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Odebolt, Sac County & Iowa

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"THE HISTORY OF WESTERN IOWA,  published in 1882  (index) ......  The town of Odebolt ........ Odebolt biographies

ROOTSWEB GENEALOGY MESSAGE BOARD QUERY FOR "ODEBOLT" - Type "Odebolt" in the upper box. Pages of "hits" that have Odebolt in the message!

SAC COUNTY GENWEB  or Sac County Iowa Genweb
  Run a search for "Odebolt"  

SAC COUNTY GRAVESTONE PROJECT (GENWEB) - Photos of gravestones in Sac County

KIRON KOUNTRY - pages by Glenn Gustafson. (a "MUST SEE" web site)
These pages contain data from various record sources for thousands of  people associated with the farming community of Kiron, Iowa mostly in the 1867 to 1930 time period. These people were mostly Swedish, but some Norwegian, German, Irish, English, Scottish, Bohemian and other immigrants lived among them.  The area of focus are the townships of Otter Creek, Stockholm, Hayes and Wheeler in Crawford, Ida, and Sac counties.

SAC COUNTY GENEALOGY SOCIETY, Sac City, Iowa - Information on joining the society, township cemetery books and other books for sale, research assistance and more.

EARLY TOWNS AND POST OFFICES IN SAC COUNTY - have you ever heard of Mercer, Mount Hope or Philo?

SAC COUNTY MAP - circa 1885, showing some now abandoned towns.

IDA COUNTY GENWEB - Ida County Genealogy, by Marilyn Dose of Ida Grove

CRAWFORD COUNTY GENWEB - Crawford County Genealogy by Fred Dethlefsen


IOWA OLD PRESS - transcriptions from old Iowa newspapers. Run a search for Odebolt in Sac County on the front page


IOWA GENWEB ARCHIVES & SPECIAL PROJECTS - find Sac County Family Group Sheets, Message Boards, Gravestone photos, Biographies and more.

Other Area links

Odebolt, Iowa - odebolt.net, the town's home on the net

Odebolt-Arthur Schools - the school web pages

Odebolt- Arthur Alumni Page - SCROLL DOWN the page for a listing alumni

Sac Economic and Tourism Development (SETD)  - See links to other Sac County sites here

Ida County Courier - a neighboring community newspaper which often has news about Odebolt 



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