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Too many times we overlook our past in looking toward our future. Such is the case with our ancestors who have gone before us and, in many cases, set the course for the future. I realized the lesson in looking for my own ancestors and quite literally stumbled over one in the Glenwood Cemetery in Ogden, Iowa.

As a result I set out to learn more about the people buried in the two cemeteries on the west side of Ogden. Glenwood and St. John's hold the history of the community, but over the years, many of those who had set the town's course have been largely forgotten.

Recently the City of Ogden has completely indexed it's cemetery and St. John's index is current up through about 1990. Thanks to the city which has allowed me to reprint it's listings and the Ogden Reporter who has given me permission to reprint obituaries from the paper (dating back to 1873), I've set out to chart the record of those people buried within the two adjoining cemeteries.

As with all projects of this type, it will take time. And also as with all projects of this kind, there will be errors. Please let me know if you find any.

Because this is an ongoing project, names listed in color have either tombstone pictures, biographies and obituaries or both linked to the name. Feel free to use the information and the pictures for your family history, but a credit would be appreciated. Information for Glenwood is up-to-date through May 1, 2002. Information for St. John's is current to about 1990.

If you have information you would like to contribute, it would be welcome. Please use the email address at the bottom of the page. The same goes for corrections.

Most of all, I hope you enjoy an opportunity to get back to your roots.




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