1877 Sac Sun, newspaper from Sac City
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The following are transcribed excerpts from the Sac Sun published in Sac City, Iowa by James N. Miller.  They include descriptions of Sac County before the towns of Early, Odebolt and Wall Lake were settled, as well as accounts of some of the early farms, influential people and events in the county.  These transcriptions give us a picture of how settlers endured and how they lived their lives in the early days of settlement.

 Transcribed by B. Ekse from microfilm, November 2002 and October 2003.
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1871 AND 1872

1871 - 1872
 - H.C. Wheeler describes his farm
 - Trip to Boyer River Valley
 - Trip to "Wall Lake"
    (now Blackhawk Lake)



August 1876
  - Grasshoppers coming, 100 miles away
  - School picnic at Corey's Grove on the Boyer
 - Jail finished in Sac
 - Henry Hanson reports from Wheeler
 - Grasshoppers arrive

September 1876
- Grasshoppers!
 - Surveying for the new RR
 - Boyer Valley Twp. divided; New Twp. is Cook
 - Recipes
 - Kiron, Sac County meet about grasshopper problem

October 1876
 - Robbers! James Brothers?
 - Law against setting prairie fires
 - The new railroad route
 - James Brothers captured

November 1876
 - Sac City jealous of railroad?
 - Judge Early's new house
 - Henry Wait fire- $2500 loss 

December 1876
 - Grasshopper cures
 - More on the railroad
 - Buy land!
 - Marble mantles at Judge Early's
 - DIPHTHERIA - children dying in western Sac County
 - Recipe for Mince Pie


January 1877
 - Railroad worker accident
 - A Clever Swindle
 - Judge Early's $10,000 house
 - Mercer.--the new post-office on route from Sac City to Arcadia, in Viola township

February 1877
 - Bridge over Boyer completed
 - More on the railroad

March 1877
 - Examination for Teachers at Gorham school house, in Wheeler Twp.
 - Mr. Roddy killed
 - Reinhart, Davenport, Buehler houses
 - New Wall Lake Post Office on north shore of lake
 - News of schools

June and July 1877
 - New settlers in Clinton Twp
 - A Trip through Sac County
 - A Trip through Western Sac

The above trips tell about many early farms and farmers along the route the writer took through Sac County.



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