Odebolt- 1938 Businessmen 2

Photos of 1938 Businessmen, page 2

(Source:  "Fifty Years of Progress"; The Odebolt Chronicle, Vol. 51, Number 31, 
Thursday, August 25, 1938)

bryant_dr.jpg (23459 bytes)
Dr. K. Bryant

buchanan_dairy.jpg (42263 bytes)
Buchanan's Dairy

groman_dr.jpg (40568 bytes)
Dr. A. Groman

hart_dr.jpg (22432 bytes)
Dr. W.E. Hart


johnston_rp.jpg (18110 bytes)
R.P. Johnston

korneisel_r.jpg (13006 bytes)
R. Korneisel

mcallister_dr.jpg (23341 bytes)
Dr. James McAllister

mullan_don.jpg (22247 bytes)
Atty. Don Mullan

teaquist_col.jpg (27620 bytes)
Col. A.S. Teaquist

watts_lh.jpg (19075 bytes)
L.H. Watts

dresselhuis_gw.jpg (15503 bytes)
Atty. George Dresselhuis

dresselhuis_march02.jpg (40935 bytes)
George Dresselhuis still practicing law in 2002 - photo by D. Cleveland

Black and White photos on the page by A.W. Dahlstrom, Photographer

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