Anti-Slavery Monthly Meeting

Salem, Iowa

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From 1843 to ca 1847 there were ca 50 members who left the Salem Monthly Meeting and joined in the formation of the Salem Anti-Slavery Monthly Meeting. This pdf file from my CD that was included with my book Cedar Creek Friends And Its People show those who left and the entries were taken from the minutes of the Salem Monthly Meeting of Friends. By 1857 the Indiana Anti-Slavery Yearly Meeting was reuniting with Indiana Yearly Meeting. Salem Anti-Slavery Monthly Meeting was part of Indiana Anti-Slavery Yearly Meeting. The Anti-Slavery Burying Ground in Salem united with the Salem Monthly Meeting Burial Ground in 1863. (See Anti-Slavery Burying Ground)


On the 22 day of the 7th month 1843 the Salem Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Anti-Slavery Friends officially organized. Their officers were:

Overseers: Isaac Pidgeon, John Lewelling, Elva Lewelling and Bulah Comer

Trustees: Isaac Pidgeon and Aaron Street Jr. (They were to take and hold the titles to the meetinghouse and burying ground.)

Elders: Marmaduke Jay, Aaron Street, Jr., Phebe Pidgeon and Elizabeth Street

Clerks: Aaron Street, Jr and Cyrene Lewelling

Treasurer: John Lewelling

No original deed to the meetinghouse is found but since Aaron Street laid out the town he may not have registered a deed to the meetinghouse. There was one registered for the anti-slavery burying ground in 1844.

We do find some documents in 1868 that deal with the Anti-Slavery group.

The Trustees of the Wesleyan Methodist Church of the Town of Salem, Henry County, Iowa in consideration of one dollar do jointly and severally quit claim release and convey unto William Hough, William Beard and Walter Edgerton of the State of Indiana the Trustees of Indiana Yearly Meeting of Anti-Slavery Friends, all and singular the rights, Interests and demands of said Society incorporated or body and as such Trustees of said Society, legal and equitable and of every name and nature in and to that Real Estate situated in said Henry County and State of Iowa known as Lots number Five, Six, Seven and Eight (5,6,7 & 8) in Block Twenty Two (22) according to the Original plat of the Town of Salem. Signed in behalf of the Society Meeting or incorporation that we represent this 3rd day of 5 Month (May) 1868.

F. H. Frazier, D. M. Jay and Jonathan A Frazier -Trustees of the Wesleyan Methodist Church of Salem, Iowa

(Note: F. H. Frazier is probably Francis H. Frazier of the Anti-Slavery meeting and D. M. Jay, could be David, the son of Marmaduke Jay and Jonathan Frazier was a member of the Anit-Slavery Meeting.)

Another document

This Indenture Witnesseth: That William Hough of Wayne County, William Beard of Union County and Walter Edgerton of Henry County, Trustees of Indiana Yearly Meeting of Anti-Slavery Friends all in the State of Indiana convey and Warrant to John H. Pickering in Henry County, in the State of Iowa to wit: Lots number Five, Six, Seven and Eight in Block Twenty-two in the Town of Salem according to the Original Plat of said Town. In Witness Whereof. The said William Hough, William Beard and Walter Edgerton Trustees as aforesaid have hereunto set their hands and Seals 2nd 2nd Mo 1867. (William Hough signed on 2nd day 2nd month, William Beard signed on sixteenth and Walter Edgerton signed on the 20th of the same month 1867.)

Based on the map and the above I have included this map showing where I believe the meeting to have been. I believe in ca 1857 it changed it's name to the Wesleyan Methodist Church and the Wesleyan Methodist Church did not last long in Salem.

anti-slavery meeting map


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