Greene County Iowa Genealogy - Abandoned Towns

Greene County Iowa
Abandoned Towns

*Adaza (sec 7, Highland Twp)
*Angus (sec 36, Washington Twp, S of Surry; part of town in sec 31, Union Twp, Boone Co.)
Cedar Creek (central Cedar Twp 1869-81)
*'Coon Siding or Raccoon Siding (settlement along Raccoon River; sec 9, Jackson Twp)
Eureka (sec 11, Jackson Twp)
Forbes Station (betw Jefferson & Farlin)
*Graveley (along Hwy 30, between Jefferson and Scranton)
Green Castle (SW Washington Twp 1857-1862)
Greenops (central Kendrick Twp 1855-1857)
Greys (central Cedar Twp 1868-69)
Hardin (4 mi SE of Jefferson Grant Twp near Hardin Creek)
Havanna (NW Kendrick Twp 1857-1862)
*Hope (railroad station; sec 1, Paton Twp)
Kendrick (central Kendrick Twp 1863-67)
New Jefferson (1859-1867; now the present city of Jefferson)
Northville (northern Kendrick Twp, then moved to S Cedar Twp 1865-81)
Paduca (SE Washington Twp 1857-68)
Rippey (sec 7 Washington Twp 1857-80; when railroad was built 4 mi to the E, "Old Rippey" was moved to the present town of Rippey)
*Sarney(Cedar Twp)
Scranton City (present town of Scranton from 1880-89)
Scranton Station (present town of Scranton from 1869-80)
*Surry or Surry Town (sec 26, Washington Twp betw. Rippey and Angus)
*Winkleman Switch (railroad station; Sec 28, Grant Twp)

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* personal recollections of local historians; not listed in above source

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