History of Polk County, Iowa - 1880

Polk County

History of Polk County, Iowa
Des Moines: Union Historical Company, 1880.

The following biographies were scanned from the remnants of a book that apparently was a copy of "The History of Polk County, Iowa" published by the Union Historical Company, Birdsall, Williams & Co. 1880. 

The biographies contain information about the subject of the biography, their family members, place of birth, travels before settling in Polk Co., Civil War, Mexican War and War of 1812 information, business associates and much information about the beginnings of Polk Co. and Des Moines.

Marion John Rice has a copyright to this transcription file and gives permission for this file to be posted to any site that offers free access to all.  Marion has given permission for the Iowa Biographies Projects to split this file into smaller files for posting and searching on this site.  Thanks Marion!

The large transcription file has been separated into small files by townships and the city of Des Moines.  Linda Suarez has generated the following index of names of the individuals whose biographies appear in these files.  Following the name of each individual is the township or city in which the individual resided.  Click on the link to that township or city to see the biography. 

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Valley Township
Walnut Township
Washington Township
Webster Township


Adams, Rev. J. F., 1025-1026, Madison Twp
Abbett, Capt. W. A., 761, Des Moines
Ainsworth, E. E., 761-762, Des Moines
Aiton, Robert, 762, Des Moines
Albrecht, John, 987, Crocker Twp
Albrecht, Richard, 987, Crocker Twp
Alleman, G., 1021, Lincoln Twp
Allen, B. F., 1026, Madison Twp
Andrews, L. F., 762-763, Des Moines
Andrews, Nathan, 975, Jefferson Twp
Andrews, Walter E., 763, Des Moines
Ankeny, Gen Rollin V., 764-765, Des Moines
Ankeny, Gen. Joseph, 763-764, Des Moines
Ankeny, P. D., 954, Delaware Twp
Ariss, Thomas, 765, Des Moines
Arrowood, G. W., 941, Clay Twp.
Ash, Eli, 765, Des Moines
Askew, Joseph, 891, Walnut Twp
Atherton, A. C., 765-766, Des Moines
Atkinson, A., 766, Des Moines
Atkinson, C. R., 987, Crocker Twp
Aulmann, William, 766, Des Moines
Ayers, G. K., 766, Des Moines
Ayres, L. E., 766, Des Moines
Ayres, Samuel A., 766, Des Moines


Babcock, N., 970, Webster Twp
Bader, Thomas, 1021, Lincoln Twp
Badger, B. H., 767, Des Moines
Baker, G. R., 942, Clay Twp.
Baker, George C., 768, Des Moines
Baker, Joseph, 954, Delaware Twp
Baker, N. B., 767-768, Des Moines
Baldwin, C. M., 768, Des Moines
Baldwin, G. W., 768-769, Des Moines
Barkalow, G. D., 931, Beaver Twp.
Barlow, Jesse, 919, Four Mile Twp
Barlow, L. W., 954, Delaware Twp
Barlow, Mrs. Georgia A., 912, Grant Twp
Barlow, Thomas E., 918, Four Mile Twp
Bartlett, Ben. J., 769, Des Moines
Bartlett, J. W., 769, Des Moines
Baylies, Hon. Nicholas, 891-892, Walnut Twp
Beals, S. C., 1021-1022, Lincoln Twp
Beaner, Jacob, 769, Des Moines
Beck, Josiah C., 975-976, Jefferson Twp
Beck, Thomas, 902, Bloomfield Twp
Beckwith, John, 769-770, Des Moines
Beeks, T. C., 960, Saylor Twp
Bell, Henry, 1012, Washington Twp
Bell, Simeon, 1012, Washington Twp
Bennett, Benjamin, 892, Walnut Twp
Bennett, Calvin, 892, Walnut Twp
Bennett, Presley, 893, Walnut Twp
Bennett, R. D., 770, Des Moines
Bennett, William S., 912-913, Grant Twp
Betts, Jeremiah J., 960-961, Saylor Twp
Betz, John, 976, Jefferson Twp
Biddle, William, 1003, Franklin Twp
Bird, Rev. Thompson, 770-771, Des Moines
Bird, W. K., 771-772, Des Moines
Bishard, D. C., 942-943, Clay Twp.
Bishard, John C., 942, Clay Twp.
Bishop, N., 976, Jefferson Twp
Blackman, Geo. W., 954-955, Delaware Twp
Blyler, F. F., 772, Des Moines
Boda, Adam, 1022, Lincoln Twp
Boehler, C. A., 772, Des Moines
Bogue, C. D., 772-773, Des Moines
Bondurant, A. C., 1003-1004, Franklin Twp
Booker, W. D., 938, Beaver Twp.
Booth, Dr. W. H., 943, Clay Twp.
Botkin, A. H., 774, Des Moines
Bowen, B. W., 774, Des Moines
Bowman, J., 976, Jefferson Twp
Bowman, J., 774, Des Moines
Bowman, M. T. V., 773-774, Des Moines
Boyd, W. F., 774, Des Moines
Brainard, Samuel, 892, Walnut Twp
Brandt, Isaac, 774-776, Des Moines
Brazelton, C., 993, Douglas Twp
Brazleton, John, 776, Des Moines
Brewbaker, John, 961, Saylor Twp
Bringolf, A., 926, Camp Twp.
Brisco, R. M., 902, Bloomfield Twp
Bristow, G. W., 776, Des Moines
Bristow, P. H., 776, Des Moines
Bristow, P. P., 1026, Madison Twp
Britton, Samuel, 931, Beaver Twp.
Brooks, Mrs. T. K., 776-777, Des Moines
Brother, Jesse, 1004, Franklin Twp
Brown, E. H., 926, Camp Twp.
Brown, Leonard, 1026-1027, Madison Twp
Brown, Levi J., 777-778, Des Moines
Brown, Moses, 931-932, Beaver Twp.
Brown, Stephen A., 913, Grant Twp
Brown, T. E., 777, Des Moines
Browne, John, 777, Des Moines
Brunsdon, J., 778, Des Moines
Bryan, J. A., 778, Des Moines
Burk, Alexander, 919, Four Mile Twp
Burk, Lewis, 932, Beaver Twp.
Burley, E. W., 1027, Madison Twp
Burnett, Z. M., 926-927, Camp Twp.
Burt, C. M., 1027, Madison Twp
Bush, D., 779, Des Moines
Bush, F. P., 779, Des Moines
Bushnell, Joseph P., 779-780, Des Moines
Butler, Charles, 902, Bloomfield Twp
Butler, H. S., 780, Des Moines
Buttkereit, C. G., 778, Des Moines
Buzzard, P. H., 961, Saylor Twp
Byars, D. H., 993-994, Douglas Twp
Byers, J. M., 976, Jefferson Twp
Byers, S. J., 1017, Elkhart Twp


Cady, L. B., 970-971, Webster Twp
Cady, T. H., 780-781, Des Moines
Cahoun, William H., 1004, Franklin Twp
Caldwell, Joseph, 927, Camp Twp.
Calkins, D. S., 893, Walnut Twp
Callanan, James, 783, Des Moines
Campbell, Dr. James, 781, Des Moines
Campbell, E. M., 893, Walnut Twp
Campbell, R., 893, Walnut Twp
Canfield, Elijah, 943, Clay Twp.
Canfield, G. P., 943-944, Clay Twp.
Canfield, Homer, 944, Clay Twp.
Canfield, Mrs. Jane, 932, Beaver Twp.
Carney, E. I., 976-977, Jefferson Twp
Carper, A. G., 955, Delaware Twp
Carraher, J. C., 994, Douglas Twp
Carson, Geo. D., 781-782, Des Moines
Carson, W. C., 782, Des Moines
Carter, Dr. E. H., 781, Des Moines
Carter, J. M., 1022, Lincoln Twp
Carter, Ranzel, 902, Bloomfield Twp
Carton, W. T., 795, Des Moines
Casady, P. M., 782, Des Moines
Casady, Simon, 782-783, Des Moines
Case, P. L., 955, Delaware Twp
Casebeer, E., 971, Webster Twp
Cate, Lester, 783, Des Moines
Chaffee, D. N., 955, Delaware Twp
Chamberlain, A. P., 783, Des Moines
Chambers, J. S., 994, Douglas Twp
Chambers, S. E., 1004-1005, Franklin Twp
Chavannes, E., 944, Clay Twp.
Cheney, D. A., 944, Clay Twp.
Cheney, S. F., 961-962, Saylor Twp
Christ, George, 783-784, Des Moines
Christy, A., 784, Des Moines
Christy, W. D., 784, Des Moines
Christy, Wm., 784, Des Moines
Clapp, Ed. R., 784-785, Des Moines
Clark, Austin, 786, Des Moines
Clark, Capt. J. S., 785, Des Moines
Clark, Capt. W., 927, Camp Twp.
Clark, Charles J., 785-786, Des Moines
Clark, John, 977, Jefferson Twp
Clark, Lester, 902-903, Bloomfield Twp
Clark, S. A., 977, Jefferson Twp
Clarke, R. W., 786, Des Moines
Clarkson, Hon. Coker F., 786-787, Des Moines
Clarkson, James S., 787-789, Des Moines
Clarkson, Richard P., 787, Des Moines
Clay, H. W., 994, Douglas Twp
Clayton, J. P., 944, Clay Twp.
Clegg, Abraham, 893-894, Walnut Twp
Close, W. R., 965, Valley Twp
Cockerham, D. B., 994-995, Douglas Twp
Coggeshall, J. M., 790, Des Moines
Colburn, J. M., 1012, Washington Twp
Cole, Hon. C. C., 790-791, Des Moines
Conrad, Capt. W. F., 789, Des Moines
Cook, Ira, 791-792, Des Moines
Cooley, N. B., 792, Des Moines
Cooper, Isaac, 791, Des Moines
Corbin, G. W., 1017, Elkhart Twp
Corbit, E. P., 894, Walnut Twp
Cormac,James, 792, Des Moines
Cory, I. M., 995, Douglas Twp
Costello, M. B., 977, Jefferson Twp
Cox, Henry, M. D., 792-793, Des Moines
Cox, W. B., 977-978, Jefferson Twp
Coy, Levi, 962, Saylor Twp
Crank, F. M., 1027, Madison Twp
Crawford, H., 1005, Franklin Twp
Crawshaw, J. R., 793, Des Moines
Cree, C. F., 987-988, Crocker Twp
Cree, J. M., 988, Crocker Twp
Creighton, Hugh R., 789-790, Des Moines
Cressey, Capt. F. J., 793-794, Des Moines
Cressey, E. T., 932, Beaver Twp.
Crewse, J. C., 919, Four Mile Twp
Crocker, Gen. M. M., 794-795, Des Moines
Crosthwait, E. G., 965-966, Valley Twp
Crow, John, 894, Walnut Twp
Crum, A. H., 894, Walnut Twp
Crum, W. H., 894, Walnut Twp
Crystal, J. A., 795, Des Moines
Cummins, A. B., 795, Des Moines
Cummins, J. C., 795, Des Moines
Cummins, James, 944-945, Clay Twp.
Cutter, E. L., 971, Webster Twp


Dailey, J. I., 962, Saylor Twp
Darland, G. W., 955, Delaware Twp
Daugherty, John, 795-796, Des Moines
Davis, A. T., 1027-1028, Madison Twp
Davis, John, 978, Jefferson Twp
Davis, Mrs. R. J., 955-956, Delaware Twp
Day, J. P., 962, Saylor Twp
De Votie, Duane, 796, Des Moines
Dean, James H., 913, Grant Twp
Dean, John S., 913, Grant Twp
Dean, Mrs. Ann, 913, Grant Twp
Dearinger, David W., 1005, Franklin Twp
Dearth, A., 903, Bloomfield Twp
Deaton, James P., 921-922, Allen Twp.
Deaton, N., 922, Allen Twp.
Delano, W. J., 894-895, Walnut Twp
Delawyer, John, 1018, Elkhart Twp
Denney, J., 971, Webster Twp
Detwiler, H. R., 1018, Elkhart Twp
Dickinson, Dr. W. H., 796-797, Des Moines
Dietz, Conrad, 988, Crocker Twp
Dietz, D., 988, Crocker Twp
Dilworth, Charles H., 988, Crocker Twp
Dippert, William, 797, Des Moines
Dodds, C. W., 995, Douglas Twp
Donaldson, Samuel, 945, Clay Twp.
Dorr, J. W., 895, Walnut Twp
Doubleday, Oliver E., 995, Douglas Twp
Drake, J. F. N., 797, Des Moines
Drake, W. H., 978, Jefferson Twp
Dudley, C. A., 797, Des Moines
Dunham, F. A., 933, Beaver Twp.
Dunham, George C., 971, Webster Twp
Dunkle, A. J., 797-798, Des Moines


Eason, G. L., 798, Des Moines
Eastman, J. W., 933, Beaver Twp.
Easton, F., 903, Bloomfield Twp
Egleston, Harris, 1028, Madison Twp
Elifrits, A., 978, Jefferson Twp
Elliott, F. E., 956, Delaware Twp
Elliott, J. R., 1012-1013, Washington Twp
Elliott, James H., 956, Delaware Twp
Elliott, John A., 798-799, Des Moines
Elliott, S. M., 798, Des Moines
Ellis, Dr. A. J., 895, Walnut Twp
Ellis, H. A., 945, Clay Twp.
Ellis, Rev. D. R., 919, Four Mile Twp
Englebert, J. Lee, 799-800, Des Moines
English, Dr. F. E., 945, Clay Twp.
Ensign, C. W., 800, Des Moines
Erickson, H., 1022, Lincoln Twp
Erwin, W. A., 801, Des Moines
Eshelman, Jacob, 933, Beaver Twp.
Etheridge, S. S., 801, Des Moines
Ewing, J. F., 978, Jefferson Twp
Ewing, S. O., 978-979, Jefferson Twp


Fair, J. D., 1005, Franklin Twp
Fairall, E. J., 801, Des Moines
Fay, John, 933-934, Beaver Twp.
Ferree, J. M., 801-802, Des Moines
Fiegenbaum, A. H., 989, Crocker Twp
Finch, Daniel, 802, Des Moines
Finch, James H., 913-914, Grant Twp
Fink, W. W., 966, Valley Twp
Finley, J. S., 979, Jefferson Twp
Firestone, John S., 945-946, Clay Twp.
Fishblatt, A. S., 802-803, Des Moines
Fisher, John, 895-896, Walnut Twp
Fisher, L., 1013, Washington Twp
Fisher, Paul, 922, Allen Twp.
Fleming, David D., 803, Des Moines
Fleming, William, 1022, Lincoln Twp
Flicraft, G. W., 956, Delaware Twp
Foote, W. D., 962, Saylor Twp
Ford, E. M., 803-804, Des Moines
Ford, J. C., 804, Des Moines
Forster, A. M., 803, Des Moines
Foster, A. P., 804, Des Moines
Foster, William, 804, Des Moines
Fowler, Leonard T., 1018, Elkhart Twp
Fraizer, Nathan, 979, Jefferson Twp
Franks, C. H., 971-972, Webster Twp
Frantz, L., 804, Des Moines
Frase, M. L., 996, Douglas Twp
Freberg, J. O., 804-805, Des Moines
Fredregill, J. J., 914, Grant Twp
French, J. P., 903, Bloomfield Twp
Frtiz, Louis, 805, Des Moines
Fuller, C. E., 806, Des Moines
Fuller, Dr. Geo. W., 805-806, Des Moines
Fuller, J. H., 903-904, Bloomfield Twp
Fulton, Alexander R., 806-807, Des Moines


Getchell, C. H., 807, Des Moines
Gibson, Ralph, 1013, Washington Twp
Gillett, Benj. T., 807, Des Moines
Given, Jno. H., 809, Des Moines
Given, Josiah, 807-809, Des Moines
Givin, Robert, 809, Des Moines
Glaser, A. Lewis, 809-810, Des Moines
Gorton, William, 1028, Madison Twp
Graeber, Philip, 1028, Madison Twp
Graefe, Henry, 810, Des Moines
Graham, D. J., 966, Valley Twp
Graham, Seth, 810, Des Moines
Granger, B. F., 979, Jefferson Twp
Granger, Barlow, 904, Bloomfield Twp
Gray, Charles P., 810-811, Des Moines
Greer, William N., 962-963, Saylor Twp
Greever, J. M., 914, Grant Twp
Grefe, Charles A., 979, Jefferson Twp
Grefe, William, 811, Des Moines
Greffe, Al., 811, Des Moines
Gregory, J. W., 979-980, Jefferson Twp
Griffith, Capt. I. W., 811-812, Des Moines
Grigsby, C., 1028, Madison Twp
Grigsby, J. H., 1028-1029, Madison Twp
Grinnell, A. L., 896, Walnut Twp
Grinnell, S. M., 896, Walnut Twp
Grupe, D., 812, Des Moines
Gruss, W. F., 812, Des Moines
Gue, B. F., 812-813, Des Moines
Guenther, C. W., 934, Beaver Twp.
Gulick, W. P., 813, Des Moines
Gump, J. F., 813-814, Des Moines
Gurnea, C. W., 1018, Elkhart Twp
Guthrie, A. W., 814, Des Moines


Hagaman, E. P., 934, Beaver Twp.
Hahnen, J. F., 814, Des Moines
Haines, T. E., 946, Clay Twp.
Hall, E. P., 996, Douglas Twp
Hall, Henry, 996, Douglas Twp
Hallett, Dr. Thomas A., 814-815, Des Moines
Hammer, 1. A., 815, Des Moines
Hammer, H., 956, Delaware Twp
Hanawalt, George P., 815, Des Moines
Harbach, F., & Bro., 817, Des Moines
Harbach, Louis, 815-816, Des Moines
Hardin, James F., 957, Delaware Twp
Hardin, Joseph, 956-957, Delaware Twp
Harding, A. W., 972, Webster Twp
Hargis, H. C., 905, Bloomfield Twp
Hargis, Zachary T., 905, Bloomfield Twp
Harkness, W. K., 817, Des Moines
Harley, John, 816-817, Des Moines
Harris, Capt. W. J., 817-818, Des Moines
Harris, H. C., 816, Des Moines
Harris, M. W., 915, Grant Twp
Harris, N. J., 963, Saylor Twp
Harris, P. W., 914-915, Grant Twp
Harrod, I. J., 904, Bloomfield Twp
Hart, W. H., 980, Jefferson Twp
Hartley, John, 817, Des Moines
Hartsook, W. H., 996-997, Douglas Twp
Harvey, H. M., 989, Crocker Twp
Harvey, Lysander, 914, Grant Twp
Harvey, Stephen, Jr., 957, Delaware Twp
Hastie, Alex., 818, Des Moines
Hatch, Hiram B., 818, Des Moines
Havens, T. W., 989, Crocker Twp
Hawk, L. S., 997, Douglas Twp
Hawkins, A. J., 1029, Madison Twp
Hawkins, W. S., 946, Clay Twp.
Hays, John, 905, Bloomfield Twp
Heath, Henry R., 818, Des Moines
Heaton, W. N., 819, Des Moines
Hedges, W. W., 934, Beaver Twp.
Heileman, Fred, 989, Crocker Twp
Helmbrecht, D., 896, Walnut Twp
Helpman, Simon, 1029-1030, Madison Twp
Hemstreet, Nicholas, 946, Clay Twp.
Henderson, Abram, 915, Grant Twp
Henderson, Eliza, 915, Grant Twp
Henderson, James, 915, Grant Twp
Henderson, Jonas, 957, Delaware Twp
Henninger, George, 1005, Franklin Twp
Henry, B. W., 946-947, Clay Twp.
Henry, Dwight, 957, Delaware Twp
Henry, George F., 819, Des Moines
Henry, S. D., 896, Walnut Twp
Herrick, Alonzo, 947, Clay Twp.
Herrick, Oscar D., 963, Saylor Twp
Herring, Isaac, 957, Delaware Twp
Herrman, Joseph, 1030, Madison Twp
Herrmann, John C., 819, Des Moines
Hibbs, J. L., 934-935, Beaver Twp.
Hick, Charles, 947, Clay Twp.
Hick, George H., 947, Clay Twp.
Hickman, G. W., 966, Valley Twp
Hill, J. G., 819, Des Moines
Himes, J. W., 896-897, Walnut Twp
Hirsch, L., 819-820, Des Moines
Hobaugh, John K., 1013-1014, Washington Twp
Holcombe, Richard, 905-906, Bloomfield Twp
Holland, A. W., 1018-1019, Elkhart Twp
Holverson, O., 1022-1023, Lincoln Twp
Horton, J. A., 820, Des Moines
Hoxie, D. R., 935, Beaver Twp.
Hudson, W. T., 1005-1006, Franklin Twp
Huffman, John W., 1006, Franklin Twp
Hufford, James, 972, Webster Twp
Hughes, Davis, 915-916, Grant Twp
Hunt, Charles, 972, Webster Twp
Hunt, James, 1030, Madison Twp
Hunt, Samuel, 980, Jefferson Twp
Hunter, C. E., 1006, Franklin Twp
Hunter, Dr. A. O., 820, Des Moines
Hurd, William P., 922, Allen Twp.
Hussey, Tacitus, 820-821, Des Moines
Hutton, Joseph, 1019, Elkhart Twp


Ingalls, Rev. P. P., 821-822, Des Moines
Ingersoll, E. J., 822, Des Moines
Ingle, W. T., 947-948, Clay Twp.
Irwin, R. Y., 897, Walnut Twp
Iseminger, Geo. W., 1019, Elkhart Twp
Iseminger, H. G., 1019, Elkhart Twp


Jacobs, A. D., 822-823, Des Moines
Jacobs, Nicholas, 997, Douglas Twp
James, Tom, 823, Des Moines
Jamieson, John, 1006, Franklin Twp
Jarrett, Geo. L., 823, Des Moines
Jenkins, E., 823, Des Moines
Jennings, A. C., 823, Des Moines
Johns, Caleb, 824, Des Moines
Johns, Stacy, 823-824, Des Moines
Johnson, A. R., 948, Clay Twp.
Johnson, A. T., 824-825, Des Moines
Johnson, G. M., 919, Four Mile Twp
Johnson, Herbert E., 824, Des Moines
Johnson, J. E., 948, Clay Twp.
Johnson, L. W., 1007, Franklin Twp
Johnson, Peter, 1023, Lincoln Twp
Johnson, R. B., 919, Four Mile Twp
Johnson, R. G., 980, Jefferson Twp
Johnson, S. D., 957-958, Delaware Twp
Jones, A., 825, Des Moines
Jones, B. T., 906, Bloomfield Twp
Jones, Richard, 989-990, Crocker Twp
Jones, Samuel, 963, Saylor Twp
Jones, Wm. M., 825, Des Moines
Jordan, Hon. James C., 825-827, Des Moines
Justice, Daniel, 997-998, Douglas Twp
Justice, James, 958, Delaware Twp
Justice, William, 998, Douglas Twp


Kahler, Charles L., 827, Des Moines
Kasson, Hon. John A., 827-828, Des Moines
Kauffman, B. F., 828, Des Moines
Kellison, J. B., 1030, Madison Twp
Kelsall, Thomas, 1023, Lincoln Twp
Kennedy, B., 829, Des Moines
Kennedy, John N., 990, Crocker Twp
Kennedy, Josiah F., 828-829, Des Moines
Kennedy, Robert, 927, Camp Twp.
Kennedy, Wm., 1019-1020, Elkhart Twp
Kent, A. J., 998, Douglas Twp
Kersher, Peter, 1030, Madison Twp
Kimble, C. F., 966-967, Valley Twp
King, C. H., 935, Beaver Twp.
King, M H., 829, Des Moines
Kingman, A. S., 967, Valley Twp
Kinney, Geo. W., 935-936, Beaver Twp.
Kinsey, Ed., 967, Valley Twp
Kinyon, B. N., 967, Valley Twp
Kirk, James, 972, Webster Twp
Knowlton, James A., 1014, Washington Twp
Koenigsberger, John, 829, Des Moines
Koons, J. H., 829-830, Des Moines
Kopf, John G., 1014, Washington Twp
Krysher, Levi, 922-923, Allen Twp.
Kulow, Fred, 1014-1015, Washington Twp
Kuntz, N. R., 1030-1031, Madison Twp
Kurtz, Charles J., 830, Des Moines


Lacey, Isaac T., 1007, Franklin Twp
Lain, R. C., 948-949, Clay Twp.
Lamb, Newton, 916, Grant Twp
Lamont, Rev. D., 897, Walnut Twp
Landon, Joseph, 1020, Elkhart Twp
Lane, C. C., 967-968, Valley Twp
Lane, J. R., 1020, Elkhart Twp
Lane, Richard, 990, Crocker Twp
Lang, James, 923, Allen Twp.
Lang, L. D., 923, Allen Twp.
Langan, Thomas M., 830, Des Moines
Latimer, James, 927-928, Camp Twp.
Lawson, M. H., 968, Valley Twp
Layman, E. H., 968, Valley Twp
Layton, J., 980-981, Jefferson Twp
Lazenby, Jeremiah, 968, Valley Twp
Lee, Caleb, 998-999, Douglas Twp
Lee, Ephraim, 1007, Franklin Twp
Lee, George W., 830, Des Moines
Lee, J. W., 998, Douglas Twp
Lefler, John C., 830-831, Des Moines
Leftwich, Charles, 919-920, Four Mile Twp
Leggett, J. W., 1031, Madison Twp
Lehman, F. W., 831, Des Moines
Lendrum, George, 831, Des Moines
Lendrum, James, 1015, Washington Twp
Lewis, S. H., 897, Walnut Twp
Lewis, William, 963-964, Saylor Twp
Littleton, A. D., 831, Des Moines
Long, Matthew, 831-832, Des Moines
Lorry, William, 832-833, Des Moines
Lounsbery, Geo., 832, Des Moines
Love, H. K., 832, Des Moines
Loveless, Washington, 958, Delaware Twp
Lull, Fred, 1007, Franklin Twp
Lyon, Harrison, 833, Des Moines
Lyon, Jonathon, 833, Des Moines


Madagan, - M., 949, Clay Twp.
Madden, C., 999-1000, Douglas Twp
Madden, C. S., 999, Douglas Twp
Madden, W. G., 999, Douglas Twp
Mahan, Albert L., 936, Beaver Twp.
Mahana, J. O., 838, Des Moines
Maish, George H., 837, Des Moines
Maloney, Daniel, 1008, Franklin Twp
Maricle, Laudowick, 916, Grant Twp
Mark, M. W., 916, Grant Twp
Markey, Thomas, 1000, Douglas Twp
Marmon, Peter, 1008, Franklin Twp
Marriott, H., 990, Crocker Twp
Martin, Dr. I. W., 920, Four Mile Twp
Martin, Dr. J. B., 897-898, Walnut Twp
Martin, William, 907, Bloomfield Twp
Marts, Mrs. Almira, 990-991, Crocker Twp
Mason, John F., 837-838, Des Moines
Matter, Henry, 1032, Madison Twp
Mattern, W. S., 1008-1009, Franklin Twp
Mauch, David, 1023, Lincoln Twp
Maxwell, Mrs. S. B., 839, Des Moines
McCain, Solomon, 834-835, Des Moines
McCall, John A., 833-834, Des Moines
McClain, J. D., 981, Jefferson Twp
McClain, S. W., 981-982, Jefferson Twp
McClain, T. A., 981, Jefferson Twp
McCleary, F. M., 1007-1008, Franklin Twp
McClelland, George F., 836, Des Moines
McClelland, Nat., 964, Saylor Twp
McClelland, W., 835-836, Des Moines
McConnel, R. L., 1023, Lincoln Twp
McDanniel, G. W., 928, Camp Twp.
McDivitt, I. H., 972, Webster Twp
McDonald, H. J., 1031, Madison Twp
McDonnell, M., 968, Valley Twp
McDonnell, N. S., 836, Des Moines
McGlothlen, Eliza, 923-924, Allen Twp.
McGlothlen, W. T., 923, Allen Twp.
McHenry, M. D., 836-837, Des Moines
McKay, Rev. Uriah, 906, Bloomfield Twp
McKeon, P., 968-969, Valley Twp
McLean, John, 964, Saylor Twp
Mcmaster, S. H., 972-973, Webster Twp
McMullin, Thomas, 842, Des Moines
McPherson, A. R., 969, Valley Twp
McQueen, R. S., 1008, Franklin Twp
McRae, Kenneth, 906, Bloomfield Twp
Meek, Fayette, 842-843, Des Moines
Merrihew, C. B., 1015, Washington Twp
Merrihew, D. G., 1015, Washington Twp
Merrill, Hon. Samuel, 839-840, Des Moines
Merrill, Keeney & Co., 840-841, Des Moines
Merritt, Col. W. H., 841-842, Des Moines
Messinger, G. W., 842, Des Moines
Michael, Daniel, 973, Webster Twp
Miler, James, 928, Camp Twp.
Miles, Geo. W., 1032, Madison Twp
Miller, George J., 991, Crocker Twp
Miller, Hon. William W., 843, Des Moines
Miller, John F., 844, Des Moines
Miller, M. W., 907, Bloomfield Twp
Miller, Martin H., 843, Des Moines
Miller, S. C., 1020, Elkhart Twp
Mills, J. S., 924, Allen Twp.
Mills, James, 924, Allen Twp.
Mitchell, D. R., 907, Bloomfield Twp
Mitchell, Edwin, 937, Beaver Twp.
Mitchell, Hon. John, 844-845, Des Moines
Mitchell, Hon. Thomas, 936-937, Beaver Twp.
Mitchell, Ira, 845, Des Moines
Mitchell, John P., 982, Jefferson Twp
Mitchell, W. F., 844, Des Moines
Moeckly, Jacob, 1023-1024, Lincoln Twp
Mollison, William, 982, Jefferson Twp
Montgomery, T. G., 928, Camp Twp.
Moore, Henry P., 907-908, Bloomfield Twp
Moore, S. S., 937-938, Beaver Twp.
Moore, T. B., 1032, Madison Twp
Morgan, P., 845-846, Des Moines
Morris, Cyrus, 898, Walnut Twp
Morris, John, 845, Des Moines
Morrison, Dr. E. M., 845, Des Moines
Mosier, C. A., 846, Des Moines
Mosier, Eli, 1032, Madison Twp
Mosteller, Dr. E. C., 920, Four Mile Twp
Mott, D. B., 898, Walnut Twp
Munzenmaier, G., 908, Bloomfield Twp
Murray, Jacob, 1032-1033, Madison Twp
Murray, John, 982, Jefferson Twp
Murray, Joseph, 982, Jefferson Twp
Murrow, J. S., 928-929, Camp Twp.
Mutchlar, D. L., 846-847, Des Moines
Myers, G. W., 924, Allen Twp.


Nagle, Franklin, 991, Crocker Twp
Napier, Thos. H., 847, Des Moines
Nash, John A., D. D., 847-848, Des Moines
Nash, Michael, 1000, Douglas Twp
Naylor, A. W., 848, Des Moines
Naylor, Thomas, 848, Des Moines
Nelson, Thomas, 1024, Lincoln Twp
Newcomer, Peter, 916-917, Grant Twp
Newell, Rev. C. H., 898, Walnut Twp
Newton, Augustus, 848-849, Des Moines
Nicholson, F. M., 1033, Madison Twp
Nicholson, J. V., 908, Bloomfield Twp
Nixon, William, 982-983, Jefferson Twp
Nobles, J. C., 1009, Franklin Twp
Nussbaum, E. M., 1033, Madison Twp


Oaks, Edwin, 849, Des Moines
O'Bleness, Hamilton Cree, 850, Des Moines
O'Connor, John, 850-851, Des Moines
Ogelvie, D. B., 949-950, Clay Twp.
Ogelvie, J. F., 949, Clay Twp.
Oldfield, S. J., 938, Beaver Twp.
Olmsted, A., 973, Webster Twp
Olmsted, C. V., 973, Webster Twp
Osborn, William, 899, Walnut Twp
Osgood, G. R., 851, Des Moines
Osterhout, N., 973, Webster Twp
Oungst, William G., 1020, Elkhart Twp
Overholt, J. T., 1015, Washington Twp
Oxley, Thomas, 1016, Washington Twp


Page, H. R., 851-852, Des Moines
Painter, William T., 1033, Madison Twp
Parish, John C., 852, Des Moines
Parker, W. T., 908, Bloomfield Twp
Parmenter, Edward, 991, Crocker Twp
Parmenter, Joseph, 973, Webster Twp
Parmenter, Nat., 1033, Madison Twp
Parriott, A. H., 983, Jefferson Twp
Paterson, P., 852, Des Moines
Paul, Conrad, 852-853, Des Moines
Pence, Dr. W. L., 929, Camp Twp.
Percival & Hatton, 853, Des Moines
Person, E. C., 929, Camp Twp.
Peters, B. F., 929, Camp Twp.
Phillips, W. W., 853-854, Des Moines
Phillips, Wm., 853, Des Moines
Pierce, Alexander, 1033-1034, Madison Twp
Pierce, J. A., 899, Walnut Twp
Pitstick, John, 950, Clay Twp.
Plummer, J. E., 950, Clay Twp.
Poland, Josiah, 969, Valley Twp
Porter, James, 958, Delaware Twp
Porter, Rezin, 929-930, Camp Twp.
Post, A. M., 950, Clay Twp.
Post, James, 950, Clay Twp.
Powell, Fred, 958, Delaware Twp
Powers, Hon. J. K., 854, Des Moines
Prentice, Mrs. Lucy A., 917, Grant Twp
Prentice, Pitt, 1009, Franklin Twp
Pricer, W. A., 930, Camp Twp.
Priestly, James T., 855, Des Moines
Pring, W. C., 1009, Franklin Twp
Pring, W. T., 1009, Franklin Twp
Proctor, E., 1000, Douglas Twp
Provott, Thomas, 1034, Madison Twp
Prunty, B. F., 1009-1010, Franklin Twp


Quick, William H., 855, Des Moines


Randall, A. C., 1016, Washington Twp
Randall, G. W., 855-856, Des Moines
Randall, M. M., 1016, Washington Twp
Randolph, Ellis F., 1000, Douglas Twp
Randolph, John, 899, Walnut Twp
Rappleye, G. S., 1024, Lincoln Twp
Rawson, D. Alonzo, 856-857, Des Moines
Reddish, J. R., 908-909, Bloomfield Twp
Redhead, Wesley A., 857-858, Des Moines
Reece, D., 973-974, Webster Twp
Reed, W. A., 858-859, Des Moines
Rees, Dr. D. B., 859, Des Moines
Reining, Charles P., 859, Des Moines
Reinking, C. D., 958-959, Delaware Twp
Rice, A. S., 924-925, Allen Twp.
Rice, Dr. U. A., 899, Walnut Twp
Rice, Hon. Byron, 859-860, Des Moines
Rice, I. N., 860, Des Moines
Rich, H. H., 860, Des Moines
Richter, Geo., 860, Des Moines
Riley, J. J., 1000, Douglas Twp
Rinehart, Alexander, 899-900, Walnut Twp
Ringgenberg, John, 1024, Lincoln Twp
Ringgenberg, Peter, Jr., 1024, Lincoln Twp
Ringgenberg, Peter, Sr., 1024, Lincoln Twp
Ritchart, D. F., 969, Valley Twp
Rittgers, J. R., 983, Jefferson Twp
Robertson, S. A., 860-861, Des Moines
Robinson, A. R., 1034, Madison Twp
Robinson, Hiram, 861-862, Des Moines
Robinson, M. W., 974, Webster Twp
Robinson, S. S., 1034, Madison Twp
Robinson, T. B., 861, Des Moines
Roe, William, 1035, Madison Twp
Rogers, H. Y., 969-970, Valley Twp
Rogers, James D., 1034-1035, Madison Twp
Rogers, John, 862, Des Moines
Ruddle, Oliver S., 1016, Washington Twp
Runnells, John S., 862, Des Moines
Russell, Capt. M. T., 938-939, Beaver Twp.
Ryder, M., 974, Webster Twp


Saylor, John B., 964, Saylor Twp
Saylor, Thomas J., 964-965, Saylor Twp
Schaal, J. A., 991-992, Crocker Twp
Schaal, W. D., 1024-1025, Lincoln Twp
Scholey, J. W., 950-951, Clay Twp.
Scholtz, Louis, 863, Des Moines
Scott, J. L., 909, Bloomfield Twp
Scott, Rufus I., 863, Des Moines
Scott, Samuel, 1016, Washington Twp
Scovel, A. S., 983, Jefferson Twp
Scuville, Tyler, 863, Des Moines
Seeberger, J. D., 863-864, Des Moines
Seeburger, R., 864-865, Des Moines
Seems, T., 939, Beaver Twp.
Seiberling, Charles, 939-940, Beaver Twp.
Seid, John A., 925, Allen Twp.
Selbert, H., 974, Webster Twp
Sellars, Ira S., 930, Camp Twp.
Sexton, M. C., 930, Camp Twp.
Shackelford, J. H., 1001, Douglas Twp
Shafer, Herman, 983, Jefferson Twp
Shaffer, L. O., 951, Clay Twp.
Shaffer, Richard, 900, Walnut Twp
Shaffer, S. T., 900, Walnut Twp
Shankland, J. M., 865, Des Moines
Sharp, D. C., 959, Delaware Twp
Shearer, J. R., 1035, Madison Twp
Sherman, Buren R., 865-866, Des Moines
Sherman, Hoyt, 865, Des Moines
Sherman, L. P., 866, Des Moines
Shideler, A. B., 983-984, Jefferson Twp
Shivers, Samuel, 951, Clay Twp.
Simons, Jesse, 992, Crocker Twp
Sims, A. B., 920, Four Mile Twp
Sims, George C., 867, Des Moines
Sims, L. D., 917, Grant Twp
Sims, W. S., 959, Delaware Twp
Sinon, James, 1001, Douglas Twp
Skinner, J. O., 1035, Madison Twp
Smith, E. D., 970, Valley Twp
Smith, E. M., 970, Valley Twp
Smith, Hiram Y., 868-869, Des Moines
Smith, J. H., 868, Des Moines
Smith, J. J., 965, Saylor Twp
Smith, John C., 909, Bloomfield Twp
Smith, John L., 868, Des Moines
Smith, N. W., 867-868, Des Moines
Smith, P., 909, Bloomfield Twp
Smith, Prof. T. H., 867, Des Moines
Smith, Thomas, 984, Jefferson Twp
Sneer, Gorge, 869, Des Moines
Snyder, S., 1010, Franklin Twp
Soules, R. B., 869, Des Moines
Spofford, S. F., 869-870, Des Moines
St. Clair, J., 974, Webster Twp
Stanfield, Robert, 1001, Douglas Twp
Stanford, Miles, 984, Jefferson Twp
Stanton, James, 909-910, Bloomfield Twp
Stanton, M. H., 910, Bloomfield Twp
Steele, Dr. B. L., 870, Des Moines
Stewart, Adrian S., 871-872, Des Moines
Stewart, J. B., 930, Camp Twp.
Stewart, J. B., 870, Des Moines
Stewart, L. A., 871, Des Moines
Stewart, Samuel, 984, Jefferson Twp
Stewart, William R., 870-871, Des Moines
Stoll, John F., 1010, Franklin Twp
Stroud, John, 984, Jefferson Twp
Stuart, Bazel, 920-921, Four Mile Twp
Stuart, Elizabeth, 921, Four Mile Twp
Stuart, J. W., 921, Four Mile Twp
Stuart, Leven, 920, Four Mile Twp
Stubbs, Robert W., 1035-1036, Madison Twp
Summey, H. B., 1036, Madison Twp
Sumstine, Peter, 1001, Douglas Twp
Sutter, P., 1036, Madison Twp
Swan, Charles, 984-985, Jefferson Twp
Swope, Henry H., 872, Des Moines
Sworm, Daniel, 1016-1017, Washington Twp


Teachout, Horace E., 872, Des Moines
Temple, John, 985, Jefferson Twp
Thomas, Dr. M. W., 872-873, Des Moines
Thomas, J. R., 873, Des Moines
Thompson, Luther, 985, Jefferson Twp
Thornton, Calvin, 918, Grant Twp
Thornton, John S., 1001-1002, Douglas Twp
Thornton, R. H., 1002, Douglas Twp
Thornton, T. J., 959, Delaware Twp
Thurtle, R. P., 900, Walnut Twp
Tidrick, R. L., 873-874, Des Moines
Titus, T. A., 910, Bloomfield Twp
Tomley, William, 959, Delaware Twp
Tompkins, W. H., 951-952, Clay Twp.
Tone, I. E., 873, Des Moines
Town, J. J., 874, Des Moines
Towner, J. W., 985-986, Jefferson Twp
Tripp, E. A., 974-975, Webster Twp
Trowbridge, W. D., 910-911, Bloomfield Twp
Trullinger, Eli, 1010, Franklin Twp
Tumbleson, Daniel, 959-960, Delaware Twp
Turner, C. H., 875, Des Moines
Turner, Dr. M. P., 874-875, Des Moines
Turner, Giles H., 875, Des Moines
Turner, William, 875, Des Moines
Tuttle, Gen. J. M., 875-876, Des Moines
Tuttle, S. B., 876, Des Moines
Tyler, D. E., 1010-1011, Franklin Twp
Tyler, S. R., 940, Beaver Twp.


Valentine, E. J., 940-941, Beaver Twp.
Van Gundy, E. W., 1025, Lincoln Twp
Van Slyck, P. H., 911, Bloomfield Twp
Vandorn, A., 1036, Madison Twp
Vanhorn, C. W., 1002-1003, Douglas Twp
Vanhorn, Riley, 1002, Douglas Twp
Versaw, Levi, 952, Clay Twp.
Verts, T. C., 1025, Lincoln Twp
Vice, J. A., 941, Beaver Twp.
Vice, W. R., 992, Crocker Twp
Vinnege, Alvin P., 876, Des Moines
Vorse, Frank W., 877, Des Moines


Waere, J. G., 975, Webster Twp
Wagner, Peter, 1003, Douglas Twp
Walker, Capt. J. M., 1036-1037, Madison Twp
Walker, G. M., 877, Des Moines
Walker, S. H., 1011, Franklin Twp
Wane, Robert A., 992, Crocker Twp
Ward, C. H., 877, Des Moines
Ward, Dr. W. H., 879, Des Moines
Ward, M. W., 878, Des Moines
Warfield & Howell, 878-879, Des Moines
Warner, Frederick A., 879, Des Moines
Warner, George A., 878, Des Moines
Warnock, Austin, 925, Allen Twp.
Warnock, J. R., 925, Allen Twp.
Warren, Robert, 1037, Madison Twp
Watrous, Capt. C. L., 911, Bloomfield Twp
Watt, James, 880, Des Moines
Watter, George, 952, Clay Twp.
Watts, Dr. J., 879-880, Des Moines
Watts, Thomas, 960, Delaware Twp
Weaver, C. A., 880, Des Moines
Weaver, Mrs. M. E., 1017, Washington Twp
Webb, R. C., 881-882, Des Moines
Weber, John, 912, Bloomfield Twp
Webster, I. N., 880, Des Moines
Weeks, Cyrus, 941, Beaver Twp.
Weitz, Chas., 881, Des Moines
Well, J. P., 1011, Franklin Twp
Wells, L., 882, Des Moines
Wells, L. J., 881, Des Moines
Wellslager, R. T., 882-883, Des Moines
West, F. A., 986, Jefferson Twp
West, F. M., 960, Delaware Twp
West, F. R., 883-884, Des Moines
Wetherwax, S. W., 884, Des Moines
Wheeler, Armilda, 941, Beaver Twp.
White, B. C., 884, Des Moines
White, Geo., 884-885, Des Moines
White, J. A., 986-987, Jefferson Twp
White, W. L., 884, Des Moines
White, W. R., 884, Des Moines
Whitman, Dr. H. L., 885, Des Moines
Wigminn, F., 1011, Franklin Twp
Wilkins, J. N., 918, Grant Twp
Wilkins, Resin, 918, Grant Twp
Williams, J. D., 887-888, Des Moines
Williams, J. E., 885, Des Moines
Williams, J. J., 887, Des Moines
Williams, John, 1025, Lincoln Twp
Williams, Patrick, 987, Jefferson Twp
Williams, Wm. H., 970, Valley Twp
Williams, Yager, 1017, Washington Twp
Williamson, W. W., 886, Des Moines
Wilson, J. E. C., 1003, Douglas Twp
Wilson, Jacob, 993, Crocker Twp
Wilson, James, 1037, Madison Twp
Wilson, John, 1011, Franklin Twp
Wilson, John A., 885-886, Des Moines
Wilson, T. P., 900, Walnut Twp
Winterrowd, Joseph, 921, Four Mile Twp
Wisehart, Jackson, 888, Des Moines
Womacks, L. T., 901, Walnut Twp
Woodbury, A. B., 901, Walnut Twp
Woodrow, B. E., 953, Clay Twp.
Woodrow, I. H., 952-953, Clay Twp.
Woodrow, I. S., 1011-1012, Franklin Twp
Woodrow, W. H., 1012, Franklin Twp
Woods, J. A. S., 1021, Elkhart Twp
Woods, James A., 1021, Elkhart Twp
Wright, Gen. Ed., 888-889, Des Moines
Wright, J. T., 926, Allen Twp.
Wyman, John, 889, Des Moines


Yant, Anthony, 953, Clay Twp.
Yant, Daniel, 953, Clay Twp.
Yant, Levi, 953-954, Clay Twp.
Yost, H. H., 1017, Washington Twp
Young, John, 993, Crocker Twp
Young, Madison, 890, Des Moines
Young, R. F., 912, Bloomfield Twp
Youngerman, Conrad, 889, Des Moines
Youngerman, F. W., 889, Des Moines
Youngerman, John, 901, Walnut Twp


Zerr, George, 1037, Madison Twp
Zickafoose, W. H., 975, Webster Twp
Zinmaster, William, 890, Des Moines