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Brian 19 Jan 1998
I go fishing a lot at Lake Delhi, and every time I go there I go through the town of Buck Creek, there's this old abandoned high school and gymnasium building. I looked on the Iowa map and a local Delaware County map, but it didn't show Buck Creek. Did Buck Creek used to be a booming town to have a high school and gymnasium in it? 

Elmer Hewitt 19 Jan 1998
Need to know the dates for Hopkinton this year. Have a lot of interested troops. LT ELMER HEWITT 8TH TEXAS 


Donna L. W. 7 March 1998
Am looking for the burial place of Thomas BAILEY died in Delaware Co., Iowa in 1854.  He had immigrated from Ireland in 1852 with his family Do you have any suggestions -- there seems to be a abundance of cemeteries in this county. Thanks in advance for any help. 


JackB82248 8 April 1998
John BROWN died in Colesburg, IA, date unknown. 


N. Deffenbaugh 27 Feb 1998
Looking for specifics for Jonathan COOLIDGE's (b.1817 in NY) children born in Yankee Settlement, Delaware Co. in the 1850s-1870's by his second wife Abigail SMITH.  First wife Catherine TUCKER.  Need proof that his father is Joner Brigham COOLIDGE and mother Sally GRAVES.  Any buried around there? If so, what cemetery? 


Jack Butler 29 April 1998
My name is Jack Butler.  I was born in Greeley, Iowa, and I am trying to find some information in regards to my grandfather, Edwin CORELL, and my great grandfather, Edward CORELL, as to where they were born and where they originally came from.  Attempting to find out where Edwin James CORELL died at either it was Greeley or Colesburg, IA.  Any information that you can furnish will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks for the help. 


Frank Davis 19 January 1998
William DAVIS lived in Delhi/Manchester, Delaware Co., Iowa; born in N. Y. October 10, 1800 died in January 11, 1881 or 1882. I have most all descendants of William's.  I need information on William's parents. 


Linda and Burdette DeGriselles 24 Jan 1998
We are looking for information regarding the display of the DeGRISELLES family items given to the Dubuque County Historical Society, Inc. by Miss Genevieve Shannon. This would have been July, 1978.  We would very much like to visit the area to see them. We have only read about them in the family history.  Could you advise us as to where they are located and who to contact? We would greatly appreciate any and all assistance you could give us. Thank you. 


Sue in Tulsa 15 Feb 1998
Interested in comparing information with anyone researching the HILLS family.  Henry Harrison HILLS & wife Selina MILLER HILLS lived in the Manchester area in the late 1800s, both dying of Bright's Disease in December 1904.  My husband is one of their many great-grandsons. 


Roger H. Clinton 27 Feb 1998
Looking for information on John Sylvester HILTON died between 1895 and 1900 in Delaware County, and Katherine HILTON died in the Delaware County Poor House between 1900 and 1910. 


Michael J. Maher 8 March 1998
Per his obituary, Adam JACOBS was born in Germany Nov 12, 1853 and came to America at the age of two with his parents, settling in Mendota, Illinois, where he grew to manhood.  In 1880 he, with his two brothers George and Cass, went to Avoca, Iowa and started the Avoca Foundry, Wagon and Blacksmith Shop, which they conducted in the name of JACOBS Bros.  In 1882 Adam returned to Mendota, Illinois where he was united in marriage to Miss Helena REITER (my grandmother, daughter of Nicklaus REITER). To this union four children were born: Blanche, Estella, Harry and Marie (my mother). Appreciate any info/assistance in research available. Thanks in advance, 


Sandi 24 Jan 1998
We are hoping that you could help us with information on someone in our family tree. JOHNSTON Amanda M.? b. June 23 1857 in Manchester, Iowa to Peter S.? JOHNSTON and Martha J.? FLEMING. We have information on Amanda as far as where she came from and where she is laid to rest, but we have nothing on her mother and father listed above. 


[email protected] 7 March 1998
Looking for any information on Henry LEES and Margaretta LEES (she died in Delhi, 1858; he died in 1879).  Information on allied families of PRESTON, and AMMERMAN are also needed. Henry LEES remarried to Catherine PURVIS. 


Kaylynn Loveland 19 Jan 1998
Sabrina, (also listed as Sophronia) HALL LOOMIS, wife of Oliver LOOMIS, died at Manchester, IA sometime before 1862.  Her daughter, Amanda LOOMIS, married Edwin R. LOOMIS, 1860-1865. Amanda died May 27, 1871 at Hopkinton, IA.  Would like to find marriage and death information on Amanda and any information on Sabrina.  It's said Oliver LOOMIS remarried and moved with another daughter, Mary, to Nebraska. 


Judy Mallory Holthaus 19 Jan 1998
Interested in any MALLORY, KNEE, DODGE, EVERY, STOVER, GULL, KRUGER, who live/lived in Delaware & Clayton County, Iowa. I have inf. to share. 


DMaxj 13 March 1998
I am researching my wife's great grandparents John W. MAXWELL (b. April 24,1867 in Delaware; d. Dec. 19,1928 in Manchester) and Nellie Jane AUSTIN (b. June 20, 1876 in Manchester; d. 1957). John W. MAXWELL's father was John MAXWELL (b 1840; d. Jan. 21,1890 in Delaware) and Mary _____ (March 5, 1835-May 24,1925). Nellie Jane AUSTIN's parents were James and Elizabeth YOUNG. I would appreciate any information you could provide about these folks and their origins. 


Ruth Gantenbein Jenkins 29 April 1998
Would like any information on William George MEYERS, born around 1850 in Germany or the Netherlands.  As a child, lived with his parents (would like their names) in Delaware County.  He married a Martha HINES.  They had two children, George William and Martha (Jennie).  George married Jessie Evelyn BECKNER of Greeley, and moved to Fayette county.  Are there federal or state census records available for lookups?  Or any county books of history that might list the Meyers? Thank you for any information or leads you can supply. (William George is my great grandfather) 


Gary Lampman , Dept of Chemistry, Western Washington University, Bellingham, WA 98225 19 Jan 1998
My great grandfather, James. A. MORSE had a farm in section 25 (Coffin's Grove) and I have a deed that dates 1873. He moved to California in the 1920's and died there. He and his wife are buried in Oakland Cemetery in Manchester. I have some newspaper accounts published in Delaware County, but I don't know what newspaper since that was cut off from the article.

My grandfather, Henry LAMPMAN, resided in Colony Township, Section 33, in 1878 (History of Delaware Co. Iowa, 1878). He must not have been "important" since no biographical information is listed!

My great great grandfather, Lawson A. ROE, had his farm in Section 24 (Coffin's Grove), and I have copies of deeds that date 1868. Both J. A. MORSE and L. A. ROE have their biographies listed in the "History of Delaware County, Iowa," published in 1878. Must have been more important than Henry LAMPMAN!

My question has to do with Lawson A. ROE. I have no death record for him. I was wondering if it may be possible to find something on him and also his wife, Susan A. (Knight) ROE. I saw on your Web site a "ROE Cemetery" in Honey Creek Township. Could this be the same Roe? 


Pam Ferguson 19 Jan 1998
I have obtained a photo album, that contains some family members of the E. P. MORSE descendants. His sons, were Albert D., James A. & Alpheus A.. I have a couple of photos of Alpheus A. & his wife Emily (DRAKE), as well as a son, cousins, in-laws and etc.. About 15 of the photos were taken in Manchester, IA, and have the surname of MORSE. The rest are from NY & VT and all are from the time frame of 1870-1885. I will be glad to send a list of the individuals, if you are interested. I will make copies or scans for my costs, if anyone sends a request. 


Ken Coolidge 4 April 1998
I am trying to find the cemetery where Alfred and Esther PARSONS are buried. They lived near Edgewood in the 1856 census. Also would like the names and dates for any SMITH buried in the Edgewood Cem. 


L. Usher 4 April 1998
I would like to post request on Iowa counties Buchanan, Delaware & Clayton. I believe PEETS & BOGGS & FARRINGTON were in Edgewood, Iowa. I'm also interested in Pratt County, Kansas. I believe that Frederick CARPENTER was in Washington County, NY. His daughter Eunice married Levi PEET (born Feb. 23, 1793 in Cambridge, Washington Co., NY. They had 8 children one of whom was Cornelius Tenbrook PEET born Dec. 4, 1822. He married Mary BOGGS born Jan. 5, 1823. Cornelius was a sheriff, assessor, etc. lawyer and enlisted as a private, May 1, 1864 and died in 1905. I think Cornelius was a state representative. Cornelius and Mary had 7 children I only know about Robert & Jerry Orrin (my great-grandfather,) Jerry married Ada FARRINGTON in Clayton Co. Iowa on May 26, 1878. From Iowa they moved to Minnesota. Any help you could give me would be very appreciated. I've just started working and am a babe in the woods on how to do it. 


L. Usher 29 April 1998
We are looking for information on our great-great grandparents Cornelius Tenbrook Peet (born 1822) and Mary Boggs (born 1823). He was a lawyer and sheriff. My great grandfather is Jerry Orrin Peet (1857) who married Ada Farrington (born 1878). 


Vicki Conklin 29 April 1998
Need help finding information on Joseph Freeman PRESTON family. They were living in Delaware, Iowa in 1864. At that time Joseph's wife Emeline (BENSON) PRESTON gave birth to twin boys on 5 Aug 1864. Joseph PRESTON died 19 Aug 1864 and his twin, John H. PRESTON, died 29 Aug 1864. Their mother, Emeline, died three days after their birth on 8 Aug 1864. Joseph Freeman PRESTON soon after married Maria Catherine CONKLIN on 6 Feb 1865 in Dubuque County, Iowa. Thank you for any information. 


Gary Lampman Dept of Chemistry, Western Washington University, Bellingham, WA 98225 31 Jan 1998
I was wondering if you had any information about the ROE side of my family. My great great grandfather, Lawson A. ROE, had his farm in Section 24 (Coffin's grove), and I have copies of deeds that date 1868. L. A. ROE had his biography listed in the "History of Delaware County, Iowa, published in 1878.

I have no death record for Lawson A. ROE. I was wondering if it may be possible to find something on him and also his wife, Susan A. (KNIGHT) ROE. I saw on your Web site a "Roe Cemetery" in Honey Creek Township. Could this be the same ROE? 


Jerry Miller 27 Feb 1998
Looking for Mathias Hollenback SCRIVEN, Delaware, Iowa, B-8 Jan 1832, married to: Sarah Jane FIRST. Thank You 


Patwarnes 4 April 1998
Looking for descendants of James and Sarah (GARVIN) SHEPPARD. I know that they had 2 sons, James Isaac and William. James m. Flora Elizabeth FOX on 27 Feb 1884. They had Eidth, Jay E., Minnie Ethel, and Alva J.. Flora is the daughter of Rebecca (FOX) EHSELMAN. William m. Mary Virginia EHSELMAN on 14 Dec 1887. They had Roy WESLEY. Mary is the daughter of Samuel and Rebecca (FOX) EHSELMAN. 


DMVanness 20 April 1998
Is there any connection through the web where I might be able to search for information on a family from Manchester? They were dairy farmers, the last name was SICKLE (spelling may be incorrect). The woman's name was Ida and I don't know the man's. They had at least one daughter who married a man by the last name of MANSON, producing at least two children of their marriage. Rick and Brenda MANSON attended Saint Mary's School on Butler. Any information about any of these family members would be greatly appreciated. 


Sheila Seemann-Kapella 8 March 1998
Delhi Towhship & Hazel Green Township. I would like to get a Delhi cemetery lookup for any one named STAUDACHER or GESTEL. Hopefully, this isn't an involved request. Whatever you can do! Thanks very much. 


Ray Schumann 19 Jan 1998
Interested in Martin SULLIVAN family who lived in Elk Township according to 1860 Census. 


Mrs. Dianne L. Sims 13 March 1998
My great grandparents were among the early settlers of Delhi in the mid-1800s. The families were SWINBURNE and WHITE. One of the SWINBURNE sons became the first mayor of the incorporated town of Delhi, and another became publisher of the "Delhi Monitor." Ward WHITE fought in the 21st Iowa Infantry during the Civil War. All are buried at the Evergreen Cemetery in Delhi.
I have some old pictures of the WHITE family (there were 10 children) including a group of young ladies at the Normal Institute in Delhi 1889, one of the Delhi Public School c. 1891, and a very peculiar set of pictures of Ward WHITE and his sons taken about 1915. I say peculiar, because in one photo the picture of a son who died several years earlier is superimposed into the group. If you have any interest in adding any of the pictures to the web site, let me know. 


Judi Gilker 19 Jan 1998
Seeking information regarding William E. TUTTLE born abt. 1864 in Manchester, Iowa. Died where? Parents: William H. TUTTLE & Ellen JACKSON. Where were they born? Died? Did they have more children? William E. TUTTLE married Charlotte "Lottie" VENGHAUS June 17, 1898 in Quincy, Adams Co., IL. One child born- Hazel Sept 20, 1898 Quincy, IL. married William "Henry" Theodore GILKER. 


Pam Frederic 8 March 1998
Need death dates of Silas UNDERWOOD and his wife, Catherine LOVE, who came to Manchester in 1854 from Delaware County, NY. Any additional information about their children would also be appreciated. 


Jim Weaver 19 Jan 1998
I'm looking for information on a William J. WEAVER, M.D. who resided in Rockville, IA. According to the Oct. 11th 1849 edition of the Clermont Courier, a newspaper in Clermont Co., Ohio. It read as follows: DIED: At his residence in Rocville, Ia., on the --th ult, William J. WEAVER, M.D., son of John WEAVER of this vicinity, aged 38 years. He has left a wife and one child, with many relatives and friends to mourn his loss. 


Colleen Yonda 18380 Kramer Road, East Dubuque, IL 61025 22 March 1998
I am researching the YONDA family, who lived on a farm in Delaware County (outside Lamont, near Backbone State Park) from 1865 through the 1970s. 


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