Adam Vrooman Text
Adam Vrooman Text

From Pearson's Genealogies of the First Settlers of Schenectady:
In 1670, by consent of his father, [Adam Vrooman] bouns himself for two years to Cornelis Van den Burgh to learn the millwright's trade for 80 guildders and a pair of new shoes the first year and 102 guilders the second year; 1638 he built a mill on the Sand kil where the Brandywine mills now stand; 1688 bought lands of the Mohawk scahems at Fort Hunter; in 1690, when Schenectady was attacked and burned by the French and Indians, he saved his life by his bravery in defending his house which then stood on the west corner of Church and Front streets; on this occasion his first wife Engeltie, with her infant child was killed, and his two sons Barent and Wouter were carried away captives to Canada; 1697 went to Canada with an embassy to try to obtain the release of his sons (one of whom had turned Catholic), his brother (Jan?) and cousin (son of Pieter Meese of Albany), all carried away in 1690; 1703-1708 obtained a patent for the Sand kil and adjacent lands for mill purposes; 1714 obtained a patent for lands in Schoharie upong which he settled in 1715; some of the Palatines attempted to drive him off. He commenced a stone house 23ft. square by help of his sons, and had proceeded as far as the second story floor beams, when one night his unruly neighbors, led on by one Conrad Weiser, entirely demolished it. He then retired to Schenectady and petitioned to the governor for redress. The governor commanded the sheriff of Albany to arrest said Weiser, and succeeded, it is presumed, in stopping the opposition to Vrooman's cultivating his land. {Doc.History,III,412.} In 1726 he received an additional patent for 1,400 acres for his son Pieter; made his will September 12, 1729, proved June 13, 1730, spoke of the following children, save Christina and Jannetie, d. on his farm in Schoharie Feb. 25 1730 and was buried in his private burying ground No. 35 Front Street.

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