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History of Floyd County, Iowa
Chicago: Inter-state Publishing Co., 1882.

St. Charles Township
submitted by Kathy Gerkins

Josiah Billings Page 1012

Born in Lancaster, Worchester County, Mass., Aug. 11, 1820 is a son of Josiah Billings a native of Lunenburg, Mass. He was educated in Groton Academy, Mass. His father was a tanner and he worked at the same trade thirty years. He went to Maine in 1845 and in 1869 came to this county. He owns 320 acres and is engaged in farming and stock raising; resides on section 10, St. Charles Township. He was married to Ellen Monroe. They had one child – Edward. In 1862 Mrs. Billings died and in 1866 he married Marsha Tibbitts.

Ezekiah Blunt Page 1012

Farmer, section 31, was born in Green County, Wis., Oct. 14, 1843. His parents were John and Maria (Wells) Blunt, the former a native of Ohio and the latter of Wisconsin. His father was for many years a farmer in Wisconsin. The spring of 1852 he removed with his wife and seven children to Floyd County, and located in St. Charles Township. Here he resided till his death, April 26, 1880, respected by all who knew him. Ezekiah, our subject, received only a common school education. He attended the first school taught in Charles City; the teacher Miss Lydia Palmer. Dec 31, 1863, he was married to Miss Elizabeth Macauley, of Pennsylvania. They have six children – Mary C., Charles R., Ezekiah, Jr., Ernest E., Walter C. and Barney. Mr. Blunt is the owned of 293 acres of farming land in Floyd County, most of it under cultivation. Politically he is a Democrat.

C. H. Clark Pages 1012 – 1013

Farmer, section 19, was born in Gallia County, O., June 10, 1833, and was the son of Samuel and Mary A. (Roberts) Clark. His father was born in Giles County, Va., in 1799; his mother in the same county in 1803. After their marriage they removed to Gallia County, O., where they lived till 1852, at which time they moved to Chickasaw County, Ia. Here they located a farm and resided two years, when they removed to Pleasant Grove Township, Floyd County. Here they resided until their death, that of the father occurring in 1861 and that of the mother in 1868. The subject of this sketch received a limited education in the common schools, residing with his father on his farm. At the time the family came to Floyd County the only families residing in Charles City were the Blunts and Kellys. Mr. Clark entered a farm in Pleasant Grove Township. Sept. 13, 1857 he was married to Nancy DeWitt, of Gallia County, O., whom he had known in early youth in that State. In the spring of 1882 he purchased his present farm in St. Charles Township. Mr. Clark has been a Democrat all his life.

A. W. Cook Page 1013

Farmer and fine stock raiser, section 20, was born in Boston, Mass., Nov. 11, 1811, son of Jesse and Lucretia (Parker) Cook, who were natives of Vermont. His father died while on a voyage to Canton, China, in 1817, his mother soon after, leaving him to care for himself. He resided in Boston, Mass., for a number of years with his uncle, Cephas Parker, after which he went to Rutland, Vt., and there resided some six years; then went to Chautauqua County, N.Y., where he remained until nineteen years of age, at which time he went to New Orleans, and from there to Alabama, residing there some three years; afterward went to Lincoln County, Ky., where he was married to Martha S. Owsley, who was born in Kentucky. They have been blessed with four children, viz.: William H., Jessie, Mollie O., now Mrs. G. W. Bennett, and Dora D. He engaged in farming and dealing in stock in Kentucky for a number of years, after which he moved to Sangamon County, Ill., and engaged in the stock business and farming until 1869; he then sold out and moved to Floyd County, Iowa, where he purchased a beautiful stock farm on Cedar Creek, and has now one of the finest stock and brood farms in Northern Iowa. He was the first to introduce into the State of Iowa the Norman Percheron stock in 1870, and in 1874 he made a trip to France, and imported some of the finest ever brought to America, and has continued each year to renew the stock. In 1882 he imported twenty head, sixteen stallions and four mares, all thoroughbred, and now has some seventy-five on his farm, and also has forty head of fine thoroughbred short horn cattle, which he carefully breeds, and is ready to supply at any time the same to parties wishing good stock. He is the owner of 600 acres of well-improved land where he resides. Politically he is a Democrat.

Klaus H. Cook Pages 1013 – 1014

(Deceased) was born in Hesse, Germany, Nov. 8, 1818. His parents were Gratt and Annetta (Crumga) Cook, natives of Hesse, where they had a farm. He was married March 31, 1854 to Gesina Freseman, a native of Hesse. She was born Sept. 27, 1826. They have nine children – Garrett, Herbert, Theda (now Mrs. Theodore Bagman), John W., Nettie M. (now Mrs. Abel Veator), Minnie N. (now Mrs. Cramer), Leah (now Mrs. Chris. Bagman), Lena M. and Eliza K. In 1869 the family emigrated to America, and located in Floyd County. Mr. Cook purchased 320 acres on section 31, St. Charles Township, south of Charles City. Mr. Cook died March 30, 1877, and Mrs. Cook now resides on the homestead with her sons Garrett and John, and her daughters Lena and Eliza.

H. J. Cramer Page 1014

Farmer, section 25, was born in Hanover, Germany, Aug. 15, 1838, and was the son of Remmer and Lena (Cramer) Cramer, natives of Hanover. He came with his parents to America in 1852, and resided with them at Freeport until 1861 when he came to Floyd County. He was married in 1867 to Lucretia B. Fish, a native of Maine and the daughter of N. B. and Nancy Fish. They have one child – Maud. He owns a fine farm of 210 acres, situated two miles south of Charles City. Politically he is a Democrat.

John R. Cramer Page 1014

Farmer, section 31, south of Charles City, was born in Hanover, Germany, Aug. 31, 1843. He was the son of Remmer and Lena (Cramer) Cramer, natives of Hanover. They emigrated to American in 1852 with eleven children, seven of whom are living – Hiram J., Remmer R., George W., John R., Schwatuga (now Mrs. Loop), Lena (now Mrs. August Kuhlenmeyer), and Emma (now Mrs. Henry Gates). Mr. Cramer first located at Freeport, Ill., and engaged in farming until 1861 when he removed to Floyd County. He now resides with John R., our subject. The latter received his education in the schools of Freeport, Ill., and was married March 1, 1877, to Minnie Koch, a native of Hanover, Germany, and a daughter of K. H. and Gesinega (Freesman) Koch. She came to America in 1869. They have two children – Henrietta Lena and Herman Remmer. Mr. Cramer owns a fine farm on section 31, which contains 350 acres of land under good cultivation. He owns also 20 acres of timber in Riverton Township. Mr. Cramer is a Democrat.

Calvin Danforth Pages 1014 – 1015

Farmer, section 12, was born in Caledona County, Vt., April 9, 1816. His parents were John and Mary (Sinclair) Danforth, natives of New Hampshire. They moved to Vermont when the country was new, and located on a farm. Mrs. Danforth died soon, when Calvin was one year old, and Mr. Danforth married again. He lived to the age of eighty-five years on his farm in Vermont. Calvin, our subject, lived on his father’s farm till he was twenty-eight years old, passing his early years in the common schools of Vermont. In 1844 he went to Franklin County, N. Y., and married Sarah A. Waterbury, a native of St. Lawrence County, N. Y. He lived near the town of Covington three years, and then moved to Sauk County, Wis. Here he remained engaged in farming for twenty years. Thence he removed to Beaver Dam. After a few months he removed to Sparta, Wis., and thence, in a short time, to Elkhart, Ind. Here he was engaged in milling for a time, and then he engaged with a wagon manufacturer. In this business he came to Floyd County in 1869. He owns 2,000 acres of farming land, most of which is rented and in cultivation. Mr. Danforth has three children – James Albert, Hobart W. and Frederick C. Hobart W. and Frederick C. reside in Floyd County. Mr. Danforth and wife are members of the Baptist church at Charles City. He is politically a Republican.

Ira Dodge Page 1015

Farmer, section 35, north of Charles City, was born in Chenango County, N. Y., May 1, 1799. His parents were Solomon and Parkas (Burlingame) Dodge, the former a native of Massachusetts, and the latter of Vermont. They located in Chenango County in 1790, and remained there till their death. Ira, our subject, passed his early years in the common schools, and was married in 1822, to Almira Betts, native of Broome County, N. Y. They have had a family of six children, four now living – William B., Dwight, Eliza (now Mrs. Samuel Lyon), and Harriet (now Mrs. Dues). The three dead are Charlotte, Luellen and Mary. In 1839 Mr. Dodge removed to Pennsylvania, where his wife died in 1848. He was again married in 1851, to Margaret English. They have one daughter – Iantha (now Mrs. F. E. Pierson). They removed to Floyd County in the fall of 1852, locating near Charles City. Here he engaged in farming for many years, but is now retired, living on the homestead with his daughter. When Mr. Dodge came here, the only two families in Charles City were the Blunts and Kellys. Politically he is a Republican.

William H. Harvey Pages 1015 – 1016

Born in Chatham, Canada, Jan. 25, 1827, is a son of William Harvey, a native of Pittsburgh, Pa. His mother died when he was eleven years old. He received a limited education in the subscription schools. In 1838 his father moved to Winnebago County, Ill. In 1855 he came to Chickasaw County, Ia., and in 1857 came to this county, and settled in the wilderness, but now he has his farm of 241 acres well improved. He returned to Illinois the first fall after coming here and spent the winter; coming back the following April with a horse; the team stuck in a slough; he put the children on the horse and gave a man $1.50 to pull the wagon out with oxen. His wife walked from Chickasaw County. One night a bear came near the house and scared the horses; one horse ran around the shanty or wigwam in which they were camping before their house was built and tore it down on the family. He was married Jun 7, 1852, to M. Matilda Waller. Of their six children, five are living – Harriet, William, Ella, Jackson and Frank. He resides on Section 15, St. Charles Township, and is engaged in farming and stock raising.

Manwell Ireland Page 1016

Farmer, section 11, was born in Preble County, Ohio, June 21, 1818. He was the son of James and Polly (Maxwell) Ireland, natives of Kentucky. They removed to Preble County, O., in an early day. In 1831 the family removed to Michigan, where Mr. Ireland died the following fall. Mrs. Ireland then removed to St. Joseph County, Ind., and from there, after some years, to La Porte County, where she died in the fall of 1857. Maxwell Ireland received his education in the common schools, and was married in 1839, in St. Joseph County, to Sarah A. Petit. After a number of years they removed to La Porte County, and in September 1857, they again removed to Floyd County, Ia., locating on the present farm. They have three children – Rebecca J., Sylvester C. and Sylvanus P. Mrs. Ireland died March 11, 1882. Mr. Ireland has owned considerable land in Floyd County, but has divided all but 120 acres among his children. Politically Mr. Ireland is a Republican.

John Jordan Page 1016

Was born in Ireland in 1822. He came to America in 1850, stopping in New York, where he remained seven years; thence to Wisconsin where he lived then years; then came to Iowa and settled on section 22, St. Charles Township, where he has 100 acres of good land. He was married in 1846 to Isabella Chambers, a native of Ireland. They had one child – Mary, now Mrs. Charles Smith. Mrs. Jordan died in 1874, and in 1878 Mr. Jordan married Rosilla Strong. They have one child – Sarah, born Jan 11, 1881. Mr. Jordan is a Presbyterian in his religious views and politically he is a Republican.

William Jung Pages 1016 – 1017

Farmer, section 12, was born in Hesse, Germany, Sept. 5, 1851. His parents were John and Katrina (Brandan) Jung, who emigrated to America in 1869, and located in Cook County, Ill., where they still reside. William was married in 1876 to Mrs. Katherine (Blankenbach) Sipple, in Chicago. She had by her first marriage three children – Conrad, Henry and Martha. Mr. and Mrs. Jung have three children – William, Emily and Belan. In the spring of 1882 he rented his farm in Cook County and came to Floyd County. He has a fine farm of eighty acres of land in St. Charles Township. Mr. Jung is a consistent member of the German Methodist church. Politically he is a Republican.

John Kellogg Page 1017

(Deceased), farmer, section 1, north of Charles City, was born March 28, 1808 in Vermont. He was the son of Jonathan and Hannah (Upham) Kellogg, both of whom were born in Vermont. They moved to Ohio, where the father died. The mother removed with our subject to Floyd County in 1854, he having entered his land the year previous. She died in Floyd County. He was married in Ohio, in 1832 to Rachel Shelley, a native of Connecticut. They had a family of nine children, eight of whom are now living – Eliza (now Mrs. John Brown), William, Matilda (now Mrs. William E. Holbrook), Lyman, Mary (now Mrs. James McKinney), Harvey S., Edwin, Jennie (now Mrs. Harvey Webster), and Emily (deceased). John Kellogg died April 20, 1881. His wife still resides on the home farm with her son Edwin. The latter was married June 2, 1877, to Abbie S. Culver, a native of Iowa. They have two children – Guy H. and Daisy. Politically Mr. Kellogg is a Republican.

Isaac S. Large Page 1017

Nurseryman, was born in Jefferson County, Ind., Nov. 9, 1830. His parents were Ebenezer and Rachel (Nichols) Large, the former a native of Pennsylvania, and the latter of Virginia. Mrs. Large died in 1851. Mr. Large came to Floyd County in the fall of 1856, and remained the winter. Not liking the cold he went to Missouri, where he died the following fall. Isaac S. came to Floyd County, Oct. 10, 1852, and settled near Charles City, when it contained but two log houses, those of Blunt and Kelly. After a short time he removed to the northern part of the county. In 1866 he was married to Hannah Worseldine, an English woman. She was born in 1844, and was the daughter of John and Elizabeth (Green) Worseldine. They have one son – John E. he afterward sold his farm and removed to Charles City, where he has been in the nursery business ever since. In 1862 he enlisted in Company A, Eighteenth Illinois, and was soon transferred to the Twenty-first Iowa. He served three years, most of the time as fife major, to which position he was promoted soon after enlistment. He was in the battles of Champion Hills, siege of Vicksburg, and in the Mobile campaign. Politically Mr. Large is a Greenbacker.

David Lonergan Page 1018

Farmer, section 31, was born in County Tipperary, Ireland, Aug. 28, 1826. His parents were David and Mary (Quirk) Lonergan, natives of the same county. They emigrated to America in 1840, locating in Utica, N. Y. There they resided about a year and a half. Thence they removed Waukesha County, Wis., and resided there until 1846. Going to Washington County, Wis., Mr. Lonergan died, and Mrs. Lonergan removed to Fond du Lac County, Wis. David, our subject, was married in 1858 to Sarah Jane Rich. In 1864 they removed to Floyd County, Ia., where they have since resided, engaged in farming. He owns 220 acres of land, under high cultivation. They have eight children – John M., Margaret A., Mary, Harriet, Martha, Edwin, Nellie and David A. Mr. Lonergan is politically a Greenbacker, and religiously is a member of the Catholic church.

James N. Makepeace Page 1018

Born in Cattaraugus County, N. Y., Nov. 22, 1830, is a son of Elijah Makepeace (deceased), who moved to Ohio, near Cleveland, in 1834, and to Winnebago County, Ill., in 1841. James N. came to Mitchell County, Ia., in June 1857, and the following August to this county. He helped kill three bear and one elk the first winter he was here. He resides on section 8, St. Charles Township and owns 360 acres. He is engaged in farming and stock raising, besides paying attention to dairying and an apiary. He owns 110 cattle, fifty-five hogs and nine horses. He was married in 1853 to Careena A. Lee, born in La Porte, Ind., Jan. 24, 1833. Her father, James B. Lee, built the first house in La Porte, Ind. He moved to Rockford Ill. in 1835 when there were only three houses there. He still resides in Rockford at the age of seventy-nine years; is of German descent. Mr. and Mrs. Makepeace have six children – Niles H., Alice C., Minnie V., Estella C., Arthur B. and Fred. E.

John Martzon Pages 1018 – 1019

Was born in Germany on Dec. 20, 1820. He was a son of Michael and Mary Catharinea Martzon, both natives of Germany. Mr. John Martzon came to America when he was about thirty-five years of age, locating in Dubuque, Ia., where he remained three years engaged in teaming principally. In 1856 he became a citizen of Floyd County. He rented land in Union Township the first three years. At the end of this time he bought eighty acres where he still resides, on section 31, St. Charles Township. To his first purchase he added five eighty acres pieces. Mr. Martzon was married in Floyd County in 1856, to Miss Barbara Swick, a native of Germany. They have six children – Mary (married Charles Sylvester, and resides in Charles City), John, Anna, George, Lewis and Mike. The five younger children are all at home. The father and mother and all the children are members of the Catholic church.

James McKinney Page 1019

Section 30, was born Aug. 4, 1844, in Washington County, N. Y. His parents were John and Florida (Wells) McKinney, natives of Ireland. They emigrated to America in 1830, and now reside in Salem County, N. Y. The subject of this memoir passed his early life in the common schools of New York, and he also learned to be a painter and machinist. He was married April 7, 1868 to Florence Odbert. They have two children – Augusta F. and Burton J. Mrs. McKinney died Aug. 28, 1871, and soon afterward Mr. McKinney came to Charles City. He was married to Mary Kellogg, May 15, 1874, whose acquaintance he formed here. They have had four children – Harvey J., Arthur H. Evelyn J., and Nellie R. Mr. McKinney is a farmer by occupation, but is also a painter, carpenter and machinist. He is a highly respected man.

George Mitchell Page 1019

Maple Grove Creamery and Stock Farm, section 24, south of Charles City, was born in Delaware County, N. Y., Nov. 3, 1823. His parents were David and Sarah (Dibble) Mitchell, the former a native of Nashua County, Conn., and the latter of Washington County, Mass. They removed to Delaware County in an early day and resided there on a farm until their death. Of their family of nine children, the youngest was 50 years of age before any of them died. He father died in 1840, and the mother at the age of 90 in 1876. George, our subject, attended the common schools and an academy in Delaware County, N. Y., and was married in Connecticut in 1839, to Julia Hough. By this marriage there were two children – David H. and Emily. In 1853 he removed to Calhoun County, Mich., where his wife died in 1857. He was again married, to Esther M. Cook, a native of Michigan. They resided there on a farm until 1865 when they removed to Floyd County. Mr. Mitchell has a large farm, well improved and stocked, of 540 acres. In connection with his farm is the Maple Grove Creamery, in which he makes as fine butter as is made in Iowa. He has a hundred cattle, forty of them milch cows, and as many hogs. Mr. Mitchell is one of the most highly respected men in the county, and is in every sense a representative man. He is politically a Republican. Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell are members of the Congregational church.

John Schrimager Page 1020

Farmer, section 26, north of Charles City, was born in Scotland, July 4, 1819, and was the son of Alexander and Jane (McRitchie) Schrimager, both natives of Scotland. He emigrated to America in 1836, locating in Ohio. Here he engaged in farming. In 1850 he moved to Rockford, Ill. Here he was married in 1854 to Amanda F. Cass. In 1855 they removed to Floyd County, Iowa, where they now reside. He owns 243 acres of land, under good cultivation. They have nine children – John, Sherman, Mahlon, Ellen, Alexander, Julia, Jennie, Mary and L. C. Mr. Schrimager is a Republican.

Edwin M. Smith Page 1020

Born in Jefferson County, N. Y., Dec. 28, 1832, is a son of Thomas Smith, a native of New Hampshire. In 1844 he came West with his parents to Columbus, Wis., and in 1867 came to this county. He was married in March 1860 to Elizabeth, daughter of William Rosenkrans. Of their two children, one is living – Irwin G. Mrs. Smith died in 1872, and in July 1874 he married Mrs. Katie Lewis nee Kelley. He resides on section 23, St. Charles Township, and is engaged in farming and stock raising. He owns 180 acres of fine land.

Benjamin Timmons Page 1020

Born in Jasper County, Ind., Aug. 10, 1837 is a son of Thomas Timmons, a native of Ohio. He went with parents to Cedar Rapids, Ia., in 1844; to Dubuque the following spring; to Plattville, Wis., in 1846; back to Indiana in 1848; to Wisconsin again in 1849; from there in a few weeks to near Dubuque; in 1854 to Delaware County, Ia. In 1862 Mr. Timmons came to this county and settle on section 14, St. Charles Township. At that time it was all wild land, but now he has 200 acres, all under a good state of cultivation. He is engaged in farming and stock raising. He has a barn 60 x 30 feet, which holds forty tons of hay. He has a nice two story house, the main part being 11 x 24 with an L 16 x 24. He was married in June 1859 to Phoebe Hoag. Of their nine children seven are living – Alfred, Edgar, Elnora, Marietta, Angeline, Ezra D. and Hester. Huldah M. and Elizabeth are deceased. The family are members of the United Brethren church.

G. H. Whitehead Pages 1020 – 1021

Farmer, section 13, was born in Wayne County, Ind., Nov. 3, 1929. His parents were John and Katherine (Brown) Whitehead, the former a native of North Carolina, and the latter of Kentucky. They removed to La Porte County, Ind., in 1842, where the father soon after died. After a number of years Mrs. Whitehead, while visiting her daughter in Delaware County, Iowa, also died. G. H., our subject, was educated in the common schools of La Porte County, Ind., and after his father’s death he managed the farm. In 1851 he was married to Ann M. Kellogg, a native of Ohio, and a daughter of Harvey and Jerusha (Parks) Kellogg. In the fall of 1854 he removed to Floyd County, where he located in St. Charles Township. He owns a fine farm of 127 acres of land, on the edge of Charles City. Mr. Whitehead has been from the first establishment of the Baptist church of Charles City an earnest supporter thereof. Politically he is a Republican.