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St. John's Catholic Cemetery

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St. John's Cemetery is located in Marcy Township, on the west side of Ogden in Boone, County, IA.

The cemetery is located adjacent to the east side of Glenwood cemetery, at the top of the hill on Division Street. The cemetery uses the same entrance road as the Glenwood cemetery.

Many early Catholic residents of the area were buried in Mount Cavalry Cemetery in Grand Junction, which is about eight miles west of Ogden on U.S. Highway 30 in Greene County. Others were buried in Sacred Heart Cemetery in Boone, eight miles to the east and still others in Violet Hill Cemetery in Perry, in neighboring Dallas County.

There is some confusion in reading older obituaries involving St. John's. Early in its inception the cemetery was known by local residents as Mt. Olivet and that name is used in many early obituaries.

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