Abandoned Towns of Sac County

Early Towns and Post Offices in Sac County

Abandoned Towns in Sac County 

(Source:  “As Time Goes By”, Odebolt, Iowa 1877-1977, printed by The Odebolt Chronicle May, 1977, p. 264)

How many Sac county people ever heard of Leota, New Munich or Philo?  Yet these and twelve other towns formerly existed in Sac county and are now listed in the state historical department at Des Moines as abandoned towns.  All 15 of these towns formerly existed in Sac county.  How many do you old-timers remember?

CEDAR FORKS.  Listed as a post office in Sac county from 1857 to 1858.  Its location not found, but supposed to have been in Cedar township.

COON VALLEY.  A place in section 18, Coon Valley township, Post office, 1879-1880.

ELK RUN.  A post office (1877-79) in the southwestern part of Cook township.

FLETCHER.  The name first given to the present town of Lake View when it was platted in 1881.  Fletcher was the name of the post office from 1880 to 1887.

LEOTA.  A village platted in 1900 in section 10, Viola township.  Post office, 1890 to 1900, except one brief intermission.

MERCER.  A C. & N.W. Railway station in the central part of Viola township, about one mile west of the present village of Carnarvon.  Post office 1876-78.

MOUNT HOPE.  A post office from 1875 to 1882 in the central part of Eureka township.

From Pictorial Atlas of Sac County Iowa, compiled and published by Title Atlas Co., Inc., Minneapolis, MN, 1983.
Mount Hope - The mail was first carried on the stage coach that ran from Storm Lake to Ida Grove, before the town of Schaller was laid out. The stage stopped for the noon meal at Mt. Hope Inn and post office, which was located 3 miles west and ˝ mile north of the site chosen for the town of Schaller, which is now the Marshall Robinson farm. A. B. Holmes was the postmaster. This office was abandoned when Schaller was settled.

NEW ALBANY.  Platted as a town in 1857 in the northeast quarter of section 1, Wall Lake township, about three miles south and one mile east of Sac City, but never developed.

NEW MUNICH.  Laid out as a town in the southwestern part of section 19, Cedar township, about one mile east of the present city of Sac City, and shown on maps of the 1850s at least two years earlier than any other place in the county.  However, it was never built up.  Sac City was laidout in 1855.

OLIVER.  A post office in the northwestern part of Levey township from 1875 to 1878.

PETTIS.  A post office from 1898 to 1902 in section 5.  Coon Valley township.

PHILO.  A post office from 1875 to 1877 in the central part of Clinton township.

SCHOHARIE.  A post office from 1871 to 1874 in the southwestern part of Douglas township on the Raccoon river.

WHEELER’S RANCH.  A post office from 1875 to 1878 in section 14, Wheeler township.

(Transcribed by B. Ekse)

schoharie_po_stage.jpg (166510 bytes) 
Schoharie Post Office & Stage Stop - 1871
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Post Offices in Sac County

(Source:  Iowa Post Offices 1833-1986, Alan H. Patora and John S. Gallagher, Raven Press, Lake Oswego, OR, 1986)

(Transcribed by B. Horak)

Post Office Established Discontinued Mail To
Auburn 25 Jan 1887    
Carnarvon 22 Sep 1888    
Cedar Forks 16 Nov 1857 19 Jan 1858  
Coon Valley 25 Aug 1879 18 Aug 1880  
Early  1 Mar 1877    
Elk Run  1 Mar 1877  8 Sep 1879 Odebolt
Fletcher  6 Dec 1880 27 Nov 1887 Changed to Lake View
Grant City 
(formerly Southport)
 8 Jul 1862 15 Dec 1912 Auburn
Herring 27 Mar 1900 31 Aug 1951 Wall Lake
Lake View  (Formerly Fletcher.  Officially spelled "Lakeview"
from 1 Dec 1895 to 1 Dec 1905)
28 Nov 1887    
Leota 19 Dec 1890
re: 22 May 1896
15 Aug 1894
15 Jan 1900
Sulphur Springs (Buena Vista Co.)
Lytton 10 Jan 1900    
Mercer 29 Nov 1876  7 Oct 1878 Wall Lake
Mount Hope 13 Sep 1875  1 Dec 1882 Blaine (Buena Vista Co.)
Nemaha 20 Dec 1899    
Odebolt 21 Nov 1877    
Oliver  3 May 1875 21 Mar 1878 Odebolt
Pettis 29 Mar 1898 30 Jun 1902 Sac City
Philo  9 Aug 1875 23 Nov 1877 Oliver
Sac City 24 Oct 1857    
Schaller 30 Oct 1882    
Schoharie 13 Oct 1871 17 Aug 1874 Sac City
Southport 11 Jun 1862  7 Jul 1862 Changed to Grant City
Ulmer 18 Jan 1901  7 Apr 1983 Lake View
Wall Lake 30 Jan 1877    
Wheeler's Ranch  2 Jul 1875 30 Dec 1878 Odebolt 

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