Odebolt City Park

Odebolt City Park History

Children swing in the park in Spring, 2003

(We are in the process of researching the history of the park.  Below are some references and photos.
If you have information to share on the park's history, please contact us.)

April 1881

ODEBOLT OBSERVER, Vol. 1, No. 40, April 6, 1881
It is probable that the Council will take early action in regard to the improvement of the public park. The R. R. company very generously donated a block of ground to the city for a park on condition that the city expends a certain sum for its improvement and decoration. By all means let the park be improved.

May 1881

ODEBOLT OBSERVER VOL. 1, NO. 45 May 11, 1881
Mayor Ross and Alderman Lee are busy attending to the seeding of the park grounds and setting them out to trees.

citypark_planting.jpg (95565 bytes)
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 In this picture two hard maples from Henry Hanson's
farm are being transplanted in the park.


park1.jpg (49868 bytes)
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1908 view showing band shelter

(The park was formerly called Hanson Park in honor of Henry Hanson, who was so instrumental in encouraging the planting of trees in the town of Odebolt).

August 1911

Two handsome ornamental pillars are being erected at the northeast corner of Hanson park to designate the entrance. The pillars are of white sand and white cement and will add much to the attractiveness of this beauty spot.

parkabt1910.jpg (51058 bytes)
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"Hanson Park" about 1911 or 1912, with new pillars.

The park entrance in 2002


From "ODEBOLT FOREVER, 1877-2002" (the 125th Odebolt history book), p. 94
Tree in front (picture) is the George Washington Bicentennial Tree 1732-1932, planted by Women's Relief Corps, No. 110, Odebolt, Iowa. Registered American Tree Association 1932. (Information taken from the plaque in front of the tree.)

On the right, the George Washington
Bicentennial Tree 1732-1932


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