The Civil War in West Virginia

Our focus in this section is on the Civil War as it pertained to Central West Virginia. From time to time we will be adding new information. Please stop back now and again and see what this section has to offer.

We hope to share stories of the war in West Virginia, some poignant, some gory, some funny, all of them true. We'll be pointing you to Web Sites, sharing muster rolls, and much, much more.

Meanwhile, "come in, sit down, relax, converse, our house doesn't always look like this, sometimes it's even worse."

One of the most exciting things for West Virginia Civil War researchers to appear on the web, particularly for those with family members who served in the Home Guard, is the abstract of thousands of militia records contained in 44 boxes in the State Archives. Joe Geiger, the Archives' man-on-the-web, has digitized these records for "our" use.

Linda Cunningham Fluharty discusses West Virginia's Civil War Medals on The Civil War Medals of West Virginia. . . . Where are They. .

American Civil War Home Page George Hoemann hosts this page of many Civil War Sites. You'll find the muster roll of the Fifteenth West Virginia Infantry Regiment (Union) here.

Sixty-some Lewis Countians were disenfranchised at the end of the Civil War. Bill McCutchan has transcribed this article about these events for your use.

The U.S. Civil War Centerin Louisiana has many helps for you. Stop by and pay them a visit!

Tom Townsend's Civil War Page

Harpers Ferry

The Chronological Tracking of the American Civil War by Ron Mosocco is an excellent resource for Civil War buffs. Check out Ron's homepage.

Civil War Battle Site Summaries by State

A Barrel of Links for Civil War Research

Bugle Calls

Jim Janke's Civil War Resources on the Internet. Some really helpful links here!

Johnson's Island near Sandusky, Ohio, was a Federal prison that housed over 10,000 Confederates during its forty-month operation. Many men from Virginia and WEst Virginia were held there. Sherri Brake-Recco has created a website about these men. .

Linda Cunningham Fluharty has compiled a Civil War page devoted to The First West Virginia Cavalry. The cover is an original drawing by a descendant of a First Cavalry soldier. In addition to the roster, histories, pension fiels, etc., contents will include photos and information from the vast Civil War collection of Dave Aeberli of Pittsburgh, also a descendant of a 1st Cav soldier. .

Did your ancestor serve in the Upshur County Militia during the Civil War? Check here to find out. .

Seventh West Virginia Cavalry Home Page is maintained by Steve Cunningham. This regiment was formerly the Eighth West Virginia Infantry.

Debbie Malec has listed Company D, Tenth WV Volunteer Infantry (Union) on her website. You can also download the regiment's major skirmishes and activities by clicking here.

The 12th WV Infantry can be found on this site..

David Kuhl has given permission for us to read his great-grandfather's Civil War memories. Christian Kuhl served in the Gilmer Rifles, aka Company D, 31st Virginia Infantry.

Jenny Jones presents this list of Medals of Honor winners as they appear in a book in her possession. A file called civilwar.txt will download when you click here. You can then read it after signing off.

The Third Virginia Infantry was a Union regiment that later became the Third West Virginia Infantry, then the Third West Virginia Infantry Mounted, and finally the Sixth West Virginia Veterans' Volunteer Cavalry. The muster rolls and records you find here were transcribed from photocopies of very smeared, typed manuscripts that were copied from microfilm at Archives and History in Charleston. We are in the process of proofing these transcribed records against the originals; but, we were so excited about getting these ready that we decided to go ahead and share them with you. These records ARE NOT gospel, nor is there any guarantee about their accuracy. Like all genealogical information you find on the internet, you must seek the originial records for the regiment. Follow this link to the Third West Virginia Volunteer Infantry.

Bobby Thorn extracted this muster roll of the Fourteenth Regiment West Virginia Infantry from musters of the regiment on file at Archives and History, Charleston, West Virginia. You may also download it in a self-extracting zipped format.

This is a listing of West Virginias who died and were laid to rest at Andersonville Civil War priosn.

Ronald Mosocco brings you this Civil War Site. Check it out!

Need Enlisted Confederate Soldiers? Check here.

Free Civil War clip art

West Virginia Archives and History has Civil War Medals still unclaimed by West Virginia soldiers who fought for the Union. You may be able to claim a medal earned by your ancestor. A must visit site!!!

Learn more about the Civil War in West Virginia! {short description of image}

Learn more about the Civil War at Cyberschool. Visit Civil War for Buffs.

By the way, Joy has finally started writing Children of the Storm, A History of the Fifteenth Regiment West Virginia Infantry and Other Regiments That Served With It. She's pounding the keyboard every spare moment. So, if she doesn't answer your Civil War questions right away, don't be mad. Just be patient! She'll get to you.

Your suggestions and additions are welcome.

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