Index of Early Businesses in Odebolt

Index of Early Odebolt Businesses

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(Source: "Fifty Years of Progress"; The Odebolt Chronicle,
Vol. 51, No. 31,Thursday, Aug. 25, 1938)

The following is an index of people that set up businesses in Odebolt in the early days of the town.  Some were there for a short time and moved on.  Others remained and contributed to the progress of the town of Odebolt for many years.  Descendants of some of these early business people remain in Odebolt today.  The index was taken from articles researched and written by Erik McKinley Eriksson for the "Fifty Years of Progress" edition of The Odebolt Chronicle in 1938.

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Name Business
Ahlberg, WJ General Store
Arthur, WC Drug Store with Dr. Boardman
Austin, Irwin buying and shipping livestock
Ballard, George H. ("Deafy") Union Restaurant (click for photo)
Ballard, HC Meat Market 1883 (click for photo)
Bangs, HH buying and shipping livestock
Banse, Charles Boot and shoe store
Bay, WF Director, Odebolt State Bank 1886
Beck, WF Barber
Beck, William saloon
Beebe, Dr. Physician pre-1900
Bennett, Walter managed the "chicken ranch"
Beyer, Dr. CP Dentist 1898
Boardman, Dr. CD started a creamery
Boardman, Dr. CD Drug store with WC Arthur
Boardman, Dr. CD established the "chicken ranch"
Boardman, Dr. CD Physician in Odebolt, 1880 for short time
Borah, Cal Plasterer
Bowman, SH S.H. Bowman Lumber Co. est. 1880 (click for photo)
Bowman, SH Director, Odebolt State Bank 1886
Brady, David early livery business
Brensigner, Mr. Meat Market 1880's
Briggle, John town marshall
Briggle, John Restaurant 1888, after serving as town marshall (more information)
Brownell, George Carpenter
Bruce - Edgerton Bruce - Edgerton Lumber Co., operated a few years
Bruce, James L. Farmers Elevator 1910 with August HW Reuber
Bruce, John first manager of Bowman Lumber Co.
Bryant, Dr. K Dentist after WWI
Brynteson, Brynt Clothing store (click for photo)
Brynteson, Pete Carpenter
Buck, Charles early implement dealer
Buehler, George brick yard
Buehler, George Implement dealer with E. Geist , Main and 1st
Burgess, JB 1892 started Dry goods and clothing store
Burleigh, Frank Drug store
Burnquist, Charles A. General Store, 1881-1903 approx.
Burnside, JW 1878-1898 General Store (click for photo)
Carlson, Dave blacksmith shop (took over from John Work)
Cass, Mr. oat storage bins with Pierce Coy
Chinberg, CJ General store
Cole, FW manager of new Trans-Mississippi Elevator 1898
Conant, George Carpenter
Conklin, JW Carpenter
Cory, Dan Carpenter
Coy, ? Coy Seed Company
Coy, BA V. Pres, Odebolt State Bank 1886 (later First National)
Coy, Dell short lived law partnership with CE George 1880
Coy, Pierce oat storage bins with Mr. Cass
Dahlstrom, AW Photographer 1907-1952
Dalkmeyer, Charles Real Esate Agent
Delay and Summerville Drug Store about 1900 (could be Summerwill?) (click for photo)
Dement, John took over Winslow and Son flax mill, 1882
Dickinson, Albert popcorn plant
Dingman, CR Carpenter
Dockstader, Henry hotel 1881 (Revere House)
Dubbs, C. First Clothing store (exclusively clothing)
Duvall, Dr. Physician in Odebolt and Schaller pre-1900
Einspahr, John E. 1878 carpenter and wagon shop
Ellinger, James Drayman
Emery, ? early veterinarian
Engstrom, JA. drug store with OE Huglin
Erickson, John General Store with John M. Larson
Erik Erkisson Painter
Erlenborn, Alfred G. Loans and Insurance
Erlenhorn, Alfred G. General store, assisted by brothers Otto & Julius,1882
Field, WW Pres., Odebolt State Bank 1886 (later First National)
Finder Bros. livery stable
Fisher, Albert harness shop with father JS Fisher
Fisher, JS harness shop with son Albert
Flathers, Chris Barber
Fleck, DW early implement dealer
Fogerty and Ketterer Real Estate and Insurance (1887 and earlier)
Fransico, CB Masonry
Freese, GJ Barber
Frey, Mr. Photographer
Gardner, Mr. livery stable
Gas Plant est. 1903
Geist, E Implement dealer with G. Buehler, Main and 1st
George, CE short lived law partnership with Dell Coy 1880
Gibson, George C Physician pre-1900
Gibson, JA Carpenter
Gould, Richard Carpenter
Graham, Mrs. William 1880's Millinery shop
Graham, William Furniture store N. 2nd Street with Emett Starner
Graham, William Carpenter
Graham, William hotel pre 1881
Grahm, William Undertaker
Gray, Babcock and Sears grain elevators est. 1885
Groman, Dr. August Physician from 1878 for more than 50 years
Gysbert, Marcel Physician pre-1900
Hansman, Fred built Traveler's Home" hotel, Maple and Third streets
Hanson, Albert Hardware store (with Jacob Koehler)
Hanson, Henry "Star Store (general) with J. Ketterer, John R. Mattes
Hanson, Henry Swedish Farmer's Elevator Co. 1877 to 1883 (click for photo)
Hardwick, Chris Hardwick Sorghum mill
Hartman, John C. Odebolt Roller Mills, established 1883 with J. Ketterer
Hatch, Edward early lawyer, killed 1886 in Sioux City gambler's brawl
Hatch, JB Jeweler
Hatfield, CB early buyer for Swedish Farmer's Elevator
Hedberg, PO Meat Market (with John H. Wagner) 1897
Helsell, Rev. Jesse minister, father of WA Helsell
Helsell, WA Loans, Insurance, Real Estate (with John M. Zane)
Helsell, WA 1883 est. his own law practice, in business 50 years
Helsell, WA 1879 lawyer, Zane & Helsell
Hempen, MH first saloon
Hempen, MH General Store (first one in Odebolt)
Hess, WH, Captain barber
Hills, Ed "Star Store" general store with EW Lester
Hinkley, Dr. CJ veterinarian, vet. hospital with John Williams
Hora, Frank Harness Shop in the 1880's
Horan, Frank livery with brother Will and father John P.
Horan, John P. livery 1880, operated to 1926 (burned)
Horan, Will livery with brother Frank and father John P.
Houston, ? early veterinarian
Huglin, OE drug store with JA Engstrom
Hull, Dr. AA Physician in Odebolt pre-1900
Humphrey, JL Photographer
Iverson, Mrs. early Millinery shop
Ivey, William Lather (for half a century) (also town assessor)
Ivy, William town assesssor
Jacobe, ? house moving business
Jacobe, Chris Meat Market 1880's
Jacobe, Mrs. early Millinery shop
Jacobson, W. Shoemaker
Johnson, Frank S. Physician pre-1900 (later Sioux City)
Johnson, GA early veterinarian
Kaswell, ? carpenter shop ne corner 2nd and Maple
Keck, Henry built "Pennsylvania House" hotel March 1879
Keck, Martin Restaurant, bakery, boarding house
Kelly, ? early veterinarian
Ketterer Real Estate and Insurance with "Fogerty"
Ketterer, JH Director, Odebolt State Bank 1886
Ketterer, John "Star Store" (general)with Henry Hanson, John R. Mattes
Ketterer, John Odebolt Roller Mills, established 1883 with J. Hartman
Ketterer, John H. J.H. Ketterer and Co 1879-87 (with Joseph Mattes)
Kircher, CJ Furniture and undertaker (1912)
Kistler, Charles W. blacksmith with John A. Reynolds starting 1886
Koehler, Jacob early saloon and boarding house
Koehler, Jacob Hardware store (with Albert Hanson)
Krusenstjerna, Alfred 1893 grain and livestock buyer
Krusenstjerna, Alfred 1880 employed at Swedish Farmer's Elevator
Krusenstjerna, Russell Hardware store
Larson, Charles E. Restaurant
Larson, John M. General Store with John Erickson
Lee CS Restaurant, later a grocer
Lee, CS Grocer 1882
Lesher, Daniel D. Lesher & Company (with Harlow Prentice) implements
Lesher, George Drayman
Lester, EW "Star Store" general store with Ed Hills
Level, James Excavator
Libby, Fred Drayman
Lindquist Bros. one of first photography studios
Long, Frank J. lawyer 1880's
Low, George J. Cashier, Odebolt State Bank 1886
Marks, Alec Barber
Martin, HT first commissioned notary public in Odebolt
Mathews, AE earliest Jeweler
Mattes, Frank Furniture and undertaker
Mattes, John R. "Star Store" (general) with J. Ketterer, Henry Hanson
Mattes, John R. General store with FP Motie
Mattes, Joseph farm implements in general store
Mattes, Joseph J.H. Ketterer and Co.1879-87 (with John H. Ketterer)
Mattes, Joseph Hardware and drugs 1891
Matthews, Ward Clothing store
McAllister, Dr. James Physician after 1900
McCulla, Dr. LeRoy Dentist after 1900
McDougall, ? McDougall's livery stable
McFarland, John Carpenter
McFarland,, Gilmer Carpenter
McGrath, JE General store with SJ Ryan
McKeever, EC Harness shop
McKinney, Joseph Painter
McMartin, Benjamin livery stable
Mercer, Joseph 1881 implement dealer
Meyer, Alfred fourth manager of Green Bay Lumber Co.
Meyers, Fred Hub Clothing Store, west Main
Mill, WE Carpenter
Miller, Charles Carpenter
Miller, CM second manager of Green Bay Lumber Co.
Mills, Lyman Meat market pre-1881
Moody, EA Painter
Motie, FP "The Red Front" General store (with MB. Lynch)
Muxen, Joe saloon and hotel
Nelson, Capt. John Flour and Feed shop
O'Daniels, Miss early Millinery shop
Olney, Levi Drayman
O'Meara and Horan early Millinery shop
O'Meara and O'Meara early Millinery shop
Orcutt, Mr. Carpenter
Ottin, Peter Restaurant
Oursler, Dr. WN Dentist 1881 (first dentist); also Postmaster
Oxner, Axel Painter
Parker, George first blacksmith with John A. Reynolds 1878-1886
Petersmeyer, ? rebuilt Warneke grain business after fire
Petersmeyer, AC corn cribs
Petersmeyer, William Physician pre-1900 (brother to AC Petersmeyer)
Petersmeyer, William P. Drug store (William Petersmeyer and Co.- pre 1895)
Pitcher, Charley Painter
Potteiger, EP Jeweler
Prentice, Harlow D. Lesher & Co., implements, with Daniel Lesher
Preston, Herbert Grocer 1882
Ramsdall, Benjamin Carpenter
Rasmussen, Frank first manager of Green Bay Lumber Co.
Reinhart, Henry flour mill, burned 1884
Reuber, August HW Farmers Elevator 1910 with James L. Bruce
Reyberger, Henry blacksmith shop nw corner 2nd and Maple
Reyberger, Henry Implement dealer with RW Wheelock NW corner 2nd & Maple
Reynolds, John A. first blacksmith with George Parker 1878
Rhodecker, Philip Harness Shop, corn of Main and 2nd
Rorabaugh, ? Restaurant and boarding house
Ross, Frank A. Insurance Rep. (Home Life Assoc. of Burlington)
Ross, James first Mayor
Ross, James General store, pre 1882
Ryan, SJ General Store with McGrath, JE
Salmon, Charley Painter
Sampson, William General Store
Sampson, William lawyer and general merchandising
Satchell, SR SR Satchell Livery Barn
Sayre, RW Farmer's National Bank 1901-1914 SW corner Main & First
Schmidt, Erick early implement dealer
Schmitz, John saloon 1880-1886 with brother Leonard
Schmitz, John N. Loans, Insurance, Real Estate (after 1886)
Schmitz, John N. and sons German Savings Bank 1901-1920's
Schmitz, Leonard saloon 1881-1886 with John Schmitz
Schmitz, Leonard Furniture store (first in Odebolt)
Searight, Frank Searight and Company Drug store
Seger, NE Dry goods, Grocery, May 1893
Selby, Iro and Harry Meat Market 1930's
Selby, RW Physician pre-1900
Selby, SD Drug store
Shanks, WW postmaster; buying and shipping livestock
Shaw, CD purchased Whiteman's Livery Barn 1880 with son William
Shaw, William Livery Barn with father CD Shaw
Shea, CJ Drug store
Shea, Cornelius hotel, 1881, southeast corner Third and Main
Sheller, William lawyer in 1899
Sindt, WV General Store
Sing, Jim steam laundry, est. 1987
Slemmons, William T. Physician pre-1900
Smith Brothers Restaurant
Smith, Cloid drug store to 1902, sold to Engstrom-Huglin
Smith, George ("Kelley") Drayman
Smith, MW Restaurant
Smith, MW Flour and Feed shop
Smith, Samuel Carpenter
Stanfield, WW 1879 lawyer
Stanzel, Herman R. Jeweler
Starner, Emett Furniture store N. 2nd Street 1893-1912 with Wm Graham
Steffens, William early blacksmith shop with Albert Stevens
Stevens, Albert early blacksmith shop with William Steffens
Stevens, Dr. BF Physician 1881-1891 Levey Twp and Odebolt
Stewardson, Joe Barber
Stolt, Frank third manager of Green Bay Lumber Co.
Stoops, Curtis Drug Store
Stratton, James M Carpenter
Summerville, WJ Director, Odebolt State Bank 1886
Summerville, WJ Drug store (could be Summerwill?)
Summerwill, WJ drug store from 1881
Sutton, CW farm implements in general store
Sutton, CW Hardware store 1879, where Princess Theater stood
Taggart, George M. Private banker "Farmer's Bank", SW corner Main & First
Tincher, ? purchased McDougall's livery
Tincher, Orville Barber
Todd and Company Clothing store - burned in 1880
Townsend, WH Physician pre-1900
Tyler, Nate brick yard
Van Duesen, Ward "Pioneer Hardware Store", 2nd business in town
Van Marel, GP Physician pre-1900
Van Sand, L. nursery
Vandermark, HW Carpenter
Volker, ? Volker's Saloon
Wagner, John H. Meat Market (with PO Hedberg) 1897
Waldron, AE Jeweler
Warneke, HF 1881 est. grain and livestock buying business on lst St
Warren, Dr. William Physician in Boyer Valley township 1875-1901
Watts, LH drug store
Werneke, HF saloon 1879-1881
West, FE Photographer 1890's
Wheelock, RW Implement with H. Reyberger, NW corner 2nd and Maple
Wheldon, William Drayman
White, Dr. EL Dentist 1912
Whiteman, ? Whiteman's Livery Barn pre 1880
Williams, Charles Carpenter
Williams, Gus Carpenter
Williams, John est. veterinary hospital SE corner 3rd and Willow
Williams, John Grocer 1882
Williams, John E. carpenter shop and lumber yard, later wooden tanks
Winchell and Webster three flax and wheat warehouses on 1st Street
Winchell and Webster original "Star Store" general store
Winchell and Webster Trans-Mississippi Elevator 1879 on First Street
Winslow and Son flax mill, est. 1880
Worden, Benjamin started the Odebolt House hotel
Work, John blacksmith shop
Wright, John Private banker 1878-1883
Youmans, CM Youmans Lumber 1928
Zane, John M. Loans, Insurance, Real Estate (with WA Helsell)
Zane, John M. early lawyer

indexed by B. Horak, May 2002

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