Odebolt-1938 Businessmen

Photos of 1938 Businessmen

(Source:  "Fifty Years of Progress"; The Odebolt Chronicle, Vol. 51, Number 31, 
Thursday, August 25, 1938)

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Top Row:  Harry M Carlson-Manager, C.M. Youman's Lbr. Co.,  John M. Larson - Larson's Briardale Store,A. L. Meyer - Mgr., Green Bay Lumber Co., C.A. Teaquist - John Deere Dealer, N. L. Skalovsky - Kalin and Co.  Second Row:  R.B. Swanson - Swanson Hardware, R.H. Griffin - President, Odebolt State Bank, F.W.Mattes - Furniture and Undertaking, L.P. Beck - Manager, Albert Dickinson Co., A.M. Sanders - Manager, Sac County Electric Co.


Businessmen 2

Top Row:  Francis J. Kallsen - Home Cash Store, Dave Larson - Paul and Larson, John F. Buehler - Refrigerated Locker System, O.E. Huglin - Gilbert and Huglin, M.H. Paul - Paul and Larson. Second Row:  Fred J. Gilbert - Gilbert and Huglin, Harry Sommers - Manager, Cracker Jack Co., O.W. Larson - New York Life Insurance Co., J.A. Engstrom - Engstrom Drug Co.,  Vern Roth - McCormick-Deering Dealer

1938towncouncil.jpg (48317 bytes)
1938 Town Council

TOWN FATHERS - Affairs of the town are directed by (left to right) Mayor, L.P. Beck, and Councilmen, K Bryant, Dave Larson, R.B. Swanson and P.E. Treman.  (Standing) August J.N. Schmitz, town clerk, and Don G. Mullen, attorney.  Councilman R.H. Griffin absent. Photo by Dahlstrom.

Photo from Harvey Keller.  Description from "Fifty Years of Progress" 1938 edition of the Odebolt Chronicle.

All Photos on the page by A.W. Dahlstrom, Photographer

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