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Cemetery History: 

Glenwood cemetery was incorporated on April 26, 1876, when a cemetery association was formed and shares were sold to the community for $5 each. A total of $200 was raised with the sale and the association purchased five acres of ground from a Mr. Clapp for $160. The original five acres of land comprises the east side of the present cemetery.

It didn't take many years for the cemetery to fall into disrepair. Women in the Ogden community, appalled at the sad state of affairs, finally convinced community leaders to allow them to take over operation. The association raised funds through a variety of means, including membership dues, carnivals and bazaars. Soon the cemetery was again on sound financial footing, the cemetery drainage was improved and repairs were made to the grounds.

In 1905 lots to the south side of the main drive in Glenwood cemetery sold for $20 and those on the north side were priced at $15 each. By 1917 the price had risen considerably, with "choice" lots in a new section (two acres bought in 1911) bringing $100. A bargain could be had by buying a "choice" lot in the original cemetery for $35. Other lots were sold for $75 and $25 respectively.

By 1929, the cemetery association decided yet more land would be needed and four additional acres to the west of the original ground was purchased for $200 an acre.

In 1970, the Ogden City Council unanimously voted to assume responsibility for the grounds.

By 1994, the last time a complete census of the cemetery was taken, approximately 2,975 burials had been recorded.

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