, on his way to Corydon. Mr. W. M. HYLAND, accompanied him.

-Mrs. Pearl JEFFREY, visited friends in Creston the latter part of last week.

-Mr. Joe STANLEY of Charliton was an Osceola visitor the early part of this week.

-Miss Rossie STARR who has been visiting in Des Moines returned home Monday.

-Mr. Elmer LITTELL, of Des Moines was in Osceola the early part of the week.

-Mr. Clyde WILSON and wife expect to remove in about two weeks to Phoenix, Arizona.

-Basil BARNHILL, left Sunday night for Colorado and New Mexico for a months outing.

-Miss Pearl JOHNSON returned Monday from Cedar Rapids where she had been visiting for sometime.

-Miss Maude ABBOT of Afton, visited in Osceola with her cousin, Miss Grace WIRICK.

-Mr. Owen ADKINS visited relatives in Ottumwa the latter part of the week, returning to Osceola Sunday.

-Mr. and Mrs. John SANFORD returned from a pleasant trip in Colorado and Wyoming.

-Miss Pansy ROBERTSON of Promise City arrived in Osceola and expects to remain until after Chautauqua the guest of her sister, Mrs. BEAL.

-Dr. W.F. GIGARAY returned to Hiteman after visiting with his wife, parents and other relatives Sunday.

-Mr. Len WHITE arrived in Osceola from Sigourney, for a visit with relatives & friends.

-Miss Margaret FOWLER left for Hampton where she will spend several weeks visiting her sister Mrs. Dr. St. CLAIR.

-Mr. Lige DANIELS and wife have returned from South Dakota where they visited in Aberdeen and Watertown. He has a farm in that section of the country and says the crops are in fine shape.

-Misses Norma and Grace WILSON of Centerville, stopped in Osceola Monday on their way home from Des Moines.

-Miss Vada FELGER, left for Freeman Colorado, where she will visit for several weeks after which she will fill a position as teacher in the schools at that place.

-Mr. Chas McNICHOLS of Ottumwa was visiting with his parents and friends in Osceola.

-Mr. Harvey McNICHOLS, returned to Ft. Dodge via Des Moines, after spending several days with his parents in Osceola.

-Mr. George KYTE arrived in Osceola from Kansas City. He was stricken with the heat a few days previous to his coming home and is here for a rest, advised by his doctor.

-Miss Ela KEMP and Elsie ELDER, went to Leon where they will visit for sometime, with Miss KEMPS parents.

-Miss Bertha DEITZ, who has been making a short visit with her sister Mrs. J. N. BALLOU at Osceola, returned to her home in Creston.

-Ralph WATKINS of Osceola, who recently suffered a broken arm in an automobile accident, visited friends in Creston yesterday.

-Mr. Kyle FRENCH, of Afton, was visiting Osceola friends several days this week.

-Mr. and Mrs. Virgil DANIELS of Murray are Osceola visitors.

-Mr. Charles WOODBURN has returned from Cincinnati, Ia.

-Mrs. Abe. C. FORNEY and daughter Miss Maude of Des Moines left Osceola Monday for Denver where they will visit relatives.

-Station agent LEGGITT from Blockton was visiting with old friends in Osceola this week.

-Mr. and Mrs. Ralph SIGLER and Mr. and Mrs. James HURST, from Leon, visited with Mr. and Mrs. John LEDGERWOOD at the farm near Lacelle Sunday last.

-Rev. F. P. SIGLER, wife and little daughter of California arrived in Osceola last Sunday. Mrs. SIGLER will remain a few weeks while Mr. SIGLER will go on to Indiana.

-Mr. Claire HARDING of New Virginia was in Osceola. He left Tuesday for North Dakota.

-Miss Carrie BEVANS has been detained at her home for several days by a serious illness showing symptoms of typhoid fever.

-Miss Rose KERNS visited in Nevada, Iowa Saturday.

-Miss Ella MONGAR is visiting Dorval ROYCE near Murray.

-Mr. Roy HARRISON was a Nevada, Ia visitor Saturday.

-Mrs. F.B. JEFFERS returned to her home at Sargent, Nebraska, after visiting in Osceola with her parents Mr. and Mrs. John MOORE and family.

-Mrs. Samantha JOHNSON has returned from Cedar Rapids. She made a trip into Minnesota and spent several days in Des Moines, arriving in Osceola Friday.

-Russel LEWIS, returned to Des Moines after spending a few weeks with friends in Osceola.

-Mrs. Clarence FOLTZ left today for Kearney, Nebraska, where she will spend a few days attending to the packing of their household goods, preparatory to removing to Osceola to locate permanently.

-Mrs. George LANDERA and little daughter of Centerville are visiting Mrs. LANDER's parents James VANDALL and wife.

-Mr. and Mrs. John HARKEN and son Carl, of Richland, Ia are visiting their bother W. D. HARKEN and family.

-Mrs. Clell COLLIER and daughters have returned from an extensive tour of Colorado and the west.

-Mr. Warren HART left Monday for Europe. He will visit points in England, France and Belgium where he will purchase a shipment of fine horses.

-Mrs. W. D. BURD and daughter Verna and son Robert of Vincennes, Ind. are guests of Mrs. Margaret BURD.

-Miss Emma VANDALL of Los Angeles, Cal., is in the city visiting her mother and brothers.

-Mr. Louis B. SPERRY is back in Osceola after spending sometime at Excelsior Springs, Missouri where he has been taking treatment for rheumatism. He is much improved in health although not yet entirely well.

-Mr. Arthur LOCHRIE, returned from a several weeks trip through the west.

-Russell LEWIS and Gerald DOUTHETT returned from Grand River where they spent several days attending the Reunion.

-Mr. Charles SPRUITT of Jacksonville, Illinois spent Tuesday in Osceola with hs grandfather Mr. S.R. BABB and other relatives. Mr. SPRUITT is on his way to the coast, and from there he will go to the Philippine Islands where he has a position teaching.

-Miss Bessie MONGAR of Lucas arrived in Osceola to visit.

-Mr. Harry SMITH arrived from Omaha, where he has been settling some claims for the Curt of Honor.

-Miss Anna FOUCHE who has been teaching at the University Chicago, has returned to Osceola. She expects to leave the early part of September for Salt Lake City where she will fill a position teaching in the University.

-Miss Willa ANDREWS left for Greenfield where she will spend 2 weeks visiting relatives and friends.

-Miss Lena BOYCE returned to her home at Garden Grove, after visiting for a week, the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Claude SHAW.

-Mr. and Mrs. H. C. MILLIGAN visited over Sunday in Des Moines.

-Mrs. Ellison EVINGHAM returned to her home at Glenwood after spending a week visiting Mrs. Frank GIGRAY.

-Ira GREGG, of Oklahoma, is dangerously sick at his home and on Tuesday a telegram was received for his mother, Mrs. Nancy GREGG, to come at once if she desired to see him alive. Mrs. GREGG is in Indiana, and the dispatch was forwarded to her.

-Guy SMITH of Des Moines arrived in Osceola for a few days visit with his father H. A. SMITH.

-Mr. Theodore BRUBAKER of Des Moines arrived for a visit of several days.

-Miss Pearl ROBERTSON went to Kansas City where she expects to spend her vacation visiting with friends.

-Mr. Earnest WOODBURN left for Cumberland, Iowa for a stay of a week or 10 days.

-The Misses Blanche and Fannie PAINTER are expected to return to Osceola from Wyoming this Wednesday.

-No hunting will be allowed on my premises. Violators will be prosecuted. My farm is in Washington twp adjoining Madison county. J. J. ISENBERGER.



-The basket meeting was largely attended at Bethel Sunday, there were 7 members baptized. Rev. Andy DORRELL was assisted by Rev. GORDON and Rev. Chas HOLLINGSWORTH of Milo and Rev. REED of Cool.

-Mrs. Ona WEAKLEND spent Sunday & Monday with her mother who is quite sick.

-Mrs. C.C. and Mrs. J. A. MARQUIS and their sisters the Mrs. Nan KERR and Mrs. Sarah DIX went for a visit with their sister Mrs. Luch BARBER near New Virginia.

-Miss Catherine RICHIE was taken suddenly sick Sunday at the creek during the baptizing, she was in serious condition and it was some time before she could be roused and able to be taken home. A doctor called and pronounced it congestion of the brain. She was better Monday.

-Mr. and Mrs. Henry RUBLE and daughter Miss Cora of Indianola have been here the past 2 weeks visiting their sons and brothers Freeman, Lawrence, Perry and Harry.

-Mrs. EICHUER is still in a dangerous condition and Anna is not getting along as she should.


-Miss Kitty DAVIS went to Osceola on the early morning train Monday.

-Mr. John LANDIS of Springfield, Ill., will make an extended visit near Weldon at the homes of his brothers Robert and Jerry LANDIS.

-Mrs. Mary McFARLAND left Monday for Osceola where she will spend the week attending Chautauqua and visiting her daughter Mrs. T. N. KEERAN.

-Mrs. Fred CRICHFIELD returned from the west last week. She reports Fred as doing a good business but she did not like that part of the country. She is staying in the CRITCHFIELD store at Lacelle. Mrs. M.A. CRITCHFIELD who has been staying in the store since the close of her school will attend Chautauqua this week.

-Mr. and Mrs. Charles DEFREW returned home Friday from Clarksville, Ia., where they had been to attend the funeral of the former's mother, Mrs. C. P. DEFREW.

-Harry WOODBURY is building an addition to his house.

-Merle TILLOTSON left Sunday for a visit at Lancaster, Mo.

-David McCANT of Lorimor, has been in Weldon the past week called by the serious illness of his daughter, Mrs. Dr. JAMISON who is reported not any better at this writing.

-A new 20 horse power threshing machine was unloaded from the train here thursday for J. Z. McALLSTER. He will thresh grain here for a few weeks then go to Mitchell, S. Dakota for a season of the same kind of work.

-Prof. J. A. McINTOSH and family returned to their home in Weldon Friday after visiting relatives since the close of school.

-A field of 37 acres of wheat grown on the Robert LANDIS farm 3 miles west of Weldon has lately been threshed and yielded 24 bushels to the acre.

-Rev. G. E. MITCHELL preached in Osceola Sunday and visited his brothers Dr and M. O. MITCHELL and their families.

-Rev. Ralph MITCHELL and family of Yorktown, Ia., arrived in this city for a visit with the former's parents.

-Mr. and Mrs. Harry McALISTER are packing their household goods preparatory to moving to Red Oak. Mr. HALL cashier of the Weldon bank we understand will occupy their property. He will either rent or buy it.

-Arthur PEARCY and daughter left for Kirksville, Mo., Monday where the little girl will probably take osteopathic treatment for an affection of the hip joint that threatens to [leave] her a cripple.

-Mr. and Mrs. R.D. CHAPMAN spent a day last week at Truro.

-Miss Annette HASKINS of Osceola was the guest of Miss Emma WARREN of this city a few days last week.

-T. L. McVAY and his sister Mrs. Almeda GIBSON of near LeRoy who has been visiting him several days spent sunday in the Quaker neighborhood east of town at the home of Robert MOYER and daughter.


-Mr. and Mrs. Pearl SIGLER of Los Angeles visited at A.M. and Angeline KELLEY's.

-Mr. Fred HOLDEN and wife of Osceola with Mrs. COOLEY and little daughter spent Sunday at Mrs. Mary TELLERS.

-Mrs. S. J. RAY has been enjoying a visit from her sister and young son of Des Moines.

-Miss Blanch MILLER of Indianola is [spending] her summer vacation with her uncle Chas DODD.

-Miss Bessie HAGEN has returned from Peru where she has been staying a while with her aunt Mrs. CLIFTON.

-Mr. and Mrs. Jno GOODRICH visited over sunday with Asa TURNER's.

-Mr. HAGEN and sons anticipate a fishing excursion next week.

-J. JONES called Dr. McGEE of Osceola to attend a sick horse.

-Perry LOWE visited his friend Perry COOPER Sunday.

-Rev. GEORGE and wife are taking a 10 days vacation. Mr. LOWER of New Virginia will fill the appointment at Washington the 16th.


-Ethel DIXON is helping Mrs. Alva SIMMERMAN during Alva's sickness.

-Mrs. WICK returned to her home in Murray Friday.

-Mr. and Mrs. Henry FRANK are the proud parents of a baby boy, but the babe is sick at this writing.

-Mr. John DONER sold 100 head of hogs last week.

-Clara KIRK will teach No. 3 this year.

-Born to Mr. and Mrs. Felix SIMMERMAN a baby girl Sunday.

-Mr. H.H. RIGGS and wife spent Saturday evening and Sunday with Will PHILLIPS near Lorimor.

-Mrs. Ed WETZEL is staying with her mother Mrs. NEIDT.

-Wedding bells rang for Mr. Ed GUTHERIE and bride last Tuesday.


-O. E. GARRETT returned from Excelsior Springs last Thursday. He visited over Sunday with his mother Mrs. A .P. WATTS at Osceola.

-M .I. SOLL and family and Will AGANS and family are camping on Grand River this week.

-Dist. superintendent MILLER held quarterly conference at this place Monday.

-Peter BUTLER had the misfortune to fall from a load of lumber last Monday. He was seriously hurt. It was a narrow escape from being killed.

-F. E. BISHOP was in Osceola Sunday.

-Mr. and Mrs. N.C. HOFFMAN and Mrs. Mayme HASTY and Veda HASTY left here for Kansas City. They will visit there for a short time and then to Colorado.

-J. W. STIFFLER and wife left for the west Wednesday. Mrs. STIFFLER goes on account of her health.

-Frank WHITEHEAD and wife are proud over the advent of a son born to them Monday.

-Ralph MARTINDALE and family spent Friday at Thayer lake.

-Tuesday morning during a thunder shower lightning struck 4 horses belonging to Henry JACOBE, living 8 miles north of this place. It killed 2 of them and injured 2.


-Mr. George SIMMONS has just had the pleasure of a visit with a brother and sister from Illinois.

-Mr. and Mrs. Joe GRIPP and Mrs. Alice LAFFERTY went to Afton Saturday to see Miss Mamie COLTRAIN who is quite sick.

-Roy SHIELDS took Rev. Van NOYS place at the Christian church last Sunday.

-Mrs. PARKER and granddaughter Miss Jennie WOODS are visiting Mrs. PARKERS daughter in northern Iowa.

-Mr. Steve SELSOR has had a large cement cave made and a lot of cement walks put around his home.

-Miss Alma [LRUM?] returned from Red Oak where she has been with her uncle since last fall.

-Mr. John GERMAN of Mt. Ayr visited her last week. [note: exactly who he visited wasn't given!]

-Miss Kate SHIELDS has a badly inflamed foot caused by her shoe hurting it.

-Dr. St. CLARE of Osceola was called here last week to see Mr. Roscoe JOHNSON's boy who is paralyzed.

-M .L. ASHLEY is visiting his son Earnest at Des Moines.

-Mr. Paul CASTOR went to Kellerton last week to attend the Reunion there.

-Mr. ROBERTS little boy aged 12 is very sick with inflammatory rheumatism.

-Mrs. Edna SMITH came back from Excelsior Springs Missouri to get her little boy as his father wanted to see him.

-Mr. and Mrs. James TYGART of Weldon have been spending a few days here helping T. E. HUFF and L. B. ASHLEY while their threshing was being done.


-Mr. John LANDIS of Springfield, Ill, arrived Friday and is the guest of his brothers Jerry and Robert LANDIS.

-Mrs. Alice BRANNON and daughter Ethel of Des Moines arrived last Monday for a few weeks visit with relatives in this vicinity.

-Mrs. G. A. CRIST was a pleasant caller at the RITTER home Sunday afternoon.

-Mr. and Mrs. Charles BRANNON spent Sunday at the home of Mr. HARDLEY.

-Mr. GNIL and Billie WILLIAMS left Monday for Dakota where they will stay a month.

-Mrs. G .A. CRIST is attending Chautauqua in Osceola this week being the guest of her son L. E. CRIST.

-Miss Nina MITCHELL visited her friend Pearl LECOCQ Sunday.

-Miss Hattie MITCHELL spent last Sunday with Miss Lulo CRIST.

-Mr. Everett HALL visited at the home of Mr. Newt WILLIAMS.

-Mr. Will RITTER and family and Mr. Fred WALLACE and wife were entertained by R. M. LANDIS and family Sunday.

-Miss Lulo CRIST, Mrs. STUART and Mr. T. B. JAMISON have been among the sick in our vicinity last week.

-Mr. James MITCHELL and family visited his brother Arthur last Thursday who has been suffering with fever the past two weeks.

-Mr. Ruben LECOCQ spent Sunday with the WILLIAMS boys north of Hebron.


The Osceola Democrat

August 13 1908


-Died in Osceola at the residence of A.B. ALEXANDER, August 6th, 1908, after an illness of a week caused by paralysis, Mary Myers LINGLE at the ripe age of 84 years, 3 months and 27 days. The deceased was born in Davis Co. North Carolina in 1824, in the year 1827 she came with her parents to Indiana, here she continued to reside and at the early period of 14 years of her life became a worthy member of the Lutheran church continuing a true and faithful follower of the Saviour till the time of rest came as above stated. Was united in marriage to Jacob LINGLE in 1843. To them as parents six children were born, one son and five daughters. Mrs. Sarah C. WARTHEN, W.A. LINGLE, Mary E. (who died in 1869), Mrs. Louise A. ALEXANDER, Mrs. Lettia E. TALBOTT and Mrs. Nettie D. OLIPHANT. The family came to Clarke, Co., Iowa, in 1853 and became identified with the pioneer settlers of this county and with them suffering many hardships and privations incident to the early settlers life. By industry and economy the deceased and husband secured a competency of the comforts of life. The funeral was held at the home of A.B. ALEXANDER Sunday Aug 9th. Services being held by the writer. Many of the old time friends being present after which the remains were laid to rest in Maple Hill cemetery.


-Daniel SANDERS died at Merna, Nebraska, August 9th, 1908, of tuberculosis. He was the son of Mr. and Mrs. William Riley SANDERS, and was aged 22 years, 1 month and 16 days. The body was brought to Osceola, on No. 12 Tuesday and removed to the home of his mother in the northeast part of the city. His mother was with him when he died and his sister, Mrs. James GRAVES, hurried to him on being informed of this last serious illness but could not reach him in time to see him alive. Dan had been in failing health for years and bravely battled against the disease, traveling in the west and always cheerful and pleasant, in spite of his ills....The funeral will be held at the James GRAVES home Thursday afternoon ... burial at Maple Hill cemetery.

[extracted from full text]


-Mr. Hugh A. WATSON and Miss Flora THOMPSON were married Tuesday evening August the eleventh at o'clock at the home of the brides mother in east Oseola. Only members of the famiy were present. An elegant supper was served after the ceremony, which was performed by Rev. O.M. PENNOCK of the Christian church. The groom is a resident of Dayton, Wyoming where the newly wedded couple will go to make their home, leaving Osceola Saturday. We join with the many friends in wishing Mr and Mrs. WATSON much happiness.

-Des Moines Register and Leader: One of the pretty summer weddings took place last evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J.M. LEWIS on twenty-seventh street, when their daughter Edna became the bride of Mr. Fred L. MITCHELL. Only the intimate friends and near relatives were present to witness the ceremony, and they were received by the bride's parents and the bride and groom ... Among the guests were Mrs. FULTON of Geneva, Neb., and Mrs. W.F. GIGRAY of Osceola.

[note: extracted from full text, there was a nice description of the wedding gown & decorations in this article]

Real Estate Transfers, for week ending Aug 12th:

-Runion EVANS to Claud EVANS, lot 3 blk 8 west, Osceola, $500.

-J.B. CLINE to Hosia WILEY, lot 119, 120, 137 & 138 Siglers add to Woodburn, $800.

-Clara B. MUNSELL to J. M. FOWLER, part lot 23, Woodburn, $300.

-Sarah CRAWFORD to J. M. FOWLER, part 23, Woodburn, $50.

-E. E. MYER to Maria J. ATKINS, part lot 6, blk 17, Osceola, $1200.

-R. P. MOORE to Matilda NEWMAN, W. 1/3 lot 4 & 5, Sears add to Soceola, $140.

-Pearl L. YATES to Wm. H. POUND, fr tr sec 24, Knox, $50.

-C. W. YATES to Pearl YATES, fr tr sec 24, Knox, $265.

-L. CORBIN et al to H. B. GARDNER, 40 acres, sec 24 Doyle, $1800.

-Clara C. ALBOUGH to R.A. SIGLER, 160 acres sec 20 & 80 acres sec 30, Knox, $1.

Marriage Licenses:

-Ernest C. CONRAD, aged 24 & Lena E. COPPOCK, aged 22.

-L.A. WATSON, aged 35 & Flora THOMPSON, aged 25.

-Ed. R. DUNAWAY, aged 22 & Ora GLENN, aged 17.

Local News.

-Clarke County Old Settlers Association will meet in the park Saturday the 15th. By order president, W.O. PARRISH, attest, B. REITZEL, secty.

-E. A. ATKINS, Esq., has purchased the cottage of Mrs. W. L. MYER adjoining Dr. ROSS' home.

-W. H. ADKINS has secured a pension of $12.00 per month the same to date from June 20, 1908 for Nancy L. KYTE widow of the late Francis M. KYTE. Also a pension of $2.00 per month for her daughter Helen until she attains the age of 16 years.

-Mr. R .P. SWAN will go from Osceola as a delegate to the Farmers National Congress to be held at Madison, Wisconsin Sept. 24, 1908. He was appointed and commissioned by Governor CUMMINS.

-Osceola can boast a family which has a living reprehensive in four different generations, Mrs. Lydia DOSS the g-grandmother, Mrs. Elizabeth JACKSON the grandmother, Mrs. Queen SMITH the mother and Helen Irene SMITH the plumpest prettiest little daughter in seven states.

-Horace McLEAN, of the Osceola Produce Co. lost a valuable horse this week which died from lock jaw.

-Ralph SIGLER, of Leon, son-in-law of John LEDGERWOOD, of Lacelle, has purchased the farm known as the Jere REAGAN farm in Knox twp.

-Mrs. Mary THOMAS will host the W.C.T.U. Thursday.

-The funeral services of R. EVANS were conducted at the home, Thursday last by Rev. ROGERS. The body was taken to Des Moines Friday for burial under the supervision of the Masonic order.

-Elmer BARNARD is just completing a handsome residence on his farm two miles southeast of Osceola. It will be one of the handsomest and most sightly structures of this county. The work was done by John PASCHAL, builder and contractor of Osceola.

-Jesse RARICK's fine touring car did a splendid business transferring people between the city and the show grounds last week. Hundreds of people availed themselves of the opportunity of an automobile ride during the time and the car was kept whirling. No accident of any kind marred the week.

-Mr. Charles CAMPBELL is the new night baggage man at the depot.

-Mrs. Nancy SHERROW has received the sad intelligence of the death of her niece Miss Adda LANGLEY who has been a teacher in the Boulder Colorado high school for some years. She died on Aug 3rd while undergoing an operation for tumor. The remains were taken back to the old home at Swazee, Indiana accompanied by her two sisters.

Personal & Social.

-Born to Mr. and Mrs. Fred PERRY, August 8th, a daughter.

-Mr. R.A. WILDER, formerly of Osceola, but now of Boone, was in Osceola visiting old freinds.

-Mrs. George BURNGARDNER went to Des Moines, called there by the serious illness of her daughter Mrs. Georgia NELSON.

-Master Willie MILNER of Omaha arrived in Osceola Sunday for a visit with his sister Miss Fairy MILNER.

-The Misses Helen and Fannie BLAIR returned to Van Wert after spending several days with friends in Osceola.

-Mr. Stanley WALBURN of Colfax, son of Rev. A. A. WALBURN former pastor of the Osceola M.E. church, is visiting friends in Osceola.

-Mr. and Mrs. C.A. NORTHRUP of Garden Grove visited several days the latter part of last week in Osceola with Mr. and Mrs. Claude SHAW.

-Dr Will GIGRAY returned to Hiteman after visiting in Osceola with his wife and other friends and relatives.

-Miss Florence FRIEDMAN of Clarinda returned home after visiting with Miss Florence GOLDSMITH. Also visiting was Miss Katharine HOLDERNESS of Creston.

-Mr. and Mrs. Fred MILLER of Clarence, Missouri spent Saturday and Sunday with friends in Osceola.

-Miss Anna JAMES of Osceola visited with her aunt and uncle Robert YOUNG and family in Creston.

-Mr. Marvin S. WICK, of Osceola, was a Creston visitor and appeared with Mrs. PLUMMER in a flute accompaniment at the Chautauqua.

-Miss Maud BOEHME returned to her home at Audubon, after visiting for about a month in Osceola at the home of her brother, Mr. O.E. BOEHME.

-Mrs. Ed HALL, from Omaha, Nebraska, visited this week with Mrs. Asa TALBOT and family. She is on her way home from a visit at Burlington.

-Mr. Pearl TERHUNE, of Ft. Worth, Texas, is visiting relatives in Osceola and Clarke county this week. He was formerly a Clarke co. boy, but is engaged in railroading in Texas.

-Mr. Carl McCLAIN arrived for a visit of several weeks with his parents. Carl's home is in Rock Island, Illinois but he is in the employ of the Deere Mansur Co., whose immense works are located at Moline.

-Captain W. J. HAMILTON, wife and son Henry, started Tuesday for a visit to the Pacific coast where they will stay until about November 1st. They will visit their son at Greer, Idaho, and a sister of Captain Hamilton's at Redlands, California.

-Miss Florence INGHRAM, left for Fairbury, Nebraska where she will visit Miss Ada WHITMORE, after which she will visit her sister Mrs. Clyde LEWIS at Harlan. She will be gone about 3 weeks.

-Mr. Clinton SAYRE of Phoenix, Arizona made a short visit to his grandparents E .A. ATKINS and wife last week.

-Mr. W. J. WILDMAN has gone to Des Moines to visit friends and will then go to Springfield, Ohio. Mrs. WILDMAN will visit her parents a few weeks longer.

-Mr. and Mrs. W.F. WALKER, of Tabor were visiting friends in Osceola. They operate a hotel at that place and left their son Will in charge during their absence. Mrs. Mary ANDERSON and daughters Grace and Ruby returned home to Villisca after a few days visit with Mrs. Art COBURN and Mrs. Alta HUNT of Osceola.

-John LEDGERWOOD, Esq., the representative of this district on the State Fair Board of Directors, is in Des Moines on the business of the Fair. He has charge of the machinery department.

-Dr. W. O. PARRISH, of Osceola has returned to his home after having made a visit with his son in Creston.

-Mr. Harry MYERS of Weldon was an Osceola visitor.

-Mr. John MORGAN of Chariton was an Osceola visitor.

-Miss Fern PRYOR of Leon was visiting in Osceola.

-Miss Effie HART was a Des Moines passenger Monday.

-Mr. and Mrs. W. N. TEMPLE were Creston visitors Sunday.

-Dr. Enos MITCHELL was in Weldon on professional business.

-Miss Florence ABBOT of Afton visited in Osceola.

-Mr. Frank E. WILDER of Creston was in Osceola.

-Mr. Joe STANLEY of Clariton was in Osceola.

-Cap't. A. McKEEVER left Monday for Sheridan, Wyoming.

-Mr. Robert PERCIFIELD of Chariton visited in Osceola.

-Miss Mary COPPOCK of Woodburn visited Osceola.

-Mr. C. H. CHAVIE was a Van Wert visitor this week.

-Mrs. Nellie HALL of Sheridan, Wyoming is visiting in Osceola with friends.

-Mr. J. N. COPPOCK of Woodburn had business in Osceola.

-Mr. Guy MOWERY of Murray visited in Osceola.

-Miss Georgia OLIPHANT of Bethany, Missouri is visiting.

-Mr. J. S. BANKER and son, Joe were passengers for Murray Monday.

-Miss Millie HIGBY went to Kansas City for a few days visit with friends.

-Ms Orb. F. SMITH and two children of Ottumwa have been visiting in Osceola with friends.

-Mr. Juilus SCHULTE of Oak Park, Illinois is the guest of Miss Florence GOLDSMITH.

-Miss Eve HILLIS of Creston visited with Osceola friends enroute to Chicago.

-Mr. Herbert WICK of Murray was visiting and attending Chautauqua in Osceola Saturday.

-Mrs. BRENEMAN of near Weldon, is visiting at the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. S. LUTHER, in Osceola.

-Mrs. S.A. LOWE, who has been visiting her niece Mrs. L.W. LONDON went to Woodburn Monday.

-The Misses Blanche and Fannie PAINTER returned from an extended visit in Basin, Wyoming.

-Dr. GREENO of Chariton was a visitor in Osceola.

-Mrs. FLUKE and daughter Miss June, arrived in Osceola for a visit with relatives.

-Mrs. U. H. LOWE returned home to Weldon after visiting in Osceola with her niece Mrs. L. W. LONDON.

-Mr. I.D. CORNETT left Tuesday for Fontanelle for a months stay.

-Mr. Sam MUNGER is spending a few days in Excelsior Springs, Missouri.

-Mr. Herman FOGLESONG of Murray was a visitor in Osceola.

-Mrs. Dr. Will GIRGRAY was a passenger for Des Moines.

-Miss Jessie COONS of Des Moines is visiting her parents Mr. and Mrs. Blair REITZEL.

-Mrs. Lizzie DIETRICH, of Leon visited friends in Osceola enroute to Omaha.

-Mr. J. A. BRYANT of Jamison Lewis & Co. was a passenger for Des Moines Monday morning.

-Mrs. John LEDGERWOOD of Lacelle visited friends and attended Chautauqua in Leon last week.

-Miss Marjorie BATES of Elmhurst, Illinois is visiting Miss Florence GOLDSMITH.

-W. J. LAWSON, democratic candidate of county superintendent from Woodburn was in Osceola Tuesday.

-Messrs. Carl McCLAIN and Lloyd JENKS went to Leon for a few days visit. They expect to spend a day at Davis City during the reunion.

-Mr. Lewis WAUGH and family and Mr. Bert POWELL and family of Jay were guests of Mrs. M.J. POWELL.

-Miss Helen LEACH of Chariton and Miss Edna DeLONG went to Creston where they will spend a few days with relatives.

-Mr. Arthur PERSELS left for Moberly and Perry, Missouri where he will make a weeks visit.

-Mr. Harry ATEN returned from a short stay in Garden Grove.

-Master Wendell HARPER returned to his home at Des Moines, after spending a month with relatives in Osceola.

-Master Glenn COBURN of Osceola is in the country this week spending a few days with his aunt Mrs. F. R. HEDRICK.

-County clerk W. H. HARLAN is this week attending the Iowa Clerk's convention at Waterloo.

-Mrs. C.C. SCOTT of Murray is a visitor at the home of Sheriff KEERNA in Osceola.

-Miss Calla HECKATHORNE, of Arispe has been the guest of her sister, Mrs. J. W. BUTCHER, for the past week.

-Miss Ruth LAWRENCE returned to Whiting after visiting some time in Osceola with relatives and friends. She will teach in the Whiting schools the coming term.

-Mrs. Susie WONNER of Hutchinson, Kansas and 2 children are visiting at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. H. L. KARR.



-Miss Lethia SMITH of Des Moines visited Mr. V. O. SMITH's.

-Mr. and Mrs. Bert CHEW visited in Leon last week.

-Miss Oella THOMPSON of Des Moines is visiting here.

-Mrs. Dora BONE is visiting her parents at Ames.

-Mr. Marion SPRAY has a sister visiting with him.

-Mr. and Mrs. Oscar CASTOR had the misfortune to loose a new born infant last week.

-Mrs. V. O. SMITH is on the sick list.

-Verne McCUMBER son of Jesse McCUMBER a former resident here, is now visiting here with his uncle Jim MORGAN.

-Dr. CARR reports a 10 pound boy born on the 8th to Mr. and Mrs. Elmer COLWELL.


-Mrs. Joseph WORDEN is seriously ill.

-Mr. and Mrs. Elliott WILLS and the latter's sister Mrs. Mart BOGGS of Tonganoxie, Kansas spent sunday in Weldon at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John BARGER.

-T.L. McVAY left Monday for New Virginia to join his brother Len McVAY and together they will start for Wessington S. Dakota to visit another brother who has been in the West many years.

-Mr. and Mrs. Edward CHENOWITH, of Illinois, were here two weeks visiting the latters parents Rev. G .E. MITCHELL and wife.

-Mrs. C. E. BODLEY left for Hume, Ill to visit her father.

-Dr. MITCHELL of Osceola and his son Dr. C. H. MITCHELL of New Virginia, Dr. EIKER of Leon and Dr. TALLMAN of Van Wert were in Weldon on professional business last week.

-J. L. DEITRICK of Osceola was in the city making repairs on a grain elevator for a Grain Co.

-Johnny WALLACE writes to Weldon that his race horse won a substantial prize at the first race.

-Miss Camillia THOMPSON was operated upon for appendicitis last week.

-Mrs. SHELTON of Osceola is nursing the sick in the EDWARDS home 4 miles southeast of Weldon.

-Miss Mary ABERCROMBLE has resigned her position as assistant in the post office.

-Miss Ella STANDISH, of Plainville, Kansas, is now visiting in Weldon. She teaches in Plainville.

-Mrs. Dr. JAMISON is still very sick.

-Miss Kate COFFEY came down from Des Moines and will spend a week with home folks. Her employment is with the Remington Typewriter Co.

-Charles ROBINSON a former resident and educator of southern Clarke county is visiting friends in Weldon.

-Mrs. E. A. LOCKWOOD and children and Mrs. Carl KLINE and children spent the full Chautauqua week in Osceola. Both Mr. LOCKWOOD and Mr. KLINE drove up sunday and spent the day on the Chautauqua grounds and then made the journey home with their families by moonlight.

-Mr. and Mrs. J. W. EDDY we understand contemplate leaving the farm and moving to Osceola.


-Bert WOODS and family visited in Woodburn.

-Andy WELCH and wife visited the county seat Saturday.

-Mr. John RHODES in Lucas county lost four head of cattle in a well.

-Lawrence RUBLE and wife visited with relatives near Lacoma.

-Word received from Mr. MOON and his daughter Geno, reports her as being no better. They expect to return home the last of the week.

-Mrs. Gillette WEAKLEND was visited by her sister, Mrs. Grant PRICE.

-Letha, the 9 year old daughter of Mrs. Henry WELCH is staying with Mr. and Mrs. C. W. WELCH.

-Eva and Russell SMITH visited with their grandparents in Woodburn. Master Richard WEAKLEND came home with them for a few days stay.

-Mrs. Sarah DIX has returned to Kansas after visiting relatives.

-Miss Belva HARRISON is staying in Osceola.

-Grandma POTERFIELD was taken very suddenly sick last Friday night. She was reported better now.

-Mrs. Stella ROE is staying at Warner KEARNEY's while he and his wife and baby are visiting his mother and brother in Missouri.

-George ANDERSON and Mart MARKERS Sundayed at Austin DAVIDSON's and Bert WOODS at Warren SMITH's.

-George ANDERSON's little boy Teddie age about 4 years was taken very suddenly sick Monday afternoon. He is reported better.

-A pleasant surprise was planned on Mr. Hal ARNOLD last Sunday it being his 27th birthday. Relatives and friends numbering 15 were present: Mr. and Mrs. C. W. WELCH, Marion COOK, Mrs. Henry WELCH and 2 children, Mr. and Mrs. Joe POUSH and two children and Mr. and Mrs. Chas DAVIS.

-Mr. and Mrs. S. N. MARQUIS are spending this week with Mr. and Mrs. James WELCH in Chariton and Mrs. Josie CLINE and children in Lucas.


-Mrs. Ethel FOSTER and sister Lila DONNER spent a few days with their father John DONNER.

-Frank KIRK and sister Clara were Des Moines callers.

-Mary SPICK will teach No. 2, fall and No. 4, winter & spring.

-Misses Christena and Cena PETERSON attended Chautauqua at Osceola.

-Virgil DIXON and wife have moved to Murray to live.

-Mrs. B. KEYS is suffering again.

-B. KIRK and wife and little son spent Sunday with BRANTS in Union county.

-The ice cream supper at John MYERS was well attended.

-E. F. CAMP is now going with Carn's threshing machine near Murray.

-Messrs. Will and Harvey CAMP spent Saturday & Sunday south of Murray in their old neighborhood.


-Dr. Hugh DELAHOYDE has moved his Dental Parlors into the rooms over SMITH's new building.

-A.H. SELLS was a Creston visitor Monday.

-Mrs. C.C. SCOTT and daughter Flossie went to Osceola.

-F. S. SMITH with his family, drove to Osceola last week.

-W. J. WATERS returned to this place from Excelsior Springs, Missouri. He was there for a month for his health, which is greatly improved.

-Wilson M. CLARK returned from Excelsior Springs Tuesday.

-J. W. STIFFLER and wife and Maggie PARKER left for the west Saturday.

-Miss Minnie POWERS attended Chautauqua at Osceola.


-Mrs. Clate HARLESS had a team run away with her last week and break her collar bone. The runaway was caused by a defective neck yoke.

-Grandma SHIELDS was visiting in this vicinity this week.

-John LEDGERWOOD is getting ready to go and assume his duties at the State Fair the coming week.

-Jim MAY, his sister and niece, Mrs. Al BARICK were Osceola visitors this past week.

-James LINDER has gone to Kansas to visit his daughter.

-Jim MAY and John DICKMAN are cleaning up our cemetery.

-The hum of the threshing machine is heard in the land. JONES & WADSWORTH, DAVIS & REYNOLDS, GAZART & BARR and REED & Son are all threshing in this locality.

-Charley SHERROW is on the sick list, as is James MAY. MAY had 5 teeth extracted. Grandma SIEPHAS is no better.

-Mrs. LEDGERWOOD is spending her vacation in Leon this week and will go to State Fair with her husband.

-Charley SHERROW spent a couple of days in Osceola.

-Orr LINDER had 39 1/2 bushels per acre of oats.

-The new house on the STIVERS farm is nearing completion.

-Mrs. E. S. SMITH went to Leon Monday & Mrs. LEDGERWOOD returned from Leon the same day.

-The Lacelle store sold Ed PERRY 100 fence posts.

-Charley O'NEAL has taken in a partner in business. It's now O'NEAL & Son.

The Osceola Democrat

Date: February 6 1908

Sudden Death.

On February 5th, the young son of T. P. WATERS, who keeps the lunch counter near the depot, discovered his father lying helpless behind the counter in his lunch room ... Dr. ARMSTRONG was immediately called, but before the doctor could arrive the man had expired. Mr. WATERS came to Osceola from Galesburg about 6 months ago ... he was a man of about 40 years of age and with no family except his son.

[extracted from full text]


-J.S. AGNEW, died at the home of his son Harry in Newton, Ia on Febuary 1st, 1908. He is a brother of Mrs. E.A. ATKINS and Postmaster W. AGNEW of this city. J.S. AGNEW was born in Cumberlain, Ohio, March 8th, 1828. In the year 1855 he moved to Newton where he has since resided. In Ohio he was married to Miss Margaret DENNIS, who has preceeded him to the better world. Two boys and two girls were born to this union of which one son Harry survives him. Deceased had been sick but about a week, taken down with the la grippe. He died at the advanced age of 80 years. About 2 weeks before his death he was in Osceola for a visit with his brother and sister and appeared to be in the best of health. Funeral was held at his son's home in Newton on February 3rd. Mr. & Mrs. W.G. AGNEW attended the funeral, Mr. & Mrs. E.A. ATKINS being unable to attend.

-Henry TROW, former resident of Osceola, died in Des Moines last Friday. He was Roadmaster years ago for the old Narrow Gage RR and lived in Osceola at the time. He was run over by a wagon in Des Moines and he died of the effects of the accident. He has 2 sons, Merle, of Osceola & Will, of Albia.

[abstracted from full text of obit]

Court Cases.

-Laurella J. BALDWIN vs Ralph BALDWIN, divorce on grounds of cruelty, $6000 alimony asked for.

-Mary RARICK & others vs George PRICELER & others, suit to quiet title to lands.

-John E. KIERULFF vs Benjamin LANGFORD & others, suit to quiet title to lands.

-Clarke WILLIAMS vs Auditor & Supervisors of Clarke co. Action for Mandamus to compel pay'mt of judgment for $15,000 recovered for personal injuries.

-FOX & DUTTON vs W. H. DOUGHTEN. Action to collect debt.

-S.S. DALBY vs R.V. McKEEVER. Action on note.

-Hawkeye Lumber Co. vs D. B. HUNT & others. Action to recover debt & forclose lien.

-American Book Co. vs H.M. INGHRAM. Action for debt.

-Paul HEDRICK vs J.M. CANIDA. Action for money claimed for work & labor.

-Rebecca MOORE & others vs Nancy KLIENBECK. Action in equity to chg def. with certain property as administratrix.

-I. A. TOUET, adm. vs J. M. CANIDA. Action for value of property alleged to have been converted to his own use by def. belonging to estate.

-H.M. CANIDA vs J. M. CANIDA. Action for accounting & for judgment.

-J.B. DAGUE vs City of Osceola. Action to test the legality of special assessment for paving in Osceola.

Land Transfers for week ending Feb. 4:

-Charles ZOFFKA to John N. FITZPATRICK, 80a, sec 25 & fr tract sec 36, Jackson, $1800.

-John L. MORELAND to C. E. BOSSERMAN et al, 153 1/2a, sec 22 & 15, Freemont, $1.

-J. M. MARQUIS to A. B. MARQUIS, und 1/8 of 40a, sec 13, Liberty, $250.

-LeRoy McGOWAN to W. C. FOGLESONG, 40a, sec 5 & 80a, sec 6, Ward, $5400.

-N.J. DAVIS to Warren HART et al, 400a, sec 26-34-35, Fremont, $16,050.

-Sarah A. FOSS et al to W.A. RUFFCORN, 88a, sec 19, Troy, $1.

-W. C. FOGLESONG to LeRoy McGOWAN, lot 3 blk 47, Murray, $2500.

-Elizabeth SIXT to Marjury BEEMAN, lot 3 blk 2 Gustins add, Osceola, $150.

-George CHRISTY to J. O. CHRISTY, 120a, sec 17, Troy, $4000.

-J.B. DAGUE to Chas. W. WRIGHT, 40a, sec 17, Franklin.

Jury Duty.

The following Clarke co. citizens have been called to serve on the Federal Grand Jury convening at Creston March 24:

-D.O. DUFER & William TAYLOR of Murray

-Albert DANIELS & J. A. WADE of Osceola

For service on the petit jury at the same time:

-J. S. CARSON, Woodburn

-N.J. JOLLY, F. M. KYTE, Robert A. MILLER & W. E. MARROW of Osceola.


Walter BAKER and Katie McGRATH, youngest daughter of James & Ellen McGRATH, were married at the home of the groom's parents, Mr. & Mrs. Samuel BAKER on Feb. 2nd at high noon. The groom is a young farmer and the young couple have rented the home farm of the groom's father.

[abstracted from full text]

Marriage Licenses issued this week:

-Mr. Walter BAKER, aged 25 & Miss Kate McGRATH, age 17

-Mr. George LAZENBY, aged 26 & Miss Lula AIRY, age 14

Local, Social & Personal News.

-Jonathan FOLTZ has opened up his new place of business.

-James & Jess PRINE, living 5 mi. north of Osceola were fined $7.80 each for fighting.

-Lyle SMITH has the grippe.



-Mrs. G. E. WRIGHT entertained the M .L. C. Tuesday.

-Mr. & Mrs. SWANSON, of Lorimor visited Mrs. SWANSON's parents Mr. & Mrs. T. W. DAY.

-Mr. & Mrs. F. B. LORMOR hosted the Epworth League reception.

-Rev. A. A. THOMPSON, united in marriage Nettie A. STRUBHAR & Elijah B. JOHNSON, at the home of the bride on Jan. 29th. [this item also appeared in the Hapeville section]

-John HALEY, a nursery goods salesman & respected citizen of Murray, was seriously and probably fatally injured in an accident at Afton Jct. He was walking along the track, slipped and fell down a high embankment and is said to have broken his spine. He is about 60 and has a large family in Murray. He served as a soldier through the Civil War. All hope for his recovery.


-John MORGAN is moving to the farm Thomas COOP left this winter.

-Born Jan 28th, to Mr. & Mrs. Marlon GERMAN, a son. Feb. 2nd, to Mr. & Mrs. Erwin McCUTCHAN, a daughter.

-Andrew WHITE was called to Canton, Mo. by the illness of a brother.

-The sick are Mrs. Abe COON, Mrs. Lewis CHEW & Mrs. Roscoe JOHNSON.

-Willis RILEAS' little daughters face has a bad swelling.

Round Prairie.

-Rev. HECKATHORN is on the sick list & Mrs. VARNUN is very ill with lung fever. Pearl MARAN is reported to be better.

-Mr. Ilo CHIPP spent Sunday with Mrs. Eva MARAN.


-Mrs. Frank HOWELL is reported much better. Mrs. John PARKER & Eck KEYS are on the sick list.

-U. G. SIMMONS has rented the farm of Dave MITCHELL known as the Bennett place.

-Art IAMS was hurt when a tree he was cutting down, fell on him.


-Mr. DEPPERMAN is improved & Mrs. TWOMBLEY is quite sick at the home of her daughter, Mrs. MOINES.

-Harriet McGEE is at the home of her son at present.