Odebolt, 75th Anniversary Parade

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Odebolt Celebrates 75th Anniversary

(Source:  “As Time Goes By”, Odebolt, Iowa 1877-1977, 
printed by The Odebolt Chronicle May, 1977, p. 267)

Approximately 4,000 people were on hand at 6:30 Tuesday night, August 12, 1952, to watch the largest and most interesting parade in the history of the Community Fair.  Crowds lined the parade route from Fifth street through the center of town and part of the way back to the assembly area near East park.

This year’s parade, considerably longer than in former years, consisted of 71 major entries in addition to dozens of children’s entries and the local Saddle club, which entered as a group.  Many organizations and business houses entered large decorative floats, along with numerous commercial displays.

The parade was led by a large group of residents of Odebolt who have lived here for 75 years or more, in observance of the town’s 75th anniversary.  The old-time residents rode at the front of the show in open convertibles and received a nice hand from the thousands along the parade route.

Those in the 75-year group were Mrs. Charles Smith, Mrs. W. K. Shaw, Mrs. Charles Kistler, Mrs. Frank Searight. L. L. Goreham, E. E. Goreham, A. S. Teaquist, John Gonnerman, Henry Buehler and Will Raasch.  Henry Frey was also qualified as a 75-year resident but other plans prevented his taking part in the parade.

(transcribed by B. Ekse) 


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