1884-1885 Odebolt Business Directory

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1884-1885 Odebolt Business Directory

Iowa State Gazetteer and Business Directory, 1884-1885, Vol. 3

Odebolt. A thriving incorporated town on the M. R. Br. C &N. W. Ry. [Railway]., in Richland township, Sac county, 28 miles southwest of Sac City, the seat of justice, and 138 [miles] northwest of Des Moines.  First settled in 1877, it now contains Presbyterian, Methodist Episcopal and Catholic churches, a good school, 2 banks, a public hall and a weekly newspaper, the Odebolt Reporter (Rep.).  The assessed valuation of real and personal property in the city exceeds $150,000.  Improved prairie land averages $35 per acre.  Ships live stock and grain.  Tel., W.U., Exp., Am., Population 1,100.  Mail, daily.  Francis R. Bennett, postmaster.
  • Anderson, John, shoemaker
  • Austin & Thew (Irvine Austin, S M Thew), lumber and coal
  • Bangs, Ambrose A., town assessor.
  • Banse, Charles, boots and shoes
  • Bay, Wm F., Cash Exchange bank
  • Bennett, Francis R., Propr, Odebolt Reporter
  • Boardman, Charles D., drugs and books
  • Bowman, S H & Co., lumber and coal
  • Breezley, James M., propr Revere House
  • Brensinger, Oliver M., Meat Market; Dealer in Hides and Cured Meats
  • Brown, Rev. Henry (Methodist Episcopal)
  • Burnquist, Charles A., general store
  • Burnside, John W., dry goods
  • Cooper & Iarchow (Hollace H. Cooper, Wm. Iarchow), billiards
  • Dingman, C.R., carpenter
  • Einspahr, John E., Carriage and Wagonmaker
  • Exchange Bank, George J. Low, Pres., Wm. F. Bay, Cash[ier]; General Banking Business; Collections a Specialty
  • Farmers' Bank (Capital, $43,000), Oliver P. Thompson, Pres.; George M. Taggart, Cash[ier]; Dealers in Real Estate
  • Flathers, Christian T., barber
  • Frederick, Henry, restaurant
  • Gabriel, Rees, lumber and coal
  • Gardiner & Olney (Marvin Gardiner, Lee Olney), livery
  • Geist, Emanual, pianos and organs
  • Geist, Mrs. V., milliner
  • Gibson, James, carpenter
  • Graham & Myrick (Wm. Graham, Charles H. Myrick), furniture and sew machines
  • Green Bay Lumber Co. (of Carroll)
  • Gromann, August, physician
  • Hanson, Henry, grain, live stock and seeds
  • Hedstrom, Jacob P., general store
  • Helsell, Rev. Jesse (Lutheran), justice
  • Hess, Wm. H., barber
  • Hilton, Mrs., dressmaker
  • Holzworth, Robert W., jeweler
  • Hora, Frank, harnessmaker
  • Horan Bros. (John and Thomas), livery
  • Iverson, Iver, saloon
  • Jacobe, Christian, carpenter
  • Jacobe, Wm., Meat Market
  • Jacobe, Mrs. Wm., milliner
  • Jacobson, Jacob R., shoemaker
  • Johannsen, C & Co. (Christian Johannsen, Wm. E. Koeneman), clothing
  • Johnson, Frank S., physician
  • Ketterer, John H., mayor
  • Ketterer, J. H. & Co.. (John H. Ketterer, Joseph Mattes), hardware
  • King, Erwin A., farm impts.
  • Lee, Emma L., grocer
  • Low, George J., Pres Exchange Bank
  • Lundquist Bros (Nelse [Nels] N. and James N.), photographers
  • McCulloch, Rev. H. G. (Adventist)
  • McKeever, Emma C., harnessmaker
  • McMahon, Mrs., milliner
  • Mattes & Ketterer (John R. Mattes, John H. Ketterer), general store
  • Matthew, Walter C., town recorder
  • Matthews, A.E., jeweler
  • Mathews [Matthews?], Ward, clothing
  • Messer, Clarence, prin. public school
  • Motie, Francis P., grocer
  • Muxen, Harmon J., propr Muxen's Hotel
  • Myrick, Charles H., marshal
  • Odebolt Reporter, Francis R. Bennett, propr
  • Ottin, Peter, restaurant
  • Oursler, Wm. N., dentist
  • Parker, George H., wagonmaker
  • Perchong, Rev P. (Catholic)
  • Preston, Herbert B., general store and coal
  • Revere House, James M. Breezley, propr
  • Reynolds, John A., blacksmith
  • Rorabaugh, E.M., restaurant
  • Ross, Frank A., insurance
  • Sampson, Wm., town treasurer
  • Sampson & Jenkins (Wm. Sampson, George Jenkins), general store
  • Schmitz Bros. (John N. and Leonard), saloon and undertakers
  • Shaw, C. D., livery
  • Shea, Cornelius, propr Shea's Hotel
  • Sifford & Hopkins (Lewis J. Sifford, Charles M. Hopkins) druggists
  • Smith, Martin W., flour and feed
  • Spelbring, George C., railroad, tel [telegraph] and exp agent
  • Sprague, Mrs., dressmaker
  • Stevens, Allen E., physician
  • Stevens, Benjamin F., physician
  • Summerwill, Wm. J., drugs and books
  • Sutton, C. W., justice of peace
  • Sutton, George W., hardware
  • Taggart, George M., Cash Farmers' Bank
  • 783

  • Thompson, Mrs. Augusta, dressmaker
  • Thompson, Oliver P., pres Farmers' bank
  • Thompson, Rev W. O. (Presbyterian)
  • Tyler, N. A. & Co. (Nathan A. Tyler, J. George Buehler), coal, lime, etc.
  • Warneke, E. A. & Co. (Ernest A. Warneke, Silas A. Kimm), grain
  • Webster, Frederick F., general store
  • Wheeler, Hiram C., seeds
  • Work, John C., Carriage and Wagon Mnfr.
  • Zane & Helsell (John M. Zane, Wm. A. Helsell), Law, Loans, Insurance, Collections and Abstracts (See adv, below)



    Complete Set of Abstracts for Sac County

    Loans Negotiated.  Farm Lands and Real Estate Bought and Sold.
    Prompt Attention to Collections.

    JOHN M. ZANE, W. A. HELSELL, Notaries                 ODEBOLT and SAC CITY, IOWA



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