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History of Black Hawk County, Iowa
Chicago: Western Historical Company, 1878.


Unless otherwise specified, biographies submitted by Dick Barton.

RAUB, ANDREW C., farmer, Sec. 19; born in Cattaraugus Co., N. Y., in 1829, and married Sylvia Bishop in 1855; she was born in the same county in 1835; they have two children living - Charles and Lua A.; lost one child - Henry. Came to the West in 1855, and settled in Adams Co., Wis., and in the following year moved to Rock Co., Wis., where he remained until 1874, when he came to this county, and on his present farm of sixty-five acres, valued at $35 per acre. Are members of the M. E. Church.

REED & BIGALOW, feed, board and sale stable, Commercial St. The former was born in Armstrong Co., Penn., in 1821. Married Elizabeth Morison, who died in this city. Again married Theda McGowen. After living in Mercer Co., Penn., emigrated to Stephenson Co., Ill., and then came to Cedar Falls, Iowa, in 1870, and to this city in 1872.

REED, T. C., farmer, Sec. 5; born April 7, 1814, in Lycoming Co., Penn.; Oct. 8, 1841, came to Crawford Co., Ohio; April 1, 1857, removed to Cedar Falls; he owns 160 acres of land. Married Mary J. Boyd June 29, 1843; she was born Jan. 25, 1822, in Shelby Co., Ky.; had five children, three living - Luther T., Jane E. and James B. Luther T. enlisted in Co. B, 31st I. V. I.; served three years, to the close of the war.

REIETER, HENRY, farmer, Sec. 7; P. O. Waterloo; born in Germany in 1818. Married Catherine Schenkelberg in 1850; she was born in Germany in 1822; have four children - Elizabeth, Annie, Katherina and Christina. Came to this country in 1866, and settled in Illinois, and in 1867, settled on his present farm of eighty acres, valued at $35 per acre.

REINHART, JACOB F., farmer. Sec. 1; P. O. Denver, Bremer Co.; was born in Wurtemberg, Germany, in 1840. Married Emma valentine in 1876; she was born in Illinois in 1853. He came to this country in 1854, settling in Rensselaer Co., and in 1860, came to this county, settling on his present farm of 190 acres, valued at $35 per acre. Orrin, born Dec., 1876, is their child.

RENSSELAER, RUSSELL, wholesale and retail dealer in groceries, on Commercial st.; was born in Otsego Co., N. Y., June 18, 1828. Married Caroline M. Richards Jan. 12, 1853; she was born in Paris, Oneida Co., N. Y.

RHODES, W. H., farmer, S. 36; P. O. Cedar Falls; born Aug. 5, 1846, in Summit Co., Ohio; in 1864, came to Plainfield, Ill; in 1867, returned to Ohio; in 1868, moved to Joliet, Ill., in 1869, returned to Ohio; in 187O, came to Cedar Falls, Iowa; in 1875, came to his present farm; owns 129 acres of land, valued at $25 per acre. Married Katie McCulloch in l873; she was born in l851 in Springfield, Mass.; have two children - Jessie and Joe.

RICE, THOMAS F., farmer, Sec. 2; P. O. Barclay; owns 1,000 acres of land, probable value $25,000; born March 23, 1828, in Camden Co., N. J., where his father (Thomas Rice) was engaged in editing a newspaper that was known as the West Jerseyman; the subject of this sketch attended school in Philadelphia until he was nearly 20 years old, and then turned his attention to the practice of chemistry in his native county, and followed that profession for seven years. He was married March 23, 1850, to Sarah, daughter of John and Ann Cummings, of Camden Co., and formerly from Ireland; Mrs. Rice died Oct. 12, 1854; there was one child by that marriage - Martha A., born June 10, 1852. In May, 1854, Mr. Rice went to Ogle Co., Ill., and lived there until October, 1856; he then came to Black Hawk Co., Iowa, and settled in Barclay Tp., where he now resides. He was married to Catherine, daughter of John J. and Catherine Schott, of dauphin Co., Penn.; she was born Sept. 18, 1826; they have four children - Ellen, born Dec. 10, 1856; Elijah, Nov. 13, 1858; Ada, April 14, 1861, and Elizabeth, June 27, 1863. Mr. Rice says there was but one school in his district when he came here in 1856, and not until ten years after was there a school in his sub-district for children to attend. The nearest mill was at Waverly, Bremer Co., and not a bridge anywhere to cross streams in going to and from Waterloo. In politics, he is Republican, and was Justice of the Peace for ten or twelve years, and School Director about ten years. He was engaged in teaching school in Illinois for four or five years, and taught school in this county three or four years. In connection with farming, he is extensively engaged in real estate transactions, and the buying and selling of cattle.

RICHARDS, WALTER OSCAR, born in Genesee Co., N. Y., Nov. 21, 1820, and was the sixth of a family of nine children, five of whom were boys and four girls. When Walter was 8 years of age, his parents moved to Monroe Co., in the vicinity of Rochester, where they resided until 1837, when they moved to Geauga Co., Ohio, in that portion of the State known as the " Western Reserve." Here his mother died, and that Winter, young Walter, when about 17 years of age, taught his first term of school; he soon after went to Farmington Seminary, a branch of Oberlin College. At this institution, he spent about three years, during a greater portion of which time he and John Patchen, now a prominent Congregational clergyman in the Western Reserve, roomed together in a log house, and boarded themselves. In 1841, he went to Oberlin College, entering the Freshman class; he remained in this institution nearly three years, and was pursuing the studies of the Junior class when poor health compelled him to leave college; in 1845, he went to Branch Co., Mich., and spent about three years working on a farm with a brother and teaching school during the Winter months. In 1848, he went into the office of Dr. James M. Teft, of Sturgis, for the purpose of studying medicine; he remained here three years, and in the Winter of 1850-51, attended one course of medical lectures at the Ann Arbor Medical College. In the Summer of 1851, he was married to Miss Julia A. Bundy, of Ontario, La Grange Co., Ind., and they then went to Huntington in that State, where he obtained the principalship of the Union School with Mrs. Richards in charge of the primary department; in 1851, he returned to Ontario and spent a year in the practice of medicine in partnership with Dr. Sargent; in 1854, he returned to Ann Arbor and completed his medical studies; in the Summer of 1855, they came to Waterloo, then a town of between 300 and 400 inhabitants, and have remained here ever since; since residing here, a son and daughter have been born. The son graduated in the class of 1876, at the State University of Iowa, and is now city editor Waterloo Courier. The daughter is still a student at that institution. Dr. Richards has been a member of the Congregational Church for the past forty-seven years; has always been a strong advocate of temperance and a member of several temperance organizations. In politics, Dr. Richards is a Republican with Whig antecedents. While at Oberlin, he became thoroughly imbued with the Abolition sentiments of that school, and his first Presidential ballot was cast for J. G. Birney. Since his residence in Waterloo, he has been Coroner of Black Hawk Co. for nearly the entire time. He was one of the five original owners of the Cedar Mills after the death of Miles Spafford, and on the foundation of the Union Mill Company, one of the largest enterprises in the city, he was chosen a member of the Board of Directors, a position he has held ever since. He has never received any pecuniary aid from his parents, and is indebted to his own industry for the measure of success to which he has attained.

RICHARDSON, GLEASON P., farmer, Sec. 2; born in Chenango Co., N. Y., in 1844. Married Emeline Gates in 1867; she was born in the same county in 1847; Lenora, Blanche and Levi are their living children; lost one infant. Came to this county in January, 1872, and settled on his present place, where he has since made it his home.

RICHARDSON, JAMES, farmer, Sec. 12; born in Pittsfield, Mass., in 1822. Married Harriet A. Park in 1843; she was born in Chenango Co., N. Y., in 1824, and died in 1860; by this marriage they had three children - Gleason P., Mary J. and George M. His present wife, Jane Gilliland, was born in Chenango Co., N. Y., in 1840, and they were married in 1865, and have two children - Elmer and Hattie. Came to this county in 1867, and in1868, settled on his present farm, consisting of eighty acres, valued at $40 per acre. Are members of the Baptist Church.

RICKER, M., of the firm of Ricker & Lindley, dealers in lumber, lath, sash, doors, blinds, etc.; was born in Waldo, Maine in 1837; went to California in in 1858, and returned to Boston, Mass., in 1865. Came to this county in 1870, where he married Jennie Congar, in 1873; she was born in Dubuque, Iowa, on Dec. 12, 1857. Mr. Ricker was engaged in dry goods trade for several years, and commenced his present business in 1874.

RIDER, J. Q. A., hardware, Commercial street; was born in Orange Co., Vt., May 21, 1829. Married Margaret C. Grant in 1854; she was born in Connecticut; emigrated to Grundy Co., Ill., where he was married, and came to this county in February, 1874, commencing his present business. Loren, Dwight and Nellie, the first aged 20, the second 18 and third 14 years, are his children.

RINKER, C. P., farmer, Sec. 1; P. O, Janesville; born Jan. 22, 1826, in Louisville, Ky.; in 1829, came to Sullivan Co., Ind.; in 1834, came to Putnam Co., Ill.; in 1839, removed to Ogle Co., Ill.; in 1866, came to Black Hawk Co., Iowa; owns 102 acres of land, valued at $30 per acre. Married Louisa L, Turk in 1848; she was born in July, 1826, in Cayuga Co., N. Y.; have two children - Mary A. and Lorenda. Are members of the M. E. Church.

RIPPEL, JACOB, farmer, Sec. 9; P. O. La Porte City; born in Germany in 1838. Married Henrietta Steinke in 1862; she was born in Germany in 1844; have two children living - Annie and Ida. Came to this country in 1850, with his father, William, and settled in Waukesha Co., Wis.; resided in that State until 1874, when he came to this county, and settled on his present farm of 125 acres, valued at $40 per acre. Member of the Evangelical Church.

ROBERTS, ROBERT D., farmer, Sec. 30; P. O. Cedar Valley; born in Oneida Co., N. Y., in 1827, and in 1865, came to this county, where, in 1868, he married Sarah McArthur; she was born in Scotland in 1846; have three children - Ella, Archibald and John; lost one child - Grace. After marriage, settled on his present farm of 240 acres, valued at $45 per acre. Members of the Presbyterian Church.

HARBIN , GEO. W. & Co. ,


F. M. ROBINSON, the junior partner of the firm, was born in Wood Co., Ohio , March 15, 1852 ; came to this county in 1868, with his mother, and went into partnership with Mr. Harbin, about three months since.

ROBINSON, GEORGE, farmer, Sec. 5; born in Delaware Co., Ohio, in 1837. Married Charlotte A. Brooks in 1857; she was born in Illinois in 1838; they have two children - Flora A. and Dora M. Came to this State in 1855, and settled in Floyd Co., where he remained until 1862, when he came to this county and settled in the city of Waterloo, where he worked at his trade, being a carpenter, and where he erected many houses and became extensively engaged in real estate transfers, during his residence there; settled on his present farm in March, 1877, consisting of 120 acres, valued at $35 per acre; also owns residence on Main st., in Waterloo, and is well known throughout the county.

ROBINSON, WILLIAM A., farmer, Sec. 31; born in Warren Co., Ohio, in 1837. Married Eliza Chaddick in 1857; she was born in Hopkins Co., Ky., in 1841; their living children are Eugene, Walter, William and Mary, J.; they came to this county in 1862, and settled in Cedar Falls, and in 1864 removed to Bremer Co., and resided until 1870, when he emigrated to Harlan Co., Neb., and lived there until 1873; returned in that year to this county, and settled on the place he now occupies, consisting of seventy acres.

ROBINSON, WILLIAM S., foundry and machine shop, manufacturer of farmers' boilers, cook stoves, heating stoves, corn shellers, and all kinds of castings, repair shop for machinery, Commercial street, West Side; was born in Cheshire Co., N. H., March 22, 1834; learning his trade in Boston, and after spending one year on the lake, he came to this county in October,1855, settling in this city. Married Sarah Bunnell in June 1877; she was born in Lake Co., Ohio, in June, 1833.

RODENBERGER, EDWIN, surveyor and civil engineer; resides cor. Ninth and Walnut sts.; born Dec. 31, 1837, in Lehigh Co., Penn.; in 1844,came to Waukesha Co., Wis.; in April, 1865, came to Cedar Falls; he has followed this business the past twenty years. Married Miss Hannah Martin June 9, 1861; she was born March 27, 1838, in Montgomery Co., Penn.; had five children, two living - Eddie and Frank. She is a member of the Evangelical Association. Mr. R. is County Surveyor.

ROEBUCK, C. A., dealer in confectionery, fruits, nuts, cigars, ice cream, etc., East Side; was born in Canada, and came with parents to this city in 1867; has worked at his trade, that of stone mason, until commencing his present business on May 10, 1878.

ROLPH, LYMAN D., farmer, Sec. 23; P. O. Waterloo; born in Chautauqua Co., N. Y., in 1834, and married Hannah M. La Mont in 1865. He emigrated to this county in March of that year, and settled on his present farm of 160 acres, valued at $30 per acre. Both are members of the M. E. Church. Edward L., Ruby A., Carrie L. and Lou Adell are their children.

ROTH, MATHIAS, farmer, Sec. 20; P. O. Waterloo; born in Germany in 1812. Married Susan Zemith in 1848; she was born in Germany in 1816; came to this country in 1864 and settled in Chicago, Ill., where he lived until 1869, when he came to this county and settled on his present farm of eighty acres, valued at $30 per acre. Nicholas, John and Michael are their children. Members of the Catholic Church.

RUNDLES, JANE, farmer, Sec. 4; Janesville, Bremer Co.; born in Onondaga Co., N. Y., in 1821. Widow of Norman Rundles, who was born in Cortland Co., N. Y., in 1819. They were married in March, 1847, and he died in Oct., 1870; their living children are Helen A., Ellci J., Mary E., James E., Ida M. and Willie L.; lost four children - Martha, Eva, Norman and Sarah. Came to this county in 1856, and settled on their present estate, living in a rude log house, which has given place to a large and palatial residence, which Mr. R. partly completed before his death. The estate consists of 186 acres, valued at $60 per acre. Was one of the earliest settlers in this town, and founder of the first school built in this section of the county; also held prominent offices, and was well and prominently known.

RUTTER, W. H., farmer, Sec. 23; P. O. Raymond; born in Pennsylvania in 1831; moved to Jo Daviess Co., Ill., in 1855; to Iowa and Black Hawk Co. in 1867; on his present farm in the Fall of 1869. He was married in 1852 to Miss Catherine Grove, from Pennsylvania; they have six children - Samuel G., Rossie J., Louisa E., Francis P., Cora M. and Ira E. He has 100 acres of land, valued at $3,000. He has held the offices of Township Trustee eight years, Road Supervisor six years. In politics, Republican; religion, German Baptist.