Adair County Anquestors Genealogy Society
Adair County, Iowa

Obituaries - 1903

From Adair County newspapers

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Newspapers: (B)   Bridgewater Times Bridgewater (1893-1960)
  (C)   Casey Vindicator Casey (1881-1971)
  (D)   Adair County Democrat Greenfield (1889-1907)
  (F)   Fontanelle Observer Fontanelle (1885-present)
  (S)   Stuart Herald Stuart (1900-present)
  (T)   Greenfield Transcript Greenfield (1875-1916)

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Surnames marked with an asterisk (*) are a death story, funeral or probate notice, NOT an obituary.

Last Name First/Middle Name Maiden Name Paper Date of Paper "Comment" / (Location)
AllmanSilas (A)November 27 
Barber*  (A)December 25"Guy's father"
BeanJohn M. (G)June 25 
Beatty*Thomas (A)December 18(Albia, IA)
BeckCasper (A)December 4 
Beity*  (F)December 17"Mrs. Adam"
BeitzJuliaBurg(G)December 24 
Bevington(Dr) C. D. (F)November 19 
BietzKatie (F)March 5 
Bites*Catharine (G)March 5 
Blachley(Dr) (A)November 13(Pittsburg, PA)
C. J.
C. J.
Christian Jonathan
November 12
November 19
Nov 20, Dec 11
Breeding*(Sheriff) J. W. (F)October 8 
BriggsBenjamin, Sr. (G)February 26 
BriggsCharles (F)February 26 
Brower*  (A)December 11"Mrs."
BucknerC. W. (G)July 16(Geneva, NE)
Bunce*  (G)January 1"Mrs. Ed"
Burckner*D. L. (A)November 27(Chicago, IL)
BurkhardtMatilda (A)December 18 
Burlingham*  (A)November 13"George's 6-year-old" / (Anamosa, IA)
CaldwellMargaret (G)January 22 
Carns*Frank (F)February 26 
ChurchSylvia AnnaKurtz(G) (F)April 2 
Coleman*  (G)August 20"Chas.'s infant"
Coleman*  (F)August 20"Jesse's infant"
Crowley*Jack (A)December 11(Wiota, IA)
CummingsEdith (A)December 18 
Davis*  (G) (F)August 20"Mrs. Wm. F." / (Curtis, OK)
January 8
January 8
DayMearle Delmo (G)February 26 
Decker*  (G)July 11"Mrs. Jonathan"
Deeming*Ruby Violet (A)November 20 
DickeyCaroline (G)October 28 
Elias L.
Elias L.
January 8
January 8
DrakeFrancis Marion (A)November 27(Centerville, IA)
Dyer*Oscar D. (A)Dec 18 & 25(Adel, IA)
Ellis*John (A)December 18 
EttingerMary M. (A)November 13 
Farwell*C. W. (A)December 4(Kansas City, MO)
Finnicum*Frank (A)Dec 18 & 25(Adel, IA)
Fleener*Pleasant (A)November 27 
John E.
John E.
 (F) (G)
December 17
December 18
Franklin*  (A)December 18(Albia, IA)
Frazier/FrasierFrank (A)December 18 
FredrickG. W. (G)April 2 
Freeman*  (F)November 19"Mrs. B. B.'s parents" / (New York)
FustAugust (F)June 11 
GeorgeEdward James (G)July 16 
Gillespie*Frank (G)April 30 
Gittins*Richard (A)December 11(Gowrie, IA)
Glade*Fred (G)December 25(Olewein, IA)
GodwinT. M. 'Mit' (G)December 18(Valley Junction, IA)
Gray*L. J. (A)December 4 
HadleyEli (G)December 24 
Halverson*Carl Edwin (F)March 5 
HandleyWm. (A)December 25 
HarrisHenry (F)April 16 
HendersonO. S. (G)May 7 
HetheringtonSarah J.Armstrong(F)August 27 
Horn*  (A)December 25"Mrs. L. W." / (Centerville, IA)
Hoyt*  (A)November 20"E. S.'s infant" / (Keokuk, IA)
Hurd*John (F)August 6(San Francisco, CA)
Jenkins*J. M. (F)May 14 
Keeran*H. H. (A)December 18(Louisville, KY)
KingeryAndy (F)January 8 
KnorrErnest (F)March 19 
Knox*F. J. (A)December 18(Malvern, IA)
Kuhns*  (F)May 14"Mrs."
KurtzTillie (G)May 14 
LangfittJohn Jay (G)May 14 
LatasCarolineRanley(F)April 2 
Le HewOlin D. (F)October 1 
LewisClarence (F) (G)September 3 
Lilly*Wm. (F)November 22(Farnhamville, IA)
LiserNancy A.Crawford(F)August 27 
Littlefield*  (A)November 13"twin boy"
Maris*Justin (A)December 11(Amarillo, TX)
Mayer*  (G)September 24"Ross' infant"
McBride*  (G)September 24"Otis' infant"
McDonald*Alexander (A)December 18(Arkansas)
Meyer*  (A)December 25"Mrs." / (Belle Plain, IA)
MillerLillie May (F)April 2 
MinertMary ElizabethKepner(F)July 2 
Mitchell*Asa Claude (G)March 12 
Mitchen*  (A)December 18"Mrs. W. E." / (Albia, IA)
Mitchen*  (A)December 18"W. E.'s infant" / (Albia, IA)
Moar  (F)May 7"Mrs. Thos."
Moore*John F. (F) (G)March 12 
Morris*  (G)May 7"Mrs. Geo."
Morrison*  (F)May 14"Hattie's brother-in-law" / (Creston, IA)
Myers*Jocob (G)January 8 
Narber*  (A)November 13"Mrs. B."
Newbury*  (F)April 9"Mont's 4-year-old"
Newbury*  (F)April 30"Mont's 5-year-old"
NewburyDorma (G)April 30 
Norton*  (F)February 26"Mrs. N.'s mother" / (Albion, MI)
OldhamA. R. (G)January 8Eddyville, IA)
Pace*Ray M. (F)April 2(Winterset, IA)
ParsonsJane L.Curtis(A)December 4 
Passwater*Enoch (A)December 18(Bloomington, IL)
Paulson(Rev) Christian (A)November 20 
PerdueJames Edward (A)December 11(Kingfisher, OK)
Sarah Ellen
(F) (G)
March 26
April 2
April 2
"Mrs." / (Creston, IA)
"Mrs. Isaac"
PlattMary (G)March 5(Greenwood, MI)
PrewittElizabethLight(F)March 12 
PurdyWm. James (F)June 25 
Purdy*  (F)June 4"Sherm's father" / (Canada)
Quirk*  (A)December 18"Mrs. Phil's nephew" / (Omaha, NE)
RaaschCaroline WilhelminaReinka(F)March 5 
ReedJ. T. (A)November 20 
December 3
December 25
RighterSadieElliot(G)December 31 
Robertson*Herbert (A)December 18(Burlington, IA)
RobinsonLydia A.Bates(F)May 21 
Robinson*  (G)May 28"Grandma"
Robson*Dick (A)December 18 
Robson*Robert (A)December 18(Exira, IA)
RootAbner (F)June 11 
December 3
December 11
Seeley*  (A)November 13"Mrs. Thos." / (Oakland, CA)
ShanklinFreeman Edward (G)December 31(Ashville, NC)
SheaJulia A.McGarry(G)January 22(DeWitt, IA)
ShinnOna (G)May 28 
ShireyAmanda F.Taylor(F)October 22 
Shirey  (G)October 29"Mrs. Chas."
ShrevesRebecca A.Lednum(G)January 22 
SicklesSarah A.Jenkins(F) (G)February 5"Mrs. Geo."
J. S.
J. S.
November 12
November 20
W. H.
W. H.
July 30
August 6
SkilesMargaretStouffer(G)August 20 
Edgar Job
March 12
March 26
(Brush, CO)
(Brush, CO)
Smail*  (G)September 17"Mrs. James"
Smith*  (A)December 25"Mrs. Job S."
Smith*  (A)November 27"Patrick's brother"
SmithLenaDummer(F)December 17 
SmithRhoda C. (A)November 13(Creston, IA)
SnyderLydia M.Coe(F) (G)January 22 
Spencer*Samuel (A)December 11 
Spooner*  (F)October 22"Ernest's infant son"
StahlJohn F. (A)December 11 
January 1
January 1
"Mrs. John"
(Des Moines, IA)
SteinJohn William (A)December 11(Des Moines, IA)
StephensDon (A)November 20(Colorado Springs, CO)
Stilwell*  (A)November 20"Mrs. Homer's sister"
Stowell*  (G)August 20"Mrs. Wm."
StowellMarion W.Palmer(G)September 17 
Strater*NellieHutton(A)December 4(Des Moines, IA)
Taylor*Caleb (G)December 24 
Thompson*  (G)October 1"Adelbert's sister"
Thompson*  (G)October 1"Mrs. John"
Tilton*  (F) (G)March 12Arthur's 3-month-old infant
Valentine*Michael (A)November 13(Muscatine, IA)
Van Ormer*May (G)March 5 
WalkerPhillip, Jr. (F)June 18(Iowa City, IA)
Ward*Walter (A)Dec 18 & 25(Adel, IA)
WhittumChas. (G)May 7 
Widner*  (G)November 5"Lyman's infant"
Williamson*  (A)November 20"R. W.'s brother"
WilsonL. V. (A)December 18