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History of Black Hawk County, Iowa
Chicago: Western Historical Company, 1878.

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Unless otherwise specified, biographies submitted by Dick Barton.

WAGNER, JOHN F., lumber merchant; born in Herkimer Co., N. Y., July 23, 1838, where he married Delila Wagoner, who died in 1871; had one child - Frank J. His present wife, Eva A. Casler, was born in same county in 1853; they were married March 12, 1873; came to this county in 1873. First engaged in dry goods business, selling out t his partner, George Waltz, in 1877, and began his present business Feb. 15, 1878. Is also an architect, which profession he carries on in connection with his present business.

WAGNER, ROBERT, farmer, Sec. 19; born in Snyder Co., Penn., in 1834, and emigrated to this county in 1856, and settled near Waterloo, where he married Flora Turner in 1857; she was born in Lycoming Co., Penn., in 1833. Settled on his present farm in 1865, consisting of 110 acres, valued at $40 per acre. Are members of the Methodist Church. Are numbered among the early settlers of this town and county.

WAGNER, W. D., dealer in dry goods, boots, shoes and ready-made clothing, Main st.; born in Jefferson Co., N. Y., June 17, 1843. Married Mary C. Wagoner Jan. 8, 1868; she was born in the same county March 1, 1850; have one child - Maud L. Came to this county Nov.j8, 1873, and opened his place of business in April, 1877.

C. GARDNER WALKER. SHOOK & WALKER, dealers in groceries, East Side... C. Gardner Walker was born in Belvidere, Boone Co., Ill., May 11, 1849, and came to this county in the Spring of 1871; went in to the firm in 1873.

WALKER, ISAAC, far., S. 34; born in Bedford Co., Penn., in 1844. Married Minerva Scroggy in 1866; she was born in Northumberland Co., Penn., in 1843; came to this county the same year of their marriage, and settled in Eagle Township, where he lived one season, when he moved on his present estate of 153 acres, valued at $50 per acre. In 1863, he enlisted in the 21st Penn. Cav., Co. E, and served eight months; re-enlisted in 1864, in the 205th Penn. Regt., Co. E, and served eleven months; participated in the battles of Fort Steadman, Pittsburg and others and was honorably discharged at the close of the war. Charles R., Nettie A., Isaac M., Mollie A. and Minerva M. are their children.

WALKER, LAFAYETTE, Supervisor of High ways; born in Delaware Co., N. Y., Aug. 26, 1824. Married E. Edwards in 1847; she was born in Broome Co., N. Y., Sept. 14, 1824. Emigrated to Martinsburg, Bremer Co., Iowa, in 1856, and came to this city in Sept., 1860; was first engaged in meat market; afterward, went into the lumber trade, which he followed ten years. E. B. and Edna are their children.

WALKER, W. A., Mayor and Justice of the Peace; office Main st.; was born in Owen Co., Ind., Jan. 25, 1830. Married in Morgan Co., Ind., Sarah J. Hogshire Oct. 3, 1853; she was born in 1832 in Marion Co., Ind., and died Aug. 10, 1867. They came to this county Oct. 20, 1853, and he is one of the old pioneer settlers and business men of this county. Columbus, Alonzo, Arminta, Alice A. and William R. are their children.

WALKER, WILLIAM, farmer, Sec. 25; P. O. Jesup; born in Buchanan Co.; owns 360 acres, probable value, $10,800; born June 14, 1827, in Ayrshire, Scotland, and his mother (Janet Patten) died there in 1832. IN company with his father, William talker, Sr., he came to the United States, arriving in New York City in 1847 and immediately came West and located in Kane Co., Ill., where he resided until 1852 engaged in farming; he then moved to McHenry Co., Ill., and lived there five years. In 1857, he came to Black Hawk Co., Iowa, and settled in Barclay Tp. Was maraied June 19, 1852, to Elizabeth, daughter of John and Jane Paul, of Ayrshire, Scotland; she was born Sept. 22, 1832; they have seven children - Eliza J., born March 14, 1853; Agnes C., Dec. 17, 1854; John L., July 1, 1859; William P., May 28, 1862; Franklin C., Feb. 3, 1866; Mary J., July 13, 1868, and George G., Nov. 8, 1871; they lost two children - Franklin C., born Dec. 24, 1856, died Oct. 7, 1859, and Mary J., born July 30, 1864, died March 12, 1865. When Mr. Walker came to Barclay Tp., there were but two houses to be seen from where he now resides; the surrounding country was an unbroken tract of prairie. He had a few cattle when the first assessment was made, and the Assessor said he had more cattle than could be found in the whole township at that time. He says that on July 31, 1859, they were uisited by a terrific hail-storm that completely destroyed the first crop that he had planted in Iowa, and as he was trusting to its success to enable him pay his bills and buy provisions for the second year, the disappointment at that time was very hard, to say the least; but such were the trials the early settlers had to undergo. To-day, Mr. Walker is one of the most solid men in Barclay Tp., and is the owner of as handsome a house and farm as can be found anywhere. He is truly one of the representative men of Black Hawk Co. He is a Republican, and was School Director two or three terms and Road Supervisor two or three terms. He and his wife are members of the Presbyterian Church.

WALLACE, GEORGE T., farmer, Sec. 10; P. O. Waterloo; born in Essex Co., N. Y., in 1849; came to Iowa and on the estate in 1868. He was married in 1873 to Miss Sarah Schenk, from New York; they have two children - Eliza and Burt. His father, John Wallace, died in 1873; his mother still lives; her home is in Monticello. George has carried on the estate for the past ten years. He has held the office of Road Supervisor one year.

WALLACE, W. W., music dealer and speculator, Main street; was born in St. Joseph Co., Mich., in 1832. Married Lovila C. Parshal, in 1860; she was born in Wyoming Co., N. Y., in 1842. Came to this county in 1864, settling in Cedar Falls, where he engaged in the livery business, following the same until 1874, when he opened his present music store. Owns farm in Mt. Vernon Township of 120 acres in Sec. 26, valued at $4,000. They have one child - Indie.

WALSH, JOHN, merchant and shoemaker, Raymond; born in Pennsylvania in 1831; moved to Ohio in 1843; to Missouri in 1861; to Iowa and his present position in 1871. He was married in 1851 to Miss Martha A. Ellis, from Ohio; they have seven children - Alva A., Elva E., Laura M., Charles C., Eddie E., Frances Ida and George P. He has held the offices of Township Trustee four years, School Director three years. Mr. Walsh is in partnership with his son, Elva E., in the drug, grocery and notion business; he also carries on shoemaking and the sale of agricultural implements. Elva E. is Postmaster for Raymond.

WALTS, GEORGE, dealer in dry goods, boots and shoes, etc., Main st.; was born in Herkimer Co., N. Y., March 31, 1825. Married Nancy M. Wagner. Emigrated to Walworth Co., Wis., in 1846, and to Vernon Co., Wis., in the Spring of 1860; emigrated to this county in March, 1866; commenced his present business July 5, 1866. Edward L. and George A. are their children.

C. D. WANGLER Wangler Bros., dealers in drugs, books, stationery, paints, oils, etc., Logan House Block. C. D. Wangler, the senior partner, was born in Germany, Jan. 8, 1851; came to Cedar Ralls, this county, in Dec., 1866, and March 23, 1868, settled in Waterloo, but returned to Cedar Falls in 1869; after going to Waverly in 1871, to this city in 1872, and then to Fort Wayne, Ind., in 1873, and to Cincinnati, Ohio, in 1874, he came to this city Jan. 1, 1878, buying his present business. Married Katie Landgraf May 5, 1878; she was born in Cleveland, Ohio, in Feb., 1853. Graduated at College in Cincinnati in 1876.

R. C. WANGLER. Wangler Bros., dealers in drugs, books, stationery, paints, oils, etc., Logan House Block... R. C. Wangler was born in Baden, Germany, Aug. 6, 1854; came to this county in March, 1870, to Cedar Falls, April 1, 1870, and to this city May 28, 1872; in August of the following year, returned to Cedar Falls; Sept. 23, 1875, he moved to Cincinnati, Ohio, where he graduated at college in 187, and came to this city Feb. 1, 1878.

WARREN, CHARLES F., far., S. 28; P. O. Cedar Falls; born in Windham Co., Vt., April 5, 1820. Married Nancy Reynolds in 1843; she was born Sept. 19, 1812; they emigrated to the West in 1843; settling in Kane Co., Ill., where he lived until September, 1854, when he moved to this county, and settled six miles west of Cedar Falls; in 1860, he settled on his present estate, consisting of 160 acres, valued at $40 per acre. Is one of the early pioneers in this town and county. Their children were George, born Dec. 8, 1845, and died May 29, 1847, and Irving, born Nov. 14, 1847, died the same year.

WASHBURN, J. H., farmer, Sec. 25; P. O. Waterloo; born in St. Lawrence Co., N. Y., April 30, 1838; he emigrated to Walworth Co., Wis., in 1856; to Iowa in the Fall of 1857, and settled on Sec. 24; in 1860 he sold out to his brother, D. B. Washburn, and settled on his present farm. He was married in 1862 to Miss Margaret E. Sergeant, from Pennsylvania; they have two children - Frank S., born Nov. 4, 1864; Guy, born in August, 1874. He has eighty acres of land, valued at $30 per acre. He has held the offices of Justice of the Peace for six years, Township Assessor, one year, Township Clerk two years, School Director three years. Mr. W. is a carpenter by trade; he worked on the Court House at Waterloo, in 1857; he also assisted in building the two first churches built in Waterloo. In politics, is a stanch Republican.

WASSOM, D. J., farmer, S. 34; P. O. Hudson; born in Cambria Co., Penn., Feb. 1, 1838; he emigrated to Indiana in 1843; in 1864, he returned to Cambria, and was married to Miss Lucinda Cain Nov. 6, 1864; they moved to Iowa and Orange Tp. in 1865, and on to their present farm in the Spring of 1868; they have four children - Francis J., born Aug. 7, 1866; Lorenzo A., born Oct. 13, 1869; Vena V., born Feb. 6, 1874, and Clarence W., born Oct. 23, 1877. He has eighty acres of land, valued at $3,000. In politics, Republican. Mrs. Wassom is a member of the German Baptist Church.

Mr. W. was engaged in teaming supplies for the great Cambria R. R. Iron Works for eight years before he came to Iowa.

WATERFIELD, WM., far. Sec. 3; P. O. Raymond; born in New Jersey May 4, 1828; moved to Iowa in the Spring of 1856, and on his present farm the same year. He was married in 1850 to Miss Mercy Van Syckle, from New Jersey; they have had two children, both dead; his wife died in 1859. He was married again in September, 1860, to Miss Nancy Hughs, from North Carolina; they have had two children - Geo. C., born July 12, 1862; Mary E., born April 26, 1865; he has eighty-three acres of land, valued at $4,000. He has held the offices of Justice of the Peace two years, Township Trustee, three years, and Assessor, one year. In politics, Republican. Mr. W. often fills appointments as preacher for the M. E. Church; he also gives lectures on phrenology.

WEATHERWAX, A. THEODORE, dealer in groceries and crockery; was born in Ontario Co., N. Y., July 4, 1831; moved in 1840 to Monroe Co., N. Y., and to Niagara Co. in1844, where he married Martha E. Albright Oct. 20, 1853; she was born in Niagara Co., N. Y., in Dec., 1831; came to this county in Nov., 1866, and commenced business on Dec. 1, 1866.

WEBSTER, DANIEL, far., S. 4; P. O. Janesville, Bremer Co.; born in Lake Co., Ohio, in 1836, and came to this county in the Fall of 1854, and settled on his present estate, consisting of 120 acres, valued at $40 per acre. Married Helen Mills Nov. 22, 1855; she was born in St. Joseph Co., ___, in 1836. Numbered among the early settlers, being one of the five who voted at the first election held in this township. Went to Dubuque to market, and experienced all the difficulties attending early pioneer life. their living children are Frank, Fred, Charles, Jessie and Katie; they lost one child - Cappa.

WEIS, KASPER, dealer in dry goods, clothing, hats, caps and furnishing goods, Commercial st.; was born in Germany in 1844; emigrated to America in 1860, settling in Goodhue Co., Minn.; came to this county in 1871, commencing his business at that time.

WEISS, CLARLES, of the firm of Fuller & Weiss, meat market; was born in Germany March 20, 1849, and came to America in 1868. Married Sopha Bittiger in Feb., 1869; she was born in Germany May 17, 1854. Came to this city in Sept., 1877, beginning business on Feb. 21, 1878. Charles, born Jan. 21, 1878.

W. R. WELD, Balliett & Weld, dealers in jewelry, Logan House Block, Fourth st., East Side... W. R. Weld was born in St. Joseph Co., Mich., in 1844, and married Minnie E. Trobridge in 1870; she was born in Monroe Co., N. Y., in 1847; they came to this county in April, 1872, settling in this city. May 1, 1872, commenced their present business.

WELSTEAD, THOS., farmer, S. 26; P. O. Blakeville; born in Allegany Co., N. Y., in 1838; moved to Illinois in 1863; to Iowa in 1865, and to his present farm in 1869. He was married in 1859, to Miss Lucy Bennett, from New York; she was born April 11, 1836; they have two children - Clarence H., born Aug. 19, 1861; Merta B., born Jan. 18, 1871. Mr. W. has 160 acres of land, valued at $4,000. He has held the office of Township Trustee six years, Township Assessor one year, Road Supervisor four years. In politics, Republican. As a farmer, he has been very successful, and at this time finds himself out of debt and ready to make improvements.

WETLANFER, C. W., farmer, Sec. 30; born April 1, 1854, in Indiana; in 1874, came to Iowa; works his father-in-law's farm, consisting of 260 acres of land. He was married to Elizabeth Martin March 4, 1875; she was born in 1853, in Wisconsin; her father, John Martin, was born Feb. 14, 1811, in Brandywine Co., Del.; in 1814, came to Philadelphia; in 1837, came to Wisconsin; in 1866, came to Cedar Falls Tp. He married Mary M. Liston in 1834; she was born in 1815, in Pennsylvania; had nine children, seven living - Mary A., Hannah, Louisa, James, Henry, Emma and Elizabeth. Are members of the Evangelical Church.

WHITAKER, R. A., Grand Recorder of Iowa A. O. U. W.; was born in Oneida Co., N. Y., Aug. 26, 1828; moved to Jefferson Co., N. Y., in 1836 with his parents, and came to this city in Nov., 1855. Married Mary e. Clark Sept. 17, 1856, who was born in Le Roy, N. Y., April 17, 1832. Mr. Whitaker has held the office of County Treasurer of this county for eight years, and was the first Mayor of the city, being elected July 21, 1868; elected to his present Masonic position in Feb., 1878. Ardelle G. is his only daughter.

WHITE, JOSEPH P., far., Sec. 19; born in Franklin Co., Mass., in 1821, and married Cynthia Reed in 1846; she died in a871; they had three children who are living - Eliza, Joseph and Edward; his present wife, Martha Reed, was born in Connecticut in 1835. He came to this county in 1854, and returned after a short visit making his home and permanent settlement in 1856, taking up his residence in the city of Waterloo, where he resided until 1870, when he moved to his present estate consisting of 160 acres, valued at $30 per acre. Are members of the Congregational Church, and number among the early settlers of this town and county.

WHITE, SAMUEL, far., S. 12; P. O. Waterloo; born in Clark Co., Ill., in 1835. Married Sendrella Nicholls, in 1856; she was born in Licking Co., Ohio, in 1837. Came to this county in 1851, and settled on their present farm of 300 acres, valued at $25 per acre, in 1856. Hattie, Clara and Lincoln are their children.

WHITNEY, AZRO B., farmer, Sec. 10; P. O. Jesup, Buchanan Co., owns forty acres, probable value $700; born March 11, 1840, in Orange Co., Vt., was engaged in farming. Enlisted Sept. 11, 1861, for three years during the ear of the rebellion, was honorably discharged March 31, 1862, by reason of disability, near Hampton, Va. Married Emma A. Hackett, of Orange Co., Vt., Nov. 1, 1865; she was born Aug. 4, 1845; they have four children - Myron A., born Jan. 7, 1867; Cora M., Jan. 10, 1869; Aurie E., March 27, 1871, and Mark H., April 13, 1876. Mr. W. left his native county in February, 1868, and went to Jefferson Co., Wis., thence to this county and settled in Barclay Tp. He is a Republican, and was Justice of the Peace two years and Township Assessor two terms. He has a very handsome testimonial presented to him by the Governor (John W. Stewart) of Vermont, for the honorable part he bore as a volunteer in the war of the rebellion - his courage, patriotism and fidelity to the Union being fully established thereby.

WILKIN, JOHN W., farmer, Sec. 35; P. O. CedarFalls; born March 14, 1822, in Orange Co., N. Y.; in 1850, came to Wisconsin, then to Michigan; in 1866, came to his present farm; owns 200 acres, valued at $40 per acre. Married Mary J. Randalph in 1849; she was born in 1830, in Orange Co., N. Y., had three children, two living - Joseph N. and George; lost Reuben in 1876, aged 21 years.

WILL, TILLMANN, farmer, Sec. 26; born in Germany in 1817, and came to this country in 1849, and settled in Fond du Lac Co., Wis., where he remained until 1866, where he married Mary Hassick in 1858; she was born in Switzerland in 1820. Has a farm of eighty acres, valued at $40 per acre. Are members of the Evangelical Church.

WILLIAMS, ABSALOM, farmer, Sec. 20; P. O. La Porte City; born in Randolph Co., Ind., in 1833; came to this county in 1855, and married Sarah Bailey; she was born in Greene Co., Ohio, and died in 1871; they had eight children by this marriage - Armelia, Demarquis, Andrew H., Martha H., Lizzie, Willie, Curtis and Freddie. His present wife, Amanda A. Sprague, was born in 1841, and they were married in 1875; they have one child. Enlisted in the 31st I. V. I., Co. D, in 1863, and served eleven months, and was honorably discharged. Settled on his present farm in 1868, of 103 acres, valued at $35 per acre. Are members of the Methodist Church.

WILLIAMS, D. C. & Co., dealers in all kinds of Northern hardy fruit trees - crab apples a specialty; twenty-five kinds of crab apples growing in their nursery; they range in size from the Hyslop to the Duchesse, or Gross Pomier; twelve Minnesota varieties, all perfectly hardy, ripening in every month of the year; some of the leading crabs are Daomie, Minnesota, Soulard. Gen. Grant and Hesper Blush; all of those are as large as common apples. The Russian crab is the largest of the Russian family; it will stand fifty to sixty degrees of cold - ripe in July; choice eating and cooking, subacid, good for drying, early and profuse bearer. Pembina crab as large as Gross Pomier; originated in Pembina, British America; cross between Transcendent and Duchess of Oldenberg; large as the Duchess splashed with red; subacid, and ripe in August and September. Pomona Crab is a remarkable Hybrid, a cross between Tetofsky and Pom Royal, an annual and abundant bearer, fruit large, cheese-like in shape, and dark red and hardy as an oak. Farmer Crab is a seedling from Hyslop, cross between the Hyslop and Ben Davis; the best winter apple known of crab variety; size of Fameuse. The following is a list of some of the delicious crab apples and Hybrid apples, or crosses between the crab and apple. They ripen in the following order: 1st, Early Strawberry, last of June; 2d, Early Russia, July 15; 3d, Tetofsky; 4th, Hesper Blush, September. This apple is four times as large as Transcendent, and is a choice eating apple; 5th, Orange Yellow, October to February; fine for cooking, eating and preserves; 6th, Gen. Grant; large as Fameuse, a good keeper, and a choice eating apple; will keep until march; 7th, Minnesota, the very best of the winter varieties, for all purposes, January to April, large as E. G. Russet; 8th, Daomie. This remarkable crab is a cross between the Hyslop and Yellow Bell Flower; measures twelve inches in circumference, and is as fine a cross and good a keeper as the Yellow Bell Flower; this is the largest and most beautiful crab apple in the world. Quaker Beauty is fine for cooking and eating, and is very desirable on account of its long-keeping quality; the Soulard is equal to the quince for preserves; every man should have one or more of each of the varieties mentioned; no finer stock can be found to select from than that kept by Mr. Williams. He deals extensively in other fruit trees, but he is giving his attention largely to bringing before the people the most choice varieties of crab apples. It is impossible to give here a complete description of his extensive stock, but the citizens of Iowa would do well to examine the desirable fruit trees, which will be found in this nursery. All orders will be filled promptly; correspondence solicited.

WILLIAMS, DEWITT C., Cedar Falls Nursery; born in Boston, Erie Co., N. Y., March 21, 1827; removed to Chautauqua Co., N. Y. in 1835; lived there until 1848, when he removed to Winnebago Co., Ill.; resided in that county three years, then removed to Freeport, Stephenson Co., Ill., where he lived until May, 1861, when he came to Cedar Falls. Mr. Williams had been engaged in the nursery business for ten years; previously for eighteen years, he was engaged in the photograph business. He married Sarah M. Foye March 23, 1869; she was born in Cattaraugus Co., N. Y.; Mr. Williams has, by former marriage, one son - Frank R. Mr. and Mrs. Williams are members of the First Presbyterian Church of Cedar Rapids.

WILSON, SAMUEL, farmer, Sec. 4; P. O. Waterloo; born in Herkimer Co., N. Y., Sept. 25, 1832; he emigrated to Whiteside Co., Ill., in 1865; to Iowa, and Lincoln Township, in 1874; settled on his present farm in 1875. He was married in 1857 to Miss Marion Sutton, from Oswego Co., N. Y.; she was born April 7, 1835; they have three children - Ella J., born March 17, 1858; Berton E., born Oct. 13, 1865; Amos A., born May 15, 1871. He has 123 acres of land, valued at $3,000. Republican; they are members of the Congregational Church. Mr. Wilson was a soldier in our late war; he enlisted in 1861, in the 81st N. Y. V. I., Co. F; mustered out on account of sickness in 1865.

WILSON, W. A., farmer, Sec. 30; P. O. Waterloo; born in North Carolina in 1834; emigrated to Kossuth Co., Iowa, in 1855; to Mahaska Co. in the Fall of 1859; to this county in 1863, and to his present farm in 1866. He was married in 1858 to Miss Chloe Lawrence, from New York; they have nine children - Barnett A., Ellis E., Mary C., Emma J., William L., Frank g., Edith L., Elsie L. and baby. He has 240 acres of land, valued at $6,000. He has held the office of Township Trustee two years, Township Assessor one year, School director five years. In politics, he is a Republican.

WINSET, THOS., farmer, Sec. 26; P. O. Gilbertville; born in Poyner Tp., Black Hawk Co., in 1854; settled on his present farm in 1876. Married May 28, 1876, to Miss Ella Herrod, from Fox Tp., Black Hawk Co.; have had one child - Claud L., born March 28, 1877. Mr. W. has held office of Road Supervisor one year. Has eighty acres of land, valued at $2,400. His father, Benj. Winset, was one of the pioneers of the county and assisted in its organization.

WOOD, SAMUEL H., farmer, Sec. 1; also dealer in butter and eggs; born Feb. 12, 1856, in Rockford, Ill.; 1865, came to Cedar Falls, and removed to his present farm in 1878; owns 100 acres, valued at $30 per acre. Married Ellen D. Jones Jan. 1, 1878; she was born Dec. 7, 1858, in Wisconsin. His father died in Rockford, Ill.; his mother now lives in Cedar Falls.

WOORE, HENRY, far., S. 14; P. O. Waterloo; born in the Island of Jamaica, West Indies, in 1846. In 1861, he enlisted in Co. F, 39th Ill. Inf.; was in the battles of Winchester, Ft. Sumter, Deep Bottom, and served three years and one month, and was honorably discharged. Settled on his present farm of eighty acres valued at $40 per acre, in 1871, and in Feb., 1872, married Lydia Moore; she was born in Union Co., Ohio, in 1848; Cora M., Ira T. and Mary J. are their living children.

WOOSTER, ROLLIN S., farmer, Sec. 12; P. O. Jesup, Buchanan Co.; owns 181 acres of land, probable value $5,500; he was born Nov. 25, 1824, in Bethlehem, Litchfield Co., Conn., where he attended school at the Warren Institute, until he was 17 years old; he then turned his attention to learning the trade of a stone mason, and followed that business about six years; in 1849,he engaged in traveling for a manufacturer of surgical instruments, and traveled throuh all the Western and Southwestern States for about three years. He was married Jan. 31, 1854, to Charlotte L., daughter of Zalmond and Elizabeth Miller, of Cornwallbridge, Conn.; she was born Feb. 22, 1827; Mrs. Wooster's family date back to the earliest settlers of Connecticut. In 1854, Mr. Wooster went to Rock Co., Wis; and in 1855, he engaged in farming; in 1857, he added to his business the raising of the improved American Merino sheep, in which he is now extensively engaged; he also taught school for ten terms in Rock Co., Wis.; in 1864, he came to Black Hawk Co., and settled on a piece of land in Fox Tp., which he had entered ten years previously; he says that surrounding him was but sparsely settled at that time, there were only a few houses anywhere near him, and they were a mile apart. In politics, he is a Republican, and is Township Clerk, now serving his eighth consecutive term; was Justice of the Peace one year, County Supervisor one year, School Director three years, Secretary of the School Boars three years; he and his wife are members of the M. E. Church of Jesup; he was one of the first Trustees of that organization and has continued a such to the present time; is also Recording Steward, and Sunday School Superintendent, now serving his seventh term in both positions.

WORCESTER, LEVY B., far., S. 32; P. O. Cedar Falls; born in Ticonderoga, N. Y., in 1820, and married Mary A. Grant in 1844; she was born in the same place in 1822; have three children - Albert T., Myron G. and Louisa I. Came to the West in 1855, and settled in Winnebago Co., Ill., where he lived eight months, when he moved to this county and resided nearly one year in Waterloo, when he settled on his present estate, consisting of forty acres, valued at $40 per acre. Is one of the early settlers in this county. Was Justice of the Peace seven years, and held other town offices, and has been prominently identified with the interests of the town and county.

WRIGHT, MAITLAND, with Parrot, Girton & Sherman; was born in Picton, Canada, April 2, 1828, and married Eleanor Nugent Feb, 14, 1849; she was born in Picton, Jan. 5, 1830; after marriage, he emigrated to Belmont, Canada, where re resided until 1865, when he moved to London, Canada, and in 1867, came to this county and settled in this city, where he has since made it his home; they have four children living - Thomas D., Emma A. (first daughter, who received her early education in one of the public schools of this city, from which time she has ever taken an active interest in the cause of education, and has been a successful teacher in different village schools since 1874; in September, 1867, she commenced teaching in the branch of the high school, in which position she is still occupied, and is regarded as a thorough and efficient officer), Phoebe J. (second daughter; has attained a thorough musical education, and numbers among the finest vocalists in the city), May E., (youngest daughter, also advancing to the attainment of educational qualifications). To this group the writer is greatly indebted for much valuable information, extended courtesy and hospitality during his stay.

WYTH, JOHN, merchant tailor and gents' furnishing, Main st.; born Dec., 1833, in Dublin, Ireland; in 1861, came to New York City; the same year, came to Cedar Falls. Married Anna Bacon Jan. 24, 1864; she was born in 1840, in London, Eng.; her cousin, John George Bacon, is Vice-Chancellor of England; they have seven children - Katie, Mathew, Rosanna Margaret, Mary E., George J., Thomas H. and Francis Joseph. Is a Republican.

YOUNG, WALLACE M., S. S; P. O. Jesup, Buchanan Co.; owns 938 acres of land, probably value, $23,450, and 154 acres in Buchanan Co., probable value $4,000; he was born Jan. 1, 1827, in Monroe Co., N. Y., where he worked of a farm and went to school between times, until he attained his 17th year; his father, Eliphet T. Young, was born Aug. 27, 1786, in Rensselaer Co., N. Y., and was married twice; the first wife was Mary Udell, born in Rensselaer Co., Jan. 22, 1788, died Feb. 13, 1824, and his second wife was Mary Maxfield, who was born March 20, 1799, died Jan. 25, 1865; the latter was the mother of Wallace M. Young, who in 1844, left his native county and went to Branch Co., Mich., where he became engaged in farming and real estate transactions; he resided in Branch Co. (with the exception of about four years that he lived in Cass Co.) until 1869. On the 1st of Jan., 1851, he married Miranda, daughter of John and Miranda Allen, of Brandon, Vt.; she was born Sept. 20, 1826, and died Jan. 14, 1852; there was one child by that marriage - John, born Nov. 22, 1851, died April 8, 1852; Mr. Y. was afterward married Dec. 4, 1852, to Catharine, daughter of Henry and Sabra Wells, of St. Lawrence Co., N. Y.; she was born April 9, 1832; they have seven children - George W., born Jan. 26, 1856; Martha, born May 8, 1858; John,, born June 2, 1860; Mary, born Aug. 20, 1861; Elizabeth, born May 1870; Manly, born Dec. 26, 1871, and Bertha, born July 17, 1876; they lost two children - Miranda, born April 16, 1854, died March 1, 1869, and Freddie, born Oct. 7, 1866, died Feb. 15, 1867. In 1869, Mr. Young came West to Buchanan Co., Iowa, and lived there for about twenty or twenty-one months, and on March 6, 1871, he came to Fox Tp., where he now resides. In politics, he is Independent, and is now serving his second term as President of the Board of School Directors, and was School Director for four years; he was also Justice of the Peace for one year, and is a member of Siloam Lodge, No. 222, of Jesup, Buchanan Co., Iowa.