Woman's Who's Who of America - 1914 - S

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Woman's Who's Who of America
New York: American Commonwealth Company, 1914. 

Transcribed by Dick Barton


SAFFORD, Rev. Mary Augusta, 919 Eighteenth St., Des Moines, Ia.

Unitarian minister; b. Quincy, Ill., Dec. 23, 1851; dau. Stephen Farrar and Louisa (Hunt) Safford; ed. in Iowa State Univ.; ordained June, 1880; pastor at Humboldt, Ia., until 1885, then at Sioux City, Ia., until 1889, and at Des Moines until 1910; then made pastor emeritus. Has organized six churches. Was pres. of State Conference 11 years; director of Nat. Unitarian Ass'n. Always interested in humane societies, and has helped organize several. Pres. Iowa Equal Suffrage Ass'n (Equitable Bld'g, Des Moines). Mem. City Fed. of Women's Clubs, P.E.C.., Friends in Council, Unity Circle, etc.

SANFORD, Maude Tiel (Mrs. W. A. Sanford), Cherokee, Ia.

Born Lancaster, Wis., 1868; dau. Horatio W. and Adelaide A. (Nash) Tiel; ed. Northwestern Univ., Evanston, Ill., grad from music dep't; m. Cherokee, Iowa, Sept. 10, 1890, W. A. Sanford; one son: Tiel P. Interested in library work; has been trustee of the Cherokee Library Board for 22 years (now vice-pres.); mem. State Com. on Literature and Library Extension; chairman of this com. work for the 11th Dist. in Iowa; pres. Am. Woman's League. Mem. Columbian Club, Art Club, Child Study Club. Recreations: Music, motoring. Unitarian. Favors woman suffrage; mem. Equal Suffrage Club; has worked in State and local work; now vice-pres. of local organization.

SCHLICK, Florilla S. (Mrs. Henry A. Schlick),1006 Ferguson St., Charles City, Ia.

Born Charles City, Ia., 1869; dau. Samuel and Nancy (McKinney) Ferguson; ed. Ia. State Normal and Agricultural Coll., Ames, Ia.; m. Charles City, 1891, Henry A. Schlick; children: Marvin Frederick, Forrest Samuel, Robert A. (deceased). Teacher in graded school of Charles City, two years. Sup't primary Sunday-school, five years; teacher young men's class, three years; district sec. Woman's Home Missionary Society, three years; pres. same society last three years. Favors woman suffrage. Mem. Methodist Episcopal Church. Chairman Fourth District Iowa Fed. Women's Clubs (pres. two years); parliamentary critic for Culture Club, Charles City.

SCOTT, Mary Stuart,1212 Locust St., Dubuque, Iowa.

Born Dubuque, Iowa, Dec. 1, 1870; dau. Jonathan Pardee and Alice (DeWolf) Scott; ed. public schools of Dubuque, Mary A. Barnham School of Northampton, Smith College, '94, B.S. (Phi Kappa Psi). Favors woman suffrage.

SHAMBAUGH, Bertha M. H. (Mrs. Benjamin F. Shambaugh), 219 N. Clinton St., Iowa City, Ia.

Born Cedar Rapids, Ia., Feb. 12, 1871; dau. Frank J. and Katharine (Mosnat) Horack; ed. State Univ. of Ia., 1889-93 (Pi Beta Phi); m. Iowa City, Aug. 11, 1897, Benjamin F. Shambaugh, prof. of Political Science, Univ. of Iowa. Member Board of Trustees and sup't Sunday-school First Unitarian Church of Iowa City; deeply interested in the cause of liberal religion; also in development of nature study movement in public schools. Favors woman suffrage. Author: Amana, The Community of True Inspiration, 1908; The Religion of the Inspirationists (Encyclopedia of Religion and Ethics, edited by Dr. James Hastings, Edinburgh, Scotland); also magazine articles, mostly nature studies, in Youth's Companion, Outlook, Our Animal Friends, The World To-day, Midland Monthly, etc. Unitarian. Mem. Iowa Press and Authors' Ass'n. Mem. N.N. Club of Iowa City.

SHARP, Abbie Gardner (Mrs. Cassvill Sharp), Arnolds Park, Ia.

Born Seneca and Cayuga Lakes, N.Y.; dau. Rowland and Frances (Smith) Gardner; self-educated; m. Hampton, Ia., 1857, Cassvill Sharp; Children: Albert L., Allen, Minnie. Went with parents to Iowa (then part of Territory of Minnesota) in childhood, and at age of 13 was present at the massacre by the Indians of the settlers of Spirit Lake, where her father, mother, brother and sister and two nieces were butchered before her eyes and she and three other women were carried into captivity, from which she was afterward liberated. She has embodied her experiences in a book: History of the Spirit Lake Massacre and Captivity of Miss Abbie Gardner. Christian Scientist. Mem. W.C.T.U. Favors woman suffrage.

SHELDON, Caroline, 927 High St., Grinnell, Ia.

Teacher, writer; b. Potsdam, N.Y., Jan. 22, 1860; dau. Noah Buttolph and Maria (Billings) Sheldon; ed. State Normal School, Potsdam, N.Y.; Grinnell (Iowa) Coll., A.B. (Phi Beta Kappa) '93; A.M. '95; studied in Paris, Italy and Spain. Teacher of English literature and French W. Des Moines High School, 1893-1902; registrar and professor of Romance Languages, Mills College, Cal., 1902-04; teacher French, German and Spanish, Seattle, 1904-06; instructor in French, 1906-08; ass't professor modern languages Grinnell Coll., 1908-11; associate professor, 1911-. Dean of Women, Grinnell Coll., 1908-10. Lecturer on history education, Kindergarten Dep't Drake Univ., Des Moines, Ia., 1900-02. Instructor in teachers' institutes in Iowa. Has taught classes in English literature in Y.W.C.A. in Des Moines. Author: Pioneers and Pilgrims in England, 1904; also Sunday-school Lessons, short stories, chiefly religious and literary. Congregationalist. Favors woman suffrage.

SHERMAN, Ellen Amelia, McGregor, Ia.

Physician; b. Clayton Co., Iowa, Nov. 29, 1849; dau. Mark Bacheldor and Melissa (Clark) Sherman; grad. Oberlin (Ohio) Coll., A.B. '74; Univ. of Mich., M.D. '79 (L.L.S.). Physician for women for several years in Independence Hospital for the Insane, Independence, Iowa. Author of papers read before medical societies: Diseases of Women as Causes of Insanity; State vs. County Care of the Insane; When Should We Advise Operative Treatment for Fibroid Tumors of the Uterus; Immaterial Remedies and Their Uses in the Regular Practice of Medicine. Mem. Am. Med. Ass'n, State, County and Women's Med. Societies. Congregationalist. Favors woman suffrage.

SKINNER, Helen Bowen (Mrs. George Coleman Skinner), Bay City, Tex.; home, 427 First Av., West Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Born Brodhead, Wis., Dec. 27, 1872; dau. John Calvin and Helen J. (Pruyn) Bowen; grad. Waukon (Iowa) High School, '90; later took special work in music and languages in Dubuque, Iowa; m. Milwaukee, Wis., Feb. 3, 1894, Dr. George Coleman Skinner; children: Stephen Bowen (now deceased), George Coleman. Interested in the local philanthropic, civic, church and social life. Has served as member of local Y.W.C.A. Board; vice-ores. 1909-10, 1910-11, of Home Missionary Soc. of Presbyterian Church. Local worker in missions, Parent-teachers' Ass'n, Anti-Tuberculosis Movement and mem. of Health Com. of Iowa Fed. of Women's Clubs. Favors woman suffrage. Presbyterian. Mem. Woman's Club, Wednesday Shakespeare Club, Cultus Club, all of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Charter mem. of Woman's Club (pres. 1910-11 and 1911-12). Pres. Wednesday Shakespeare Club, 1909-12. Assisted in introducing public playground movement in Cedar Rapids.

SMITH, Arta Morris (Mrs. Edgar Howes Smith), Corning, Ia.

Born near Corning, Ia., Oct. 6, 1856; dau. John W. and Celia (Burton) Morris; ed. Corning High School; taught school two years; m. Sept. 21, 1875, Hon. Edgar Howes Smith of N.Y. (two terms mem. of Iowa Legislature); children: Grace (artist), Herbert (science teacher), Elsa Fern (Mrs. Thomas N. MacBurney, of Chicago). Favors woman suffrage. Mem. of the County W.C.T.U. for 20 years. Methodist. Republican. Mem. Aid Soc. of Methodist Episcopal Church, Village Improvement Soc., Ladies' Auxiliary to Hospital, Woman's Foreign Missionary Soc., Bay View Reading Circle, Taka Art Club.

SMITH, Helen Florene, Iowa State College, Ames, Ia.

Teacher; b. Penn Yan, N.Y., Sept. 2, 1877; dau. James M. and Sarah E. (Bushnell) Smith; ed. Penn Yan Acad., Cornell Univ., A.B. '02. Instructor of mathematics in Iowa State Coll. since 1907. Interested in the work of the Y.W.C.A. and the Student Volunteer Movement for Missions. Baptist. Mem. Cornell Univ. Alumnae Ass'n, Y.W.C.A. Recreations: Walking, rowing, swimming.

SMITH, Ida B. Wise (Mrs. Malcolm Smith),1022 Third Av., Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Former teacher; b. Philadelphia, Pa., July 3, 1871; dau. Robert E. and Eliza A. (Piper) Speakman; ed. Hamburg (Iowa) public schools, Univ. of Neb. (undergraduate), Kindergarten Normal School; m. (1st) Sept. 3, 1889, James A. Wise (died 1892); one son: Carl Edwin Wise; (2d) Aug. 15, 1912, Malcolm Smith. Taught fourteen years. Interested in Bible School; taught Bible class in University Christian Church eight years; lecturer and State cor. sec. of W.C.T.U. eleven years. Mem. Woman's Club, Browning Club, and lecturer on purity work. Favors woman suffrage, and lecturer through W.C.T.U., State Political Equality Ass'n and Popular Lyceum Bureau.

STEVENSON, Marcia J. (Mrs. Samuel Kirkwood Stevenson), 908 Washington St., Iowa City, Ia.

Lecturer; b. Galena, Ill., Mar. 25, 1875; dau. Prof. Henry Hayes and Elizabeth (Stephens) Jacobs; ed. high school, Cedar Rapids, Ia.; State Normal School, Platteville, Wis.; State Univ. of Iowa, B.A. '98; m. Cedar Rapids, Ia., Aug. 2, 1898, Samuel Kirkwood Stevenson. Interested in college girls and their problems and in missions. Favors woman suffrage. Presbyterian. Mem. King's Daughters, Y.W.C.A., Presbyterian Home and Foreign Missionary Societies, Charles Dickens Fellowship, London. Mem. Art Circle, State Univ. of Iowa Philosophical Club.

STEWART, Georgiana, Des Moines, Iowa.

Physician; b. Forestville, Ky., Apr. 10, 1870; dau. Jonathan and Mary (Wilson) Stewart; ed. Des Moines, 1891; selective course, '97, Drake Univ., M.D., '97. Pres. State Soc. of Iowa Med. Women, 1912-13. Interested in Free Dispensary for Women and Children of Des Moines, Hospital for Women and Children. Favors woman suffrage. Mem. Disciples of Christ Church; Women's Church Soc. of Des Moines, Women's Club, Des Moines.

STOVE, Serine Eisteinsen (Mrs. David Stove), Northwood, Ia.

Teacher; b. Roland, Ia., Jan. 31, 1879; dau. Rev. I. and Marie (Skaar) Eisteinsen; ed. high school, also musical education; m. Northfield, Minn., June 24, 1907, Rev. David Stove; one daughter: Marie. Had charge of vocal dep't at Lutheran College, 1902-03; of St. Olaf College, Northfield, Minn., 1904-07. Interested in church work, choir and young people's work. Favors woman suffrage. Lutheran.

SWINEY, Florence Van Patten (Mrs. Thomas Olphert Swiney),1300 Ripley St., Davenport, Iowa.

Born Davenport, Iowa, Oct. 13, 1860; dau. John P. and Dorothy (Hartzell) Van Patten; ed. by private teachers and in Mme. Bates' School, Chicago; m. June 6, 1883, Thomas Olphert Swiney; children: Elizabeth. Thomas Hazlitt. John Van Patten. Favors woman suffrage. Episcopalian. Mem. and historian D.A.R. Recreations: Amateur singer, parliamentary law. Pres. Tuesday Club; pres Parliamentary Law Club; sec. Harmonie Chorus; director Trinity Cathedral Choir.