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Frank Ross January 1, 2005
I am looking for information about  my great grandfather, John SNELL. His wife's maiden name was ROGERS. He was the father of my grandmother, Mary Ann (born about 1861) and her sisters, Alice and Maude. Some of his descendants (one was John Jones) farmed near Delhi at least as late as 1950. At that time Alice lived in Dubuque with her son Bert Jones and his wife Alvina and grandson Merle. Merle was born in 1924 and may now live in Davenport.  John SNELL was said to be a cousin of Queen Victoria. He may have been born in 1825 in England.  I would appreciate any assistance or suggestions you can provide about my great-grandfather. 



Stan Butcher January 2, 2005
Re William Castle CLARK, his wife Sarah KNOTT nee WANSTALL and her sister Mary WANSTALL.  I am a descendant of William CLARK who remained in Eastry when they emigrated to the USA.  I have some info on this family . . . . for instance Sarah's father John was a son of Thomas WANSTALL and "Sarah" - maiden name unknown.  We can't find out anything about the sisters' mother Abigail.  This family, with four sons, emigrated from England in 1867 and settled and farmed in Delaware County.  On retirement they moved into Earlville, Delaware.  Sarah died in 1894, and in 1896 William married her younger sister Mary.  William died in 1903; Mary survived lived until1916, aged in her 90s.  Do you know which properties they owned, farmed or lived in?  Do you know anything of a nephew, William Troward CLARK who came over to join them probably around 1890?   I'm Stan Butcher, a descendant of William and Sarah's eldest son who, newly married, stayed in England when his younger siblings and parents emigrated.  We are trying to flesh out the family history.



Kathy February 2, 2005
Searching for Parents of Jerome A. COFFIN born 1855 died 1934.  Probably Hiram COFFIN.  Last trace Ill. 1860 Census age 40.  Help appreciated. 


Alice Horner March 22, 2005 Photos - Elizabeth Morris Horner and sister, Dean and Dorothy Preussner, and Probably DeWayne Bishop born 1910
I am trying to find information about Richard Morris and his family, who lived in Fayette County, Iowa (adjacent to Delaware County, Iowa). I have only found out in the last couple of weeks that he was my great great grandfather. One of his daughters, Elizabeth Morris, was my great grandmother. Richard Morris and his wife Sarah Ann (unknown surname) immigrated from Wales on November 13, 1851, on the ship ďElizabethĒ. I donít know where they lived right after they moved to America, but they appear on the 1860 US Federal Census for Squaw Grove Township, DeKalb County, Illinois. They apparently moved to Fayette County, Iowa, maybe around 1868 because my great grandmother, Elizabeth Morris, married my great grandfather Benjamin Horner in Carroll County, Illinois (about 50 miles from DeKalb County) March 20, 1868. Her parents, Richard and Sarah, and their two younger daughters Annie and Caroline appear on the 1870 US Federal Census for Putnam Township, Fayette County, Iowa.

Richard Morris was born in 1816 in Wales and died January 26, 1894. His wife Sarah Ann was born in 1860 in Wales and died March 5, 1900. Thanks to your excellent Iowa Cemetery Records, I find they are buried in the County Corners Cemetery, Cass Township, Clayton County, Iowa, which is just north of Dundee, Iowa, and adjacent to Delaware County, Iowa.

Does anyone have any information about this family? Iím attaching a photo of my great grandmother, Elizabeth Morris standing next to someone who must be one of her sisters, who is seated. I have no idea which sister this might have been. I think I may have other photos of this family, all unlabeled. My specific questions about this family:

1. Their eldest child Thomas, who was born about 1840 in Wales. On the 1860 US Census for DeKalb County, he was working as a farm hand on the Leyson Rees farm in Shabbona Township, not far from his parents farm in Squaw Grove Township. I donít see him on the 1870 census for either DeKalb County, Illinois or Fayette County, Iowa, but on the 1880 US Federal Census for Putnam Township, Fayette County, Iowa there is a Thomas Morris who was born in Wales and was 38 in 1880 and a farmer. The ages are close if not exactly correct. It shows him with a wife named Elizabeth who was born in Wisconsin and two children, a Walter Morris who was 5 years old in 1880 and an Alta Morris who was one year old. The Iowa Cemetery Records shows a Thomas Morris in the Union Cemetery in Putnam Township, Fayette County, Iowa who was born in 1841 and died March 5, 1903. Does anyone have any information about these people?

2. I show two other brothers, both born in Wales, but I have no information about them. John Morris was born in 1844 and Benjamin Morris about 1850. Theyíre on the 1860 US Census for DeKalb County, but not on the 1870 Census for Fayette County, (and on the passenger list for the ship, available on but they would have been old enough to have left home by 1870. Iowa Cemetery Records shows a John Morris buried in the Oakland Cemetery in Delaware County, with no date of birth but a death date of April 11, 1869. I have no idea of thatís him. I have nothing whatever on Benjamin Morris.

3. I also show a Richard Morris, who was born about 1851 in Illinois. Really, it must have been closer to 1852, since they immigrated in November 1851 and his mother would have been very pregnant with him, which I canít imagine was likely.

4. I have nothing on Annie L. Morris, who was born about 1855 in Illinois, other than that she appears on the 1870 Census with her parents in Putnam Township, Fayette County, Iowa. Sheís not with them on the 1880 Census. Does anyone have anything?

5. Caroline Morris was born August 1857 in Illinois and married Charles Cherry, who was born in Iowa October 1857. They had two children, John H. Cherry, who died at birth and Maude Cherry, who married a Carl D. Bishop. I checked the 1920 US Census for them and found Caroline Cherry, Carl & Maude Bishop and their son all living in Waterloo, Iowa. I have just found a photo of DeWayne, or who I think is DeWayne, which Iíve attached. I have nothing about else Caroline Morris Cherry except a reference to her from a letter written in 1946 by her niece (see Carrie Kalthenbach Preussner). Anyone know anything about any of them?

6. Emily, who was 2 years old on the 1860 Census doesnít appear on the 1870 Census at all. She would have been only, 12, too young to leave home or work as a servant. Did she die in Iowa? I donít see anything for her in Iowa Cemetery Records.

I have a lot more information on Mary J Morris, another daughter, who married Samuel Kaltenbach. They are in the History of Delaware County and various other references. One of their daughters, Carrie B. Kaltenbach, married Albert Perry Preussner. Albert Preussner and Carrie B Kaltenbach Preussner had two children, Dean and Dorothy. Dean Preussner who was born 1907 and died February 1973 in Edinburg, Hidalgo County, Texas February 1973 (according to the Social Security Death Index). He was married and had a son who was born before 1946. Dorothy Preussner was born December 11, 1910 and died August 15, 1999 in Manchester, Delaware County, Iowa. She never married. She lived at 704 E. Butler Street, Manchester, Iowa. My aunt, Etta Horner Bowers (who died in 1973), kept up with Dorothy Preussner but my father did not and I had no idea until a couple of weeks ago that we were even related to her. Iím attaching a scan of her and her brother Dean, and might be able later to dredge up more information about her. But she only died 6 years ago; there must be someone out there who knew her. Any information at all would be much appreciated.

I am a descendant of the brother of the Levi Preston who is on the Edgewood Cemetery List, Delaware County.    Levi Preston's date of death shows as August 7, 1855. He was born 1833 in South Hadley, Massachusetts and came to Illinois with his family in about 1835, first to Princeton, Bureau County, Illinois and then in 1836 to Mt. Carroll Township, Carroll County, Illinois.  The legend in the family is that he walked all the way to West Union, Iowa from Carroll County. I'm not exactly sure what year that was.  Obviously he died very young.
Does anyone have any information about him?  There are 7 other people with Preston surnames listed for Edgewood Cemetery:  Chas. W. Preston, Elizabeth Preston, Harriet A. Preston, James Preston, Kate A. Preston, Martha Preston, and Seth Preston.  I don't show any of these people as being siblings of Levi Preston.  Does anyone have any information about them? 
I can provide genealogical information 5 generations before him and 8 generations after his siblings. 



Jerry Traver April 3, 2005
Some of my genealogies are in the library in Manchester.  My grandparents were Maurice Robert Traver and Delia Oretta Wright (Denison) on my father (Earl H.) side, and Florence Wells (daughter of Lewis and Martha Adella) and Orrin S. Pierce (son of Ira M. Pierce and Lovina McKinnis) - all of Delaware County.  Fred Traver was my uncle and Donald (and Fred) are my cousins.  Family histories I have researched and authored include "Ancestors and Descendants of Ensign Samuel Wells" (grandfather of William Wells & great-grandfather of Lewis Gay Wells - both buried in Oakland Cemeter); "Ancestor's and Descendants of Samuel Gay" (ancestor of Lewis Gay Wells and his wife, Martha Adella Gay); "Some Descendants of King Edward I of England (in lines of Skipper, Lunt, Gay, Wells, Pierce and Traver (including Fred Traver family and Scanlons); " Descendants of Richard Chamberlin of Braintree, Roxbury and Sudbury, MASS" (descendants include descendants of Eliza Ann Barker and Simeon Gay (Martha Adella Gay and Lewis Wells) (avail now for $50.00); nearly ready to published - Ancestors and Descents of Captain John Barker (same line as last); Descendants of Sergeant Timothy Jerome (includes all descendants of Maurice Robert Traver) (available now for $50); Ancestors and Descendants of Jesse Southwick of New Salem and Williamstown, Massachusetts (includes descendants of Ira Marion Pierce and his brothers, Philetus and Oren); "Ancestors and Descendants of Thomas Porter (1672-1748) of Weymouth and Taunton, Mass and Lebanon, CT" (descendants of William Wells (buried Oakland), whose mother was Harriet Porter); Some Descendants of James Hill (1655-1708) of Henrico County, Virginia (includes descendants of Mason Fowler and Prudence Hill - including Ira M. Pierce's descendants and his uncle, William Fowler, both of whom resided in Delaware County); and "Some Descendants of Three Early Henrico (Chesterfield) County, Virginia Settlers:  James Hill (1655-1708); John Puckett (d. 1677), and John Fowler (ca 1638-1687) (same lines as the book on James Hill).  All of my books are for sale.  My Traver book is in the Manchester library. Families that I have researched include: Traver, Wells, Gay, Lunt, Pierce, Fowler, Jerome, Sabin, Purdy and Wright.  Isaac S. Wright and Reubin Purdy of Delaware County are ancestors on my grandmother, Delia Wright (Denison) Traver side, and these lines included Rev. William Wright and his wife Lovica (buried Sand Creek), Isaac S. Wright and his wife Nancy Purdy (buried Oakland).  Research on these lines go back to New York, Vermont and Connecticut ( Truman Powel, Martin Powel and Benjamin Carpenter lines).  Related families of the latter include family of George William Wright of Blue Earth Co. (Mankato), MN (brother of Delia); family of Frances Wright and Homer J. Daker; and family of Flora Wright and Finley E. Dutton (including the late Wayne Dutton of Manchester).  So there are numerous Delaware County families who are included in my research area!

 TIM TUTTON is the cousin of my mothers first cousin, Crytal Wells.



Wayne Haight May 4, 2005
I am searching for Norman Haight and Allen Haight.  Norman married to Lucinda Holdridge.  He could have arrived in Iowa any time after his son was born in Illinois in 1842.  He was in Delhi, Delaware Co. in 1853-55.  His son Allen (misspelled as Allin) appears in the census beginning in 1870 in North Fork Twp along with his wife Jane Jackson and son Arthur Lewis.  In later census they are in Prairie Twp.  I would appreciate any information or making contact with other family members. 



Elizabeth Warren May 4, 2005
I am researching the Emerson (b 1810) father of Hollis (b 1842) Rutter families. Any assistance and information would be greatly appreciated.




Louie May 18, 2005
Am looking for info. on Marcellus Sargent son of J P Sargent and Elizabeth Sargent married Alena G Trowbridge.  THANK YOU MUCH



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