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Odebolt Area Veterans' Memorial

Photo by Odebolt Veteran, Chuck Hanson


The Monument at night
courtesy of Dave & Suzan Streed

A monument to honor Odebolt's veterans was finished in late 2003 by the Odebolt American Legion Roose Post #313 and Auxiliary. It has the names of 939 area veterans who served from 1901 to 2000. It is located in Odebolt Cemetery, about 1/2 mile south of Odebolt on Highway 39 (S. Des Moines Street).

To be included on the list, a veteran must have been inducted from the Odebolt area, or lived most of his/her life in the Odebolt area, and served in any branch of the service at anytime from 1900 - 1999. An extensive search for all eligible veterans was conducted, as well as fund raising activities to pay for the monument.

Construction on the monument began in the spring of 2003.  It was dedicated at ceremonies held on Memorial Day in 2004.

The Legion & Auxiliary would like to thank all those who committed both time and money to make this project a success both within the area and also to those living far away who still have a special connection to Odebolt.

Veterans listed on the Odebolt Veterans' Memorial Monument


World War I Veterans

* denotes died in service

Anderson, Arthur E.
Babcock, Lloyd E.
Ballard, Charles L.
Barbour, James H.
Beeler, Iver E.
Bell, Roy
Bengford, Bernard H.
*Bernhardt, Robert F.
*Bihrer, George J.
Birckhead, Ben F.
Blumgren, Alfred
Boysen, Henry
Briggle, Ernest F.
Briggle, Everett F.
Bryant, Kenneth
Buchanan, Henry M.
*Buller, Ernest J.
*Carlson, Iver H.
Buehler, Vernon
Buettner, William
Carlson, John A.
Carlson, Joseph W.
Christiansen, Otto
Clift, Pirle O.
Coy, Frank H.
Coy, Joseph
Coy, Walter M.
Craig, Vern E.
Crichton, Robert B.
Crum, Clayton E.
Currie, Donald
Down, Lawrence A.
Down, Vernon L.
Duffy, Walter
Edmiston, Lee L.
Einspahr, Ben W.
Einspahr, Fred E.
Epperson, John E.
Ericksson, Erik M.
Eriksson, Erik J.
Evans, Glenn W.
Ewoldt, Hans J.
Fisher, Albert R.
Frahm, Carl W.
Frederickson, Orie J.
Gardner, Jacob C.
Graves, William N.
Griffin, Ralph H.
Gronemeyer, Bernard J.
Gronemeyer, John W.
Haefner, Fred
Halboth, Louis C.
Halboth, Julius L.
Halling, Raymond P.
Hansen, Harry J.
Hanson, Albert
Hanson, George A.
Hanson, Hugo
Harding, Ernest H.
Hausmann, Alvin C.
Hausmann, John F.
Herrstiomer, Ernest R.
Hillman, Albert H.
Huebner, Emil C.
Huldeen, Albert W.
Huldeen, Alvin R.
Johnson, Alvin C.
Johnson, Edward M.
Johnson, John
Johnson, Martin A.
Keller, Harvey G. Sr.
Kerypers, George
Kestler, William A.
Ketterer, Harry
King, Charley
Konrady, Nicholas F.
Kuhl, John E.
Kullberg, Ernest M.
Lesher, Irvin E.
Level, Burgess
Level, Cloid
Level, Frank M.
Libby, Walter R.
Linman, Eldon E.
Luft, William
Mackey, Leland C.
Malone, Patrick
*Martin, William F.
Mattes, Frank W.
McAllister, James
McCorkindale, William A.
McFarland, Glen E.
Meyer, Alfred L.
*Meyer, Fred C.
Miller, Earl E.
Minser, Earl O.
Moore, Elmer J.
Moore, Ernest R.
Muxen, William L.
*Norton, Andrew G.
Olson, Godferd
Ortberg, Albin N.
Paul, Verne A.
Petersmeyer, Edna
Peterson, Charles B.
Peterson, David N.
Peterson, Elmer F.
Pfeiffer, Louie
*Pike, Robert M.
Quirk, Harry H.
Rabe, Alfred H.
Reimer, Andy
Rex, Belle
Rex, Earle F.
Rex, Floyd W.
Reynolds, Eugene E.
*Roose, Herman A.
Salmon, Marshall A.
Sanders, Merle A.
Schneider, Matthew S.
Schnuckel, Charles A.
Schnuckel, John B.
Schoeberl, W. M.
Schwaller, Edward W.
Schwaller, Henry J.
Searight, Howard R.
Searight, John R.
Selby, John H.
Shaw, Earl D.
Simon, Herman
Smith, Charles
Steuckrath, Adam S.
Steuckrath, Carl
Steuckrath, Henry
Stolt, Esther
Stoneberg, George
Taylor, Harl G.
Traver, Fred
Traver, Roy
Treman, Perry E.
Turner, Irving G.
Veit, Joseph
Waggoner, William W.
Walker, Harold E.
Walters, Albert
Watts, Lloyd H.
*Werkmeister, Charles A.
White, Earl L.
White, Mabel E.
Williams, Bert O.
Williams, Joseph R.
Williams, Phillip H.
Witt, Herman
Worswick, Charles
Youngren, Hilmer A.

World War II Veterans

* denotes died in service

Ahrenholtz, Kenneth G.
Anderson, Earl V.
Anson, Nick
Arps, Lloyd
Ashbrook, James E.
Ashley, Darrell G.
Babcock, Willis E.
Ballard, Bruce M.
Ballard, Craig T.
Ballard, John H.
Barclay, Aubrey B.
Bauer, Clement L.
*Bauer, Gerald R
Bauer, Louis
Bauer, Myron A.
Bauer, Paul O.
Bauer, Wayne G.
Bengford, John A.
Bengford, Joseph R.
Bengford, Kenneth A.
Bengford, Lawrence H.
Bengford, Leonard J.
*Bengford, Norbert B.
Bengford, Wilbert L.
Bennett, Robert D.
Bergman, L. Eugene
Bergren, Wallace N.
Bernhardt, Melvin
*Bernhardt, Wayne W.
Bernhardt, Wesley A.
Bird, Bernard A.
Bird, James B.
Blake, Rolan M.
Bloyer, Everett
Blum, Clifford T.
Book, Sheldon L.
*Briggle, Harry W.
Broderson, M. H.
Brower, Byron J.
Brown, Russell C.
Browning, Lyman H.
Brucker, Harley W.
Bruns, Frederick J.
Buchanan, Gerald H.
Buehler, Earl B.
Buehler, Floyd D.
Buettner, Donald D.
Buettner, Wayne W.
Bye, Paul A.
Carlson, Wayne V.
Carlson, William C.
Carrier, Gerald E.
Carstensen, Nick Jr.
Carstensen, Sidney
Carstensen, Wallace
Cautrell, Claude C.
Cornish, Dawson A.
Cornish, Robert L.
Cranston, Donald R.
Dahlquist, Henry S.
Dahlstrom, Arvid W.
Dannenberg, Robert E.
Deal, Robert B.
Dinges, Paul A.
Dinges, Robert J.
Down, Florence
Down, Howard
Down, Thomas R.
Down, Wallace
Downing, Robert L.
Drake, Duane L.
Dresselhuis, George
Druivenga, Raymond F
Eckman, Donald V.
Einspahr, Dale L.
Einspahr, Dean W.
Einspahr, Donald H.
Einspahr, F. Robert
Einspahr, John E.
Ekstrom, John W.
Ellis, Cylde K.
Ellis, Donald L.
Ellis, John K.
Engstrom, Ellison L.
Erickson, Erick B.
Erickson, Vernon R.
Eytcheson, Cloid W.
Fertig, Harold M.
Fertig, Howard W.
Fertig, Leslie M.
Fineran, Lawrence J.
Flynn, W. Robert
Franken, Dale F.
Frevert, Richard K.
Frevert, Robert F.
Friday, Lawrence M.
Friday, Marvin H.
Friedrichsen, Leslie P.
Gardner, Donald J.
Gehring, Edward
Gehrke, Charles L.
Godfrey, Ralph
Gonnerman, Raymond L.
Griffin, Neil
Gronemeyer, Lyle J.
Gronemeyer, P Dale
Gronemeyer, Thomas H.
Grove, Charles
Gunderson, Joseph P.
Gustafson, Roland
Gute, Alfred H.
Gute, Clarence J.
Haefner, Floyd O.
Haefner, Ray L.
Hansen, Marvin G.
Hanson, Charles L.
Hanson, Henry L.
Hard, Arne M.
Harrison, James F.
Hartsell, Dale E.
Haselhoff, Alvin J.
Hauser, Benjamin H.
Heidenreich, John J.
Held, Henry W.
Hemer, Roy C.
Hess, Robert M.
Higby, Edwin A.
Hoaglund, John
Hoelscher, P. James
Hoff, Arthur M.
Hokanson, Rueben Jr.
Hoogestrast, William J.
Horstman, William L.
Horton, Eldon W.
Hott, Phillip
Hoy, Stanley W.
Hubiak, John
*Huebner, Donald C.
Huisenga, Leroy M.
Hummel, Hubert L.
Hummel, Paul E.
Hummel, Vincent D.
Hunt, John J.
*Hunt, John O.
Hurley, Norvell C.
Indorf, Luverne E.
Janssen, Reinard B.
Johnson, Byrl A.
Johnson, Carl O.
Johnson, Conwell W.
Johnson, Forest B.
Johnson, Helen K.
Johnson, Howard P.
Johnson, John W.
Johnson, Paul J.
Jones, John P.
Kaczrowski, Eddie J.
Kahler, Orville
Keegan, Clem J.
Keller, Harvey H. Jr.
Kelly, LeRoy A.
Kelly, Robert J.
Kipp, Adolph J.
Klus, Vernon J.
Koch, Erich J.
Konradi, Lowell A.
Konrady, Floyd L.
Konrady, Howard L.
Korneisel, Edward M.
Kreutz, Arthur R.
Krusenstjerna, Jack D.
Krusenstjerna, Maurice
Kutz, Wayne L.
Lamaak, Lloyd F.
Landgraf, Darriel W.
Landgraf, George E.
Landry, Robert R.
Larson, Edward T.
Larson, Willard E.
Leitz, David D.
*Lewis, Delbert W.
Libby, Asa W.
Libby, Fred R.
Libby, Raymond W.
Lindner, Harold J.
Lindner, Leo M. Sr.
Lindskoog, Wesley M.
Lindstrom, Dale
Lindstrom, Lloyd
Linman, Robert D.
Lippincott, Cleo C.
Lippincott, Leo L.
Luft, Charles J.
Lundblad, Lloyd E.
Lundblad, P. Art
Lunkenheimer, Sylvester J.
*Malone, William H.
Mandernach, Donald E.
Mandernach, Earl J.
Manning, Duane C.
Maples, David C.
Maschino, Donald
Mason, Robert A.
Mau, Adair
Mau, Darwyn M.
Mauer, Marvin M.
McAmis, Robert
McFarland, Earl G.
McGonigle, Donald J.
McGonigle, Fay O.
McGonigle, Robert E.
Mehrhoff, Francis A.
Meltesen, Niles T.
Miller, Darrell G.
Miller, Lee E.
Miller, Vincent
Mitchell, Richard
Mitchell, Robert B.
Mohr, Wilbert W.
Mortensen, Winston A.
Munson, Byron W.
Nelson, Emery O.
Nelson, Lea A.
Nelson, Lester F.
Neumann, Donald F.
Neville, Donald D.
Neville, John G.
Neville, Ralph
Neville, Robert J.
Neville, Russell L.
Nordeen, Verne T.
Noyd, Howard D.
Ogren, Elmer R.
Ohden, Peter D.
Ohden, Jacob R.
Ohlsen, Elwood F.
Olson, Robert E.
Pair, Roy E.
Palm, John G.
Patten, Allen
Patten, Bruce
Patten, Clarence
Patten, Floyd
Patten, Gilbert
Patten, Marvin
Patten, Roy
Patten, Ted
Patten, Wayne
Pearson, Arthur L.
*Pedersen, Glenn R.
Peshak, Theodore J
Peters, Russell R.
Peterson, Dennis H.
*Petschauer, Norman F.
Prestin, Albert L.
Prichard, Donald R.
Purdy, Robert R.
Purdy, Teddy R.
Rabe, Wayne A.
Rector, Charles E.
Rector, Preston P.
Rector, R. Garnett
Reik, Walter A.
Reinhart, Henry C.
Reinhart, Maynard R.
*Reinhart, Wendall D.
Reis, Lyle M.
Richardson, Merle E.
Rohlf, Marvin E.
Roth, Roland L.
Salstrom, Edward O.
Sandberg, William A.
Schmidt, Melvin A.
Schmitz, Edmund G.
Schmitz, Hugo J.
Schramm, Albert W.
Schroeder, Hilbert F.
Schrooten, Arnold J.
Schulte, Leo H.
Schwaller, Earle E.
Schwaller, Jerome E.
Selby, John D.
Selby, L. N.
Selby, Marion H.
Sellman, Harry W.
Siebrecht, Kermit H.
Siebrecht, Lloyd J.
Siebrecht, Lyle W.
Simon, August B.
Simon, Francis
*Simon, Joseph L.
Simon, Leo R.
Simons, Leonard W.
Simonson, Duane Y.
Simpson, Jack S.
*Sixon, Joe L.
Slechta, Maurice E.
Sleight, Robert L.
Smith, George D.
Sorensen, Hubert E.
Sorensen, Kenneth C.
Sorensen, Leroy A.
*Stauffer, Edward H.
Stauffer, Glenn F.
Stauffer, Leland W.
Stauffer, Wayne C.
Stickrod, Donald H.
Stickrod, Jack
Stickrod, Wesley C.
Stoneberg, Everett
Stork, Fred G.
Story, Robert L.
Stratton, Wayne E.
Streed, George
Streed, Theodore W.
Sundell, August E.
Swanson, Richard C.
Sweeden, Ernest L.
Synder, Marion F.
Teaquist, Howard G.
Thayer, Robert D.
Thiede, Louis
Thompson, Robert A.
Thomsen, Eli M.
Trudeau, Lawrence J.
Veit, Charles A.
Veit, Daniel J.
Veit, Paul
Vernia, Delmar A.
Vernia, Lyle E.
Vernia, Merle J.
Vernia, Ronald L.
Waggoner, Harold L.
Wagner, Glenn E.
*Walters, Edward N.
*Walters, William
Wardrip, Ray F.
Waters, Richard J.
Watts, Richard M.
Weintz, Frank W.
Weintz, Kenneth K.
Weitzel, Leland C.
Wetzstein, Arnold L.
Wetzstein, Eugene
Wetzstein, Werner
Whittroek, Florian M.
Wilken, Russell
Wolterman, Edward
Wulf, Peter
Wunschel, Delbert E.
Zadow, Luther F.
Zadow, Otto G.
Ziegmann, John J.
Ziegmann, Lawrence J.
Ziegmann, Walter G.
Korean War Veterans

* denotes died in service

Ahrenholtz, Donald H.
Albrecht, Raymond C.
Anderson, Harold J.
Bair, John
Bauer, Charles A.
Bauer, Paul O.
Beckman, Larry L.
Bengford, Donald P
Bengford, Theodore J.
Bengford, Thomas E.
Bensley, John R. II
Berg, C. Wesley
Bernhardt, Charles W.
Bernhardt, Glenn E.
Bettin, Paul F.
Bettin, Vern C.
Bihrer, Ronald J.
Bird, Cornelius A.
Bird, William P.
Blessington, Arnold J.
Bloom, Ronald D.
Breon, Duane G.
Brown, Edward L.
Brown, Tom D.
Brown, William C.
Bye, Bill E.
Carstensen, Leonard
Chaffee, William H.
Cooper, Leo M.
Dinges, Raymond
Dreessen, Donald A.
Dreessen, Myron H.
Dreessen, William J.
Duffy, Walter Jr.
Einspahr, F. Duane
Einspahr, Howard W.
Feauto, Edward R.
Gardner, Charles T.
Gardner, Dale W.
Gardner, Richard L.
Gibson, L. Eugene
Gonnerman, Wallace J.
Griffin, Gordon H.
Gronau, Gerald
Gunderson, Charles E.
Gunderson, Donald D.
Gunderson, Jack V.
Hansen, Douglas W.
Hansen, Robert M.
Harden, Robert
Haselhoff, Alvin J.
Henkelman, John J.
Hillman, Duane R.
Hillman, Victor E.
Hoaglund, Herbert O.
Hoefling, Donald (Skip)
Hoefling, Howard R.
Hoefling, John J.
Hoefling, LaDon E.
Hoefling, Lawrence C.
Hoelscher, Richard J.
Hummel, Donald D.
Hummel, George D.
Imhoff, Boyd
Jackson, Donald D.
Jeckell, Raymond W.
Johnson, Myron E. Jr.
Kies, Arnold W.
Kipp, Joseph L.
Klus, Donald F.
Klus, James R.
Klus, Lawrence H.
Konradi, Earl J.
Konrady, Donald P.
Konrady, Glenn J.
Konrady, Lawrence E.
Krusenstjerna, Charles L.
Krusenstjerna, William C.
LaGrange, Richard G.
Lange, Charles R.
Lange, Dale E.
Lindner, Melvin L.
Lindquist, Robert
Lingren, Merlyn E.
Ludwig, Marvin J.
Luft, Calvin
Luft, Donald L.
McCall, Norris
McGonigle, Ronald
Meltesen, Phillip E.
Mentzer, Howard
Meyer, Herman E.
Meyer, James A.
Miller, Donald G.
Miller, Gerald
Morr, Craig M.
Morr, Earle A.
Morr, James F.
Morr, Robert D.
Nau, Adair W.
Neumann, Merlin H.
Neville, Charles W.
Neville, Douglas C.
Neville, Duane D.
Neville, Leonard E.
Neville, Reuben H.
Neville, Roger N.
Nissen, Glenn E.
O'Tool, Arnim F.
Oldnettle, Eldon F.
Olson, Carrol A.
Olson, Clarence E.
Olson, Donald O.
Olson, Jean E.
Oxendale, Roland
Paulson, Donald A.
Paulson, Russell L.
Pick, Kenneth
Pingel, Jon C.
Pudenz, Donald J.
Rabe, Marvin A.
Rex, Donald E.
Rex, John D.
Rex, Ronald J.
Reynolds, Jerry D.
Reynolds, Thomas E.
Richardson, Dale L
Richardson, Darrel D.
Richardson, Earl
Ritter, Robert P.
Roeder, Lloyd
Rohlf, Dallas C.
Scheel, Robert C.
Schmidtke, Donald G.
Schofield, Duane A.
Schroeder, Neil J.
Scott, James A. Jr.
Sharp, Jessie E.
Sievers, Donald H.
Simon, F Paul
Sommers, Thomas H.
Sorensen, Donald L.
Sorensen, Ellsworth D.
Sorensen, Herman Jr.
Sorensen, Murl E.
Stehr, Daryl
Stehr, Irvin L.
Stehr, Lester E.
Stenoien, Douglas V.
Swanson, John D.
Teaquist, Lyle A.
Thiede, Clement H.
Tiefenthaler, Leonard N.
Tiefenthaler, Robert H.
Tunink, Francis, A.
Veit, Albert J.
Veit, William J.
Wagner, Richard P.
Watts, Robert L.
Williams, Charles N.
Williams, John R.
Wilson, Robert L.
Wingert, Cletus
Wingert, Kenneth
Youngren, Carol B.
Ziegmann, Paul D.
Vietnam Veterans

* denotes died in service

Albers, Terry W.
Albrecht, Raymond C.
Anderson, Brad
Anderson, Dennis
Anderson, Donald
Anderson, Gary
Anderson, Ronald
Anderson, Scott
Andrews, Joe
Arbegast, Brian K.
Arbegast, Gene E.
Arbegast, Kay D.
Arbegast, Neil C.
Bauer, Anthony C.
Bauer, Duane A.
Bauer, John V.
Bauer, Joseph G.
Beckman, Allen G.
Bengford, Dean L.
Bengford, Francis
Bengford, Michael J
Berg, Larry
Bergman, Norman D.
Bird, John E.
Boerner, Ronald C.
*Boger, Kenneth L.
Boger, Roger C.
Brown, Charles D.
Brown, Richard V.
Bruening, Raymond N.
Bruns, Raymond M.
Buehler, Benjamin C.
Buehler, Darrell
Buehler, Duane R.
Buehler, Roger D.
Buelow, Paul
Burbach, Howard
Carlson, Dennis W.
Carrier, Dennis E.
Carstensen, Mary
Carstensen, Mikel
Carstensen, Pat
Carstensen, Richard L.
Cleveland, Daryl A.
Cowlham, Donald A.
Cranston, Gregory P.
Cranston, Lee
Cranston, Steve
Davis, Cynthia
Davis, John
Diersen, Donald
Diersen, Gene
Dinges, Dennis W.
Dobernecker, Gary L.
Dose, Wayne A.
Drake, Ranell
Dresselhuis, Garret N.
Dublinske, Lance J.
Dublinske, Neil G.
Einspahr, William E.
Erickson, Thomas
Fertig, Leslie R.
Fineran, Brian L.
Fineran, James G.
Fineran, John
Fineran, John E.
Fineran, Keith G.
Fineran, Larry P.
Fineran, Randal E.
Fineran, Roger P.
Fineran, Roger W.
Fineran, W. David
Flink, Keith D.
Flink, Larry L.
Forsberg, Jon N.
Foy, Charles H. Jr.
Gehrke, Brad
Gehrke, Charles L.
Gerhring, Delayne E.
Gibson, Carl M.
Gratz, Woody R.
Gronemeyer, Donald H.
Gronemeyer, Terry L.
Gronemeyer, William H.
Grove, Ronald
Gunderson, Marlin
Halboth, Robert
Hansen, Daniel P.
Hanson, Richard W.
Hanson, Robert W.
Hart, Robert S.
Hauser, Dean
Henrich, Jack J.
Henrich, William C. Jr.
Herrig, Darrell
Hoaglund, Barry
Hoaglund, Jane
Hotle, William
Hough, Larry
Huff, Sidney L.
Huisenga, Robert
Huisenga, Roland J.
Huldeen, J. Bruce
Hurley, Kenneth R.
Johnson, Arthur
Johnson, Joel N.
Johnson, Reese
Johnson, Vernon D.
Johnson, Zane
Kane, Marty
Kelly, Eugene J.
*Kelly, Thomas J.
Kies, Roger
Krusenstjerna, John A.
Lahr, Ronald L.
Lakin, Charles II
Lange, Ronald
Lange, Terry
Lashier, Charles N. Jr.
Lashier, Jon E.
Leege, Ray
Linden, Norman
Lindgren, Dennis
Lindner, Jerry A.
Lindskoog, Dennis
Lindstrom, Larry B.
Linster, Harold F
Lippencott, Lon C.
Loger, Dathan D.
Luitjens, Arlen.
Mace, Christopher J.
Mace, Gregory J.
Mace, Steven C.
Mason, John
McDonough, Charles W.
McDonough, David A.
McDonough, Jeffrey K.
McGonigle, Kyle R.
McTasney, John B.
Meents, Rick
Meents, Ted
Mehrhoff, Jay C.
Mehrhoff, Mark R.
Mehrhoff, Patrick A.
Meltesen, N. Thomas
Meltesen, Richard
Merten, Thomas R.
Miller, James L.
Miller, John A.
Miller, John K.
Miller, Robert L.
Mortensen, Andrew J.
Mortensen, Mollie L.
Mortensen, Sara A.
Mortensen, Stanley A.
Mortensen, Stanley A. Jr.
Nelson, Edward S.
Neumann, Chad R.
Neumann, Melvin R.
Neville, Frank
*Neville, Leonard E.
Noll, Leslie
Noll, Robert N.
Noll, William A.
Ogren, Daniel W.
Olson, Dale E.
Olson, Daren
Oxendale, Donald J.N.
Oxendale, John
Pair, David
Pair, George E.
Paulson, Donavon A.
Paulson, Eugene D.
Paulson, Thomas W.
Plucker, Mark L.
Purdy, Howard Jr.
Quirk, James
Rector, Roger
Reeves, Daryl G.
Reik, Darwin
Reik, Milo H.
Reinhart, Andre K.
Reinhart, Keith H.
Renze, Floyd J.
Renze, Fred H.
*Rex, Robert F.
Richardson, Steven G.
Richardson, Thomas D.
Roeder, Dennis R.
Roeder, Kenneth D.
Roeder, Russell
Rohlf, Richard G.
Ross, Andrew R.
Ross, Thomas T.
Roth, Darwin G.
Salmonson, Ronald
Sapp, Donald L.
Scanlan, James C.
Schramm, Kenneth F.
Schroeder, Mark
*Schwaller, Earle E.
Schwaller, Ivan L.
Schwaller, Keith A.
Schwanz, Glenn
Sellman, Jan W.
Sellman, Michael H.
Sharkey, Larry
Siebrecht, M. Don
Siebrecht, Robert E.
Siebrecht, Roger G.
Siebrecht, Scott
Sigwalt, Raymond C.
Simpson, Gregory S.
Simpson, Thomas W.
Skaren, Edward
Smith, Dennis K.
Snyder, Daniel D.
Snyder, James D.
Stehr, Wayne P.
Stock, David J.
Streed, Daren P.
Streed, David P.
Streed, Mary A.
Streed, Suzan A.
Sundell, Charles
Taphorn, Robert
Thayer, Richard E.
Thayer, Roger D.
Thevenot, Dennis L.
Thiede, Timothy C.
Thies, Robert J.
Thrailkill, Richard D.
Veit, Lance A.
Wallace, William M.
Wardrip, Kenneth
Wareham, James
Webber, Ronald W.
West, Russell D.
Wieborg, James E.
Wunschel, Larry
Wunschel, Leonard
Young, Roger L.
Zimmer, Duane




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