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History of Floyd County, Iowa
Chicago: Inter-state Publishing Co., 1882.

Niles Township
submitted by Bonnie Stickney

Timothy Billings, farmer and stock-raiser; postoffice, Niles; son of Timothy and Margaret (McTaggart) Billings, natives of Vermont and Scotland respectively.  They came to Iowa in 1854, being about the first to locate in Niles Township, where Indians were more plentiful than white men.  There was a family of children, of which Timothy was the fifth; he was born in Canada, Oct. 6, 1845. He had the privileges of a common-school education in Iowa of an early day, and worked on the farm with his father until he was eighteen years of age, when he enlisted in the Fourth Iowa Cavalry, Company H, Capt. S.S. Troy, and served till the end of the war.  He was in the siege of Memphis; Tupelo, Miss.; Selma, Ala.; Jackson, Miss.; Nashville, Tenn., and Columbus, Ga.; also in some twenty five other minor battles in Tennessee, Mississippi, Georgia, Alabama and Arkansas, serving under Generals Sherman, Wilson, Grierson and Grant, and was discharged in August, 1865, at Davenport.   After leaving the army he spent three years in the gold mines of Montana, where he made a good "stake".  On returning to the States in 1869, he married Catharine E., daughter of Henry and Mary (Waters) Cobough, natives of Pennsylvania, where Henry died.  Mrs. Billings was born in Pennsylvania, Oct. 10, 1846.  By this union there are two children - Daisy May, born Oct. 29, 1870;  Isora Elizabeth, born June 27, 1874.

Mr. Billings has held several offices of the township, and has faithfully discharged every trust.  He votes the Republican ticket.  Mr. Billings owns 720 acres of fine land on sections 8, 9, 4 and 20, the most of which is finely improved.  He is an influential and respected citizen of the county.

Theodore Coon, farmer; postoffice, Niles; was born in Cattaraugus County, N.Y., July 27, 1836, where he was educated and lived until 1854; he then moved to Illinois and lived there two years.  In 1856 he came to Iowa, and located in Niles Township. He now owns 200 acres of fine land on sections 9 and 8.  He is the son of Howland and Eunice (LaBarron) Coon, natives of New York State, where they now live.  In 1856 he married Paulina, daughter of William and Susan (Miller) Gillott, natives of England and Vermont respectively.  They moved to Niles Township in 1854, where Mr. Gillott died in 1880.  Susan was born in Vermont, June 30, 1833.  This union has been blessed with two children - John Elmer, born July 28, 1862;  Ulysses Grant, Oct. 28, 1867.  Mr. Coon votes the Republican ticket.

Joseph B. Dawley, farmer, section 18, Niles Township, is a native of New York, and was born in Frankfort, Herkimer County, June 10, 1809.  His parents were Ebenezer and Mary (Babcock) Dawley; he was a farmer and native of Rhode Island; she of New Jersey.  There were members of the Baptist church, and have a family of four sons and seven daughters.   Joseph B. was the third son; he worked on a farm with his father, and attended school until eighteen, when he moved with his parents to Oneida County, N.Y., and remained there on a farm five years, then returned to Herkimer County, and married Mary Coolidge, on Oct. 26, 1831.  She was born in Frankfort, N.Y., a daughter of Warren and Rachael (Swift) Coolidge.  He farmed in Herkimer County two years, then went to Oneida County, purchased a farm and lived there until 1835, when he sold out and went to Hillsdale County, Michigan.  He cleared a hundred acres of heavy timber land for a farm, and remained there farming and fighting ague until October 1853, when he came to Charles City, Floyd County, Iowa, and went to where Floyd now is, bought the farm he now lives on, and built the first fine house in Floyd, Floyd County.  Mr. and Mrs. Dawley have five children, viz.:  Mary, wife of C. P. Hubbard, a farmer of Todd County, Minn.; Lorenzo J., a carpenter and joiner of Minneapolis, Minn.; Lovina, wife of P.F. Allison, a farmer in Floyd Township, Floyd County;  Joanna S., wife of L.L. Hill, a farmer in St. Charles Township; and Horace J., farming with his father.  Mr. Dawley owns a fine farm of 213 acres, under good cultivation and well stocked.  He is one of the enterprising farmers, representative men and old settlers of Floyd County, having been identified here since 1853, before this county was organized.  He has seen this county change from its wild, uncultivated state to its present prosperous condition.  He has held various offices of trust; he has been County Supervisor and Assessor; was elected Justice of the Peace in 1858, and held that office some five years.  In politics he was first a Jackson Democrat, and cast his first vote for old Hickory, and at the organization of the Republican party became one of its strong supporters.

Newman Dutcher, carpenter and joiner, and farmer, postoffice Charles City;  is a son of Wherton and Eleanor (Wheeler) Dutcher, natives of New York, where they died.  Newman was born May 3, 1813, and was educated in New York, where he learned his trade and worked until he came to Ohio in 1846; here he farmed and worked at his trade nine years; then sold out and located in Green County, Wis., remaining there some three years; then he came to Iowa in 1855, and located on his present farm of 100 acres on sections 33 and 32, Niles Township.  In 1833, he married Jane Morrison; there were three children by this union, one living - Frances, wife of James Pitcher, of Niles Township.  Frederick, born Nov. 15, 1834; in 1862 he enlisted in the Twenty-seventh Iowa Infantry, Captain Slocum; he was taken sick and was in the hospital eight months, and died in December, 1863.  Wherton, born Jan 11, 1840, and enlisted May, 1861, in the Third Iowa Infantry; he served two years, two months, participating in the battles of Missouri and seige of Vicksburg and many other hard-fought battles; he was killed at the second taking of Jackson, Mississippi, July 12, 1863.  Mrs. Dutcher died Dec. 19, 1841.  Mr. Dutcher married in 1842, Mary E. Stoter; she was born in Connecticut.  There were six children by this union, four living - Jane Ann, born 1849, wife of Levi Knapp, of Ringgold County, Ia.; Abby, born 1852, wife of John Ellis, of Niles Township; Newman, born in November, 1855; Albert, born 1845; he enlisted in the Twelfth Iowa and was discharged for disability. On regaining his health, he re-enlisted in the Fourteenth Wisconsin Battery, and was permanently disabled and is now in the Soldier's Home at Dayton, Ohio.  Mary E. Dutcher died Sept. 8, 1856.  In 1857 Mr. Dutcher married Mary L., daughter of John and Charlotte (Tyler) Snyder, natives of Pennsylvania and New York respectively.  She was born in New York, Aug. 28, 1836.  This union has been blessed with nine children, eight living - Ida C., born Oct. 3, 1858;  John W., born Dec. 27, 2859;  Eugene S., June 11, 1862;  Nettie, Feb. 21, 1864;  Mabel T., Aug. 29, 1866;  Luella (deceased), born in 1869;  Charles K., born May 21, 1870;  Blanch Estelle, born May 21, 1875,  and Arthur B., born Aug. 4, 1877.  Mr. Dutcher and wife are members of the Methodist Episcopal church.  Mr. Dutcher votes the Greenback ticket.  He has held several township offices, and has faithfully discharged his duty.

Horace L. Green, farmer; postoffice Charles City, was born Feb 18, 1818, in New York.  He is the son of Amos and Olive (Miller) Green, natives of Massachusetts and New York.  They came to Iowa many years ago and died in this county.  Amos was a soldier of the war of 1812.  Horace was educated in New York, by three day's schooling only.  He followed farming until twenty-one years of age, then went upon the lakes and canal, where he worked seven years;  he was pilot and wheelsman.  In 1847 he married Temperance Hettinger.  She was the widow of Alex. Hettinger, by whom she had two children - Mary, wife of A.J. Allison, of Minneapolis;  Franklin, who served three years in the army and now lives in Cedar Township.  Her father was a soldier in the Black Hawk war and died, as did his wife, in Floyd County, Iowa, where they were old settlers.  Horace came to Iowa in 1855, and bought his present farm of 180 acres of land, which is finely improved; he lives on section 5, Niles township.  This union has been blessed with five children  - A.. O., born March 26, 1848, married;  Samuel V., Oct. 17, 1852, married;  Laura, deceased;  Eva, May 25, 1861, wife of James Sultiff, of Minneapolis;  Stacy E. born May 26, 1864.  Mr. and Mrs. Green are members of the Wesleyan Methodist church.  Mr. Green has held several of the township offices and has faithfully performed his duties; he is also director and stockholder in the county fair.  He votes the Republican ticket.

Edwin Klinetop, farmer; postoffice, Charles City; was born in Pennsylvania, March 9, 1828.  He was educated in his native State, and in Illinois, where he studied surveying, which he has practiced since coming to Floyd County; has also been County Surveyor.  In 1854, he came to Iowa and in 1855 located on his present farm of 350 acres of very choice land on section 32, Niles Township, and section 5, St. Charles Township.  In 1856 he married Emma, daughter of Joseph Isaac and Elizabeth (Hale) Bassett, natives of England; she was born in England, April 27, 1840.  Her father and mother came to America, and they both died here, the mother soon after coming, by disease contracted on shipboard.  This union has been blessed with six children, five living - W.B., born Jan. 23, 1859;  Charles W., Nov. 15, 1863;  Mary Elizabeth, Oct. 2, 1865;  Arthur Fry, June 30, 1868;  and Frank Lewis, June 2, 1878.  Mr. Klinetop and wife are members of the M.E. Church.  Mr. Kinetop is a member of the A. F. and A.M. fraternity;  he has also held several township offices.  He votes the Republican ticket.  Has been a prosperous, and is a greatly respected citizen.

Evelina Leeson was born in Ohio, Oct. 7, 1833;  she is a daughter of Charles and Elizabeth (Funk) Wade, natives of New Jersey, and Ohio.  Her father died in Ohio.  Mrs. Wade moved to Nashua, Iowa, and married Leonard Montgomery;  she now lives in Cherokee County.  In January, 1858,  (1853?) Evelina married John Fate.  They moved to Iowa in 1858, and purchased her present farm of eighty acres on section 12.  (Niles Township)  He lived here until 1863, when, on the 27th day of July, he was struck by lightening, from the effects of which he died, Aug. 1.  By this marrieage there were three children --Sara Elizabeth, born March 4, 1854, wife of Louis Snider of Chickasaw County, IA;  Martin, born Oct. 9, 1857;  and Francis, deceased.  In 1864, Mrs. Fate married Merenius Leeson, by whom she has one child - Gertrude, born Feb. 12, 1865.  Mrs. Leeson is much respected by her friends.

Patrick O Hara, farmer; P.O., Niles; son of Thomas and Mary (McElroy) O Hara, natives of Ireland.  They came to the United States in 1846, and located in Lake County, IL, where they lived until 1855, when they  moved to Iowa, and located in Niles Township, where they died, he in 1867, and she in 1875.  They had seven children - five living - Bridget, Patrick, John, Mary, Catherine, and Thomas.  Bridget died at thirteen years of age;  Julia died in infancy.  Patrick was born in Ireland, County Caven, March 14, 1835.  He was educated in Lake County, IL.  In 1871 he married Honora Holland, a native of Ireland, born May 28, 1849.  By this marriage there were six children, five living - Thomas James, born Mar. 8, 1872;  Mary Agnes, Aug. 6, 1873;  John Cain, Oct. 29, 1876;  Patrick Peter, Dec. 5, 1878;  Timothy Francis, Dec. 5, 1880.  Mr. O Hara and wife are members of the Catholic church.  Mr. O Hara has held the office of Township Assessor.  He votes the Greenback ticket.  Mr. O Hara owns 160 acres of fine land on section 18, mostly under good cultivation.

J. H. Pitcher, farmer; P.O. Charles City;  son of Eliakim and Margaret (Chambers) Pitcher, natives of Massachusetts and New York respectively.

J. H. was born in Cattaraugus County, N.Y., Jan. 27, 1829.  He was educated there and in Illinois, where his parents came when he was fourteen years of age.  Mrs. Pitcher died in Illinois, where Eliakim still resides.  J. J. lived at home until twenty-six years of age, then came to Iowa and settled on land he had previously entered (130 acres) on section 32, Niles Township, Jan. 18, 1856.  He married Frances L., daughter of Newman and Jane (Morrison) Dutcher, living in Niles township.  She was born Aug. 21, 1836.  This union has been blessed with six children - Mary Ella, born Nov. 7, 1856;  Flora Jane, Nov. 12, 1859;  Fannie Amelia, Dec. 8, 1862;  Maggie Delphine, July 24, 1864;  Harvey Newman, Oct. 12, 1869;  Addie, April 2, 1875.  Mr. and Mrs. Pitcher are members of the M. E. church.  Mr. Pitcher has held most of the township offices, and has discharged his duties faithfully.  He votes the Republican ticket, and is one of the reliable and enterprising men of Niles Township.  During the war he sent a man to serve three years, giving him twenty acres of fine land therfor.  Few men ever gave this as a free-will offering.

J. C. Staebler, farmer and millwright;  postoffice, Niles;  son of Michael and Anna Margaret (Hurr) Staebler, natives of Wurtemberg, Germany.  They came to the United States in 1801, and located in Pennsylvania, where they lived until 1856, when they came to Iowa, where they died.  J. C. was born in Pennsylvania, Oct 20, 1829, where he was educated and learned the trade of millwright, which he followed in connection with running mills, until 1875.  He came to Iowa in 1878, and now owns 145 acres of fine land on sections 5 and 28, mostly under a good state of cultivation.  In 1864 he married Eliza Jane, daughter of Stephen Decatur and Helena (Flick) Rader, natives of Pennsylvania, where they now live.  By this union there are five children - Charles E., born Dec 10, 1864;  Alice Amanda, Sept 29, 1866;  George W., July 4, 1869;  William Harison, Jan 14, 1872;  Stephen Decatur, April 9, 1876.  Mr. Staebler votes for the best men.  He raises fine stock.

John Zimmar, farmer;  postoffice, Niles;  son of John and Katherina (Wolff) Zimmar, natives of Germany, where they died;  was born Aug. 30, 1836, and was educated in Germany,  where he worked in a vineyard until he came to the United States in 1853;  located in Berrien County, Michigan, where he lived till 1856, when he came to Iowa.  He owns 180 acres of fine land on section 10, Niles Township, where he lives.  In 1860 he married Katharine, daughter of David and Barbara (Kurle) Eidler, natives of Germany, where they died.  Katherine was born June 28, 1838.  This union has been blessed with eleven children, ten living - John Godfrey, born Sept 30, 1861;  Mary Sophia, April 11, 1863;  Lillie Jane, June 2, 1865;  Gynette, Oct 11 1867 (deceased);  David William, July 3, 1868;  Wilhelmina Katherina, July 20. 1870;  Christian Charles, Feb 15, 1873;  Jacob Frederick, Jan 12, 1875;  Carolina Evalina, Aug 24, 1877;  Abraham Isaac, March 5, 1879;  and Katie Belle, Nov 5, 1881.  Mr. and Mrs. Zimmar are members of the Advent church.  Mr. Zimmar is a Trustee of the township, and has held several township offices.  He votes the Greenback ticket.