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History of Floyd County, Iowa
Chicago: Inter-state Publishing Co., 1882.

Rudd Township
submitted by Kathy Gerkins

Rev. Moses E. Arkills, M. D. Pages 985 – 986

Was born in Ulster County, N. Y., Jan. 7, 1826. He is a son of Nathaniel S. Arkills, a native of Sullivan County, N. Y., who moved to Tompkins County, N. Y., in 1835. He was ordained as a minister in the Baptist church Nov. 26, 1858, in the West Danby church, by G. W. Huntley. He has been a pastor of churches, with the exception of two years, since that time. In 1865 he went to Sycamore, Ill.; in 1867, to Malta, Ill.; in June 1868 to Clarkson, Ia.; in January 1869 to Fredericksburg, Ia., where he remained pastor of the church till 1877, when he came to Rudd. He read medicine and practiced under Dr. Rufus Talmage, of Enfield, N. Y., from 1855 to 1858; and under Dr. Benedict, of Havana, N. Y., for two years. He has built up a good practice here, and is pastor of the Baptist church in Rudd. He was married Feb. 2, 1852, to Rachel A. Bartlett. They have six children – Willard B., Jane A., Hattie, Sarah L., Alice A. and Lulu M.

Elijah F. Bacon Page 986

Rudd, was born in Steuben County, N. Y., Aug. 21, 1830; is a son of Noah Bacon, who moved to Waukesha County, Wis., in 1848. He came to Waverly, Iowa in 1864 and to Rudd in May 1879, and bought the Dawson elevator. He deals in grain, live stock and lumber, and is doing a good business. He was married Sept. 30, 1855, to Adelaide S. Barker. They have eight children – Lillian, Mary A., William F., Millie, Jeremiah D., Freddie, Katie and Julius. He was a member of the I. O. O. F. before coming here, but there is no order here.

Jesse Conner Page 986

Born in Columbia County, Penn., in 1818, was a son of John Conner of the same State. When he was quite small his parents moved to New York State, and ten years later to Canada, where they both died. His mother was Sarah Lemon; her father was an extensive lumberman and farmer. In 1854 he came West, to Dane County, Wis., and in 1864 came to this county. There was no house west of his, before reaching Flood Creek. He was married in 1847, to Mary Pimlot, a native of England. Of their eleven children – nine are living – Anna J., Belvedier, Mary, Hattie, Thos. F., Wm. J., John, Jesse and Henry. He owns 360 acres on section 29, and is engaged in farming and stock raising. He is a member of the Advent Christian church.

Harrison Eaton Page 986

Born in Wyoming County, N. Y., May 11, 1844, is a son of Amasa Eaton, a native of Pennsylvania. He moved to De Kalb County, Ill., in 1854. He enlisted in 1861, in Company K, Fifteenth Illinois Cavalry, and served three years. He was in the battles of Pea Ridge, Stone River, Chickamauga, Lookout Mountain, Resaca, Atlanta and others. Since the war he has been engaged in farming. In 1868 he went to Mitchell County, Ia.; he bought land in this county, on section 19, Rudd Township and in 1870 came here and settled on it, and still makes it his home. He owns 127 acres of fine land, and is engaged in both farming and stock raising. He was married in 1867 to Eliza Garbert. Of their six children, five are living – Ida, Albert, Myrtilla, Willie and George. He is a member of the I. O. O. F.

Edward Elliott Page 987

Born in Livingston County, N. Y., June 28, 1837, is a son of Thomas Elliott, who moved with his family to Washington County, Wis., in 1845. In 1866 he came to this county, where he owns 337 acres of land. He resides on section 34, Rudd Township, and is engaged in farming and stock raising. He has been Assessor two terms. He is a member of the Christian church, which holds services each Sabbath at the King School-house.

Geo. Elliott Page 987

Son of Thomas Elliott, now of this township, was born in Livingston County, N. Y., Aug. 31, 1840. He came West with his parents and settled in Washington County, Wis., in 1845, and in June 1865 came to this county, where he owns 120 acres of fine land on section 32, Rudd Township, and is engaged in farming and stock raising. He was married Nov. 5, 1871, to Lydia Smith. They have three children – Herbert, Edward and Lydia E.

John W. Elliott Page 987

Born in Washington County, Wis., Nov. 4, 1847, is a son of Thomas Elliott, a native of Ireland, who came to America when young, and now resides in Rudd Township. John W. was educated in the Osage Seminary, and came with his parents to this county in May 1866. He was married June 13, 1880 to Emma A. Neville, a daughter of Elisha Gallup. They have one child – Elsie. Mr. Elliott owns 160 acres on section 34, Rudd Township, and is engaged in farming and stock raising. Mrs. Elliot owns 80 acres in Cedar Township. He has been Township Clerk one year.

Wm. W. Gutches Page 987

Born near Chicago, Cook County, Ill., Feb. 15, 1851, is a son of Morris Gutches, a native of New York, and at present a resident of Floyd – this county. He went to Parkersburg, Iowa in 1870 and in 1872 came to this county, where he owns 560 acres of land. He is one of Floyd County’s enterprising young men. His home is on section 35, Rudd Township. In September 1872 he married Sarah Billings. They have three children – Jennie, Ethel and an infant boy.

John B. Hemphill Pages 987 – 988

Born in Clearfield, Clearfield County, Penn., Jan. 20, 1831, is a son of James Hemphill, and came West with his father in 1848, and settled in Boone County, Ill. In 1853 he came to Rudd (then Rock Grove) Township, where he now owns 240 acres of fine land, on section 13, and is engaged in farming and stock raising. When he came here it was all wild prairie, the nearest neighbor being at Rock Grove, five miles away. He took his wheat to McGregor, 100 miles away, and sold it for less than half a dollar per bushel. A few elk and buffalo and droves of deer roamed over the prairie. Mr. Hemphill, Wm. Dean, John Fox and Loomis Colson all settle in the present limits of this township in 1853. He was married July 4, 1852, to Julia A. Dean, a sister of Wm. Dean, of Rock Grove Township. They are the parents of seven children, six living – Mary L., Charlotte E., Frank E., John W., Edward W., and Dana E.; Walter L. is deceased. He served his township as Assessor two years.

James Hoel Page 988

Born in Hamilton County, O., March 14, 1822, is a son of Aaron Hoel, who moved to Iroquois County, Ill., in 1834, and settled on the wild prairie. His school advantages were very limited. He came to Bremer County, Ia., in 1875 and to this county in 1868. He was married in March 1846 to Alice Fleming. Of their eight children six are living – William, David, James, Laura, Mary and Etna. One daughter, Martha, the wife of Eli Griggs, died at the age of twenty-two.

Robert King Page 988

Born in Niagara, Canada West, Feb. 8, 1820, is a son of Lewis and Elizabeth (Sanderson) King, the former a native of Lower Canada and of French descent, and the latter of English descent. In 1837 he went to Buffalo, N. Y., and two weeks later to Cleveland, then enlisted in the Patriot war and served two months, when the army was disbanded. In the spring of 1838 he went to Lorain County, Ohio, and hired out to William Tillotson. In 1839 he went to Schuyler County, Mo.: in 1844 to Iowa County, Wis.; in 1852 to Lawrence County, Mo.; and in 1857 came to Floyd County and settled in section 28, Rudd Township, where he still resides. May 17, 1843 he married Charlotte M., daughter of William Tillotson. Of their six children five are living – Ethan A., Edgar D., William R., Frank T. and Ettie. One son died at the age of one year. Mr. King has been Township Trustee three years and School Director several terms. He is a member of the Christian church.

George Kirley Pages 988 – 989

Born in Lewis County, N. Y., Feb 6, 1846, is a son of Michael Kirley, a native of Ireland, who came to America when quite young. In 1856 Mr. Kirley moved to Cheboygan County, Mich., and in 1865 came to this county. He is residing on section 33, Rudd Township, where he owns seventy acres and is engaged in farming and stock raising. He was married Dec. 30, 1873 to Bridget A. Casey. They have four children – Stephen M., William B., Agnes E. and Mary M. He was Justice of the Peace two years. The family are members of the Catholic church.

Eben L. Mansfield Page 989

Born in Waldo County, Me., in January 1830, is a son of Daniel Mansfield, a native of Massachusetts. His early education was received in the common school. He came West in 1844 and settled in Franklin County, Ill., and in 1855 came to this county, settling on a farm on section 13, Rudd Township. He was married in 1858 to Angeline Dean, a sister of William Dean, of Rock Grove Township. Of their five children – two are living – Ira M. and Julia M., now Mrs. Fox. One son, Willie died at the age of fourteen and a daughter Mary (Mrs. Thomas) died at the age of thirty.

Lyman P. Miner Page 989

A son of Jacob Miner, deceased, was born in Erie County, N. Y., Oct. 6, 1841, and went to Iowa County, Wis., in 1857. He enlisted in the late war in Company C, Thirty-first Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry. He served three years, mostly on detached service. In the fall of 1864 he joined Sherman and went with him to the sea. After the war he went to Rock County, Wis.; and in the spring of 1872 he came to this county. He owns 160 acres of fine land on section 34, Rudd Township and is engaged in farming and stock raising. He was married Dec. 19, 1867 to Mary M. Yates. They have two children – Cora A., and Lyman E. He has been Justice of the Peace for the past six years; is a Mason.

Augustus Nienstedt Page 989

Merchant and Postmaster of Rudd, was born in Goslar, Kingdom of Hanover (now Prussia) Germany, Aug. 15, 1836. His father, Christopher Nienstedt came to this county, to New York City, in the spring of 1850 and his family came a few months later. In 1856 he came to Dubuque, Iowa and clerked in a furniture store eight years; then worked at farming four years, and then returned to the store and remained till 1870 when he came to Rudd and established a general store, which he still runs, doing a business of $20,000 annually. He was appointed Postmaster of Rudd, Jan 7, 1875. He was married Dec. 25, 1862 to Wilhelmina Wunderlich. They have seven children – Bertha, Clara, Minnie, George, Nellie, Augusta and Gertrude. He has been School Treasurer of Rudd for the past ten years.

Henry A. Payne Page 990

Son of Apollos R. Payne, a native of Massachusetts and Polly (Chandler) Payne, of New York State, was born in Ashtabula County, Ohio Dec. 9, 1830. In 1852 he went to Massachusetts and in 1854 to Dane County, Wis. In the fall of 1862 he came to this county and is engaged in farming and stock raising on section 21, Rudd Township. In June 1857 he was married to Mrs. Jane Naylor, a daughter of George Pimlott. She was a native of England and came to Canada when sixteen years old. The first summer they were here the Indian troubles occurred in Minnesota. Mrs. Payne had many scares. At one time she was left alone seven days and nights while Mr. Payne went to McGregor with wheat. It was all wild prairie, the nearest neighbor being a mile and a half distant. Mr. Payne is said to be the largest man in the county.

Frank Sherwin Page 990

Section 21, post office, Osage, was born in Outagamie County, Wis., in June 1852. He is a son of Herman Sherwin, a native of New York, now of Springvale, Wis., born Sept 4, 1820. He is a prominent man in Wisconsin. His portrait will be found in the History of Fond du Lac County. His wife’s maiden name was Sarah D. Coddington. Frank Sherwin came to this county in the spring of 1875. He owns 80 acres of fine land and is engaged in farming and stock raising. He was married in March 1875 to Clara Elliott. They have three children – Frank E., Howard H. and Ralph L.

Henry Summers Page 990

Born in Canada East, Sept. 7, 1849 is a son of William Summers, a native of England, who moved to Clinton County, N. Y., in 1851. His early life was spent on a farm and his education received in the common schools. He came to Calmar, Ia., in 1868; to Fort Atkinson, Ia., in 1869 and to Rudd in 1876. He was engaged in the grain business in Fort Atkinson, and has carried on the same business since coming to Rudd. He now owns a one-half interest in the elevator of Basset, Hunting & Co., of Rudd. He was married May 25, 1875 to Matilda Krumm of Fort Atkinson. They have one child – Cleone.

James Swartwood Pages 990 – 991

Born in Newfield, Tompkins County, N. Y., June 21, 1822 is a son of Dane B. Swartwood of Wilkesbarre, Penn. He spent his early boyhood days on a farm, and was educated at the Homer and Groton academies; then read law and was admitted to the bar at Ithaca, New York in 1844, and practiced two years. In 1849 he came West, and went to Fond du Lac, Wis.; in 1853 removed to Sycamore Ill., and in September 1864 came to Rudd, and the following April brought family here. He originally owned the entire town site of Rudd, which he laid out in 1869. He gave one half of it to the railroad company. He was married Jan. 1, 1848 to Paulina E. Adams. They have had eight children – two living – Isabel and Anna C. One daughter, Myra C., died at the age of twenty-seven. He has held the offices of Assessor, has been Justice of the Peace several years, and County Supervisor three years.

Ole Tostenrud Page 991

Farmer and stock raiser, section 20, Rudd Township, was born in Norway, July 22, 1856; his father Lars Tostenrud, brought his family to America, and settled in Iowa in 1860, and in 1867 came to this county. There were six children in his father’s family, four living – Christia, Ole, Laura and Emma. Mary and Helen are deceased. Mr. Tostenrud owns eighty acres of fine land; his parents make their home with him.

Rufus R. Turner Page 991

Born near Utica, N. Y., Feb. 11, 1817 is a son of William Turner of the same place. He went to White Water, Wis.; Jackson County, Wis., and Boone County, Ill., and finally in 1876, to Rudd Township, and settled on a farm of forty acres, section 10, where he still resides, engaged in farming and stock raising. He was married Jan. 13, 1848 to Mrs. Frances R. Knight, widow of Augustus Knight, and daughter of James Hammond. Of their five children, four are living – William R., Nelson E., James A., and May A. Mrs. Turner had two children by her former marriage – Cynthia M. and Henry B. Knight. They are members of the Baptist church.

Aaron B. West Page 991

A son of Simeon West was born in Bradford County, Penn., Jan. 6, 1827. He went to Waukesha County, Wis., in 1849; to McGregor, Iowa in 1862, and came to this county in 1870. He is a farmer and stock raiser, residing on section 28, Rudd Township. He was married April 18, 1847 to Mrs. Sarah Goff, a daughter of Wm. Knox. They had six children – Wm. M., Chas. W., Milton W., Alice A., John A., and Sarah E. Mrs. West died Aug. 11, 1876, and Dec. 19, 1876, Mr. West married Mrs. Jane Elliott, widow of Wm. Elliott, and daughter of Mr. Webb. She had six children by her former marriage, three living – Eliza J., Mary A., and Arnilda. They are members of the Methodist Episcopal church.

David S. Wood Pages 991 – 992

Born in Upper Canada, March 29, 1827, is a son of Joseph Wood, a native of New Jersey, who came West and settled in Boone County, Ill., in 1842. In 1851 he came to Cedar County, Iowa and in 1854 came to this county, and selected land where he still resides, on section 18, township 96, range 17. When he came here it was wild prairie land, inhabited by deer and wolves, but he has changed it to a finely cultivated farm. He owns 182 acres and is engaged in both farming and stock raising. He was married Feb 22, 1854 to Harriet E. Thomas. They are the parents of six children, three living – George H., Ada E. and Delos W. One son Adelbert, died at the age of fifteen; another Charlie at the age of seven, and a daughter Hattie, aged six months. He has been Justice of the Peace, except for a short time, for the past eighteen years; has held the office of County Supervisor for the past three years; is now serving the second term.