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About this Project

Submitting Biographies

In May of 1997, the US Biographies Project was originally organized by Jeff Murphy. The intent was to provide a single entry point to all the biography projects.  The present coordinator of the US Biographies Project is Nathan Zipfel.

I am Linda Suarez and I am the coordinator for the Iowa Biographies Project.  I do not do research for others and I only have access to Hardin County biographies.  I highly recommend that you pursue your research questions at the Iowa GenWeb site.  

Do you have access to an old Iowa county history containing biographies of early pioneers?  Have you compiled biographies of your Iowa ancestors?  Please consider volunteering to submit the biographies to this site. If you would like to volunteer for this project, please contact the Project Coordinator

If you wish to volunteer to assist in entering biographies for a particular state, please contact the state coordinator listed on the US Biographies Project site.