1890 Greene County Assessor's List

Greene County Iowa
1890 Assessor's List

1890 Greene County Assessor's List


With the loss of the 1890 U.S. Federal Census, alternative lists of residents have become increasingly important. There is perhaps no more comprehensive list of a county's residents than its Assessor's List showing residents with taxable personal property.

The 1890 Greene County Assessor's List is comprised of 4,032 names of residents of Greene County, divided by townships and incorporated communities. It was transcribed by Greene County Genealogical Society member John Meyer and can be accessed in two ways - alphabetically by surname or by township or community.

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Alphabetical Index By Surname

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Alphabetical Index by Township or Community

Bristol Township Jackson Township
Cedar Township Jefferson Incorporated
Churdan Incorporated Junction Township
Dawson Township Kendrick Township
Franklin Township Paton Incorporated
Grand Junction Incorporated Paton Township
Grant Township Scranton Incorporated
Greenbrier Township Scranton Township
Hardin Township Washington Township
Highland Township Willow Township

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