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History of Black Hawk County, Iowa
Chicago: Western Historical Company, 1878.


Unless otherwise specified, biographies submitted by Dick Barton.

LAMB, NORMAN F., farmer, S. 6; P. O. Lester; owns 160 acres of land in Bennington Tp., probable value, $1,800; was born Jan. 27, 1845, in Ontario Co., Upper Canada, where he worked at farming until he was 23 years old; in 1868, he came to Black Hawk Co., settled in Lester Tp., and engaged in farming. Was married Dec. 23, 1875, to Eva C., daughter of Samuel and Mary J. Neil, of Stephenson Co., Ill., she was born June 4, 1855; they have one child - Alice may, born Oct. 28, 1876.

LANE, H. A., dealer in groceries and provisions, Pardee Block, Fourth st., west side; was born in Belknap Co., N. H., in 1830. Married Harriet C. Ordway in 1850; she was born in Hampstead, Rockingham Co., N. H. Emigrated to Freeport, Stephenson Co., Ill., in 1852, and returned to New Hampshire in Oct., 1854, and came to this city in Oct., 1857; commenced his present business in Chapin's Block in 1874, but came to his present location in 1876. Mrs. Ida Mitchel and Albert B. are his children.

LANE, WILLIAM, Justice of the Peace; was born in Bradford Co., Penn., Jan. 18, 1822. Married Sallie M. King in Aug., 1849; she was born in the State of New York, in 1819. They emigrated to this county in 1855, and moved to Grundy Co., this State, where they resided eight years, and then returned to this county. Has held the office of County Treasurer in Grundy Co., over four years; elected Justice of the Peace in the city in 1871. Edgar C. and Hattie A. are his children.

LANNING, MICHAEL, farmer, Sec. 18; P. O. La Porte City; born in Jackson Co., Ind., in 1830, where he married Martha Sawyer in 1851; she was born in Vigo Co., Ind., in 1833; have six children - William E., Daniel F., Roselbia, J. E., Alice A. and Laura L.; lost one child - Sarah; came to this county in 1852 and settled on his present estate, consisting of 155 acres, valued at $30 per acre. Held the offices of Assessor and Trustee and has been otherwise prominently identified in the interests of the county.

LANSING, E. D., farmer, Sec. 31; born in Oneida Co., N. Y., in 1831, and first settled in Minneapolis, Minn., in 1856, where he lived until 1865; in which year he married Sarilda Ludlam; she was born in Ohio, in 1833. In 1875, he came to this county after a residence of eight years in Peoria, Ill., and settled on the farm he now occupies, of eighty acres. Cornelia, Carlos, Grace, Harry and Adelaide are his children.

LATHROP, SARAH J., nursery, Sec. 26; widow of Lucian Lathrop, who was born in Connecticut in 1829; her maiden name was Sarah J. Hagerty; she was born in Utica, N. Y., in 1827, and they were married in July, 1854, and in 1863, settled in Waterloo City, where they resided until 1868, when they moved on their present estate, consisting of ten acres, valued at $3,000; their living children are Susan, Mary and Charles F., who married Cora Hill, and have one child - Perley.

LAW, ROBERT, farmer, Sec. 19; P. O. Cedar Falls; born in Canada in 1846; came to the United States in 1868, and on his present farm the same year. He was married in 1871 to Miss Phebe Collins, from Canada; they have tow children - Ira, born July 6, 1872, and Walter, Jan. 27, 1877. Mr. Law has eighty acres of land, valued at $25 per acre. In politics, Republican.

LAWRENCE, JOHN, farmer, Sec. 11; P. O. Nautrill; born in Washington Co., Ohio, in 1829. Married Asenith Budd in 1857; she was born in Allen Co., Ohio, in 1832; came to this county in 1858, and settled on his present estate of 160 acres, valued at $50 per acre. Are members of the M. E. Church. Frank B., Ezra and Edwin (twins) and Emma are their children.

LEAVITT, JOHN H., banker, and of the firm of Leavitt & Johnson; born in Franklin Co., Mass., Oct. 11, 1831; emigrated from his native county to this in Sept., 1854, first settling in this city. Married Caroline C. Ware Jan. 1, 1858, who was born in Putnam Co., Ill., Oct. 11, 1835. Mr. Leavitt commenced the banking business in this city in 1856.

LELAND, AMBROSE, farmer, Sec. 4; P. O. Cedar Falls; born in Middlesex Co., Mass., in 1842; and came to this county in March, 1855, with his parents, who settled on their present estate of eighty acres, valued at $30 per acre. He married Matilda Firman in 1866, and has six children - Maud, Charles, Lovina, John, Bernice and Frank. His father died in March, 1865; his mother is still living at the age of 75 years and resides with him on the homestead; the family numbers among the early settlers of the county.

LELAND, GEORGE, farmer, Sec. 10; P. O. Cedar Falls; born in New York City in 1837, and came to this county with his parents in 1855, and settled on the farm of which he still occupies and owns a portion, consisting of 258 acres, valued at $30 per acre. Married Floretta E. Clark in 1863; she was born Rensselaer Co., N. Y., in 1842; they have two children - William C. and Carrie. Held the office of Assessor two terms, Town Trustee four years, and has been identified with the interests of the town and county. Are all members of the Universalist Church.

LELAND, R. L., farmer, Sec. 25; P. O. Waterloo; born in New York City in 1833. Married Rachel M. Cole in 1852; she was born in Rensselaer Co., N. Y., in 1829. He came to this county in 1854, where he has since made it his home; owns a farm of 160 acres, valued at $40 per acre. Is one of the early settlers in this town. George F., eldest son, was the first boy born in this town, and Sarah E. are his children; lost one son - Adolphus.

LEWIS, LYMAN, farmer and bee keeper, Sec. 22; P. O. Jesup, Buchanan Co.; owns 160 acres, probable value $3,500; born Nov. 18, 1819, in Erie Co., Ohio; his parents were Samuel Lewis and Elizabeth Hall, of the State of New York; his father participated in many of the hard-fought battles and privations of the war of 1812. Lyman, from his boyhood has been engaged in farming, and was married Feb. 20, 1843, to Drusilla, daughter of Amos and Flora Brown, of Erie Co., Ohio; she was born Aug. 16, 1826; they have four children - Rachel, born Dec. 10, 1844; Charles, Dec. 19, 1847; Melissa, March 12, 1849, and Elizabeth, Dec. 28, 1865; they lost five children - Sarah, born March 22, 1850, died in 1851; Calista, born in 1846, died in 1847; Royal A., born Aug. 22, 1853, died Jan. 25, 1856; Harriet E., born June 19, 1854, died Jan. 31, 1856, and Marion, born Jan. 18, 1863, died Sept. 14, 1865. Mr. Lewis came to Black Hawk Co. in the Spring of 1855, and settled in Barclay Tp., where he now resides; the township, he says, was but sparsely settled at that time; the principal trading points were Waterloo and Independence, where wheat was sold for twenty-eight cents a bushel, and hardly could sell it at that. Mr. L. is quite extensively engaged in the raising of bees; at present he has thirty hives, and it is his intention to increase his stock in that direction; he is now engaged in perfecting a new double dividing hive, which it is hoped may prove a success, as he claims it will safely preserve bees through our long, cold winters. In politics, Mr. L. is Republican, and is now serving his fourth term as Township Trustee; he was School Director for four terms. He says that in early days his team got so poor for want of corn that he could not trust them to haul a load; no, not even to carry himself, and he was obliged to go on foot to Gilbertville, in Poyner Tp., to invest his last twenty-five cents for meal to provide food for his family; such an incident is but an example of the hardships which the pioneers had to undergo.

LEWIS, M. D., farmer, Sec. 36; P. O. Raymond; born in Tioga Co., Penn., in 1827; he moved to Ogle Co., Ill., in 1854; to Mitchell Co., Iowa, in 1855; to Worth Co., in 1856; to Carroll, Ill., in 1857; to Clinton, Iowa, in 1858; to Iowa and on his present farm in 1866. He was married in 1849 to Miss Margaret Wilson, from Pennsylvania; they have had eight children, four living - George E., Mary J., Wilber W., Charles W. He has 200 acres of land, valued at $5,000. Mr. Lewis followed mill-wrighting and carpentering fourteen years. His son, George E., lives with him; he has followed the carpenter's trade four years past and is also interested in the farm.

LIBBY, L., manager of the Grange store, and proprietor of the American House; was born in Waldo Co., Me., April 1, 1837; moved to Hennepin Co., Min., in 1858, and in the Spring of 1870, came to this city, taking charge of the store in 1875. Married Missouri Boyer May 14, 1876; she was born in Pennsylvania; John is their only son.

LICHTENBERG, CHARLES L., farmer, Sec. 35; P. O. Jesup, Buchanan Co., owns 220 acres in Black Hawk Co. and 160 acres in Buena Vista Co., Iowa, probable value $7,600; he was born Dec. 1, 1828, in Prussia, Germany, where he attended school between the ages of 7 and 14 years; he then turned his attention to farming until he came to the United States; he spent one year in sailing from Amsterdam, Holland, to other ports; in 1839, his father (Ernest H. Lichtenberg) came to the United States, intending to procure a home for his family, but died about one year after his arrival in this country. The subject of this sketch arrived in New York City in Oct., 1849, and went at once to Indianapolis, Ind., where he lived nine months, and from there went to Sandusky, Ohio, where he lived for eighteen months, excepting one season that he spent sailing on Lake Erie; in 1852, he went back to Indianapolis, and engaged in the repairs of the Indianapolis & Bellefontaine Ry., and was soon given charge of a section; he served that company one year, and then worked for the Indianapolis & Madison Ry. Co. one year; in 1854, he came to Davenport, Iowa, and went thence to Iowa City, and thence to Cedar Rapids, but not being pleased with the country through which he traveled, he came to Black Hawk Co., and entered eighty acres in Fox Tp. and purchased forty acres second hand; he then went back to Indianapolis, and lived there three years. On Feb. 25, 1855, he was married to Engel, daughter of Charles and Bina Harting, formerly of Schomberg, Germany, and now of Spring Creek Tp. in this county; Mrs. L. was born Nov. 8, 1827; they have eight children - Charles W., born March 10, 1856; Frederick, May 24, 1858; Henry, Dec. 11, 1860; Caroline, June 19, 1862; Christina, Oct. 21, 1863; William, May 7, 1865; John, Oct. 21, 1867, and Louis, Oct. 30, 1871. In the Summer of 1856, he returned to Black Hawk Co., and settled in Fox Tp. He is a Democrat, and is now School Treasurer; was Road Supervisor five years, Township Trustee five years, Trustee of the Select School of the Zion Lutheran Church, Spring Creek Tp., for eight years. Mr. and Mrs. L. are members of Zion Lutheran Church. When Mr. L. first came here there were but two houses within twenty miles of where he located; to-day he is one of the representative men, respected by all who know him. The name that this township now bears was suggested by one of the first settlers, named Murphy, and seconded by Mr. Lichtenberg, and through these two men the township bears the name of Fox.

LICHTY, CHARLES, farmer, S. 20; P. O. Waterloo; born in Somerset Co., Penn., March 2, 1840; came with his parents to Van Buren Co., Iowa, October, 1856, and to this county in August, 1861, where he married Sarah Beekly Oct. 16, 1866; she was born in Somerset Co., Penn., Nov. 15, 1838. Enlisted Dec. 4, 1861, in the 16th I. V. I., Co. I, where he engaged in the battle of Pittsburg Landing and was honorably discharged Oct. 4, 1862. Stanley S., born July 10, 1868; Sanford L., March 20, 1870; Horace G., Aug. 18, 1873; Alvin M., June 4, 1877, are their children. Members of the German Baptist Church.

LICHTY, JACOB P., farmer, Sec. 10; P. O. Waterloo; born in Somerset Co., Penn., April 25, 1824, where he married Sarah Miller April 20, 1848; she was born in Somerset Co., Penn., May 29, 1825. Came to this county, settling on their present farm, consisting of 120 acres, valued at $5,500, Sept. 26, 1877. Their children are Mrs. Lizzie Lent, born March 30, 1850; Peter, Dec. 24, 1852; Mary, Dec. 27, 1858; Ella N., April 12, 1861; four children deceased. Members of the German Baptist Church.

LICHTY, WILLIAM H., farmer, Sec. 16, P. O. Waterloo; born in Somerset Co., Penn., Aug. 29, 1843; emigrated to this county Aug. 18, 1864, where he married Mary Beekly Jan. 8, 1865; she was born in Somerset Co., Penn., March 31, 1842. Members of the German Baptist Church. Anna, born April 8, 1866; Elias, Aug. 25, 1872; Joseph, Aug. 31, 1875; Abbie, Dec. 3, 1877, are the names and births of their children.

LUCAS, PHILLIP, farmer, Sec. 19; P. O. Enterprise; born in Boone Co., Ind., in 1845. Married Mary Ames in 1875; she was born in Randolph Co., Ind., in 1845. Enlisted in 82d Ind. V. I., Co. A, and served one year and was honorably discharged; came to this county in 1873 and settled on his present farm in 1875, of 160 acres, valued at $30 per acre.

LUDDEN, GAINES, merchant tailor, East Side; was born in Montgomery Co., N. Y., June 10, 1820; he moved to Onondaga Co., N. Y., in 1844. Married Emily Jane Barr Oct. 29, 1851; she was born in Cayuga Co., N. Y., in 1830. After residing in Wayne Co., N. Y., Cayuga and Oswego Counties, they emigrated to this county, settling in this city in Sept., 1877, where he commenced his present business Oct. 1, 1877. Harry G. is his only son.

LUND, HANS N., brewer; born July 27, 1848, in Denmark; in 1871, came to Cedar Falls, and commenced his present business in 1877. His father lives in Denmark, aged 67 years; his mother died in Denmark in 1861, aged about 40 years; has a brother and sister living in Cedar Falls.

LUPKIN, CYRUS, farmer, Sec. 4; born in Oxford Co., Me., in 1820, and married Mary A. McKellopp in 1849; she was born in Orange Co., Vt., in 1831. Came to this county in the Spring of 1872, and settled on his present farm of 220 acres, where he has since made his home. Emma M., Frederick B., George H., Nellie J., Ida B. and Willie are their living children; lost three children - Mary L., John A. and Addie L.

LYNCH, GEO. W., farmer, Sec. 32; P. O. Cedar Falls; born in Lake Co., Ohio, in 1829. Married Eveline DpKing in 1856; she was born in Erie Co., N. Y., in 1835; they have five children - Clara, John, Burr, Mary and Lena. First settled in La Fayette Co., Wis., in 1853, where he resided until he came to this county in 1864, and settled on his present farm of 200 acres, valued at $35 per acre.

LYONS, JOHN, farmer, Sec. 5; born in Limerick, Ireland, in 1815, and married Johannah Cavanagh in 1852; she was born in Ireland in 1815; they have four children - Michael, Annie, William and Margaret; lost four children - Timothy, James, Katerina and Mary. Came to America in 1846, and landed in Boston, Mass.; came to this county and settled in the city of Waterloo, where he lived until 1870, when he moved on his present estate of 120 acres, valued at $30 per acre. Are members of the Catholic Church.