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Second Generation

4. Phillippe2 du Trieux [Phillip1] was born in Amsterdam, Holland 10 Feb 1619. Phillippe died bef 8 Sep 1653 at approximately 34 years of age. Phillippe "probably emigrated with his father and stepmother in the New Netherland in 1624. He married at New Amsterdam but the name of his wife is unknown." He was murdered, probably by Indians, before Sept. 8th, 1653.
Phillippe du Trieux had the following children:
+24 i. Isaac3 du Trieux was born bef 24 Apr 1642.
25ii. Jacob du Trieux was born in New Amsterdam bef 2 Dec 1645.

3.Maria2 du Trieux [Phillip1] was born in Leyden, Holland 5 Apr 1617. Maria died aft 1671 in prob Schenectady NY. She married three times. She married an unknown person bef 1641. She married Cornelis Volckertsen Viele ca 1642. Cornelis died abt 1649. She married Jan Peek 20 Feb 1650. Jan, after whom Peekskill is named, was born perhaps in Holland abt 1615 and died abt 1668 probably in New Netherland. There is much interesting material on Maria in the House of Truax articles in the 1926 and 1927 issues of the New York Biographical and Genealogical Register.
Perhaps before her marriage to Cornelis Volckertsen Viele, Maria du Trieux had the following child:
16i. Aernoudt Viele was born bef 27 May 1640.
Maria du Trieux and Cornelis Volckertsen Viele had the following children:
17ii.Cornelis Viele was born bef 5 Feb 1643.
18iii.Jacomyntie Viele was born bef 20 Aug 1645.
19iv.Pieter Viele was born in New Amsterdam bef 9 Feb 1648.
Maria du Trieux and Jan Peek had the following children:
+ 20 v.Annatie3 Peek was born bef 15 Oct 1651.
21 vi. Johannes Peek was born in New Amsterdam bef 12 Oct 1653.
22 vii. Jacobus Peek was born bef 16 Jan 1656.
23 viii. Maria Peek was born in New Amsterdam bef 6 Mar 1658.

10.Rebecca2 du Trieux [Phillip1] was born abt 1630. She married Simon Groot. Five of their sons (Symon, Abraham, Philip, Dirk and Claas) were taken captive 8 Feb 1690 at the Schenectady massacre, the following year they were redeemed.
Among Rebecca du Trieux and Simon Groot's children were:
+11 i.Simon3 Groot.
+ 12 ii. Sara3 Groot.
+ 13 iii. Abraham3 Groot.
+ 14 iv. Maria3 Groot.
+ 15 v. Dirk3 Groot.

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