These files were last revised by Don Norman in December 2010 and are being uploaded to the website in January 2011. HCPD assumes no responsibility for the correctness of data contained in these files. We have not marked those files which have been changed since we last published of Mr. Normanís files in January 2007.


With some files have been written in Rich Text Format and some of these *.rtf files prompt a box that asks if you want to open it or save it.Unless you have a need to have it saved on your computer, you may open it and read it from there.


††† These files should not be considered finished works. Each is an assembly of genealogical information stored in a computer file.

††† The objective of my work has been to assemble various papers and pamphlets into a single source for the genealogical researcher.These files are in a state of constant revision, with new information added as it becomes available.Because of this revision, copies of the paper printed from time to time will differ in the amount of information. Because of this constant revision, it is not feasible to write an index of the paper, since revisions change indexes.

††† Instead, the paper uses a system the writer first encountered in Edwin G. and Kathryn Roger's "Charles Rogers and his Descendants."††† The oldest member of the line is numbered 1 and each succeeding member of the line is numbered consecutively. As each member of the line is discussed, his or her number heads the portion the paper giving personal specifics.The member's number and name are followed by the father's number and name, the grandfather's number and name, etc.An example:




††† Following this heading you will find information on Sinnet's birth and death, his wife and his children.The heading indicates that he is the son of George W. the grandson of Andrew., etc.The numbering system allows tracking a person's pedigree fairly easily.

††† It is certain that there are numerous errors and omissions. There are also typographical errors and misspellings that are solely the invention of the writer. If you have additions or corrections, jot them on any sort of paper and mail them to:


††††† Don Norman

††††† 41991 Emerson Court

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††††††††††† If you must, you may e-mail corrections to the Hackerís Creek Pioneer Descendants for forwarding to Don Norman.


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