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History of Black Hawk county, Iowa, and Its People
John C Hartman, supervising editor. Vols. I & II Chicago: S J Clarke Publ Co., 1915.


Unless otherwise noted, biographies submitted by Dick Barton.

WILLIAM H. PALMER was born in Devonshire , England , June 10, 1829 , and died in Mount Vernon Township , Iowa , November 27, 1886 . He settled in this township on May 9, 1861 , and began farming.

Lovane S. Parsons, as proprietor of the L. S. Parsons Music House, is at  the head of one of the most important commercial enterprises of  Waterloo; in fact, this business is the largest of its kind in this  section of the state, having enjoyed a steady and substantial growth  since it was established on the 5th of August, 1876, by him who is still  the proprietor.  

Mr. Parsons is one of New England's native sons.  He was born in Vermont  in 1852 and was reared and educated in the Green Mountain state.  Upon  attaining his majority he left home and went to Boston, where he  remained for about two years, but at that time he heard the call of the  west and made his way to Iowa in 1876.  He came at once to Waterloo and  here embarked in the music trade but his first establishment bore little  resemblance to the business of the present time, for at the outset he  had but one organ and one piano.  He has continued in the business now  for over thirty-eight years and his trade has gradually increased.  His  store was originally located on East Fourth street, where he remained  until 1902, when he erected his present large business block, forty by  one hundred feet and three stories and basement.  He occupies the entire  building, conducting a large retail business, although he also sells to  some extent to the wholesale trade and is represented by several  agencies located in different towns in Iowa.  He handles many of the  standard makes of pianos and about one-third of the output is  manufactured especially for him with his name stamped thereon.  He sells  about one hundred thousand dollars' worth of instruments, mostly pianos,  annually.  The business has thus grown and the success of the enterprise  is attributable entirely to the progressive methods and the close  application and unflagging enterprise of Mr. Parsons.  He is thoroughly  acquainted with the music trade and long experience has taught him how  to purchase judiciously and sell with a fair profit.  He has ever  recognized the fact that satisfied patrons are the best advertisement  and in trade circles he enjoys an unassailable reputation.  He is also  extensively interested in farm lands in Iowa and Texas and is the owner  of much valuable city property, his investments having been most  judiciously made.  

In 1878, Mr. Parsons was united in marriage to Miss Lillie Garrabrant,  of Waterloo, who died December 29, 1893.  They had one son, Harry O.,  who is now general manager of the music house.  He was born in Waterloo  in 1880, was reared in this city and completed his education as a  student in the East Waterloo high school.  He has been reared in the  piano trade and is familiar with every phase of the business.  He became  his father's assistant at an early age and as the years passed on larger  responsibilities were intrusted to him.  On the 11th of September, 1906,  he was united in marriage to Miss Mathilda P. Myers, of Waterloo, and  they have become the parents of two children, Harry Otto and Virginia  Myers.  He is a member of the Masonic fraternity, the Benevolent  Protective Order of Elks, the Knights of Pythias and the Fraternal Order  of Eagles.  He also belongs to the Commercial Club and Board of Trade  and is popular in these different organizations, exemplifying in his  life the beneficent spirit that constitutes the basic element of these  different fraternities.  He is also a communicant of Christ Episcopal  church.  In business circles he is widely and favorably known and is one  of the directors of the Waterloo Retail Merchants Association.  

L. S. Parsons was again married in 1896.  Dr. Emma Dawson becoming his  wife.  She was one of the two doctors who owned the Waterloo Electric  Cure and has attained high rank in her profession.  She received her  more specific literary education at the Western Normal College,  Bushnell, Illinois.  She then attended the medical school at Ann Arbor,  Michigan, for two years and was graduated in medicine in 1890 from the  Northwestern University.  Mr. Parsons is  Knight Templar Mason and also  a member of the Mystic Shrine.  The principles which govern his conduct  are further indicated in the fact that he is a member of the First  Congregational church of Waterloo and belongs to the Commercial Club and  Board of Trade and the Waterloo Retail Merchants Association, thus  keeping in active touch with those efforts which are being made to  extend the trade relations of the city and promote its affairs. The  sterling integrity of his character has naturally gained for him the  respect and confidence of his fellowmen.  He is widely and favorably  known throughout the county.  The terms progress and patriotism might be  considered the keynote of his character, for throughout his career he  has labored for the improvement of every line of business or public  interest with which he as been connected.  He stands as an excellent  representative of our best type of American manhood and chivalry.