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Steve Hanken January 6, 2003
Interested in the BOWEN family that settled around Sand Springs and Hopkinton Iowa. Especially interested in Asa C. BOWEN to find out if he is connected to Hugh Bowen of Jones county.  If so, what is the relationship. 


John Fruehe January 15, 2003
My GGG was Minnie DUBOIS who was born in Manchester and later lived and died in Mason city.   She married a David Morris in Buchanan and I am trying to locate her parents.   Think they were from Norway.  Thanks


Renee Stevens January 18, 2003
STEVENS, Marcello Solbiesko and his wife Adeline.  Their children, Etta,
Arthur Burton, Eva and Cora Ethel, were all born in Manchester, Delaware
County between 1867 and 1874.  By the 1880 census they had moved to Sioux
Rapids, Iowa.  Arthur Burton eventually moved to Seibert, Colorado.


Karen Peyton February 2, 2003
Dubois-Davis:  Looking for information on the descendants of Gertrude DUBOIS DAVIS who was a teacher in Delaware County.  Married to Ben Davis and had at least one child, Marion DAVIS.  Gertrude was born May 17, 1873.  I don't have any other information except that her parents were John and Marion DUBOIS.  Thanks in advance.



Olivia Wells February 5, 2003
I've recently learned that Eri and Adoline TOMLINSON are buried in the Oakland Cemetery in Delaware County.  Adoline's sister Aurora and her husband William WELLS followed Eri and Adoline from New York to Michigan.   Perhaps they also followed them to Iowa.  Eri and Adoline had a son Fred TOMLINSON born in 1857 in Iowa.  William and Aurora Wells had four children:  Charles, Almond, Marie, and Samuel (all born in NY).  Any information re any of these ancestors would be extremely helpful. 


Joan M Pace February 14, 2003
I am looking for info on Thomas Francis KELLY  d. 10/23/1886 in Plum Creek buried in Delhi, St John's cemetery& his wife Margaret DRUGAN(sp) d. 1/13/1918, also buried in Delhi. They had 8 children & I know that two of their daughters, Kate & Agnes never married & lived & died in Delaware County.  I know they had a son in law by the name of Fredrick Goldsmith.  Any information would be appreciated.


Barbara February 16, 2003
I am trying to locate descendants of Henry BUSH and his wife, Catharine. In 1886, they were living in Earlville, Delaware Co., Iowa.  Thank you.  


Ann Wells March 20, 2003
SEATON, Genevieve Ola  born Manchester, Delaware, IA Jan. 1876;  parents were George A. Seaton and Sarah E. MICHAEL.

Searching for burial places of Asa and Anna SEATON both found on the 1870 census in Milo Twp and Samuel and Sussana MICHAEL and their dau. Sarah Elizabeth MICHAEL who married 1 George A SEATON ( 1874-76) and 2 a Mr Sears.   Sarah and George's dau. Jennie O SEATON md. George W. DENNIS 10 Aug. 1896 in Beloit, Rock, WI marriage rec. # 363. Jennie and George W DENNIS both buried in Pendleton, Oregon, am willing to share info on these families. 


Carol Ellefson April 3, 2003
I am looking for any information on Adam and Maggie BRAUN found in the Iowa, Delaware County, North Fork township 1880 census, age listed as 70. Both from Baden, Germany.  Also information of Michael BRAUN/BROWN born Baden, and wife Anna (born Iowa about 1857, parents born Baden).. Michael and Annas' children Adam, Lena, Michael and George. George is the ancestor I am tracking.  I need the exact date of Georges birth, as I have very conflicting dates.
I am looking for information on the  following people found on the 1870 North Fork township census. Adam, Margaret and Michael Brown (Braun), Also the Michael BILLMIER family, particularly Anna age 14. I  am looking for marriage between Anna BILLMIER and Michael BRAUN, and death information of Adam and Margaret BROWN (BRAUN).


Marianne Aarons April 7, 2003
Seeking info on HUEYs --  Mary, Daniel, William, Emmet, Frank -- Sister & brothers of my great-grandfather.  I find Emmet in Delaware, Delaware Co. in 1920 Census, but none of the others.  According to family records Frank died in 1910, in Manchester, but Mary, Daniel, William & Emmet were all living in Manchester, Iowa in 1931 -- all in their 80's, apparently all single.  Would appreciate any information anyone might have.



Ray Barrett May 13, 2003
I am looking for information on the SHELDON family who moved to Manchester, Delaware Co., Iowa prior to 1870 from Oneida County, New York. Any information will be helpful.  Thank You.



Carolee Welch May 14, 2003
I am looking for any information or pictures of my Grandmother, Brownie Gill and her husband Gorda Gill. 
As a child my family visited them often.  Now that I am the age they were when we visited I have gotten bitten by the genealogy bug.  I know they were very active in Manchester and loved their town. 
Gorda was had been president of the Rotary Club and the Chamber of Commerce.  He was also Past Pres. of the Lions Club and Chamber of Commerce in Strawberry Point.
I believe they belonged to the United Methodist Church.
My Grandmother passed away a few years ago in Florida.  How I wish I could ask her for dates, fact and for some of the many pictures.  I know that they had a clown act, which I never was able to see. 
Does ANYONE remember this delightful couple and relate any fun stories.
Any help would be appreciated, and it goes without saying that I will be more than happy to pay for copies or postage.  Thanks,


Valerie Hockey May 25, 2003
My grandparents lived on a farm between Dundee and Lamont. There names were Mattie W. and Maude L. PRATT. Also some other names I'm looking for are Joseph Melvin PRATT, Mary Elizabeth HAASIS, William BATES first, Mary Esther MITCHELL If you could help me I would appreciate it very much



Linda Farnam May 30, 2003
I'm researching William FARNAM of Big Rock, Iowa, either Scott or Clinton County.  He was born 1851.  My husband's grandfather was his son.  Robert
FARNAM buried in Nebraska.  Family came to Fla. in 1920's.  I have researched  for 11 years.  My dead end.  If Anyone could help me I would appreciate it.  Thanks 



Jim Neiers June 15, 2003
My condolances to the family of Helen E. SHAFFER, 92 of Manchester that died 13 June, 2003.  Does anyone know if this person was related to John D. SHAFFER that married Margaret THEISEN in 1878?  I am aware one daughter, Mary (Mayme) that lived in Manchester.  Would like to contact any members of this family.  Mary in Manchester was my last known member on that branch of the families, LOES and NEIERS, I am researching.  Margaret THEISEN was the daughter of John THEISEN and Susanah M. LOES, daughter of Mathias LOES and Margaret Maria NEIERS. 



Dee August 20, 2003
Looking for information on John G JOHNSON with wife Nancy Applebee who moved from Erie, PA to Sand Springs, IA prior to 1860.  Were there siblings of John Johnson who lived in the same area?  Seeking info on parents or siblings of same.  Ebbert JOHNSON was his son and b in Sand Spring area 26 Oct 1861.  Thank you.


Richard Freeman August 29, 2003
My great-grandfather, John Richard FREEMAN, had a farm located in the vicinity of what is now Ryan, Iowa, not too far from Manchester, Iowa. My grandfather, Richard FREEMAN was born there on July 20, 1872. He had a brother, Lawrence Freeman, who was one of the founding members of the Ryan Lumber Company or association. He married into the Sommers family. My grandfather, Richard, moved to New York where he became an actor and died in NYC on May 2, 1939. I can find no trace of anyone living in the area and only the grave of a daughter, Hannah M. I am at a dead end. I have been searching for some evidence of this family for about 20 years. Can anyone help me out? Thank you 


Valerie Hockey September 1, 2003
I'm looking for a Leana SMITH who married a Mathiasis HASSIS she was born in IL but live in Prairie Delaware Iowa, if anyone has any info I would like to see it also will share what I have.


Richard Freeman Scott September 16, 2003
Looking for any FREEMAN's in the Delaware County area, or whose forebears used to be there. My great-grandfather, John
FREEMAN (wife 's name Mary, nee Delahanta or a variation of that spelling) located in the following area in 1880: The North half  of the Northeast quarter of Section thirty four and the South half of the Southwest quarter of Section 27 and the Northwest quarter of the Southwest quarter of said Section 27 all in Township eighty seven North in Range 5 West of the 5th principal meridian. This is now where the town of Ryan is, some distance
South of Manchester. John's son (my Uncle Lawrence FREEMAN) who by then owned the parcel,  sold this, or a portion of it, to James E. Supple. By 1904 Martin Summers owned a part of the original land.  By 1930 Harriet Sullivan had a piece of it. In 1954, Charles Wolfe owned the piece that she had owned. Mary Supple still had a part of the original farm.
Lawrence also owned, in Adams, Delaware County, some land South of Ryan which he had bought from CJ and Mary Johnson in 1892. Around him were families with the names   Henderson and McCrea. Lawrence had also bought some land in Section 19 from Cornelius McAteer. In 1917 Lawrrence sold this same parcel to James Flannagan.
In 1885 Lawrence had some land in Jackson County that they were farming.
Finally, in Lot 35 in the old part of the Ryan cemetery is the grave of one of Lawrence's daughters, Hannah M. FREEMAN, daughter of Lawrence and Mary FREEMAN.
Lawrence and Mary FREEMAN were married in St. Michael's church at Belmont. Mary's maiden name was Summers.
Lawrence was also one of the founding members of the Ryan Farmers' Cooperative Lumber Company in 1902.
All said and done, I could still be wrong...somebody help!!!


Dorothy September 25, 2003
I am trying to find information about my great grandparents. They settled in Delaware County in the mid 1850's. They had 6 children born in Delhi. Their names were John MACKIN & Ann (Page) MACKIN. They came to this country from Ireland. John died in late 1868 or early 1869.  Ann remarried Thomas McLaughlin 2 years later.  I would appreciate any information.


Michele Knopp October 8, 2003
I have a Joseph John LUKENS and wife Emma  living in Delaware County in 1880 censes.  I have not been able to find them after that.  Their Daughter Rachel ended up in Dubuque IA.  I have not found the father Joseph John LUKENS. Or the mother Emma.  Could some one please help?    Thanks



[email protected] November 5, 2003
My Grandmother was Brownie GILL, I am her grandaughter and I am looking for any information for Genealogy and health reasons. I loved them both very much. Any help would be appreciated.




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