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The Osceola Democrat

Date: April 16 1908

Married by Rev. O. M. PENNOCK in Osceola on last Thursday, Mr. Nicholas FURRER and Mrs. Alta NUSSBAUM. Mrs. NUSSBAUM was the daughter of Oren WILLIAMS. She is well and favorably known having lived in Clarke county most of her life. Mr. FURRER is a farmer and owns a good farm. He is well worthy the bride he has won. They will be at home to their many friends on his farm six miles south west of Osceola.

The following was clipped from the Creston Morning American:

Miss Nellie Grace DeLONG and Mr. P. J. JENKS, of Osceola, were united in marriage at this place Thursday afternoon, the ceremony being performed by Squire Harry C. SMITH, at his office at 2:45 o'clock. Both parties reside in Osceola where they are quite well and favorably known. The bride is the youngest daughter of Mrs. Frances DeLONG and is well and favorably known as she has spent the greater part of her life in and around Osceola. The groom is the oldest son of Mrs. Phil McCARTNEY and has lately with his partner, Roy DeLONG, bought out the RARICK livery barn. They will at once begin housekeeping in rented rooms over Jarl Bros. Store. We join their friends in wishing them a long and prosperous life.


Marriage licenses issued this week.

-Mr. Nicholas FURIER, aged 69 & Mrs. Alta NUSSBAUM, aged 58.

-Mr. Allen MUSSELMAN, aged 42 & Miss Mary CONWAY, aged 30.

We did not learn of the marriage of Mr. Ivory COX and Miss Bessie COON in time for last week's letter, we hope it is not too late to wish them joy.

The Osceola Democrat

Date: August 6 1908

Mr. George B. LEWIS and Miss Minnie CAMPBELL, were married at he home of the brides sister, Mrs. O. M. PENNOCK in Osceola, Tuesday, August the fourth at noon, Rev. O. M. PENNOCK, officiating. Both the bride and groom are residents of Des Moines and returned to that city Tuesday afternoon, where they will make their home.

Marriage Licenses:

-G. B. LEWIS, aged 26 & Minnie F. CAMPBELL, aged 27

-Harman GRACY, aged 25 & Emma STEMEN, aged 21.

-Wedding bells rang for Mr. Ed GUTHERIE and bride last Tuesday.

Mr. Hugh A. WATSON and Miss Flora THOMPSON were married Tuesday evening August the eleventh at o'clock at the home of the brides mother in east Osceola. Only members of the family were present. An elegant supper was served after the ceremony, which was performed by Rev. O. M. PENNOCK of the Christian church. The groom is a resident of Dayton, Wyoming where the newly wedded couple will go to make their home, leaving Osceola Saturday. We join with the many friends in wishing Mr. and Mrs. WATSON much happiness.

Source:  The Osceola Democrat
August 13 1908


Des Moines Register and Leader: One of the pretty summer weddings took place last evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. M. LEWIS on twenty-seventh street, when their daughter Edna became the bride of Mr. Fred L. MITCHELL. Only the intimate friends and near relatives were present to witness the ceremony, and they were received by the bride's parents and the bride and groom ... Among the guests were Mrs. FULTON of Geneva, Neb., and Mrs. W.F. GIGRAY of Osceola.

[note: extracted from full text, there was a nice description of the wedding gown & decorations in this article]

Marriage Licenses:

-Ernest C. CONRAD, aged 24 & Lena E. COPPOCK, aged 22.

-L.A. WATSON, aged 35 & Flora THOMPSON, aged 25.

-Ed. R. DUNAWAY, aged 22 & Ora GLENN, aged 17.



The Osceola Democrat

Date: February 6 1908

Walter BAKER and Katie McGRATH, youngest daughter of James & Ellen McGRATH, were married at the home of the groom's parents, Mr. & Mrs. Samuel BAKER on Feb. 2nd at high noon. The groom is a young farmer and the young couple have rented the home farm of the groom's father.

[abstracted from full text]

Marriage Licenses issued this week:

-Mr. Walter BAKER, aged 25 & Miss Kate McGRATH, age 17

-Mr. George LAZENBY, aged 26 & Miss Lula AIRY, age 14