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Johannes [Jan] Pieterse Mabie/Mebie of the Woestyne married Anna Pietersie, daughter of Pieter Jacobse Borsboom. He made his will April 3, 1725, proved Sept 3, 1725 and d April 8, 1725. From Genealogies of the First Settlers of Schenectady: His home lot in the village was on the east side of Church street, next door north of the Dutch church; he also had land on the third flat on south side of the Mohawk, eight miles above Schenectady, and in 1697, Rode, a Mohawk scahem called by the Christians Dirk, with consent of all the other Indians, granted a piece of ground (80 acres) on both sides of Tuonnondorogoes (Schoharie) creek, commonly known by the name of Kadarodae, to Jan Pieterse Mebie, in consideration that his wife "is something related to the Christian Castle."

Jan Pieterse Mabie and Anna Pieterse Borsboom had:

  1. Pieter b Jan 20 1686 in Albany
  2. Catharina md Arent Samuelse Bratt d 1773 age 82y 2m 17d
  3. Annatje b 16 April 1693 in Albany md Helmers Veeder
  4. Abraham b 26 Jun 1695
  5. Engeltie b 10 Nov 1697 md Pieter Danielse Van Antwerpen
  6. Jacob b 1 Mar 1698(?) d Apr 18 1755
  7. Maritje md Cornelius Van Dyck
  8. Meittje b 7 Oct 1704 md Johannes Fairly
  9. Margaret

Abraham Mabie (Jan) married Annatje daughter of Albert Vedder, June 1718; he md secondly, Catalina Roseboom, widow of Albany, New York, 30 March 1752. He was a blacksmith, and lived on the lot next northerly of the Dutch church.

Abraham Mabie and Annatje Vedder had:

  1. Catharina b 6 Aug 1720 md Johannes Volertse Veeder
  2. Anna b 1 Sep 1722 md Adam Hendrickse Vrooman
  3. Maria b 23 Nov bap.29 Nov 1724 md Abraham Fonda
  4. Eva b 24 Apr bap 30 Apr 1727 md Gerrit Van Antwerpen
  5. Albert b 20 Feb 1732
  6. Engeltje b 22 Jul 1733
  7. Engeltje b 13 Apr 1735 md Hendrick Van Dyck
  8. Albert b 14 May 1738
  9. Margrietje b 23 Aug 1740 md Johannes R. Wemple
  10. Abraham b 27 Mar 1743
  11. Abraham b 26 Aug 1744

Jacob Mabie/Mebie (Jan) was born 1 Mar 1698 and died 18 Apr 1755. He married 7 Aug 1725 to Caterina Vrooman daughter of Hendrick Vrooman. By his father's will he received one-half of the Third flat on south side of Mohawk between the lands of Jacobus Peek and Pieter Vrooman, Jr. He made his will 25 Apr 1755 and spoke of his eldest son John, wife Caterina, Anna, wife of Thomas Brouwer Bancker, sons Cornelis and Petrus and dau Geesie. He died 18 Apr 1755.

Jacob Mabie and Catrina Vrooman ahd:

  1. Geesie b 26 Jan 1728
  2. Margrieta b 23 Feb 1730 md Joseph Wheaton
  3. Anna Mabie born 4 Oct 1732 married Thomas Brouwer Bancker
  4. Geesie b 24 Oct 1734
  5. Jan [John?] b 1 May 1738 d 11 Jul 1763 [md Caterina?]
  6. Cornelis b 18 Mar 1741 d 10 May 1789
  7. Petrus b 28 Jul 1744 d 6 Dec 1771 buried in the Woestyne

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