1977 Centennial Committee

"As Time Goes By - Odebolt Centennial, 1877-1977" was printed by The Odebolt Chronicle in May, 1977.   We have the following Centennial Committee to thank, not only for the celebration, but for the marvelous   book of history, pictures and biographies of Odebolt and its people.


Leo Simon - Chairman
Norman Olberding - Co-Chairman
Mrs. Dennis Peterson - Secretary
Harvey H. Keller - Treasurer
Frank Shaw - Historical Book
Chris J. Barkley - Historical Book
Robert Miller - Publicity and Printing
Mrs. Raymond Druivenga - King & Queen Election and Style Show 
Mrs. Earl Johnson - Food Arrangements
Mrs. George Landgraf - Special Invitations and Alumni Arrangements
Leo Lindner, Sr., - Special Carnival Events and Concessions
Arlen Luitjens - Parade and Antique Cars
Jack Hogue, Jr. - Special Sports Events
Bartley Ogden - Antique Arrangements
Charles Waterbury - Pageant Director


(Thanks also to the many other residents of Odebolt who were actively involved!)




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