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Research Aids


Henry Fischer has graciously offered to do look-ups in the transcribed Bikacs records he has in his possession.  Please e-mail him with as much information as you can on who and what you're looking for.  Births, deaths and marriage records are available.  Be sure to include some information as to what timeframe this person might have been born, married or died.

Summit Co., Ohio Naturalization Records for immigrants from Bikacs...

Many Bikacs residents immigrated to Akron, Ohio in the early 1900s.  Summit County has recently put naturalization records online.

Summit County, Ohio Naturalization Records     

Paks Heidebauern Birth and Marriage records...

Henry Fischer compiled a lengthy list of early birth and marriage records from the Roman Catholic Church records in Paks-on-the-Danube (a nearby village to Bikacs).   The list includes surnames he recognized as belonging to the Heidebauren, including some records that involved people from Bikacs and the neighboring village of Gyorkony.

Paks Heidebauern Marriage Records (1721 - 1797)

Paks Heidebauern Birth  Records (1721 - 1797)

Bikacs Records Available through the LDS...

The best source for researching your family history in Bikacs is to pour through the church and civil records for the village.  Thanks to the Church of Latter Day Saints (LDS) in Utah, the films of these records are readily accessible to people everywhere. 

The first step in starting this research is locating and visiting your nearest LDS Family History Center (FHC).   At your local center, you will request that microfilm copies of the Bikacs LDS records be sent from Utah.  (This assumes that your local FHC doesn't have permanent copies which is probably the case.) There is a nominal charge of approximately $3.00 U.S. for each film requested. Note that microfilm readers are provided by the FHCs, and that the films are not permitted to leave the facility.   The Family History Centers are staffed with wonderful volunteers from the LDS who can help you get started. 

Bikacs Records Available ONLINE through the LDS...

The LDS has the following Bikacs records online and viewable via their Family Search website:

Births, marriages (Születtek, házasultak) 1901-1903

Marriages, deaths (Házasultak, halottak) 1895-1903


Connecting and Networking...

There are numerous websites on the Internet dedicated to helping researchers network and connect.  These sites have been invaluable for allowing distant cousins to find each other across international borders.   In addition, there are websites devoted to Hungarian and Donauschwaben research, although none contain actual records.  With regard to Bikacs specifically though, this is the only website I know of dedicated to this small village. 

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