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History of Black Hawk County, Iowa
Chicago: Western Historical Company, 1878. 


Unless otherwise specified, biographies submitted by Dick Barton.

PACKARD, S. H., attorney; office on Main st.; residence on Sixth st.; born Sept. 10, 1828, in Rochester, N. Y.; in 1854, came to Cedar Falls, and engaged in law and newspaper publishing. Married Z. C. Barnes April 23, 1857; she was born in 1835, in Rice Lake, Canada; had four children, three living - Clarence W., Jeffrey G. and Hellen M. Has held nearly all the city offices; has been U. S. Commissioner and Postmaster. In the Winter of 1857 and 1858, he was caught on the prairie in a blinding storm from the northwest; was out for forty-eight hours, and, in consequence, had his right leg amputated above the ankle. He is a member of the Episcopal Church.

PALMER, W. H., farmer, Sec. 4; P. O. Waterloo; born in Devonshire, England, in 1829. Married Elizabeth Hicks in 1850; she was born in same place in 1830. Mr. P. came to this country in 1854, and stopped one year in Chicago, when he came to this county and settled in Waterloo, where he resided until 1861, when he moved upon his present farm, consisting of 345 acres, valued at $45 per acre. Is Supervisor. Democrat.

PARKER, F. H., farmer, Sec. 20; born in Canada in 1854, and came to this county in 1865, with his parents, who settled near his present home, and where he lived until 1876, when he married Mattie S. Knapp; she was born in this county in 1854; settled on his present farm in 1878; farm consists of eighty acres, valued at $2,000.

PARKER, LEVI, farmer, Sec. 19; P. O. Cedar Falls; born in Berkshire Co., Conn., in 1814. Married Mary Rogers in 1841; she was born in Cayuga Co., N. Y., in 1816; they have lost two children - Samuel M. and one that died in infancy. Came to this county in Jan., 1866, and settled in Cedar Falls, where he worked at his trade, being a carpenter; in 1867, he purchased his present farm, consisting of forty-two acres, valued at $40 per acre, and settled on the same in 1871.

PARKHURST, C. J., wholesale and retail dealer in china, crockery, glass, wooden and willow ware, sliver ware and fine table cutlery; also, Ohio stone ware, West Side; was born in Chautauqua Co., N. Y., May 19, 1850; he came to this county, settling in this city, Jan. 1, 1869, and has since been engaged in his present business on Commercial st. Married Mary Cluyer on May 13, 1874; she was born in Pennsylvania.

PARROTT, GIRTON & SHERMAN, job printers, manufacturers of blank books, stationers, and publishers of the Iowa State Reporter, making a specialty of county offices supplies, East Side, Waterloo, Iowa; the individual members are Matt Parrott, James L. Girton and James P. Sherman.

Parsons, Benjamin B., farmer, Sec. 20; born in Bennington Co., Vt. in 1817.  Married Polly N. Blanchard April 10, 1848; she was born in Windham Co., Vt., Sept. 3, 1813; first settled in Dodge Co., Wis., where he remained until 1862, when he came to this county and settled in the city of Waterloo, where he resided until 1865; moved on his present estate, consisting of 440 acres of land, valued $40 per acre.  Fernando A., born Sept. 29, 1849; Winslow R., born April 12, 1851; Lonara E., born April 21, 1855, are the names and births of their children.

Parsons, Daniel, farmer, Sec. 15; born in Winchester Co., N. Y., in 1833.  Married Jane C. Ide, in July, 1854; she was born in Vermont, in 1838.  In 1864, he enlisted in the 44th Ill. V. I., Co. H, and served until the close of the war; participated in the the battles Spring Hill, Franklin and Nashville, where he was wounded by a ball passing through his wrist, which has left him with an honorable scar; was discharged from the hospital May 11, 1865.  Came to this county April 16, 1866, and settled on his present estate of 240 acres, valued at $35 per acre.  Emma J., Charles, William, Estella, Abraham, George, Cora and Jessie are their children.

Parsons, Roscoe M., farmer, Sec. 19; born in Bennington Co., Vt., in 1848, and came to this county with his parents in 1862, and settled in Waterloo, where he resided until 1865,  In 1870, married Ella R. Spaulding;  she was born in Cape May Co., N. J., in 1850; have three children - Bell, Percy and one not yet christened.  Settled on his present farm in 1875; 160 acres, valued at $50 per acre.

PARTRIDGE, MAYNARD, manufacturer and dealer in furniture of all kinds, opposite Logan House, East side; was born in Templeton, Worcester Co., Mass., June 3, 1827; moved from native county to Lebanon, N. H., where he married Harriet Parker on Aug. 12, 1851; she was born in Canada. Came to Baraboo, Wis., where he resided about four months; after which he moved to Merrimack and Baraboo, Wis., and in June, 1869, settled in this city. Has been engaged in the manufacture and sale of furniture for many years.

PASHBY, THOMAS, farmer, Sec. 11; P. O. Nautrill; born in Yorkshire, England, in 1835, and in 1852, came to this country, settling in St. Joseph Co., Mich., until 1856, when he went to California, and lived ten months there, and returning, married Jane Forsyth in 1862; she was born in England in 1842. In 1864, came to this county and settled on his present farm of eighty acres, valued at $40 per acre.

PATTERSON, J. S., meat market, Fourth st., East Side; born in Monroe Co., N. Y., in 1824; emigrated to Fairfield Co., Ohio, in 1838, and then to Highland Co., where he married Katherine Wiley in 1843; she was born in Ross Co., Ohio, in 1820. Mr. P. went to California in 1853, and returned in 1857; came to this county, settling in Jessup in 1871, and to this city in 1873, commencing his present business in 1875.

PAUL, W. T., far., Sec. 2; P. O. Waterloo; born in Illinois in 1829; moved with his parents to Iowa and Dubuque in 1830; settled in his present location in 1877; the farm is owned by C. F. Green. Was married in the Spring of 1852, to Miss Lorena Sutherland, from Davenport; have had six children - Alonzo L., William A., Amelia J., John C. F., Emma L. and Henry W. He has held the office of School Director four years. His father, John Paul, was in the Black Hawk war, at Galena; he was among the first who were allowed to cross the river at Dubuque at the close of the war. He was engaged in mining for several years, when he moved into the township north and engaged in farming.

PECK, JERRY J., farmer, Sec. 3; P. O. Waterloo; born in Somerset Co., Penn., in 1854; came to this county in 1874, and married Lizzie Lichty in 1876; she was born in the same county in 1855. Owns eighty acres of land, valued at $30 per acre. Are members of the German Baptist Church.

PERRY, ALFRED B., farmer, Sec. 21; P. O. Lester; owns 200 acres, probable value, $4,000; he was born Nov. 30, 1822, in Cayuga Co., N. Y., but spent much of his time in Cortland Co., N. Y., until he was 21 years old. He worked at the trade of tanner and currier from the time he was 11 until he was 18 years of age and then temporarily abandoned that profession. In 1844, he went to Tecumseh, Lenawee County, Mich., and resumed his trade. In 1845, he went to Illinois and Wisconsin, thence to Valparaiso, Ind., and engaged as a Superintendent of a tannery and held the position for two years, then betook himself to work on the Michigan Central and Michigan Southern Rys.; moved thence to Mineral Pt., Wis., and worked in lead mines; back to Porter Co., Ind., where he had a farm, and worked at his trade three years in Terre Coupee, St. Joseph Co., Ind., where he was married Nov. 25, 1852, to Lydia, daughter of James and Hannah Smith, of Hamilton Co., Ohio; she was born March 1, 1832, and died Jan. 25, 1861; there were five children by that marriage - Wm. W., born Aug. 16, 1853; Silas S., Oct. 26, 1854; George T., Jan. 22, 1856; John L., Oct. 7, 1857, and Mary H., Sept. 1, 1859. On the 2d of August, 1857, Mr. P. arrived in Lester Tp., Black Hawk Co., Iowa, and engaged in farming. He married his present wife, Emily, daughter of John E. and Margaret Carnes, of this township, May 23, 1861; she was born Feb. 20, 1841, in Chippewa Tp., Wayne Co., Ohio; they have six children - Ida I., born April 27, 1862; Robert I., Jan. 14, 1867; Frederick N., July 11, 1869; Thomas A., Dec. 9, 1871; Franklin S., July 9, 1874, and Lydia B., Sept. 3, 1877. Mr. Perry enlisted Oct. 12, 1861, in the 12th I. V. I., Co. E, for three years, or during the war, and was engaged in the battles of Fort Donelson, Shiloh, siege of Vicksburg (where he spent forty-two days), Jackson and Brandon, Miss., Tupelo Woodstock and Nashville, Tenn., and Spanish Fort, Ala. He was captured by the rebels at Shiloh and dragged around to the rebel prisons of Montgomery, Ala., Griffin and Macon Ga., and was at last sent to Libby Prison, Richmond. He was paroled Oct. 17, 1862, and sent to Annapolis, Md., thence to St. Louis, Mo., and was exchanged in the Winter of 1862-3. He helped guard a lot of rebel prisoners that were sent from St. Louis to Columbus, Ohio, before he was exchanged himself; he participated in all the engagements his regiment took part in, and was honorably discharged Jan. 20, 1866, at Memphis, Tenn., and then returned to his home and family in Lester Tp., since which time he has been engaged in the peaceful pursuit of farming. He is a Republican and was School Director and President of the School Board three or four terms; was elected Justice of the Peace, but declined to serve. He is a member of the Free-Will Baptist Church.

PEIFER, L. R., of the firm of Peifer & Calladay, dealers in hardware, on Commercial st.; was born in Berks Co., Penn., June 22, 1843; went to Lee Co., Ill., in 1863, and after one year's residence, returned to Pennsylvania, where he married Lydia Depper in 1865; she was born in Berks Co., Penn. They emigrated to this county in 1865, settling in Waterloo Tp., on Sec. 17; came to this city in 1864, and in June, 1877, commenced his present business. Edward, aged 13, and Lizzie, 5 years old are their children.

PHELPS, ANDREW, far., Sec. 6; P. O. Janesville, Bremer Co.; born in Crawford Co., Penn., in 1848, and emigrated to this county with his father, Edward S., in 1860, and settled in Washington Township; in 1864, he removed to this town, where his father died in 1867. Married Julia Pattee in 1872; she was born in Illinois in 1848; they have two children living - John e. and Sarah J.; lost one child - Arthur N. Rents farm of sixty acres.

PHILLEO, MILTON, farmer, S. 1; born March 16, 1816, in Oneida Co., N. Y.; came to Will Co., Ill., in 1854; in 1863, came to Cedar Falls Tp.; owns 310 acres of land, valued at $40 per acre. Married Mary Shaw in 1843; she was born May 16, 1824, in Oneida Co., N. Y.; had ten children, nine living - Harriet, Ella, Millard, Henry, Halsey, Frank, Grant, Veva and Alson. Has been Justice of the Peace, School Superintendent and Director.

PHILPOT, GEORGE, Sr., farmer, Sec. 11; born June 7, 1817, in Belmont Co., Ohio; in the Spring of 1850, came to his present farm; owns 100 acres of land, valued at $50 per acre. Married Charlotte Morrison May 9, 1837; she was born in March, 1815, in Alleghany Co., Md.; had thirteen children, seven living - Wm. S., John, James, George, Shepherd, Margaret and Samuel. Has been Justice of the Peace and Constable; also, City Marshal. John, George and Charles P. enlisted in the war of the rebellion. Chas. P. enlisted in the 31st Iowa V. I., in 1862; served about one year and died in Aug., 1863, at Andersonville, Ga.

PHILPOT, JOHN W., farmer, Secs. 2, 3, 10 and 11; born Jan. 14, 1847, in Belmont Co., Ohio; when a child, removed with his parents to Summerfield, Ohio; in 1855, came to Cedar Falls; he owns 320 acres, valued at $75 per acre. His father was born Feb. 15, 1815, in Barnesville, Ohio, and died April 15, 1877, in Cedar Falls; his mother was born Oct. 27, 1816, in Maryland; she lives with her son. His father has been Mayor of Cedar Falls and Town Trustee. His mother is a member of the M. E. Church.

PIERCE, A. G., Cashier of City Exchange Bank; was born in Nantucket Island, Mass., March 10, 1851; came to this city with parents in 1855, where he married Myrtie Bogart Aug. 10, 1876; she was born in Steuben Co., N. Y., Aug. 17, 1858; commenced in the bank as clerk, and from that position has risen to Cashier. Gilbert, born May 4, 1877, and died Aug. 27, 1877, are the birth and death of their child.

PIERPONT, JOSEPH W., farmer, Sec. 1; born in Franklin Co., Mass., in December, 1839. Married Ellen Hall in 1865; she was born in the same county in 1843; they have three children - Mary E., Grace H. and Arthur W. Came to this county in 1867, and settled on his present estate of 130 acres, valued at $50 per acre. Are members of the Baptist Church.

PITCHER, S. W., meat market; was born in Bradford Co., Penn., Dec. 29, 1835. Married Susan Goodwin in Nov., 1857; she was born in Wayne Co., N. Y. Emigrated to this county, settling in this city in the Fall of 1865, and commenced his present business seven years ago. Eveline G. and Nattie are their children.

FOWLER BROS. & PLACE, manufacturers of cheese; factory on West Side. RICHARD PLACE; born in Herkimer Co., N. Y., in 1822. Married Sarah Talbot, who was born in Onondaga Co., N. Y. Mr. Place moved to Onondaga Co., where he resided until after marriage, when he went to Herkimer Co., N. Y.; came to this county in the Spring of 1873, and took charge of the factory; they made about 40,000 pounds the first year, and have increased to 175,000 pounds. George A., Dora A., Harris, Talbert and Fayette are their children.

PLANT, DANIEL R., farmer, Sec. 4; P. O. Enterprise; born in Delaware Co., Ohio, in 1839. Married Mary L. Taylor in 1863; she was born in Ohio in1842; they have two children - Cecelia L. and Thursie R.; lost one child - Henrietta. Came to this county in 1854 with his parents, where he has ever since made it his home; settled on his present farm in the Spring of 1877.

PLUMMER, DANIEL, mining operator; born Oct. 26, 1818, in Canada; in 1848, removed to Ohio; in 1849, came to Detroit, Mich.; from there to Lake Superior; in 1852, returned to Canada; in 1855, returned again to Lake Superior. Enlisted in 1863; was Captain of Co. A, 27th Michigan V. I.; served to the close of the war. In 1868, came to Cedar Falls; he owns his residence with about eight acres in the city; also forty-three acres in other parts of the city. Married Pauline Alondier Nov. 5, 1850; she was born March 17, 1832, in Canada; had ten children, nine living - Elizabeth, Adelaide, John, Carrie, Charles, Daniel, Alexander, Fannie and Robert. She is a member of the Roman Catholic Church; he is a member of the Episcopal Church. At the age of 18, he enlisted in the British army, and served during the rebellion.

POOLER, O. L., harness and saddlery, on Main sttreet, between Second and Third streets; resides on Twelfth street; born June 12, 1854, in Mineral Point, Wis.; in 1855, came to Madison, Wis.; in 1858, came to Sparta, Wis.; in 1865, came to McGregor, Iowa; in 1866, removed to Rochester, Minn.; in 1868, came to Cedar Falls and commenced his present business in 1875. Married Elsie West, Dec., 1872; she was born in 1853, in N. Y.; have one child - Louie, born Dec. 11, 1877.

PRATT, HENRY O., born in Foxcroft, Maine, Feb. 11, 1838. Married Hala C. Woodward, in Charles City, Iowa, Oct. 21, 1865; she was born in Bloomington, Ind., April 18, 1844. He entered Bowdoin College, Maine, in 1859; in Sept., 1860, he came to Cambridge and studied in Harvard Law School, and graduated in Jan., 1862; in March of that year, he came to Iowa, first settling in Nashua, but moved to Mason City, Cerro Gordo Co., Iowa, where he enlisted in Company B, 32d Iowa V. I., but was discharged in 1863. The Summer of 1863, he taught school in Worth Co., and in the Fall of 1863, went to Charles City, Iowa, where he followed school teaching until 1864, when he commenced the practice of law, and in the Fall of 1869, was elected as a Representative in the State Legislature, and re- elected in the Fall of 1871; at the general election in the Fall of 1872, was elected to Congress from the Fourth District, and re-elected. He was converted in Charles City, and on coming to Waterloo, was placed in charge of the Jefferson St. M. E. Church as a supply, which position he now holds. His children are Myrta H., Emma G., George W., Harry A. and Ralph.

PREBLE, HARRY J., dealer in groceries and confectionery of all kinds on Main street; was born in Maine, Sept. 27, 1835. Married Emma J. Heath June 1, 1867; he with parents came to Lowell, Mass., in 1841, and to Cleveland, Ohio, in 1850; emigrated to LaSalle Co., Ill., in 1856, and to this county in 1859. Enlisted in the 3d Iowa Battery on Sept. 26, 1861, serving four years and two months. Commenced business in this city in 1868. Gertrude H., Maggie E., Charles H. and Edgar c. are their children.

PRICE, JAMES V., farmer, Sec. 8; P. O. Cedar Falls; born in Bucks Co., Penn., in 1814, and married Jane Wikoff in 1842; she was born in Crawford Co., Penn., in 1824; William, Julia and Cynthia are their living children; lost two children - Nathan and Martha. Came to this county in 1864, and settled on his present farm in 1876. Are members of the Presbyterian Church.