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Odebolt Swimming Pool An Asset
Finish Pool In July, 1953
Erected  By Public Donation and Free Labor—Land Donated by R. B. Adams

(Source:  The Odebolt Chronicle Progress Edition, Volume 65, No. 44, Thursday, October 29, 1953)

With the opening of the Odebolt Swimming Pool on Friday, Aug. 7, 1953, a lot of hard work and effort on the part of many Odebolt citizens became a tangible asset to the area.  Over 1300 persons enjoyed a dip during the first week.

The first formal meeting to begin the drive for pool funds was held at the town hall on Tuesday evening, Aug. 26, 1952, almost a year to the day previous to its opening.

For a number of years enthusiasm for the pool had been on the increase, and with this meeting a temporary investigating group made its report:  The pool, which would be 60x120 feet and cost about $35,000, would be a pool worth twice that amount, as much of the materials and labor would be donated at cost.  R. B. Adams donated the land plus a considerable sum.

At this meeting an executive committee to get the drive underway was elected.  They were:  R. B. Adams, Chairman; George Dresselhuis, D. J. Larson, Kenneth Ahrenholtz, and H. P. Turin.

The location for the pool was selected at the southeast corner of Odebolt, on highway 4, [Iowa Highway 39 in 2002], where water and sewer were accessible.

The first drive for funds got underway on Friday, Sept. 5, 1952.  A “car washing” bee by Roose Post on Saturday, Sept. 20 netted $173 for the pool.  The first week of the drive brought in about two-thirds of the funds in pledges.  At the end of two weeks, four-fifths had been pledged, and at the end of three weeks only $2500 was outstanding.

A final “over-the-top” drive was started Oct. 4, which brought in an additional amount.  A “Scotch-lite” tape drive inaugurated by the committee also aided.

On April 2, 1953 the footings were poured for the pool, with the excavation done by Boyer Valley Construction Co.

During the first week in May, 1953, five men were appointed to take over the operation of the pool as soon as it was completed.  They were:  V. W. Carlson, Donald Cranston, Ted Metier, George Dresselhuis, and Kenneth Ahrenholtz.

On July 30 an appeal was made to local men to bring brushes and paint the pool.  A large turn-out resulted and the entire pool was painted in one evening.

The success of this project was a result of the whole-hearted cooperation of the entire Odebolt area, the committee said at the opening.  Despite the additional cost, donations and other help would erase the pool deficit.

Season tickets will be placed on sale early in 1954, and it is expected that the pool will be filled almost every day and evening.

 (transcribed by B. Ekse) 


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