Cass County Genealogical Society

Atlantic Carnegie Public Library
507 Poplar Street
Atlantic, Iowa 50022-1241
Phone: 712-243-5466

Monday & Tuesday:  9:00 am to 7:00 pm

 Wednesday, Thursday, Friday:  9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Saturday: 9:00 am to 2:00 pm

The Genealogy Room is only open when a volunteer is present.
Library policy requires a CCGS volunteer be present when the room is being used.

To check when a volunteer will be available:
 call the Library at 712-243-5466, extension 4 or
email Cass County Genealogical Society at: [email protected].




The Cass County Genealogical Society was formed March 31, 1975,
 and became a chapter of the Iowa State Genealogical Society on November 6, 1982.

The purpose of the Society is:
to create and foster an interest in Genealogy;
aid individuals in compiling family histories;
preserve, improve, compile and help maintain
 genealogy and historical data
of your ancestors and the early settlers of Southwestern Iowa.


Cass County Genealogical Society is classified under
 Internal Revenue Code 501(c)(3) as a tax exempt public charity.


Meetings are held the fourth Thursday of the month except
 the November meeting is the third Thursday of the month.
 There is no meeting in December.
Dues are $15.00 per calendar year – due and renewable each January.



On Going Projects of the Society:
answer queries
maintain obituary and query files
maintain and update cemetery listings
maintain a collection of reference books and genealogical materials
issue four newsletters each year

Included Resources

County Map


Research Policy

Research within Cass County will be conducted by society members upon request. Please include a minimum donation of $10 for the first hour of research. You will also be expected to reimburse photo-copying charges, postage, and mileage if required. Limit each request letter to one surname or one husband-wife couple. Please include as much data as possible; names, dates, locations or a pedigree chart.
The Cass County Genealogical Society can be reached by e-mail at: [email protected]

More Cass County Genealogy information is available on the Cass County GenWeb site: Cass County GENWEB.

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